Would you want a curved BlackBerry phone?

By Adam Zeis on 4 Dec 2013 01:06 pm EST

Technology moves fast -- each day we see the latest and greatest innovations pop up out of nowhere, moving all things techy along at a frantic pace. One of the latest arrivals is that of the G Flex from LG. The G Flex is an Android device with a curved screen that's flexible. LG says it can take up to 88lbs of pressure before breaking while the curved designed gives it better ergonomics. Not to mention the "self-healing" coating that actually recovers from scuffs and scratches. Crazy.

BlackBerry devices have been pretty standard over the years. Flat and focused with devices ranging from QWERTY models to the full-touch of the Z10 and Z30, but what about a curved BlackBerry? Is that too far fetched?

Imagine the Z30 as it is now, only with a curved screen. A bendable, flexible Z30 that fits well in your hand and isn't flat. LG says that nearly half of all smartphones will be curved by the end of the decade, so the idea isn't really a fantasy at all.

So what we want to know is if you'd be interested in seeing a curved BlackBerry device, or is it too much of a stretch? There's no saying if one will ever exist, but if the folks at LG are right, it may one day become a reality. Hit up the poll below and sound off in the comments!


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Would you want a curved BlackBerry phone?



Focus on relationships with US Carriers and top tier app developers for fucks sakes.

Curved phones. Jesus. Bunch of bbry engineering geeks need to be canned.

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Someone piss on your cornflakes this morning ? Slow down.... read Adams post..... No one said the was something Blackberry was working on.... It's simply a CB Poll :S

They already had a curved BlackBerry, it was called the BlackBerry Curve. :-)

Seriously though, I think there are better technologies and must-haves that need to occupy BlackBerry's more limited resources right now to keep the company alive. Not some "gimmick" to waste time and money on. Stick to core important things and not some fad or speculative form-factor that may or may not be around for long.

So if you are polling CB then I vote NO to a curved phone.

How can one develop a relationship with entities who's policy is "my way or the highway"? Screw those carriers and sell the phones unlocked thru online stores. Let the customer decide what's best for him, not the f**ked up carrier. All those companies have their "heads" showed up apple's ass so deep that they haven't seen daylight since the early 2000's. wake up people and give the finger back to carriers.

Nokia had a curved Banana phone that was featured in the Matrix

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And weirder to try to operate when its lying on a flat surface. Seasick=barf!

Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10

That's exactly what I was thinking. It looks cool, but it doesn't seem very practical to me.

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The only time I'd want a curved phone is if it were a BlackBerry Curve, but you see, I barely even want that.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

I would definitely buy this phone..

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Dumb, I agree. At this time it may be a short term hit in techno countries like Japan and Korea, but worldwide it is a waste.
Blackberry has business customers in mind to rebuild their business. A curved display is not a need for these users.

Curve the back so it fits better in your hand. They need to work on curved batteries to take advantage of the shape, not curved screens.

I wouldn't mind it at all...blackberry probably will include some kind of notifications preview or some kind of stuff like that. Caan't wait to see the future of blackberry handsets... really can't wait for the Q30 and the next torch

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Curved frome right to left is a good idea...but curved from upward to downward is silly idea (like LG g flex) ..Curved frome right to left will make the blackberry10 experience amazing..... swipe your finger on the screen to use the blackberry10 will be much easier especially with big screens... bigger than 5"

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No, curved from left to right is stupid. People need to remember that it's still a phone. Notice all landline phones curves run from top to bottom. No matter which way it goes, a curved smartphone is going to be less comfortable in pants pockets than a flat one, so it should at least match the curve of your face.

The pant pocket issue was my concern as well. It would also effectively be a deeper (not necessarily thicker) phone. TV screens went from curved to flat, cells reverse? Hmmmmm

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Flasks are curved so it sits next to the leg better, so a curved phone would work the same way, interesting thought.

Curved from left to right is a good idea since there is a lot of left to right swiping in BlackBerry 10. I can see that being helpful, but only if it is a slight curve.

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Left-right curve could help with horizontal reach and swipes - make it easier to get to the far side of the keyboard. Vertical curve helps with vertical reach, swipes and wraps around the "phace" :)

Trouble is, at small sizes the curvature of face is minimal to completely unimportant. Otherwise, significant curvature would reduce visibility... and slight curvature would only have slight benefit. Gaming with all the swiping could be affected as well with curvature - swipes may start feeling weird. And think of all those balance a ball and get it into the hole games :)

Final everything everyone else is talking about. Think of how it would affect pant or bag pockets, cases, holsters. I am not 100% on either side but I am not presently leaning towards the "bananaphone". That said, a shape shifting transformer device with star-trek type holodeck technology (so we can touch the virtual content :)) ... I would like that. Common BlackBerry!

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.. and, btw, flip probably phones address the "around the face" issue better... but most don't care.

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I don't get the curved screen thing. I like curves on phones, but the screen doesn't make sense to me. I did like the waterfall edges of the Torch 9850. The self-healing properties are what I like. That and having some flex to the phone is good too.

I'll take a Q30 as well.

Like my Z10 but miss many aspects of my 9900. Still use my 9900 on wifi. Love the track pad and keyboard. (and many of the OS 7.1 features that have yet to make it too BlackBerry 10)

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I think you meant the smartphone in the photograph looks like a turd. LOL

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Not sure how I would feel holding/wanting such a device. Altho I do think it's cool and all not sure it's for me.

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Useless features unless you have a tendency to sit on your device. If they're going to make innovations at least make them practical. Having a curved phone does nothing for me in terms of day to day usage.

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I would have to see how such a phone fits in one's back pocket, and whether it's a literal pain in the ass to sit on. I won't write it off without seeing one, but the only advantage I see is not having one's cheek touching the screen while on the phone. I hardly make phone calls anyway, so if the curve would make for annoying swiping (how could a curved screen be good for that?) I would rather have a flat one. I'd say let them keep the curved screen for now and work on putting out a world-topping handset within the next 18 months.

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BlackBerry needs to keep up with the latest technology for survive.......

They need a curved phone so that others can say see even blackberry can do it too.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

It's okay pal, . don't get an gear attack for this okay ? It's just a phone, you will survive to this, humans are made strong.

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Holding a phone in landscape mode would be awkward... however it would help in portrait mode because that way it's easier to touch the top and bottom of the screen.

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Me too. A slider would be far more useful than a curved phone.

Not saying a curved phone wouldn't be cool, but I'm not sure how useful it would actually be.

Self-healing glass though. THAT sounds really interesting. I'd like that for any phone, or for my glasses.

The phone above I personally think is too curved. But if they make a phone with a slight curve with a reason why they curved the screen like in the QNX dash concept (looks unreal with a curved screen) people would buy into it for sure.

Bottom line: if they are smart with it, then sure there is a market for it.

The problem with BlackBerry is they are always behind the curve. ( I know I shouldn't of said it :P) QNX is unreal but as of now it's just a base for what there is to come. Features as of now aren't comparing to other phones. We get them in every big update which I believe 10.2.1 would be a good step.

Bottom line: Blackberry needs to get ahead of the curve by doing something different and never done before then market the crap out of it

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I think this model would help the BlackBerry image in being more innovative.

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We want a blackberry with better camera.....13mp or higher first and then do what you want... make a curved blackberry or a triangle blackberry or a square blackberry..or a blackberry that can fly.........and about a curved blackberry phone it will be a silly idea....i hope a curved edges for better blackberry10 experience especially with 5" screen size and higher

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I though we just got away from curved TV's to flat. Now we want to go back?

If I stick my phone in my pocket, doesn't a curve phone take up more room?

I'm not seeing the benefit of going curve.

dunno. If it was more ergonimic I guess, but otherwise my mental paradigm can't get past the concept of a flat screen, especially if the OS is so gesture based ike BB10.

what ever ....suprise me Blackberry :)

Many times I'll type out a message with my phone laying flat on the table, like it's a typewriter (remember those?). A curved phone would not appeal to me at all for this reason alone.

Cheers. :)

I don't think its good idea to have curved phone. People may say innovative idea from Samsung & LG but such stupid innovation have been done before by Samsung several times and none of created successful products. So all the very best to both Samsung & LG

Phone history - Nokia 8310>. O2 XDA II > Sony Ericsson W610i > BB curve 8520> BB curve 9380> BlackBerry Z10

Y not. It's blackberry, was top and did the job in it time. Send me one please.

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I'm going to say no for now. I think they need to focus on refining the software before jumping into experimental market areas. Samsung can do this and lose money to see if it works BlackBerry needs to use its resources more wisely.

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I definitely want a flat screen.

And just on a practical note, a flat screen can be tilted to reduce glare - away from a light source, what do you do on a curved screen? Especially a concave one!!
(Watches that don't throw irritating reflections have a convex crystal)

Now large cinema screens or maybe even specialised monitor setups may benefit from a curved screen, but for a mobile phone I it should be flat only.
The self healing is a good idea though.

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I don't see how we can get away from square or rectangle shape. TVs, laptops, tablets are all still this shape, just thinner. They need to come up with more useful features. Better battery, speakers. Perhaps a built in/hidden retractable charger cord/plug. Projection capability. Face recognition. Better camera/video. Another slider phone with a keyboard would be nice. ;) IDK...things of that sort.

Why not? BlackBerry Blade was a concept very much like this phone. Look back here on Cb about 2012/03/20.

Depends how flat it goes. This may take up more room in the pocket or wherever you keep your tech.

I'd rather see a blackberry phone with the keyboard popping up from the screen, thus having both worlds for the screen lovers like me and the keyboard lovers. This will eliminate the need for different segmentation of users.

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i'd have to put my hands on it first. if i can handle the device with ease then sure. my only concern is how video would display on the curved screen on a mobile device. Not sure it would be easy on the eyes.

Why don't BlackBerry create a dummy version to just to see what it would look .

BlackBerry can't afford to left behind like they did with the touchscreen phones.

Why explore the possibility, that way if curved phones take off they will be right at the forefront instead of having to catch up.

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Samsung and LG are way behind of Blackberry,

blackberry had launched curve phone long back.. curved 8530, 93 XX series...

:) :):)

Interestingly, the thumb's range of travel on a smartphone is more in an arc than it is a linear motion, be it in a swiping motion or a tapping (typing or texting) motion anyway.
The user's thumb would not have to reach as far on curved device hardware as it currently does on a flat device hardware surface since the curve would actually bring the surface closer to the thumb's natural ergonomic.

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The concept BlackBerry Blade smartphone would have been the perfect introduction to BlackBerry 10 in February 2013. Today it might be perceived as an act of desperation instead of innovative. Sadly.

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Why not Kevin Oleary said the curve screen is the best ! he is the guy who dumped his Q10 for a Bold 9900 because the roaming on Verizon did not work across North America...how complicated is that !!! And is also using a S- Note 3.

So on that note I guess the curve phone is it !

It's just a silly idea, it wouldn't sit flat in any of your pockets and I imagine the novelty would just ware off after about 2 weeks.

If a curved design enabled a more efficient slider functionality, I would be interested. But as a stand alone device, probably not as the form provides little added value to my utilization of a BlackBerry.

Yes screen that wraps around the edges. Be first BlackBerry.

Step up your game and don't fall into the same old RIM. Fix what doesn't work for a long time.

Make fun of your competition of yourself and make things happen.


Make a statement, period.

DJ Dennis

I really dont see a benefit of having it curved compared to straight. I guess we'll just wait and see what the consumers say. That's all that matters.

More than the curve of the phone it is about being ahead of the curve. They are creating a market and they will be talked about a lot. We are doing it. Even if it doesn't become a huge success, there will be enough people liking it + all the buzz. That is something BlackBerry needs.

From my BlackBerry Z 10

I agree with the idea because BlackBerry has to be somehow revolutionary in order to gain a better market share.

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Curved phone might be easier to conform to the face for calls but a smartphone is so much more than that.
The curvature of the phone might be an issue when device is placed on a flat surface and accidently is pressed down. Also gaming, reading and other work related experiences might not work well with the curved surface.
But the technology is exciting and worth keeping an eye on.

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I don't see any useful benefits to having a curved screen on my z10 or z30. But if it enhances it's appeal and blackberry sales to warrant such a model without losing the important features and benefits these phones currently have or will have in the future, I say go for it.

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I look at it, and then hear people go on about how this is the future of mobile phones and I'm thrown back in time to when people said the same things about a small cassette called BETA MAX which thankfully went no where.
Now the self healing thing sounds very sweet. I hope that makes it's way to all devices.

Why would you curve a phone that's so dumb, there isn't even one good reason to do it.

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What about when it's laying on its back? It's not gonna sit properly. I also drive a forklift at work and keep my phone FLAT on the tray of machine. If it was curved it would slide all over and eventually get run over...
...so no thanks..not now,not ever

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Why not go the full distance and curve the phone into a ball. That would grab attention./sarcasm

It seems kind of silly. I have a flat screen TV for a reason.

I really don't want pictures to be curved and distorted.

I think in the near future, it will apply to a wearable device. Think watch or some kind of band that wraps around your wrist or arm.

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I might be old fashioned, but paper is flat, and curved paper is a headache! Will I buy a curved TV? I don't think so.

Anyway, if I get glare, I can tilt my screen away but with a curved phone, that will be more of a challenge.

Guys out of the topic! I live here in the uae..i just went to check for the Z10 at the leading electronic retail stores here. guess what??z10 was sold out!well um overjoyed cause I guess the dark days are over!by the way I own a z10 an love it since day one.

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There was an article about this - the biggest draw of a curved screen (being slightly curved inwards from the sides) is that it changes how light reflects off of your screen - making it appear to be brighter since there is less background light that would wash out the screen. Turn your screen off and look at your reflection - your reflection is always there - the screen needs to be bright enough to eliminate the reflection. Eliminate background light, screen will appear much brighter (while using less battery power).

Na, I'd rather have the time money and effort put into a curved phone allotted for better advanced software technology.

Bad idea for any manufacturer.

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I didn't know what curved screens were for but it finally struck me. As screens get bigger and bigger the curved screen and flexible phone would be useful when putting that bad boy in your back pocket and not having to worry when you sat down. The phone will bend with your butt.

I use a belt holster. Not cool but practical.

Hard to imagine how that would work with a curved phone. An absolutely bonkers idea.

The only thing handy about a curved device is that it sits well in the hand when talking On it. Can't see it being good for Web browsing or spreadsheets, etc,... or games! ugh!



No I prefer the square candy bar shape screen that able to lay flat on any surface. Still rocking my BlackBerry Z10 & BlackBerry PlayBook

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Some curve on the phone might be nice but if you lay it on the desk and try to touch/drag across a screen with the phone rocking back and forth? Don't sound good to me.

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How am I supposed to put it in my holster or pocket? I'm heavier than 88lb so no back pocketing? How would it take heavy psi when it falls?
I remember our TVs and monitors were curved. We advanced and made them flat. Are we thinking curved again? Watching videos would be weird.

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Yes. TV s are being made curved again. Wish we could make up our minds. Like cars. Boxy. Curvy. Now we have curvy boxes for cars.

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Don't like the idea. I have my phone in my pocket all the time. I couldn't see a curved phone being very safe or comfortable in a pocket, or even a holster for that matter

I am not sure how media consumption - and especially video and games - would work on a curved screen. I am not sure of the benefits. Flexibility of the screen is one thing and probably great for protection - but deep under that you've got to make motherboards and actual CPU and GPU's flexible, too.

They've already had a line called curve! Now they can bring back The BlackBerry Curve and it would literally be curved! :)

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Curved isn't more ergonomic. It's a gimmick under the guise of "innovation" and watch as the Fandroids hop right on board and list it as a feature that makes their phone the world's greatest.

9700 ~ 9900 ~ Z10 ~ Z30

Only if it meant higher shock absorption and didn't need a case. Cases would be more expensive.

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Hard to say unless you try it. But I think it's not so important for me. More important will be how mobile computing evolves and form factors that relate to that. For now I like a phone to lie flat but is easy to pick up. Self healing is good, but how the machine fits in a case to protect it, charge it, and use it is most important. I think z10 cases could be much better in using its removable back to use more helpful cases.

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I guess it might depend on where you put it. A back pocket person might benefit. For my use, flat is fine.

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Curved top to bottom would be a pain in the ass to carry in your pocket. The side to side curve is much better because it would curve to your leg... but I really don't see much of an advantage either way that would make it worth the cost and effort.

I don't might sought curves on a phone. Hut a curved phone like that of the LG phone I wouldn't buy nor the Samsung one

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They should make one that folds 73 times into a supertinyphone you can store in your mustache.

Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10

It's true, those that innovative move ahead but to me this idea is a bust. The great thing is that it could lead to another innovation which could work! So many great products started out as something other than what it was intended for. In that respect it's not THAT bad an idea.

Plus, didn't BlackBerry already make a curve? Lol

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Also like the idea when reading something personal on a bus or rail, the sides curve in so doesn't expose completely what is being read. However typing is going to be a pain, especially in horizontal mode.

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Cell Phones break often enough as it is. BlackBerry is doing a good job of keeping their devices drop resistant without a case. I've had over 4 blackberrys, none of which have broken, this to me is a bad idea to compromise the device durability.

This concept is really interesting. I voted "No" in the survey, however. If curved as shown in the picture, the the thumb(s) would have a real difficult time typing. It would actually probably increase the likelihood of injury rather than be ergonomic. Some other type of molding or curve to fit better in the hand might be great, tho. I love the idea of a flexible device.

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Imagine unlocking a curved phone with a gesture swipe from the bottom-up. You would need a lanyard.

Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10

Gimmicks, gimmicks everywhere! Yes, laying the phone down on a table would be so awesome with it rocking all over the place...

Now don't get me wrong, there is a place for the technology that makes this possible, but simply making a curved phone... Yes, that's a gimmick...

Yes!! It's innovative and new, it might be the next big status symbol. Do it first, and market the hell out of it, this might make carrying a blackberry cool again!!

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With curved TVs out, this is the natural progression. Not all out, but as an option. Some people will love it, some won't.
Not a bad idea and they do feel better in your hand.

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Flat's good for me. I wouldn't mind a self healing screen though. I could see how having a curved back may make the phone more comfortable in the hand, but I fail to see the benefit of a curved screen on a handheld device.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

It concerns me that I might set it on my desk, forget it was there and then accidentally set something on top of it and smash it. It would look cool, just not too sure if it would be so nice to carry around and set down on flat surfaces.

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Awesome! I'll still like to see a spherical phone and I'm sure BlackBerry would be the company to create one. It could have a 3D display - better get a patent for it....


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Every time I hear about these curved screens, it makes me think of the big curved screen sign board at the TD tower downtown Winnipeg.

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Nah, while I did like the slight curve on the my GNexus, a curved phone wouldn't feel as comfortable. Maybe if they don't curve it too much it could work?

If they need any beta testers for a curved phone -SIGN ME UP!!

I would love to give it a try. Besides, I'm partial to smooth curves... <<wink-wink>>

If it like the BlackBerry Blade prototype, I'm in.

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I quite like the Galaxy Round. Curved back fits the hand nicely and makes texting easier. BlackBerry need to be a bit daring and come out with a phablet. Be a great partner for Q10. I have to use a Note2 at present.

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I don't see any functionality sense in regards to the design plus I think ot would be great in the hand but not if you're no longer holding. It occupies space and it protrudes on certain tight container.

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Curve or flat, the most important thing is that, it has basic phone capabilities, speedy connection, speedy browser, long life battery, secured system, a well supported OS and have an access to tons of useful apps and fun games...

Having a BlackBerry logo on it is an added value...

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Very strange concept indeed. Not for this kid!
Z10 makes me happy and the curiosity continues to expand in my circles!