CrackBerry Asks: Would you want a dual SIM BlackBerry?

By James Richardson on 24 Jul 2014 07:31 am EDT

Having a dual SIM phone is one of those subjects that more than likely doesn't get much thought, although many folk would probably like one. The concept is certainly not a new one and for years now dual SIM devices have been cropping up in some regions around the world, but it seems that it has never taken off with any of the top end smartphone manufactures as far as I'm aware.

With BlackBerry releasing the Passport and Classic this year I was interested to hear your thoughts on whether a dual SIM variant would be a good idea? For the average consumer I suspect it's of no interest whatsoever, but for enterprise customers I'm thinking it could be a winner.

With BES10 being deployed in so many large business organizations around the world, many of these folk will be carrying their own smartphone too in addition to the corporate BlackBerry. Would it not make sense for them to have the option to just carry one phone with two SIM cards in?

With enterprise users having BlackBerry Balance on their devices - giving them work and personal space, surely the next progression and the ultimate solution would be dual SIM? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here? Let us know your thoughts in the following poll please?

As usual we'll share the results with you in the next couple of days. And please pass on to your friends to vote too. Remember - these two new BlackBerry 10 devices may well tempt some people back to BlackBerry.

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CrackBerry Asks: Would you want a dual SIM BlackBerry?



Yea I think waterproof and dust proof and maybe shock proof should come first as they are "more important" features.

Tell me about it, I just lost a Z10 to water damage while out riding my bike. It was in a zip lock bag, but it failed. I'm on a Z30 now so that's good. All new devices should be water resistant, it's not a gimmick, cell phones are taken everywhere and they need water proofing.

Posted via CB10

In one of those consumer electronics shows, I saw a company that sold a waterproof coating that they intended to sell to hardware manufacturers. Thought everyone would have jumped on that.

First time I took my Z30 on a bike ride in the rain, it went in a ziploc bag and then inside my water-resistant underseat bag. After being poured on, a quick checked showed that not even the ziplic bag got wet, so now the phone goes in the underseat bag solo. It WOULD be nice though if I didn't have to make a panic stop if it starts sprinkling when the phone is in my handlebar mount (RAM X-mount)

Unfortunately, Samsung was not covering the S4 Active for water damage, and AT&T could not honor the warranty because Samsung was not reimbursing them for phones returned to them that had water damage. Don't believe it? Do a search for it, you'll see. AT&T changed their policy to a one time replacement for water damaged S4 Actives, (I don't know if that has been expanded), and I found where Samsung intends, (as of Aug. 6, 2013), to change their warranty policy, but that only came after criticism of their original warranty policy on water damaged phones. With all of Samsung's lack of customer support for incidents involving their phones, (search for Samsung Galaxy phone fires), I would never buy a Samsung product of any kind.

Amen to that, waterproof would be cool, dual sim is ok but not a necessity for me.
Waterproof though...that's a neat feature

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One of the cheapest android, the Moto E is both dual sim and kindof water proof. I like the features but there's one problem, it's Android. I'd love to have a rough and tough BlackBerry.

Sent using my Stormtrooper! White Z10!!

If you've ever dropped, thrown, spilt fluid onto as many BlackBerry phones as I have, you should know they're pretty rugged ;)

8520: thrown down a street = survived, few dinks, no case

9900: dropped while running down a hill, slid along concrete most of the way down = survived, few dinks, no case

9900: Dropped onto pavement screen down = survived, unscathed

9900: Spilt Diet Coke all over device = no effect, survived

Z10: spilt large coffee all over device, submerged in hot coffee = revived itself after 3 hours. Still going strong!

Z30: dropped onto concrete, screen first. Tiny scratch on screen = still going

:) and people ask why I still use BBRY

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Some of you seem to think that development happens linearly; once one thing is done they move onto the next.
In reality, development is done in parallel, and there are many parallel lines.
Putting duel Sims aside to fulfill the desire for waterproofing is a silly, one-dimensional thought process as both can, and are, achieved (as well as many more upgrades) simultaneously.

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If you phone is waterproofed would you swim with it? Or pick your calls in the rain. Don't think its a necessary feature, dual Sim makes more sense at the moment. But if blackberry comes with both features I'd take it.

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Maybe network reception and interference isn't a problem there.And that doesn't mean Europe represents the market trend of the whole world

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

dual SIM in indonesia is a must, at least blackberry made a low / middle end phone. with dual SIM

Posted from my Quten

Dual-SIM too chinese?!? WTF are you still in the ignorant '90s?!

seven BlackBerrys and counting...

That's my G D opinion based on my experience! What's wrong with you?Ever been bombarded with cheap Chinese dual sim phones before?

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

BlackBerry quality is not to be compared with cheap, Chinese clone phones...

If BlackBerry made a dual sim phone, I'm sure it would be pretty damn good. I think it would also be very very appreciated by business people that travel.

Finally somebody makes sense.

Would solve that SIM swapping drama, and you would just add a cheap local SIM for data, done.

My wife has several dual-SIM phones, including the Moto G.

She likes dual-SIM, but BlackBerry doesn't offer it...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Yep, and usually in our country, there are advantages of having SIMs from different operators like unlimited calls on the same network. If the problem is battery konking out in the middle of the day, there are a lot of power banks available in the market; just like carrying two phones.

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I don't understand? I travel and regularly rotate SIMs (Canada, US, Europe) because the local pay as you go plans & pricing are incredibly cheap compared to paying roaming costs at Rogers. This would be very convenient I would think for regular business travelers who do the same.

Yes, exactly why I voted for dual SIM. Cheap local-country SIM cards are easy to get and save a lot of money while travelling.

This is why I want dual sims. Sometimes I get a disposable local phone then have to lug both around. It's like having two wives.

Two girlfriends is ideal. Two wives and two phones is a pain in the pocket. I vote dual girlfrie... Oops I mean dual sims.

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*Raise eyebrows*

You can't be trusted, can you? Go with one, and ma-(rry/ke) her happy. :-)

Phones have not emotional attachments, so yeah, dual, triple, quad SIM... even just to have the option...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Why would you want to have two wives and be twice as wrong?

Ha ha, ummmm just kidding dear, honest...

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Within EU, it should be now possible to set different provider while abroad on the same SIM. EU requires it but I don't think it's implemented anywhere. But it will be an option at least for Europeans.

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Ditto. Would be useful instead of me always having to swap out my Rogers sim for my roam mobility sim when traveling to the welcome it.

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I was always one for dual sim since those chinese knock off phones that came with it

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I will love to have one.

One sim for business, the other for personal

Posted Via CB10 Using Z10 Running OS

+100 provided my employer's would allow my BB10 device under BYOD. Currently I have a work Bold 9900, but my employer's don't allow BlackBerrys under BYOD

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Had dual SIM in the past, it was easy and convenient and would get one again if available.

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There it is an aspect that James did not mentioned.
Dual SIM card are also nice feature when traveling, this make it possible just to pop a local carrier SIM in to avoid heavy roaming costs.

Good point.
Even with roaming on, there are some areas I travel in the states where my VZW signal is lousy while the locals have good service with a different carrier. This could possibly help in these situations.

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I had the BlackBerry Tour on Telus many years ago. Telus was using CDMA at the time. My work was using Rogers. So I popped in my work SIM card and could switch between the two through the BlackBerry OS.

It was great at the time to separate work from personal. Nowadays, with BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Balance, I don't really see the same need anymore. Lock out your work and go. However, if I felt the need for my own personal line, then dual SIM would be the way to go for sure.

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Either would work for me. Having business line and personal on the same phone would complete the idea of BlackBerry Balance IMHO.

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

I would love the idea. Especially since now Sims are smaller... thet deff can fit it into the phone... and if u don't want it don't use the extra slot..... but the new bb10s should be100% dual sim

Posted with my Z10STL100-3/

Yes, yes, yes, I would love not have to carry around two telephones (business and personal) all the time and if one only needs one SIM it still works for us all.

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not for me, but for my customers.
Dual SIM fits perfect for BlackBerry Balance: one Sim per Perimeter
I know many enterprises where employees only must use an own device because Company doesn't want to pay private phone calls and also won't spend any time to separate costs between private and business

Good point!

BlackBerry Balance not just for apps, but also for phone usage.

Plus the company doesn't need to know what people I called after work and for how long.

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Would love it! One for business one personal and amazing for when I travel!

Cone on BlackBerry these are the extras that can win over the kind of business demographics you are looking for!

It's not called a passport for nothing!

From my z30

Great Point.. what would a passports be without an international sim and a domestic sim/ a business sim and a personal sim. Just make sense to me.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

Dual SIM is an extra burden and not how a smartphone is suppose to function.

Single SIM is what BlackBerry is known for & should continue the same ritual...

Posted via the BlackBerry Z-Ton

This comment boggles my mind. The extra burden is for users that need to switch out sims all the time, or who use their device for both work and personal, who would like 2 numbers to separate them out instead of carrying 2 devices. How exactly is a smartphone suppose to function? I'd like to know. Is there a Wikipedia article that clearly states "this is how a smartphone is to function, and there is no compromise". A smartphone is a device that allows you to do things on the fly, on the move and away for your desk/home computer. It's your laptop and phone in the palm of your hands. Why would I want to carry 2 smartphones, so I can have 2 numbers, when I can get it all in one with a dual sim device. THIS is how a smartphone should function! Options and ability to do more. Sorry for the rant, but hearing that adding more functionality that would have a positive impact to many business users, is an extra burden (if you don't need it, just don't use it!), and how apparently there is specific rules as to how a smartphone is suppose to function.


Keep moving. Make it an option, a second version of the Passport to be sold directly from the BlackBerry store.

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Completely agree. Give the user the feature and you make a compelling case for a fair percentage of travelers.
And that buys you the regular business because you have some thing they can't get everywhere. I wanna work with companies who is ahead of the curve.
Go BlackBerry. Anticipate and adapt.

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Now that I have another SIM card for my travelling, I see the value in having this feature whereas before I probably would have dismissed this.

While it is not a deal breaker to have to open up my Z10 and pop in a new SIM before I get on an airplane to go to my destination, it certainly would be a welcomed feature to be able to have 2 SIM cards loaded and change on the fly!

Absolutely needed when travelling abroad and use a local simcard. Rogers has yet to network unlock my Z30, even though I paid for it. I could not use a local card...

Posted via CB10

The devices would need to be factory unlocked. Don't know how the carriers would react..... especially if subsidized.

Posted via CB10

I might finally be able to kick iPhones to the curb at my office with this feature. Please make it so!

Posted via CB10

This is not a good time for BlackBerry to even think about dual sim phones. Battery life will go for a toss!!! Network related issues cannot be ruled out as it is very common with all dual sim phones.
Under John Chen BlackBerry has started showing encouraging signs of recovery and launch of such phones is not the need of the hour. BlackBerry must focus to strengthen it's BlackBerry 10 series, Passport and Classic models which are on the anvil. These products in itself shall do lot of resurrection in BlackBerry brand equity.

Posted via CB10

Somehow I feel you have a point there although I feel that a dual sim phone will be a hit but if the technology is going to cause problems then perhaps it is not something BlackBerry should look at for the time being.

They are better off fixing current bugs first.

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there should be a 3rd option.
There is really no use for it, unless you're a frequent international traveler.

As a business user on a BES I don't particularly want to carry 2 phones and I also want to maintain a personal # in addition to my company phone.

In many countries it almost a requirement.... know one guy in Indonesia said he had four phones due to the way carriers charge for roaming. If you look at the devices offered in many developing markets, dual SIM is common.

But here in the US I think most people that carry two devices - do it because they need two seperate devcie or a devices on another platform. So dual SIMS wouldn't be a huge selling factor.


We have a lot of our top personal that are flying back and forth and managing jobs in dual province's.

Posted via CB10

Yes but along with BlackBerry Balance for non bes customers.

Second sim would be tied to the "work" side of balance.

Posted via CB10

Dual nano sims fudge yeah!

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

This is something I posted on some BlackBerry site years ago. For those that insist on carrying two phone, be my guest.
I administer smartphones for a large company - 45,000+ devices with the four major carriers. The company insists on owning the underlying phone number. However, they do permit new employees to port their personal phone number to a company account, although there are a few per-requisites, and once the number belongs to the Company, it will not be released until the employee leaves the firm. Of course, this also means the number can't be used on a Family or personal plan.
There is, however, an ugly fact that is not well known. Depending on the carrier, once the number is released back to the employee, the carrier may or may not treat that person as a new customer. The Firm pays for new devices under contract, and the devices must be returned when the employee leaves the Firm.
However, for one carrier that shall remain nameless, the underlying company contract duration and upgrade period goes with the number. For those users, if they upgrade to an iPhone a month before they leave the company have 23 months before their contract expires, and are not eligible for a subsidized device for 20 months. This leaves the employee with a phone number and no device, and the choice of paying full price for a new device, paying a hefty ETF, or getting a device elsewhere to connect to the number.
Having a dual SIM would allow employees to have their personal number, on whatever plan they want, get their phone calls and texts with their personal number, but still have a Work phone number.
Personally I never understood why the Firm allowed employees to use their personal number for work anyway. You don't bring your land line number to a company, the phone number is a company asset, and shouldn't be going with the employee when they leave - that means clients could continue to contact the employee and potentially lose the client for the Firm.

I don't need it but I don't need a smartphone from different os

Loving my Q10 and Z10 and waiting to try out my Z30 when I get home next week

Definitely yes. I have t-mobile sim when I go down usa. No need to swap Sim anymore. For business travelers that will be plus.

Posted via CB10

Dual SIM with BB Balance would be a winner... switching to personal space automatically switches to personal SIM and vice versa

One other comment. Rather than a dual SIM (which I think is a great idea), how about a Virtual Phone - and SIM - within the underlying smartphone. This would resolve the Corporate/Personal dilemma, if available on all the major Smartphone platforms, it would eliminate the platform issue, and a company could still control their costs with corporate deals with the carriers and maintain security.
Any takers? BlackBerry? VMware? Apple? Google? Microsoft? FIREFOX??

I would personally find this useful, as I travel between the US and Canada a fair amount, and have separate SIM cards now for data.

Posted via CB10

But i really doubt it would affect network quality, battery life and also, bb is just in a starting stage of taking off...i would suggest a BIG no. An if they are so adamant that they would make one, then i would suggest easy outside accessible second sim.

If somehow when switching from "work to personal" on BlackBerry balance it then switches which Sim card you use then it's great but I personally would never need to have 2 sim cards. Don't make things complicated. 1 sim, 1 phone. :)

I think that this would be the ideal compliment to the work and personal partition concept. Come the weekend I can disregard all incoming work calls, but maintain my personal phone number on the same handset. In a BYOD world this would allow me to buy the Berry I wanted and use it all day everyday without having to drag around the work issued iPhone which is a pain to carry monday to friday in addition to the BlackBerry.

I was hoping for this. I noticed roammobility has a phone for dual sim cards. I thought this would be an Awesome idea for those business owners, and those who have 2 devices for work and home. No more carrying two devices. I would definitely purchase this. If one sim card could be linked to the business side of BlackBerry balance. And the other to personal use. The end of 2 phones would be over. I personally have my own business but I can't access blackberry balance without a company email which I have. But I still can't get it to work.

Posted via CB10

Huge one for me... always had 2 lines on my phone (biz and personal) with Nextel. Now, for security reasons, the CDMA company's don't do it any longer and the GSM phones need dual syms. You see Biz execs and users usually with 2 phones. Definitely support Dual Sym.

Posted via CB10

I use a z10 for business and personal. I would use the dual aim for travelling. I very much dislike switching out the sims between home and other countries.

From the mind of a mAnIaC

With an unlocked Z10, I just pop out my CDN SIM and replace it with my US SIM for travel. Having two SIM slots would not be extremely helpful unless there was a way to have both co-exist at the same time with two separate numbers. Just don't know how practical or useful that might be though. Perhaps the ability to deactivate one when needed would cut-down on manual changeovers. Other than that, hard imagine the benefit.

I would absolutely love to have a 2 sim device. I have a Z30 (personally owned), and have BES10 at work, so I have both the personal and workspace on my device. I currently have 1 number for both my personal line and for work. I'd absolutely love to have 2 separate numbers for personal and work. If Blackberry would come out with a dual sim device, I'd immediately buy it.

NoooooooO!!!.... please don't do that..... there will be no difference between us and other brands!!... BlackBerry must be unique... in keyboard, security, os and in sims please.... majority of BlackBerry fans don't like......

Posted via CB10

Absolutely. I use Telus and Roam Mobility. I live how the z30 you can swap sims without turning off the phone but having two sims would be great!!!

Posted via CB10

A dual SIM BlackBerry would be perfect for me..., I travel a lot internationally and I use my Q10 and 9900 when I am out of the country (so as to separate work and personal when away). This necessitates two BBM profiles and having to carry two phones around..., one do-it-all Blackberry would be perfect!

Sometimes the Crackberry polls have only 2 options or are missing some other alternatives. Like in this case my answer would be one is enought.

In these cases the results are predictable and lead participants to one result.

Posted via CB10

I carry two BlackBerries, one for work and one personal. I'd love to just pop both sims into one device, it would be so much easier for me! I wonder how that would impact battery life?

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

If the result would be different if the question was, would you like to pay for dual Sim feature?
Either in the form of increased price, or decreased specs in other places.

Also, Samsung and HTC makes lots of dual Sim phones for the markets in Asia. The only top tier smart phone manufacturers haven't entertained the idea are probably Apple, BlackBerry, and maybe Microsoft

Posted via CB10 with Z30STA100-5/

Not sure why all models of blackberry don't come with this option. Two SD slots would be great too. Maybe an encrypted SD slot?

Posted via CB10

You can encrypt your existing SD card on a BlackBerry 10 OS. Go to Settings, Security, Encryption.

Z10STL100-3/ /CB10

I think the dual sim strategy would be awesome in specific regions like Indonesia and Africa, where people don't depend on one network because of instability issues especially in Africa! So just as the Z 3 was made for a specific region first in mind I think dual Sim BlackBerry 10 phones should be made with specific regions in mind!!

Posted via CB10

If this is released with the passport I would for sure break my contract for that.

If it was possible to have all corporate data go off the one and personal go on the other. That would be a selling point for Boyd.

Posted via CB10

I'm a frequent business flyer and travel between countries on a weekly basis. I would love to have a dual sim in my BlackBerry Z30.

Posted via CB10

Dual sim could be useful but in this day and age, we shouldn't have to get two sim! One that can do two or more carrier !

Posted via CB10

Yes yes yes!!!! My work forces me to carry a samsung dumbphone and I would absolutely love to be able to just put my work sim in my blackberry along with my personal sim.

Posted via CB10

This article focuses on the needs of business customers, but the dual sim feature is very popular in emerging markets and in Europe. Anywhere where you have to switch networks constantly due to travel or network availability would make this a very attractive feature for BlackBerry phones.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

It's an interesting option worth pursuing and having readily available to help showcase the power of BlackBerry's ability in meeting enterprise needs.

One thing I gave long coveted is something unique to BlackBerry that no competitor could even offer: a reasonably price package in which you could buy 2 devices; a full-touch and a keyboard and having the option of toggling back and forth depending on your preference on any particular day.

Keyboard for work, full-touch for play.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

HDMI output and FM radio not unique enough? :) I kid, I kid ...

You are right, in order to go after the prosumer, BBRY needs to have features like these that separate their phones from the competition.

That's is good if BlackBerry can support two sim even though I only have one sim card now.

Posted via CB10

I don't think you need to do a market research to decide about dual SIM phones.
I long for it, and so do my colleagues who carry one business phone and a personal phone. Business executives who travel frequently between to countries and will definitely find dual SIM convenient. Samsung's dual SIM phones are a big success.
What's keeping BlackBerry from introducing dual SIM...? Be aggressive. Go for it.
Dual SIM, 5.5 " Screen, water-proof, high res screen, 20 mp camera, 64 G memory...
By all means, put the best specs you can get on your next phone.
It's all about specs...

Posted via CB10

Some reactions are stupid... You're not in the obligation of using it... but if you need it, you can. How could this be a problem for you???

When I travel to another country, I want to be able to have a local plan for data AND keep available my usual phone number; and that's the only way if I do not want to carry 2 Passports.

Dual sim-cards would have a place in the "bring your own device" market, but right away it's not a necessity. Like mentioned earlier, water proof, shock proof, and etc would be ideal place to start

Posted via CB10

Finally somebody brings up this topic!
Dual SIM phones are popular amongst frequent travelers, and there are some options on the market (in Europe I mean).
Would be awesome to have dual SIM capability on BB phones. On top of the other benefits that come with a BB, would be much easier (and faster) to switch between carriers. Taking the phone apart to swap SIMs is something I don't really enjoy...and in time the procedure will damage the cover...

I wouldn't need a dual sim...but I can definitely see the benefit to a lot of epilepsy carrying two handsets

Posted via CB10

Even phones like the z3 should be dual sim. To get the best networks. In SA I would use cell c to make calls and Vodacom to do data. (because cell c data only works in the city) It shouldn't be seen as a business feature at all.

Posted via CB10

I would love one device to cover all bandwidths. So, if I wanted to switch carriers, I don't need to buy another device.

+1. Kinda like...and I hate to say it...iPhones. The Verizon/TMO/AT&T iPhone 5c and 5s are all the same model.

Why the need when you get all you need data and unlimited calls and texts?? Sounds a little bizarre !!!

Posted via CB10

Dual sim is a great feature for enterprise/prosumers. I haven't had multiple numbers on 1 phone since Nextel way back in the 90's had to improvise after that. What has taken BBRY so long? Will more than welcome the added feature. Thx

Posted via CB10

It would be a lot better if BlackBerry would make a smartphone that is shock and water resistant for extra durability.

Posted via CB10

First- make a QWERTY phone without the double typing isue,a phone without GSM signal isue, then maybe another phone with dual sim. Because now, my old NOKIA E72 works better then my business Q10.

Posted via Q10Bold

For sure!
I was discussing that with colleagues the other day; it would be a perfect completion of the Blackbery Balance feature if you could assign one profile to one SIM and switch but that is probably hard to handle in terms of software...

This is a terrific good idea: all travellers will be happy as it will solve a lot of problems! If BlackBerry wants to be synonymous of "work" and be different to all other producer that is definitely the right choice.
Happy with z30. Waiting for dual sim passport

Posted via CB10

Great idea. YES YES YES.... to a dual sim BlackBerry! That way I don't have to carry two phones when traveling to different countries, and do not have to maintain my contacts on both phones.

Also, for those worried about battery drain, you can always turn off one SIM card if it's not being used.

Many phones, including some Samsung (not Chinese) have this feature already. So network interference is not an issue.

Z10STL100-3/ /CB10

I think the poll should include the option "no swapping out my sim card is fine". I would not want to carry two phones but don't necessarily see the need for dual sim cards

Posted via CB10

Just allow billing / cost split.... Allow the carrier to separate personal and business use and have a mode switch on the berry.

HTC One and many Samsungs across the range come as dual sim in Eastern Europe. There are even triple sims lined up from LG and Samsung.

It's only really countries when the networks are the main supplier of phones and locking is common that you don't get dual sim phones (for obvious reasons, none in the interest of consumers).

They are not complicated at all to use, although with both active the battery can take a hammering, which is not an issue unless travelling without power.

If they do bother you, you can always only activate the second sim when you need it.

5mm thicker & 3x battery life?

I strongly recommend top end phone like classic and passport should sport dual sim capability, that being a true passport (business) phone.

BlackBerry Z10

Can we modify this poll to ask for general voter location (country) as well? It would be interesting to see how the votes break down by countries/regions.

Dual SIM!

It's great that my Z10 came factory unlocked to my mobile provider. But even for the casual traveller just to the States from Canada, then i have to take out my Canadian SIM Card and pop in the new one, rather than just keeping both in, and they would pick up automatically if i was in a different country roaming in other carriers SIM?

Posted via CB10

Sony, samsung, LG, HTC, all have dual sim high end phones! Who said that major manufacturers didn't pick up on 2 sim phones.

Maybe not in the states, but Asia, middle east, Africa, Europe, all use dual sim!

Q10 On Steroids running on pure Awesomeness

I'm sure it will be a hit especially for guys with plenty of girlfriends or girls with plenty of boyfriends...

Posted via CB10

Yes, Yes and not a cheap one. I have a work sim and a personal sim, I own both phones. I would love to have both sim in the same awesome Blackberry.

Yes please, dual sim for me!

As for a water resistant phone, I'll take one, if the cost is not increased. My phones axe all insured for any physical loss and my important data/info is backed up along with all my contacts.

Posted via CB10

Battery will not last long with two sim cards. Also when you're writing an email there is big risk you will be disturbed by phone calls as you have two simcards.
I believe blackberry is used by professionals that means having two sim cards has no sense.

Posted via CB10

As others have implied yes I would be interested in dual sim but not for business reasons as fortunately I do not have to carry a work phone but I do travel. Hence no appropriate vote option for me.

Posted via CB10

I would love a dual sim berry. Actually what I would like to see is a sim extension e.g having a Passport & a Z30 on the same number and profiles constantly synced and active. Because hey, sometimes I feel like a touch screen and sometimes a keyboard.

Posted via CB10

I don't need a dual SIM BlackBerry - but I also don't want to carry two phones. :p

The poll choices are a little wonky, but good idea! :)

I don't understand why Blackberry has not made their phones standard with dual sims. As the standard for a business/global phone they should.

Dual SIM i like this
Semoga blackberry bisa menghadirkan ponsel dengan DUA SIM CARD secepatnya. Saya menunggu itu

Posted via CB10

I carry 2 bb10 devices. Would love to have a dual sim where you assign one for personal container and other for work container.

Posted via CB10

Could you not put an extra option like "I don't care". And people don't really not two phones or two sims...

Posted via CB10

If you are an employee at a BOYD company, you would do well to have a dual-sim device, because you do NOT want your "questionable" personal activities on a device that has its data services fully funded by your employer. If you have a single-sim BYOD device and your employer pays for your service, if you view "NSFW" content, are you going to get in trouble? No, I'd rather my device have a completely separate SIM and data plan and memory space on the device... so, yes to BlackBerry Balance, and also yes to a dual SIM so one can actually use their "personal" device for personal matters without crossing any lines with one's employer... including using Linked In etc. to find a new job.

You leave one employer, you remove their SIM, and if your new employer has a BYOD policy, pop in their sim and away you go. Of course, the device should be fully unlocked and septa-band or whatever is needed for supporting a mix like Verizon and AT&T on the same device.

I have been wishing BlackBerry would come up with a dual-sim phone... I would definitely look forward to it

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I think the Passport should have been dual-sim. It would also fit in nicely with the name, and go well with possible marketing of the device, get it, global? :P.

In my land, Jamaica, an emerging market I would take that yesterday since it would eliminate my 2 phone bother where Digicel is for data and sms and LIME is for all would be excellent for BB faithfuls like myself! So a resounding yes!

This is so true. LIME has excellent local rate, whereas Digicel's local rates are terrible.

Conversely, Digicel's data service is distinctly mediocre, whereas LIME's data service is several levels below mediocre.

Truthfully, it's hard to choose between networks in Jamaica because they're both so terrible. Dual sim would, at least, alleviate some of the pain.

Also... big up to Jamaican community on CrackBerry!

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