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CrackBerry Asks: Would you want a dark-themed Hub?

By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2014 12:35 pm EST

The dark theme / light theme debate has been ongoing for quite a while. As soon as the BlackBerry Q10 was released, Z10 owners were screaming to get some dark theme action as well. Then when an OS update took the dark theme away, Q10 users yelled that they wanted it back. So ultimately BlackBerry made the choice to give users the option to choose between the light or dark theme in apps like the calendar and contacts.

While the option isn't system-wide for all apps, it's got the basics covered. However I was actually thinking that a cool spot to have a dark theme would be the BlackBerry Hub. It's tough to have a dark theme on my calendar, then jump to the light-themed hub — it just doesn't coincide. So having the option to choose for the Hub would be awesome in my book.

So what say you? Would you want the option to choose a light or dark theme for the BlackBerry Hub as well? Drop your vote in the poll below then give us your thoughts in the comments!




First :D

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)


Yessssss no reason why not atleast you then have the option it's a no braineerr :D

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)


Actually would prefer much a really good battery - there's no need then to hide the power usage behind such things like dark themes, IMHO.

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10:


I like the dark theme because it's easier to use in a dark room, or in the car at a stoplight at night. Dilated pupils + Light Theme = no bueno


I would love it if there was an automatic option to have it change when it senses a darker atmosphere. It would be an option that you could turn on and off.


That would be pretty sweet.


Similar to some vehicle GPS devices - changes to night time mode/theme when the time and light is right

Posted via CB10


Waze GPS maps for BB10 does this.


Much agreed... much better battery life would be much appreciated... deleted Facebook and WhatsApp and have been getting great battery life since. I think some additional tweaking could be done to the OS as to the way it deals with applications. Better battery life and who cares about light or dark themed hub. the option would be good but light theme works just fine...

I think before looking into that there should be additional (if not done yet) research done on better integrating shortcuts across the OS with the virtual keyboard. Shortcuts work in the browser using the virtual keyboard on my z10.

I think they haven't taken full advantage of the action feature in bb10 on the all touch devices and in the hub as well. It is still a young os.

And they can have an all touch q10 feature on the z10 where the keyboard is always up.

Posted via CB10

Karan Mohal

I really just like the aesthetics of the dark theme.. the power saving is a nice bonus.

Posted via CB10


I prefer the dark theme on everything so voted yes. I do know people who don't like it so I think having the option as we do now for BBM, contacts, calendar, etc (at least on the Q10) would be perfect.


Yes!!! Thank you!!! Also, dark theme?? Sure. The option of using it would be nice.

Stop, drop, and roll.


Do you know QuickSIIv3r or drmike? They don't like these kind of FIRSTERS. So do I and other crackberrians!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome


I enjoy a 'first'... always amusing to see everyone else get twisted out of shape.

Posted via CB10


How about dark CB10??

Posted via CB10


Dark CB10 would be awesome!

Posted via CB10


Agreed, menshawy is right - dark CB10.


Dark CB10 already exists, at least on my DevQ and Z30...

Posted via CB10

Plazmic Flame

The dark theme hub is a no brainer, it should be an option, easy as that.

Oh, and too the goomba who posted "first", you gon' learn what happens when you just make that silly comment. By now your comment has been heavily hijacked. How are all those emails working for you? lol


There's no question this is NEEDED on the Q10/Z30.


And wanted on the z10

Posted via CB10


I want dark-themed everything. Dark-themed darkness please!! With some dark on top. :)

Posted via CB10


Poll is overwhelming in favour of yes. Take note BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Shannon Stauffer


OS on Verizon Z10


Holy smokes it's a giant gap. I love dark theme but wow...dint think there'd be such a dominance. For sure BlackBerry is reading this poll, and will notice.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry



T-Mobile USA Z10

Prem WatsApp

That whole dark/light theme needs to be consistent across the OS and (at least all pre-loaded) BB apps.

The eyes hurt, when you suddenly change to another app and it blinds you because of light theme. Not very comfortable.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


This pretty much, would be nice to have some sort of consistency. Also should be made an option to have it either dark or white system wide.

Posted via CB10

Observation Junkie

Let's throw another question into the pot, should Crackberry now be fully integrated into BlackBerry Channels?

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate


Wow, 0 votes for no! Giving us a choice won't hurt but knowing BlackBerry they like to give us a hard time :P

From the Q10 until they create a friggin rectangular 4" without the trackpad!


Yes. I'm all dark everything, but when I go into my hub it's like staring into the sun.

Posted via CB10


I agree! Especially at night. On the z30 it's ridiculously bright even on the lowest brightness setting.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10


Exactly, love having my text messages dark, but hate getting blinded by the hub on my way through

Posted via CB10


Yes, exactly. I read in dark rooms and the hub GLARES in the light theme.

Posted via CB10

Plazmic Flame

Yes, being able to switch on the fly when needed is important. You could have light theme during the day and at night it would be nice to switch to dark theme to save your eyesight, lol.


Why not have the option? A little customization is always fun.

Posted via CB10


I found that a black background is hard to read.
In cases where an app has an option, I change to the light background.


I like white one, mybe an option is better for users.

Ryan A

Yes! I would like everything dark themed! It looks to nice! Still don't know why my settings is a white theme with 10.1 on my q10. It's been that way since I bought it. But yeah, dark theme is sexy and easy on the eyes as most sexy things tend to be. BTW still waiting for 10.2.1 on T-mobile.

Posted via Q10

Posted via CB10


I want a dark theme everything

George Gill

Oh certainly YES!



Yes, it is kind of odd having dark theme in the rest but not in the hub. Would love to see it.

Posted via CB10 On my 30


This is a must. I would love dark theme in the hub!

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

Yes, I would definitely want a dark theme option for the Hub


Ditto what DJ said! I have been wanting black theme before BB10 was ever introduced.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 



Posted using Z30 and CB10


Yes dark theme everything! Can I get that today please :D

Posted via CB10


Yes, it's a glaring(!) exclusion.


Absolutely! Any help to save on battery drain is a positive!

Posted via CB10


Yep! At least have the option.

Posted via CB10


Yes. Thought they would have created that option last os update

Posted via CB10

Uncle Sky


C004682C1 .... shot from my z10


Yes, but have the option to switch between them

Posted via CB10


Yes yes yes

Posted via CB10


Absolutely! I'm dark theme all the way.

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B


Would love to have the dark hub on my Z10. :D

Posted via CB10


Yes, it would increase the battery life because of the use of AMOLED screen :D



Posted via my BlackBerry Q10 or Z30 on VZW from Philly


The UI is lacking a LOT of fun... special effects, icons, frames, everything.

The current UI should be named "energy saving theme"

Posted via CB10


Never really been a big dark theme fan...but I agree with other posters here that it should at least be an option.

Posted via CB10


Yes please!

Posted via CB10


yes it is more clear and looks great to


I don't know...

Since 2010 


I like the light theme in the Hub but I'd have no objection to a dark theme as an option.

Oddly, I prefer my BBM to be set to a dark theme.

Posted via CB10


Choice is always good.


I'd prefer to see a system wide toggle.


Not knocking the question being asked, but it seems silly that it has to be asked.

Once BlackBerry knew it was unquestionably clear so many people liked the dark theme option, it should have been a no brainer to give it for anything they possibly could.

[URL="bbmc:C00123875"]Visit Geek Lite[/URL]

Christophe Piquemal

options are always good moves.

But I prefer the light one.


I want dark them but hates black colored... I don't want to be racist ok?

Posted via CB10


The dialer has always been dark from the first day...seems like there have always been design inconsistencies.


I think it will be good to have dark theme for the hub. It is not nice to move from a dark themed calender to a light themed hub.


That's an easy question to answer.



Dark-themed Hub?? HELL YEAHH BABY!!!

Posted via CB10


I am yet to find an app I do not preferences in black. Black me up!

Posted via the Magic that is Z30


Yes please !

Posted via CB10


Yes please! :)

Posted via CB10


I find reading dark on light background much easier when it comes to long text. Dark background is nice with smaller text + pictures, like Channels for instance.

The overall look of a black background is nicer but less functional for me.


Yes I would love a dark theme hub

Posted via CB10


The dark theme looks great.

Posted via CB10


Z30 dark theme for hub would be lovely

STA-100-3 v10.2.1.1925-r1926


Absolutely yes! And for crackberry app!

Posted via CB10 - Q5


And we want the dark theme to all Z10!!

Posted via CB10


Yessssss please

Posted via CB10


Hell yeah!!!!!!

Posted via CB10



Keith H. Posted by CB10 from my Z10.


Urgh, really do not understand this dark theme debate at all! Been following it for a while and have yet to find a reason why people want this! Dark themes on android and WP look so lame!

If you want one, go android or WP! You do have not see this debate with iOS!

Just let it go!

Posted via CB10


Yes. One more options to choose. Why not?

Posted via CB10


Yes would be cool

Posted via CB10


Yes please!

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!



Please and thank you.

Posted via CB10


I want the entire OS to be in dark theme.

Posted via CB10

Shannon Stauffer


OS on Verizon Z10


Have an option yes but I personally prefer the white theme. Dark themes constantly remind me of galaxy devices.

Posted via CB10


A system wide dark theme would be very nice - maybe even time controlled.
Early in the morning and late at night I wouldn't mind a dark theme so that I am not blinded.

System wide is key here because it makes switching easy.

Posted via CB10


Yes! Like a GPS.

Posted via CB10


Yes to dark, also if the account colour would set the font colour on the black it would give it a dramatic look. Similar to the settings menu.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10


I guess it's the icon that's a different colour on the settings menu, either would be good.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

Randy Scanlan

Need dark theme for everything, especially since it saves battery on some devices.

Posted via CB10


Yes please... most definitely since I use almost everyday.

Posted via CB10


That would be amazing!

Posted via CB10


Please Please PLEASE forward this poll to someone at Blackberry and lets get this done already :)


Definitely. Our eyes register light more quickly than the absence of light. When text is what's illuminated and not the background, it's not only an efficient use of energy but easier for the eyes in short term, which is what the hub is usually for. White backgrounds are more comfortable to stare at for a long time, say, for like novels, because on average, our eyes adjust to that average - a white box. Dark backgrounds keep the eyes more active because they only adjust to the text, which can be straining for long reads.

That being said, people have different preferences, give us the option. BlackBerry used to be known for having sooo many options. Why are we limited like Apple folk these days?



Posted via CB10

Howard Rikinosuke Shimada

It will be nice to see a dark theme for BlackBerry Hub but I prefer the white theme more than the dark theme and I think it should be optional in the settings.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10



Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Anthony Roberts5

Anyone who votes no are complete morons...dark theme choices are always good and welcome :)

Posted via CB10


Of course! Dark theme option everywhere I say!!



Would like dark themed settings screen.

Posted via CB10


Duh!...uh YES!

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy



From My Sexy Blackberry Q10...


Yes, absolutely it would be awesome.



Like others have said, I would like the option to switch all willy-nilly.



 BlackBerry Q10 



Posted via CB10


Paint it black. It saves battery (sometimes) and makes my Z10 distinctive. As in business serious distinctive.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 using pure energy


Kevin, where did you get the dark theme for your hub from? Yes, I would love the option, currently it is not homogenous with the other dark themes available. And: give us the opportunity to use different themes!! I cannot stand the home screen anymore. Have been waiting for this BBOS feature for over a year !!

Posted via CB10


Just make a universal setting that changes background colour to black and all text to white, instead of app by that so hard?


One thing I wanted since the start!


I have every app with the option on dark theme, I love the look on my z10. It is jaring and inconsistent when I visit the white hub.

Posted via CB10


Definitely dark theme, been wanting it dark for sometime now.

Posted via CB10


I'd like to pick any color of my choosing.

My choice would be a dark navy or very dark red, good for reducing power consumption, low output to protect the AMOLED display and yet still be able to tell at a passing glance that I am indeed "in the hub."


An option for dark everything would be awesome! I've wondered many times why they made calendar, sms and contacts dark, but not their prized possession, the hub (and essentially any messages that come through the hub)

Posted via CB10


It's simple. Choice is always better!

Posted via CB10



Sent flawlessly from my Z30!


Yes and why is it taking so long???

CB10 via Verizon Z10.


Everithing in z10 must have a dark theme

Posted via CB10


I'd love to get the dark theme on CB10 as well, why is this not an option?

Posted via CB10


I don't mind if there is an option, but after 8 months on the Q10 I can't wait to be able to see my calendar and texts in white!! When someone sends me a link or tel# in a text it comes in blue on the black background and I can't read it. :-(

Posted via CB10 on my Q10


Why not?

Posted via CB10


Yes please, such an option should've been added already.

Double-typed and posted with a BlackBerry Q10.


Would be nice to have an option otherwise I will prefer the dark theme a lot better. Both my Q10 and Z30 are blacked out until I check email it's like YIKES!!! Dim the lights.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10


Fuck it,why not!

Posted via CB10


Such beautiful use of the english language lol;-)...... but yes. I agree!

Posted via CB10

Bad Larry

Yes ans systemwide toggle too!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Yes,it would be nice to have it!
In the beginning I was negative using it but now I use it with pleasure wherever is possible on my BlackBerry.
However I was using for sometime a note 2 and it wasn't really convenient the dark theme in their email application, I would have switch it to light if was possible.

Sent from my Z 30


Overwhelming it's a YES. Listen to us BlackBerry!



Does a bear....?

Posted via CB10



C001B7B16 The Gif Exchange


Yes I want a dark or light theme option on all menus and screens. How hard van that be to add as a programmer. Geez us even more options.. or a global theme setting with customizable colors.

Posted via CB10


Yes, but why not a range or selection of background colour? The world is not just black or white. ;-)

Posted via CB10


The people have spoken!

AmaZ30ed by my awesome BlackBerry Z30


Black is Beautiful! Dark theme option please.

Posted via CB10


More flexibility with themes generally

Posted via CB10


I guess it would be cool to have a choice...

Posted via CB10


It's a landslide.

Posted via CB10


In the name of uniformity, I think the hub should have a dark option as well. It feels off when you read a text or BBM message in dark theme then come back to the light theme.

Posted via CB10


How about BlackBerry be innovative and bring some new technology for the display to convert images and graphics for black and white on the fly as a battery saving mode? Just thinking

Posted via CB10

Jeevan Batla

Yes would definitely love to see this one

Posted via CB10

fab Z10

Love the suggestion!! :p

Posted via CB10

R Field

Give the option in settings for a dark themed hub especially when its going to improve battery life like on the Q10/Z30


Um, yes.

Posted via CB10


Would like the option. Another way to save battery power on these amoled screens. Also will keep your eyes from going crazy at night going g from dark to light.

Posted via CB10


Hell yes!!!

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version


I feel that I would need to see it on my own personal device before I could truly have an opinion on it

Sent from the coolest BlackBerry In the world, The BlackBerry Z30!!!!!!!



Posted via CB10


Yes and it couldn't hurt battery performance either, right?


Yes yes yes, a thousand times YES!


Black, pretty please

Posted via CB10


Yes yes yes, please

Posted via CB10


I think that is a requirement for any superamoled or whatever they are called screens. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8


Yes! All this time I've been wondering why Blackberry passed on giving the hub the dark theme. Guess I'm not the only one.


Yes I would. I prefer the dark theme.

Posted via CB10


It would be nice to have the option, but I wouldn't use it

Parrillas NY

Cualquier opción que ayude a mejorar el rendimiento de la bateria es excelente!!

Any option that helps improve battery performance is excellent!


Yes, duh. Now please.

Live it, love it, be it.....BB10


Hell yeah, I was just thinking the same.

Posted via CB10


Yes definitely

Posted via CB10


Oh absolutely yes to the dark.

Posted via CB10


Again a choice would be be good ;-)

Post via a very smart Q10


Dark theme? It should be a permanent feature


Yes please!

Posted via CB10


Bring it!

Posted Via my Kick @ss BlackBerry Z30


Is that something to ask?

Posted via CB10


Yes- there should also be an option to set dark theme across the board and add an option to do it based on time so that during the day we can have it one way and after a certain time it switches to another.

Although other things should certainly take priority, why stop at black and white, bring on more colors while you're at it. Give us options.

Posted via CB10


Options = more lines of code = bloated OS something they have to control, their logic . I like options , but would use a light theme, I dislike the dark theme personally . Find it harder to read . The dark theme, dim screen and no track pad, is why I never got a Q10, even after waiting years for it.

Posted via CB10


I have the z30. I'm sure the hub is dark theme

Posted via CB10


of course!

Posted via CB10


Yes i would love 2, same as the contacts list after the update

Posted via CB10


No. Haha I like it being very different from everything else, reminding me that I'm in the Hub

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Observation Junkie

Yeah to dark theme

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate


YES please

Posted via CB10


Yes please we want dark theme for both 'hub'&
'settings (on z10)'

Posted from my zed10


Should have been an option when the dark theme became available

Posted via CB10


Of course black is best color

Delta Champion


Dark theme please.

Posted via CB10


Not just in hub. should be in everything. Email, settings, file manager, remember app everything!

Posted via CB10

Shannon Stauffer


OS on Verizon Z10




Yes I would like this option. Ino CB has some pull when it comes to these types of things so make it happen.

Posted via CB10


Is there a debate? Poll results show pretty clearly that everyone wants dark theme which would seem obvious. It saves energy and looks better, so why is is not available across the applications is beyond me.

Posted via CB10


Oh my god yes I would love a dark theme for everything. It's easier on the eyes and battery, why not??


Dark theme on everything, the light theme is too bright on the lowest setting. I think it looks like android on the all touch BlackBerry 's.

Posted via CB10

Sean CueTen

Honestly, themes in general would be appreciated. I miss when I had my 9930 and I was able to download different customizable themes from the appstore. Please bring back


Hell yeah that would be awesome !


I want a dark themed everything on my z10.

Posted via CB10


Yes I want dark hub!!!!!

Posted via CB10


yes,yes,yes, and oh yeah Hells yeah!!!


No, things like email, FB and other social things in the Hub will never be 'Dark', so it will make the Hub look less uniform.

Also, the difference between the Hub and the sidemenu (accounts choice) will look less distinct.

BlackBerry 10 signed.


I'd love one setting for the OS where I could switch between dark and light theme.


I would like the option for either all white or dark theme. I prefer the all white theme that BB10 use to have, but the option to have a dark theme is good for people who want it. I vote for give us the option to choose. We are not all the same.


Would I ever. :)

Posted with my CB10 using the power of " Q "


Yes! And then make the trashcan icon red!



Posted via CB10


It would be good to have choice between white and dark theme! :D



Anything to save battery juice. YES!!!!


Yes I would.

And may I say that BlackBerry is starting again to make way too many models of its devices! The Z30, Z10, Q10, Q5, now the Z3 and the Q20...that is 6 models (not counting the Porsche design, that is just a supped up Z10) with more on the way. !!!!!

Apple has one, well two if you count the out-of-wedlock discount brother of the 5S, Samsung really only has the Galaxy and Note...and they sell...meanwhile BlackBerry has more names for its models than actual sales of its devices!

Pick one or two and stick with them fucking models!!!! So what does this mean for Z10 owners sucks as myself?! Am I going to get PlayBooked again?!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


This is business Bro so get used to it. Anyway they didn't all cone out in the same year. They need to sell so they have to make cheap and expensive models.

Posted via CB10


It might be too dark for the hub since its accessible all the time and not just something we prefer it to be dark. But still, it's good to have the choice.

Posted via my Q10 | LG GPAD 8.3


Hell yeah. :D. I have a Gold Z10 so gold theme would be cool but pointless. Lol

Posted via CB10


Give us the system wide option for dark & light themes, BlackBerry! I proclaim it!!

Posted with my T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.


Oh ja!

Posted via CB10


Please fix the voting for the CB10 app

Posted via CB10

Pilot Prop

I would love to have the dark theme for my HUB. I'd prefer to have the dark theme everywhere!

Posted via Q10


We need a dark them hub option....bad.

Posted from my awesome Z30 using CB10


Anything to save battery

Posted via CB10


I would love to have that as an option.

Posted via CB10


Looks so stylish in black. Want it!!

Posted via BlackBerry Q10


I want the whole dark theme! Even settings!

Posted via CB10


I would also like the themes to reach everything. With also other coloured themes to be available.


Prefer dark theme. Make it so

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10