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CrackBerry Asks: Would you want the ability to theme BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Dec 2013 04:12 pm EST

Cruising through the forums today I was getting a bit nostalgic and checking out all of the old themes for legacy devices. While I was never a big themer, I do miss actually having the ability to do so. It was one of the cool things about BlackBerry that really gave users a chance to make their device their own. 

BlackBerry 10 has no theme options, save for a few apps, but I think at this point most people are okay with the fact that there aren't the massive amount of customization options that there were in the past. 

What we want to know is if you would like the ability to theme your BlackBerry 10 device, or if you're just fine and dandy without it. Hit up the poll below and drop a comment with your thoughts!




It would be nice. shall not be forgotten.


Definitely Yes.

But please give us options with higher fonts and bigger radio buttons. A repeat request, but I thought to bring this issue back again.

Q10 \m/


Higher or larger fonts ;)

Posted via CB10


Would be nice if Adam Zeis would show a BB10 device like the Q10 on the main page of this blog entry vs a 9900 which is not relevant to BlackBerry 10.

CrackBerry team,

For future reference keep in kind that there are many BB10 users that are completely new to BlackBerry and may not have any knowledge of features or devices of legacy os builds from BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


No, very silly.

Posted via CB10


How so? do you even have a valid argument or are you just not all there?

Posted via CB10

Dave Bourque

You don't need to use it... let people make their device unique if they want to...



I'm not sure the demand justify the resources needed to build and maintain theme capabilities. I'd rather they focus on doing core features and building APIs for developers rather than pursue theming.

Posted via CB10


What's silly about giving a device owner the ability to customize it. Themes were very popular in legacy BB OS's. Many developers made lots of money on them. Not sure they would agree with you...


In a perfect world, yes, but I really think they have more important things to be working on.


I agree. Themes would be cool, maybe, but they're last on the list if you ask me. Performance, stability, and polishing are the paramount concerns for me. Though 10.2.1 is shaping up rather nicely.


Yeah, like Landscape mode for when you're just in the homescreen without apps running. that is what they are missing right now and it really does get under my nerve's. Its my only gripe. Everything else to me is perfect.


themes are generally made by devs...


The ability to be fully customized with no issues on performance lies on the codes of the OS itself.

Posted via CB10


I muito agressivo with you on that. Landscape Mode is really annoying.


Dude even on the Z10, in viewing or editing a picture or selecting a picture for you BBM profile page it's portrait mode only.

The entire OS layout should support landscape or portrait so that any app can take advantage of this.

Posted via CB10


Of course it would be awesome.

Keepin' it Chill Z10 (

yohanes joko




Would love to have that ability back. I loved custom themes on my legacy devices.

Posted via CB10

crucial bbq

Yes. Somewhere between the static iOS and fully customizable Android round be nice.

Posted via CB10



Customization is key for productivity, consumers, personalize, overall look. Aka everything!!! Even Devs love it

Posted via CB10


If it's another selling feature that can be marketed then why not not? Give people as many reasons as possible to WANT to use BlackBerry 10.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30


What he said ^^

Posted via CB10


It didn't help BBOS7 against iOS and Android.

Posted via CB10


Because BBOS7 and iOS/Android weren't really the same offering. BB10 levels the playing field in terms of the nature of the OS, and now adding another feature (which is more cosmetic than functional) will definitely help market BB10 better.


Yes have to agree with you. Though I have gotten used to the ui how it is.

Posted via CB10


^^ Good point, I'm not a theme fan but I know there are many people who do enjoy using different themes so it would be a valuable added feature.


ABSOLUTELY!! come on people, think of all the glorious themes that were available on the legacy devices. Now imagine that creativity on BB10!


It would be nice to have the option, but I've never been a big themes user. But I remember the mini banner live theme for the 99xx. Loved that one :)

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"


Mini banner live was awesome! Man them were the days! Lol

Keep The Faith


Agreed. Mini banner live was, POW! POP! Sweet! Closest I've seen on 10 is wallpaper hd's superbar. But mini banner rocked like a superhero. Someone should attempt mini banner live for bb10. Oh what memories. Lol

Posted w/  Z10 on CB10


The ability to change or customize the look of the icons would be nice.

Z10 Running Take that Mr App Gap!


I would love it! I used to make themes for myself for fun :D



I'm NOT okay with the inability to customize the OS. Living with it is one thing. Being OK with it is something else.

It doesn't have to be themes as the previous OSs had, but at least something more than just backgrounds.

Posted via CB10


NO!!! from a 3rd party developer NO³!!! Focus on real important stuff! improve OS (its already awesome, but dont stop improving)


It would be worth it to theme if there was a home screen like on the legacy devices. I don't want to theme around my icons, how gay.

Keep The Faith


The entire English vocabulary at your disposal and you chose "gay" for that sentence, how homophobic.


I would love a favourite list on the call screen, something to swipe to, the 9 or 10 allowed doesn't cut it. Something that would speed things up anyone know something that would help with that. As for themes I could care less I am constant changing the picture for the background anyways

Posted via CB10


This! Having 9 people isn't enough. If you could swipe left/right to more it would be perfect.

Posted via my Z30STA100-5/

Dave Bourque

Bring your suggestions to betazone.


Pete The Penguin

All I want on my Q10 is the dark theme to be universal within the OS and apps.
No more of this ridiculous "zebra theme".

BlackBerry chose the dark theme due to the Q10's screen tech and then shafted their customers. Grr


Very true words my friend!

Keep The Faith


Yepper, a consistent OS dark theme may be the only one I'd use. So, that makes me +1 on theme choice.

Posted via CB10


Right on. Further, Blackberry needs to make this an option from within the settings app so that one toggle will apply to the whole OS (and devs can tap into that setting).


+1,000,000 :D

Posted via Q10


Excuse me?

Posted via CB10


I don't know about the rest of you guys, but once I upgraded to 10.2, I have the dark theme available across pretty much all the BlackBerry applications (settings, calendar, texts, BBM, etc) on my Q10.

What OS are you running?


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10


It would be nice, but as long as it's themes that won't slow the phone down or cause glitches in the phones performance like what we saw in the BBOS. Yeah I know some will say BB10 has bigger ram etc... but with any 3rd party software, you don't know what will happen.

Posted via my sexy QTEN (the BOLDIER BOLD) :D


There's definitely more important things the BlackBerry could provide for us 1st but I'm sure nobody would not want it ultimately.

Keep The Faith

Rami Ali1

It would be nice

Posted via CB10


I don't think I would use it, but I know the bbos was always a hit with themes, so maybe it would be a good attraction.

Posted via CB10


Yes! Absolutely! I thought with the new OS, we were going. To have the ability to really get some mind blowing themes available. I love my phone, but i'd really like themes to come back. Definitely one of the things I miss most about BBOS.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 


Just being able to turn the hub dark so it isn't jarring when I move to my SMSes/BBM would be nice.


Sure would like the option.

Posted via CB10


Would be pretty interesting to see the themes in the future. Never say never it could happen. Personally for me I like the BB10 theme overall.

Posted via CB10


How about a launchers?

Posted via CB10


Ignore the a

Posted via CB10


No. Focus on mastering the basics

Posted via CB10


The only reason would be to bring back the squricle.

8310 >> 9800 >> Z10 (Forever BlackBerry)

Matthew Hicks1

Community based theme development for any handset is nice. Is it needed to stay competitive? I don't believe so. I would expect an equal amount of community development into additional gestures to go hand in hand with any custom theming.

zeon mohamedd

Absolutely...and launchers would be nice too.

Posted via CB10


Probably not .. I've never been too revved about themes and custom icons. I know too many people who do nothing but themes and icons with their Androids ... and although I respect their choice to do what they like, I personally see it as a waste of time. When I launch an app my theme is a moot point. :)

Also .. I'm pretty happy with the default theme and icons.


No. Wall paper is enough for personalize.

Posted via CB10


Uh hell yeah! Though I think we have more important fish to fry.

Posted via CB10


Hell ya!

Member - BlackBerry Android/Pirating Resistance Force: BARF


No. Some basic colour choices (a la Windows 7 Aero colour themes) might be nice, but actually theming? What for? I briefly experimented with themes on my Bold 9900 - none lasted longer than a single day - and that included themes that looked nice and were well reviewed....

In the end the BlackBerry supplied base theme is best.

Posted via CB10

Jon Ryder

It would be nice but not critical, there is lots of stuff more important to add first

Akinbo Seyi

Yeah! I'll so much love it

Posted via CB10


Would be cool!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


I would love for my z10 to have screen savers so I can utilize my pic folders to make my z10 my own

Posted via CB10


Should have been there from day one. People want choice not what's forced to them..

Prem WatsApp

That's why I want BlackBerry here to stay...

I do not want to be *forced* to use Android or iStuff, just because of lack of choices.

Pink theme instead of black all the rage with the girls? New chance to market BB10?

"Oh, that's a BlackBerry... ?"

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


I miss themes,i was a theme nut lol!!!

Posted via CB10


Yes that will be awesome indeed! Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Posted via CB10


Just gimme the option to have 8 frames on one window:)


Yes!!! icing on the cake :)

Via Z10 AT&T - OS

DJ Reyes

I personally don't mind. I was a big theme user on legacy OS but eventually stayed with stock themes towards the end of my time time using BlackBerry 7. I don't miss them while using BlackBerry 10 but I think the option would be nice as there are some great theme developers out there.

Posted via CB10


So true DJ! I really hope BlackBerry will improve the look, style and functionality of the os making just that much better.

Keep The Faith


Yes it would be nice to have the option

Posted via CB10


im agree

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


More functionality and options are always better.

I wouldn't use it though.



No brainer, yes of course.

Posted via CB10


For sure, yes!

Posted via CB10


I like to customize it the way I want.


Yesss!! We need customization!!!


Do we even need to ask. Ahahahhh. Carbon fiber street racing dynamic theme, is that too much to ask?

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger


Not really much to theme. It's like Windows Aero. Most if not all elements if the OS are translucent so there's no need to changed graphics. I guess, like Aero, it would be good to be able to choose a colour to tint the translucent elements (like the bar at the top a d bottom of the home screen)

Posted via CB10


Yes, but it is a low priority compared to other feature requests.

Posted via CB10


Oh my goodness yes. It would keep bb10 looking fresh

Sent from my Z30


I would just like to be able to change the colours of some things. I hate the blue and white. Like popup dialogs and the hub.

Posted via CB10


I just want a dark theme hub



I would love to be able to ha e themes on my bb..u miss them. Even if a majority of the users are business people we all have character and being able to display that with your phone is makes us different.

Posted via CB10


I rather have some other customization features first, like the ability to customize led colors and alerts just like it was in BBOS. And some other fine details worked on, contacts, bb apps (maps, fb, twitter)... There is a lot of work yet to be done before I would consider adding themes support.


I have to have what everyone else....does


Yes totally. It's my device I am buying and paying for, should be able to make it look like I want.

BlackBerry forever, haters never!


all my app icon boxes would immediately be changed into the BB symbol with a nice transparent look with frosted edges that when selected would glow orange... I've made a few hundred fully custom themes for psp and ps3...


Themes would be a great addition. It would help us enjoy our BlackBerries even more because it adds a certain freshness to the handset. Also, the ability to change the font would be awesome.

Posted via the ultimate mobile compu...should I even need to mention???


No, some of us are totally not cool with it. Hear our cries Mr Chen, hear our cries...! :P


Hell yeah!

Posted via CB10


Yes.. I think it would be nice :D
And it's best if given option for font style just like the BlackBerry Legacy

Posted via CB10


I'm already running the android next launcher pro on my Z10 and couldn't be happier with it, full customisation already built in, live wallpapers included!!

Posted via CB10


Duh, of course we want the option to customize our BlackBerry 10 phones just like our old BlackBerrys could be customized with lots of style, colors, fonts, layouts, designs, themes, etc. Most were honestly a little too busy for my taste, but some of the minimalist themes were only a slight, but welcome change from the boring stock themes. It helped make the whole BlackBerry experience much more unique and tons more fun overall than any other phone options.

Posted via CB10

Zahid Hasmani

I think it would be nice but since it takes up too much battery (on the legacy devices) it wouldn't be worth having it. And aside from that in my opinion I think it's a bad idea because since blackberry has their own different methods in showing greatness I think that the theme will get in the way of a true blackberry fan instead of making it look like an android or apple device. Hope you guys understood what I meant and this is just my opinion.

Posted via CB10


Options are always nice



Why? I went from the Z10 to the Z 30 and I really don't see the point. To view wallpapers I have a page with 1 icon on it and that's great! All efforts should be put into building the OS, and the BB experience overall! My 4 cents worth.

Posted via CB10


Themes would be awesome, but I am satisfied with what my Q10 came with, and looking forward to the future of what BB10 will florish like. BRING. IT. ON!!


Ohhhh and I almost forgot: The dark theme (as others pointed out) needs to always be dark on the Q10, even in the hub, occasionally bbm and text messages will go white and then i'll have to change them back. It's a little annoyance, but it's no big deal. The twitter and facebook applications also need to be dark themed, including any stock applications that aren't already done the same way too. This way, the energy use by the screen is minimal.



Posted via CB10


Yes! Heaven knows how much money I spent on themes when I had my good old Legacy devices



I would also love to have the equivalent of Android-style widgets.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

Nile Porter

Yes and follow the business plan of go launcher on the android platform

Posted via CB10


I used to theme my old berries all the time since my 7100i but with the bb10 I'm over it.

Posted via CB10

Robert Montaldo

options are always nice.
- choices of lock screen style and inclusion of music shortcuts on it is my wish, coming from having many android devices I would say thats what I miss the most (not enough to go back though)
- also different layouts of blackberry world .. I remember reading an article about how much more money android apps were making when google changed the layout to be more discoverable of similar apps.

graham bowers

I'd be happy if they made an active, customizable home screen that would come on after a few seconds when all apps are minimized and the hub is closed, one with a weather / clock widget type thing, and some quick launch buttons underneath, and you could either launch from a button or flick the homepage away and you are on your active frame page... something like that

Posted via CB10


Yes please. Great for 3rd party developers and consumer individualism

Posted via CB10


I probably would not use it but for those who compare our platform to android it would be nice.

Posted via CB10


I am the epitome of wanting themes on BlackBerry 10. But of course I would want the OS to be worked up to it's fullest potential.


theme cost more battery or not?


BlackBerry 10 original theme is the best I've ever used

Posted via CB10


Uh, duh? Yes!

Where are my Z10 bitches?


Would rather have BlackBerry market hard in NA and bring the apps. Jeez.

Posted via CB10


I loved building full themes for my BlackBerry STORM

Posted via CB10


Maybe if I was a 12 year old girl.

Posted via CB10


Meh. I don't need to turn everything into an extension of my personality or interests so no on themes for me, but if other people want them have them available but why make another issue to troubleshoot when things go wrong? Remember the number of issues themes caused on BBOS?

Posted via CB10

Pilot Prop

It's not a must have for me right now. But I would certainly like the option to use a theme on my Q10.

Posted via Q10


Don't care about themes

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels


I would like Blackberry to update/change the theme. Get rid of the shadow boxes around the icons, more home screen customization, more animation, and finally live wallpapers. If Blackberry can't add these, I would like Blackberry to add theme support.




Black berry 10 should have the font change, theme change and most of the old sounds. That would help set it apart from other smart phones.

Posted via CB10



~ un oeuf is un oeuf ~


I miss being able to set my own fonts. Was disappointed to find the lack of customization available when I returned to BB.

Posted via CB10

Yes please. Let the ones who doesn't want it be. At least users have a choice whenever they change their minds. Please! Themes please!

Posted via CB10


Absolutely. That would be the best

Posted via CB10


Please improve os stability first and the last list it would be nice if we have theme option..but for me, stock theme is enough..

Posted via CB10


Absolutely. One of the things I really miss from old BBOS, and one of the main things that used to draw me to Blackberry.

Bacon Munchers


BlackBerry failed us by not launching the BB10 OS with the same 'flow' and 'control' as they gave us in BBOS. Had they done this, the nay-saying would be a fraction of what it is now.
I can't tell you how many times old BlackBerry users have said that the BB10 "Is not BlackBerry..."
BB10 is great, but there are STILL many feature-functions missing....


I'm an outlier when it comes to bb10 because I don't like the keyboard or the hub...I know I know lol....but I could've handled all of that if I was able to theme my phone. When I had all my blackberries I loved that I could theme, but keep everything blackberry (it's why I love to customize my phones). There are many things with bb10 that they didn't keep that were great on bbos 7. With what I have seen of the upcoming updates for bb10 and if they add being able to theme....I would strongly consider trying bb10 again.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!



~ it's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry


That would still be something that other OSs can't do si, good. But only if it's well done.

Posted via CB10


I don't care . If its working, Im a happy business, and my clients are happy customers. Themes no themes, I don't bother with them. in fact I just installed the grey Porsche wall paper, because the stock sunset was a bit too festive for me. I don't want to be distracted.


Personally,i dont do the theme things in my blackberry ever since because it makes my device look like a child's toy. But i think it would be nice if i can change the lock screen,and the menu wallpapers. :)

Q10 rocks. :)

Posted via CB10



Sent by the worlds best phone the Z30


NO, focus on important stuff, themes were stupid, they are a thing of the past.

Posted via CB10


Makes the phone look CHEAP.

Posted via CB10

Jeandry Brito

Of course!! Been missing this!

Posted via CB10


One of the great thing about "old" BlackBerry is that it prevented you from wasting your time on minute customizations - while providing reasonable defaults, of course.

As somebody who once spent two days to set up his mail reader "just so" to the detriment of work, I appreciate this.

There could be three themes: "light", "dark" and "rainbow gay".

Posted via CB10

Dr J39

NO! I like my black background just fine. I would just like the ability to receive an official 10.2.X.X update. But - I suppose I am being unreasonable.


"but I think at this point most people are okay with the fact that there aren't the massive amount of customization options that there were in the past"===

toooatally disagree,,, i think customization options are one of the things keeping legacys from makin' the jump...

Michael Klein2

Yes it would be nice, such a powerful phone should be able to support that. Everyone has a different personality
And they could throw in the possibility to support live wallpaper and yes it could drain your battery but still I would like it as an option if I want to use it or not

Posted via CB10


But what difference would it make to BlackBerry what the customer wants?

Paul Mcilwaine

No interest in themes at all - just a better selection of apps - Flickr, Vine, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Need to get the basics right first.

Posted via CB10


Just wish i could change the facebookblue Hub color


Mikey Mc

Need to be able to theme the z10. If not the whole bb10 experience, at least let us theme the icons. Allow for an empty home screen.

Posted via CB10


I enjoyed themes on my Torch, I'm sure I would enjoy it on my Z10.

Z10STL100-3/ AT&T


Yes. Options are always good. If you don't like themes you don't have to use them :)

Posted via CB10


Dont care. But I do want a proper home page with agenda, tasks, email, weather stocks etc all.on one screen. Like bbos.
Not some useless apple rip off app launch page.
Rant over. Sorry.

Posted via CB10


YES! Hell fuck yes. I really miss themes since moving off of BBOS.


Stupid poll. Rather than worry about colour schemes i'd rather blackberry and it's customers worried about more important issues such as the fact unless you're on BES bb10 is no longer secure

Posted via CB10


A couple of years ago I had a Bold with this beautiful Photo realistic Black/Grey Icon set.
Stood out in the crowd, believe me.
Would love te have it installed on my Z10 and Z30. Classic!

Posted via CB10


I made a post about themes for BB10 a few months ago. I'm still puzzled as to why they are not an option.

Posted via CB10


Ever since "black" background...I see no need.? like my CUE just the way it is!

And the wife loves her New Z10 - Christmas present. The 9900 is now on official retirement.

Cheers n Happy New year to the bbry nation!!

Posted via CB10

mohd shamell

I just love it just the way they are

This way, all bb10 device will look the same & it will keep the the exclusive look.
Sometimes too much customization will make the phone looks cheap.

Maybe some option for font.... I guess just changing ur font is enough to show ur mood or personality.

Plus I agree with some comments that BlackBerry should focus on other important things.

Posted via CB10 with my roxx Z10


This feature Will be so cool!

Posted via CB10

Shawn Fitzgerald

I would just love the option for a complete dark theme.

Posted via my Z10


It would be nice to have themes on BB 10 devices.. but before they think on those lines, there's a lotta work they need to finish it off before they think of bringing themes or any cosmetic changes on BB 10


Yes...I loved the joy of finding cool themes.

Posted via CB10

mario jr

Yes like the old bb's keeps u unbored with your phone



Yeah sure themes will be a very welcome idea
Also introduction of live wallpapers like on the Android platform too.

Posted via CB10


Yes please... this would be a great conversation piece... anything to help we die hard BlackBerry users spread the word about our bb10's... can't hurt!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Being able to change the desktop background colour is enough for me!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


It would be a great step :DD

Posted via CB10


I don't really care about themes. Smartphones should be usable and should have a decent UI out of the box, if they don't work as they should, themes won't help that. I think BlackBerry should focus on making their phones more usable by adding features that actually matter and are actually useful . In another words I want more features like Hub and security features , changing icons is not important to me.

Posted via CB10



If you want a fully cutomized phone,why you not bring that cheap looking android?

Posted via CB10


Blackberry 10 is kewl as is;-)

Posted via CB10


Theres a app for it, its blackberry z10 theme

Posted via CB10


You must never have used OS7! LOL
The theme app is nothing like what we are asking for!


Perhaps yes! If adequatly :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


It would be nice to have a theme with animated background and not just static images or pictures. Maybe one with water fall, or deep ocean with fishes moving around, or just any option of a theme to have animated background/wallpaper. It would be so cute

Posted via CB10 on my white Q5!


Don't touch my BlackBerry, says Granddad;) For me it would be black theme all around, also for z10 users, and possibility to change icons. Themes? Why not, made lots of BlackBerry users happy in the past who went over to other platforms

Posted via CB10


I have been a BlackBerry user for quite sometime now and customizing has been a great feature. But for some reason the exclusivity makes me feel good for OS10 owners. Just my two cents.

Posted via CB10


Definitely yes! That would be so amazing, it gives you more customization and personalization, blackberry would be at the top of it's game

Posted via CB10


Hell to the yes.


Amy wineBerry

I'm definitely miss the ability to theme the OS. I'd love it if we could.

Posted via CB10


I'd rather they spend valuable development time on crucial issues, so I guess I'm good with the OS as is.

Z10 goodness


I guess they are and this is also a part of that.

Posted via CB10



Love to theme my BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Bold Series

To make it your own..

Posted via CB10


Of course :)

Posted via CB10


Yes. I would very much like to apply proper themes to my Z10.

Posted via CB10



C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Having the option of customization would be a plus to an already excellent device.

Posted via CB10


Having the whole os dark themed would be very nice. Although I like motorsports and automotive and would enjoy manipulating a dash cluster. Anyone else enjoyed the rpm theme? Had that on os6

Posted via CB10


Definitely need the ability to choose what apps we which to have on the quick launch bar. I never use the Search, and hit the camera all the time by accident.

Posted via CB10


Yup yup and yup

Posted via CB10


Yes you should

Posted via CB10

Mia Hawkins

Not sure if I want themes back. I would love the ability to hide my icons though so I can see my wallpaper. That's what I hated most about the iPhone now BB10 has icons plastered on the screen.

Posted via CB10


I just want bigger radio buttons for voting, that's all thank you very much

Posted via CB10


Dark theme SUCKS.

That is all.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3


Yep- still have my 9900 and use simply on wi-fi @ the house. Have contemplated going back to the phone many times as I prefer many aspects of the 7.1 OS to my AT&T Z1 with 10.1. I remain hopeful for the formal 10.2. Whatever directly from BlackBerry real soon. Why in the heck they wait for the carriers who have abandoned them baffles me. With my dad having the Nexus 5 BlackBerry should take note of Google pushing updates on their own.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


UI getting boring old. Refresh please !

Posted via CB10


Sure themes and next ability to order custom pink phones and also some custom ring tones ability so people can put my little pony songs or barney.

Delta Champion


Hell yes! There are so many talented and creative devs and other folks who create themes for us on the legacy devices. It's what sets apart one person's phone from another. We should have choices! Other platforms can customize their phones...we should be able to as well! Don't like em, don't use em....but as you can see...OVERWHELMINGLY people want themes brought to BB10!!!!!!


Absolutely. The stock theme is over compensating. I really need to go minimalist. And, I hope the option to hide apps is available. Thats a necessity... still!

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Legacy features by default should be made available with new releases. All the R&D goes to waste if not brought forward. All I am saying is, I enjoyed it in the past, and based on the previous posts, I am not alone. Any comment stating it is not missed, it misinformed.

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I miss OS6 for this very reason. Having themes on my phone was *fun* and, at least for a while, it was almost like having a new phone. Granted, it would take some work *BUT* some of the more exotic themes were *already* works of art as could be seen by the output of Hedone Design and Elecite just naming too. Websites and small companies were BUILT on this VERY unique feature. With OS7, then RIM, kind-of tossed this ability aside. I *love* my Q10 but fund the interface *boring* at best...

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Yeah, it would be nice to have an actual home screen like Legacy devices. This "iPhone-like" grid really doesn't work for me. I wish they'd do something better with the overall look of the OS. Its a great platform. Just seems a bit boring at times.

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Sayumi Whisp

I had liked it at bbos, that I could swipe down and my icons are gone, or only the most important at the bottom

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Guess more important things to do on BB10. The icons are not even turning on BB10 when i flip my Z10. I hate this since i own it.

Sayumi Whisp

I know it's useless and only drains the battery.. but I want live Wallpaper :)

Just for fun my beloved Hello! Project " live Wallpaper.

With android launchers they really often shut down and shows only a black background :)

I love the BlackBerry 10 themes and colors but compatibility layer for android live wallpapers would be cool :)

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No way bigger fish for BlackBerry to fry.

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omega supreme

That would be nice, about the only reason I miss my bold 9700.

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Yebo and please bring equalizer on music player

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I don't like the blue header... I like black

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Winston Loh

Will definitely be able to customise with Themes...bring it!

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Yes i love different themes.... also would like a puzzle screen lock instead of password... come on Blackberry speed up with Q10 apps, it's beginning to put me and others off the phone altogether!! :(

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