Would you use an official BlackBerry smartwatch?

By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2013 01:59 pm EDT

Waaaay back when in 2009 we scooped the first images of the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Smartphones. The watch was intended to pair up with your BlackBerry via Bluetooth and provide you with alerts for email, SMS and phone calls right on your wrist. There were a good number that made it out to users and while the inPulse never really panned out it ultimately morphed into the success that is the Pebble watch. The Pebble has risen to success in the last few months for Android and iOS users and although it's not currently supported on BlackBerry, there is at least one app in the works.

Smartwatches seem to be popping up all over the place recently, the latest of which is Samsung's Galaxy Gear. Announced today in NYC, the Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch that will pair up with the Galaxy Note 3 (with other devices to follow) to offer real-time notifications on your wrist including email, SMS, phone calls, eBay, Evernote, Path and more. Also tucked inside is a mic and speaker for phone calls as well as a 1.9MP camera for some true spy action.

While I'm not quite sold on any smartwatch at this point, I have been playing around with the Pebble a bit and I do get that there are some users who will love to have the functionality. What we want to know is if you would use an official BlackBerry smartwatch if one existed. At this point we don't expect to see one (ever) but we thought it would be fun to speculate. Imagine a watch that seemlessly paired up with your BlackBerry to show off SMS, email, BBM, Twitter, phone calls and any number of other notifications. Maybe even one that runs a super-slim version of BB10?

Hit up the poll below and let us know either yay or nay - then head to the comments and let us know your thoughts!


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Would you use an official BlackBerry smartwatch?



The only watch I wear at times is a Polar one for obvious reasons. I'd buy anything that would help me measure better my performances other than that I would not bother.

I would only buy one if it met the following conditions:

1) Must be able to record 4K video.
2) Must have Mircast
3) Must have Netflix
4) Must have instagram
5) Must have 5000mAh Battery
6) Must have Temple Run
7) Must have 41 mp camera
8) Must have slide out keyboard

If I've missed any please feel free to add to the list, with out these features it will fail. (oh yeah, to be able to display the date and time would be ok I guess too).

After all those feature, the warnings should be:
Please remove from wrist before using or else severe burn will occure
Do not wear watch, it's too heavy for your wrist

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And a washing machine. What use would be a watch without an integrated washing machine!! it's a must have. Else I'll never buy any bb.

Don't forget that the battery must be removable and the device needs to have a hot-swappable microSD card.

And forget it if the screen isn't AT LEAST 500ppi. An electron microscope better not be able to detect those pixels...

How about... as a handsfree while driving? With a vibrating alarm? For quick notifications? Way easier/more discreet to check than pulling your phone out.

I think it would be EXTREMELY useful

While I agree this would be a good use, most provinces in Canada have some sort of Distracted Driving Law, which prohibits the use of electronic device while moving. I can only assume that some states have a similar law in place as well. I would wager these laws would cover a device such as a smart watch. Sure you could look at it, but the moment you interact with it, you could be guilty of breaking these laws.

I'm not in law enforcement or a lawyer, however I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.

The distracted driving laws prohibit handheld devices, not handsfree units.

I still see a lot of drivers holding their phones even in cars that I KNOW are equipped with built-in Bluetooth.

Take Alberta for instance, the Distracted driving Law encompasses, cell phones, GPS, any electronic device including the radio, and I do believe any activity that takes your attention away from driving. GPS for instance is hands free IF you set your route BEFORE you start moving(which is allowed under the Alberta law), if you touch the device in motion more than once, you are technically breaking the law. Same applies for 3rd party BT devices which are not integrated into the steering wheel or which do not have voice commands, once you remove your hand from the steering wheel to turn on/answer a call etc that takes more than "one touch", you are technically breaking the law. If the watch had "always on voice commands" to answer the calls, I could see it working or an auto answer, but the moment you use one hand to interacted with it while in motion, I would wager you will be breaking the law.


How do Albertans with stick shifts manage? (I've often wondered how much safer an auto box is than a stick shift.)

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Generally, the handsfree on these watches CAN be answered with one touch.

Bottom line, wouldn't you prefer another driver to be using even this rather than holding their phone?

I understand that, just pointing out that there will be some legal/liability issues.

Bottom line, in Alberta I would just rather the drivers focus on driving. They can't even use turn signals properly, which are standard equipment.

My friend got pulled over and got a warning for eating a Tims breakfast sandwich at 7 am on his way to work .Good old Alberta distracted driving laws, it truly was one of those moments when you want to say "don't you have something better to do? "....

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Interesting how human nature works. If people are uneducated about how a product could enhance their lives, they'll immediately say "no" or worse yet, mock the product. It's fear of the unknown.

Nope. And I hope people don't use their Samsung ones either. It's like the calculator watch all over again.

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All things are made by Shamesung is suck. Cheap products with big mouth.

Posted via CB on Z10 STL100-1/

Millions of people disagree. Price tag is certainly not on the cheap side and I would argue that most of the phone manufactures share similar components.

You might want to read up on how many components of the Z10 Samsung supplied yet you don't think your Blackberry sucks ;)

No. I probably wouldn't use any brand smart watch. Considering how the BB10 experience has gone for me so far I definitely would not use a BlackBerry smart watch. I need Blackberry to step up it's game before I buy another BlackBerry product.

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I could not agree more! A smartwatch is an okay idea but please make a 100% product before releasing to the consumers. I personally would never purchase as it doesn't do anything my Bold9930 can't do. I do see the convenience side of it but at what cost and that's another device to keep charged and cry over when it doesn't get the os update like promised.

+1 Completely agree! Love BB10, and Z10, but I as a BlackBerry user knows that their efforts in the handset business wasn't good enough! They failed at their hail Mary pass as they didn't bump up marketing quality and dollars, and the phone specs were not up to par. I am sorry, but most people here could have put out a better strategy than the leadership! I can fail, sell the company, and get paid $55 million. They should have just gave the job to me instead of TH! Lol. I am serious.

Posted via Me on my Z

I would providing it had other uses, such as a GPS running watch.

That's the thing with BlackBerry they need to think ahead of the game, look at where Apple is already.

You cannot blame everything on "not having Instagram".

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No. BlackBerry needs to make the Z10 more durable. Returning my 6th Z10 in 6 months because of a broken ear speaker. Verizon is laughing at me each time this BlackBerry user comes in the door. Hope the Z30 is better gear.......

Posted via CB10

I agree that's a bit much and if it were true you'd have the patience of a saint to stick with the same phone.
I'm sure if anyone is laughing at you for any reason, it's not that you're using BB, it's probably the stories going around the store about what you must be doing to your phones!

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Six months, only one Z10 and I'm 14! Something is clearly wrong with the user

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I'm not sure I understand the flaws in your z10. You need to elaborate further. I experienced an issue with my headphones. Figured it was the headphones and not the phone. The headphones would make a weird sound that wouldn't go away. I switched the headphones. Didn't happen again. I think some are incompatible for some reason causing this phenomenon.

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Headphones have 3 "pins", BB has 4. It is made for mic as well, so if you use regular headphones you might destroy it

This would require some innovation, ingenuity, and effort on BlackBerry's part. Don't expect to see one anytime in the next 8-12 months.

probably not. for me watches are an aesthetic thing, they are a fashion accessory and therefore should look great. so far im yet to see a `smartwatch` that looks great

yea, if someone made like a nike fuelband smartwatch that would definitely make more sense, but still that would be more of niche product still I think

+1 for years i religiously wore a watch...just one of those old school gentleman-jewelry type things my Dad instilled in me. I recently switched to a nike fuel band...definitely niche-y, love it, but still miss my watch. Would jump all over a smart watch that gave me the same functionality, paired with my phone and still looked stylish...bring something decent to market and watch the money fly out of my wallet (or the balance on my credit card expand...lol).

My watches are mechanical and don't need batteries. This is their biggest benefit. They are also much harder to break than a phone. I do like to know that I have a reliable backup clock.

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I wear a mechanical as my daily watch and wouldn't replace it; I'm old school. I only use my quartz and digital as "camping" watches. But maybe I could wear the BlackBerry on the other wrist.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

There are other appendages that a vibratin' watch might be worn on. LOL. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.) That said, I do indeed like watches (mechanical are the faves, quartz for more brutal climes and gps)...but a BB one would be a tough sell on me at this point simply b/c of what's been going on w/the company itself. I dig on BB10 and have made peace w/my Z (looking to Q for the kb, of course), but a "smartwatch" has me in a wait-and-see mode. Bad enough all the N00gle glasses are going to be watching everyone. Better make sure there's no ketchup stains on my pants at, say, wrist height!

It makes no sense to me to own a watch which shows only the BlackBerry-Time (the watch loses around 1-3 years)....

Probably not but maybe if some good app integration for when working out, remote for media when docked to TV, messaging, home automation... not sure though cause I've gotten away from wearing a watch. of course would have to look great!)

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If it has a slick (professional) look to it sure! I like the gadgets, of course it depends on the price range.

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Not that it's a good idea for BB AT ALL, but yes, I would love to have a BB branded smartwatch. I'm defiantly getting the iWatch, but if BB did make one then that would be it for me :)

The only real uses I see for this are for sports (running, cycling) and outdoor activities (hiking, paddling). Definitely a niche device at best, and it'll probably be too expensive and delicate to fit that role well.

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When I want to communicate with people I will use my mobile computing device aka BlackBerry Z10 :D

No Dick Tracy watch for this guy!

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Smartwatches are tablets of the next decade. Asking about using them today may be too early a bit. However, they will be in common use in a few years. It's sure...

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Wow, what's up with all the blackberry haters on this post. Cheer the f up. I think a smart watch that could pair with my z10 would be pretty neat.

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Not really a watch wearer, but with Samsung and Apple both announcing their iterations this month I think a BlackBerry version would simply fall into the playbook dilemma. Unless they really pushed the mobile computing abilities of it I would pass

Posted via CB10

"Maybe even one that runs a super-slim version of BB10?"
You mean the one they couldn't fit in the Playbook???

Exactly. Get the smartphone market back in check before trying something like this.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Nope, none of the features listed for a smartwatch has any interest for me and wearing a watch is something I could do without.

Posted via Z10

I just finished watching Samsung's live announcement of the Galaxy Gear. It's poised to change mobile computing as we know it. If BlackBerry is still around in 12 months the faithful will be pining for a BlackBerry smart watch, and will be on BlackBerry's case as to why they don't have one.

Exaggeration. It's because huge phones are too unwieldy and the makers are trying to find a way to sell you a handset for your phone that isn't a dorky BT earpiece.

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As a amateur "watch colector aficionado" I most definitely will buy and use a BLACKBERRY Smart Watch if it becomes available.

The idea is intriguing and appealing to me.

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

LOL It looks like all the yes voters were too afraid to comment.

I've been without a watch now for so many years that when I do try one on I find it annoying. I won't be buying one.

It SO much reminds me of the calculator watches. I thought they were goofy. Certainly, no one REALLY needing a calculator would use a calculator watch.

But, a BlackBerry smart watch may be different. (I'm not so impressed with the current TV-on-your-wrist versions.)

A small thin, narrow display that had the function of providing notifications by light or vibration would work for me. Even better if it could pass through notification levels so that I could prioritize incoming messages.

Perhaps, a single line display with the capability to show information important to me (contact name, for example) would be enough. I wouldn't have to be able to read or review the entire message via my wrist.

Further, a discreet smart watch that could provide health data - think pulse, blood pressure, temperature - would have value.

So much of the desirability of the watch comes from the jewelry side of the equation. A perfectly spec'd and functional watch that looks like a neon billboard just would't work for me.

Posted via CB10

Another possible benefit for the frequent flyer is the fact that it would presumably sync the time to your device, and therefore always show the local time whenever you step off the plane.

They have nothing else to do but bash BB.
I would buy a BB smart watch synchronized with my z10.

BB Z10 Rocks!

No, I haven't worn a watch except as a fashion accessory for special events or as a HR monitor link for running in more than a decade.

What's the purpose of a watch, when you already have a phone?

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Not having to dig it out of my pocket or bag whenever I want to know the time, for one...

A nice timepiece is a key fashion accessory that can tell you a lot about the wearer. People's watches are reflections of their personalities, more so than just an object used to tell time. Most smart watches are just plain unattractive in my opinion. If BlackBerry were to consider one, it would have to be truly elegant or mindblowingly useful for me to want to get it. Actually I take that back. I would most likely buy it just because it's another BlackBerry product. I can see the new forum thread already... "I support BBRY and I buy Smart Watches!"

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

If anyone would design a watch I'd wear, it would probably be BlackBerry.

Imagine a watch with styling of a Q10... that black stainless steel with maybe some of the chrome fret accents. I don't wear watches, but I'd buy one. Or a Porsche Design one? That could be cool too.

These new Samsung ones look bright and cheap.

Posted via CB10

Definitely yes! I would add it to my collection, although it shall have to be sporty kind of G-Shock ones for dayly use and waterproof for me please!!!

Posted via CB10

Really!!! Who wears a watch anymore. I am surprised on how many actually think it will work. I could be wrong..

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I'd use one. You know. Sometimes I'm too lazy to get my phone out of my pocket or pick it up off the table in front of me. Too much effort.

But then, I guess I'd have to move my wrist and look at the watch and then move my other hand to make it do something. That sounds like a lot of effort too.

Life is hard like this sometimes.

I'm another watch person I have quite a few of them... and if it is BlackBerry
It's a must ;)

Posted using my Z10 and CB10

Don't really believe in the smart watch concept. So many have tried but never succeeded. My phone is always within reach so I don't see how the watch would add any value for me.

If they can somehow make it look like a fossil or skagen watch for women, possibly lol


No, I stopped wearing a watch years ago; didn't see the point, when I always have my phone on me.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

I have a Q10. Love it, but BlackBerry need to sort the company out first before this. There will be no hardware soon if they don't do something.

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Leave the watches to the watch makers. As long as BBRY has seamless integration with it all will be fine. Make sure they function like the jawbone up and the others and I will buy. But if its just a mirror of my phone I will not buy (i.e: makes no sense).

Posted via CB10

People said the same about laptops, netbooks, tablets,

It's the future give me 4.... lol

Posted via CB10

I'll stick to having a Rolex on my wrist, thanks. Looks way better than any so-called smart watch.

Posted via CB10

Position of the sun for me :)

Oh OK yeah maybe I would, although have not worn a watch for some 20 years now, tend to use my phone

No but that's because I don't trust Blackberry's future.

I'm very interested in smart watches in general though, I'll be waiting a generation or two before making a purchase though. I want the screen to be curved so that it can go around my wrist some, so it can be larger without feeling as such, better battery life than this (at least three days), water resistant, all of the features of the exercise wrist tech and ideally a sim to get phone calls, texts, emails etc. when it's not paired with my phone. The Samsung tech for how videos pause when your eyes aren't on it would be great for this and hopefully increase battery life.

Pointless if to be released on the market 2 years after the others. If they are 0 plans for it right now, better start to think about brain implants or v3.0 stuffs.

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Sorry Adam but I guess Blackberry is far far behind the race in technological innovation as compared to Apple and Samsung. While Blackberry would launch it so called flagship phone the Z30 by then the phones by Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple would already have made the Z30 DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Look at the features of Note 3 and the Samsung Watch. You shall be amazed as to how cool and innovative they are. Who would want to buy Blackberry products? I feel really sorry to say that Blackberry needs to be acquired really fast to survive. Else it now surely looks going the Palm way. Infact the way Samsung is innovating even Apple needs to be on its toes all the time. Blackberry due to its lost 2 years of lack of innovation is now out of race and even behind Microsoft and Nokia. God help Blackberry!

Gimmicks with no mass appeal. Tried Google Glass and realized just how ridiculous these things are. BlackBerry needs to focus on making existing products fully functional instead of chasing me too products. It should focus on its strengths

Posted from BlackBerry Z10

I can't remember the last watch I owned. So, No I can't see buying a watch as long as Z10 keeps time on hand.

Not for $150.

Maybe $99.

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I don't always wear watches, but when I do (he said in the 2ekies comercial accent) I will wear one from a watch manufacturer, not a cell phone/ software company that's for sale......Just saying

Nope. Don't where a watch, haven't since mobile phones shrunk from backbone size to belt clip size. Can't see EVER going back to wearing one, unless it could fully replace.my smartphones.

With my electronics budget already maxed out for the year, can't justify it.
Also kinda cautious about buying anything from BlackBerry fearing it may not be supported in this e future.

Posted via CB10

Yes! As long as my watch can automatically unlock my phone (bypass password) when it's within proximity.

Posted via CB10

Only if it had Tide and Moon data, and could run a month without charge like my Casio Tough Solar.

I say BlackBerry must make SmartWatch since it has superb QNX technology. BlackBerry SmartWatch must be able to link with PC and be able to do everything people do with their computer. If BlackBerry can come out with SmartWatch that could link with PC and let people do almost everything, this is going to be the hottest SmartWatch on earth. SmartWatch with BBM Texting, Calendar, BBM voice, Voice Command, BBM video Sharing, Browsing, Emailing and much more...

Not so much a smart watch as a mobile computing bracelet. The screen is optional (bordering on pointless given their small size in the examples I've seen) but if there is one it can be very minimal. The utility would come from pairing or bridging it with any dumb screen/terminal. With QNX any processing power in the bracelet/watch could be shared with any processing power in the terminal/car/etc.

I'm having a touch of nostalgia here. A watch that you can talk to a car with. Didn't a certain Knight Industries have such a device linked to their vehicle operated by a certain Michael Knight in the 1980s. :D (TV show FYI was Knight Rider which I really enjoyed)

Yes if if wasn't as huge as some of the smart watches out there now. I want it to look elegant and to be comfortable to wear. It needs to have text to speech messaging function.

Not Blackberry...

QNX. Sell it to watchmakers, include an API called Blackberry Link:
Let the watch show and scroll through the active frame of the phone, and remotes notifications (into a micro hub). Sprinkle in basic functionality...

License it off to well established watch makers: Rolex, Timex, Swatch, ect...

Mos Def.

I don't care if its a fad or not, I want smart watches.

One for BlackBerry, one for android, one for windows phone and one for iOS.

The only watches I'll wear, are automatic watches.

I won't pay $600 for a crummy Japanese movement just because it's from a fashionable clothing line. I already pay enough for fashion!

As for a smart watch, I don't think anyone has to be anymore connected than they already are but that's just me. We already have computers, smartphones, tablets, smart tvs...

People who think wearing a watch is stupid are probably 20 year olds who work a crummy job and don't appreciate a fine timepiece ;)

Posted via CB10

No, there are more important things that need immediate attention in the BB range, than a ******* watch.


Watches for me need to be pure and what they were always meant to be. Time telling status symbols

Black is best Z10!

One of the dumbest things ever to come. You can see how out of ideas these companies are to make this idiotic thing. Everyone always has their phone on them. The only time they don't is swimming or taking a shower and if you can't wait a few minutes for that, then you're a loser.

It would have to have a carabiner case or version ...no everyone wears a watch on their wrists...

I've never understood the purpose of a smart watch. Really don't and I fear electromagnetic radiation enough to not wear one. But, it would be a good idea IF BlackBerry could conquer that area.

It's a relatively new idea so it's all fair game right now.

I'd use official BlackBerry toilet paper and boxers too if they existed, but that's just me.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Wonder if it will be water proof and how much. Also what happens when you're walking and you bang It against the wall. Remember the swatch in the 80's had those rubbery covers. How much of a beating will these things take without breaking. What if when you do accidentally hit it and it starts calling someone. Sounds dopey to me. Just something for someone with too much money to waste imo

I'd rather they put their effort and money behind bb10 by improving the os and integrated software. Bb10 is awesome but still needs much work.

Add bt support for torque
Make bridge better and allow it to be a remote control for desktop OS's...
Improve Maps
Fill out Docs to Go to be a lot more useful.
Usb otb
Refine the gestures
Improve the UI in general by making it easier to call phone numbers from the Web browser...
Improve control over software releases.

The watch is a barely more than a toy and a distraction.


No, I wouldn't buy one.
I have a Z10 and a pocket or holster if I need it.
I'd rather see the R&D $$$$ for the watch go into making the phones and OS better. There wouldn't be a market for them in 5 years anyway. ;)

Posted via CB10

+1,000,000 spoiled fan boys. If it doesn't have a 1.5" 1080p display it cannot and will not sell... unless it's a Samsung. Seriously though, it's an interesting idea but I'd have to see it in action before making any decisions.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I think people are so focused on "what's next" that they forget to ask " what's needed" or "what solves a real world problem " Im not hating but I don't think an extra screen is really needed in the 2 feet from your pocket to your eat but maybe I'm just "living in the paaassstttt maaaannnn"

Posted from my incredible Z10

Thinking on how I would use it, all that would be needed is a way to connect the alerts to the watch and display a snapshot of information. Personally anything more than that would be useless. I've had a calculator watch and I've had a Timex smart watch (circa 1997). I never really used them a lot. The iPod-as-watch concept failed as they have reverted back to their traditional form factor. I'm not sure how mainstream this would become. Myself, possibly if it were seamlessly integrated to feed info to the watch, I might be interested. I still see this as an accessory to the base device.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry should just stick to phones and ignore the smart watch business just like they should have ignored the tablet fad that ruined them. Getting into the smart watch business can only do more damage to them.

I'd buy something basically to show me time and notifications if it was around the $100 or less range. It would help a fair bit for seeing/hearing notifications that otherwise I might not hear from the holster if I'm out walking somewhere.

Size would also be a factor. I wouldn't wear something a couple of inches wide but I would do a smaller one.

Lets see! Rolex....or.....BB smartwatch....ROLEX....or....BB smartwatch...Rolex....or....BB smartwatch. Very tough choice there. :)

Would be cool as a GPS device, quick replies to messages, calculator, music controller and obviously time keeper

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When these first popped up years ago I thought it was ridiculous. That was also before I actually had a real smartphone. As someone who wears a watch everyday I would love for something like this. Even if all I can do is read incoming messages, that would be awesome for me.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely! Actually I'm hoping that BlackBerry reallocated the resources from developing a new PlayBook to a smart watch, if they were smart enough...

Posted via CB10

No, thoroughly pointless idea. A "new" product line that exists only to make money via hype and adds very little useful to the current mobile tech paradigm.

The new ipod/smartphone/tablet it is not...

Posted via CB10

I would have to see it. This may work for when you are out on a date and you do not have look at your phone. It just might work. ;-)

Watch? What the hell are those? I haven't worn let alone owned one since 2000. My phone is my go to for time. I got rid of my alarm clock also back then. Yes I only owned a Nokia phone but it had alarm and time and now my phone does everything but cook me dinner. Stupid phone it's not very smart is it! Anyways so yes sorry but that's a useless gizmo if u ask me. It's 2013, let's get with the times. OK that's my rant for today. Keep Ranting BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

Really don't see that much benefit at the end of the day. Especially given the price point. Apple version will no doubt be way more stylish.

Posted via CB10

I say yes cuz it sounds cool but probably not.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Absolutely, I was a beta tester for the InPulse watch and just loved it.... the I'm watch has potential to be great but as of now can't display BB10 sms....

It seems like a BlackBerry watch or at least one based on BB10 would be the most useful. Priority Hub means only the most important messages buzz your wrist. If it had NFC it could potentially use the invocation framework to check in, send info to the car, etc.
I kind of wish I knew how to make watches, I see how useful a smart watch would be for me, however I also understand it would be a niche product.

They can't even make a good perfect to compete with others in market. why they want to make new products. first they have improve market share then all these things comes up. More over I am not going to buy any new products from blackberry (even if survive). Z10 is my last blackberry products. blackberry lost credibility with playbook.

I don't get the idea or utility of a smartwatch that communicates with your phone. My Z notifies me well enough and I like solar powered (perpetual) watches anyway; trying to limit my use of batteries where possible. If phones weren't so portable, then maybe, or if you could essentially wear a Z10 (device offering all the functionality of a Z10) on your wrist only with a smaller screen, then I might consider it.

Via Z10 & CB10

I don't wear a watch now, mostly cause I don't like bulk. But a watch with nfc, or unlock token, or alert if phone leaves 30ft from me, I would use it. Would also want heart rate monitor.
Watch connected to phone's voice command would be nice.

Posted via CB10

Ugh, these smart watches make me cringe. I for one like to disconnect from technology pretty regularly, and remember that I live on a planet, not a circuit board.

I wear a Steinhart Automatic Ocean-1 Dive Watch.

Most definitely not. I haven't worn a watch in ten years, so what's the point. Will it do more than my Z10? Will it make my life easier? Don't think so, too gimmicky for my personal liking.

Posted via CB10

Meh, I'm not into watches and don't need another electronic device in my life. Seems cool, but i don't need it. My Z10 is plenty.

I would use one simply for the fact that I'm not supposed to have my phone with me while I work. so I would be able to check my notification without taking my phone out.

Posted via CB10

Sorry to be the fly in the ointment but I will NEVER buy another Blackberry product after breaking their promise of BB10 for the PlayBook.

That was the last straw for me. If I want one of these watches, it won't be from BlackBerry even if it produced gold. I'll speak with my wallet.

I really don't see the use for a smart watch.... at least for me.. the fewer devices, the better. if the phone does all I need, then I'm good.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I would probably try one out if it was stylish and actually worked well. It's rude to pull out your phone all the time and check time/messages even tho its the norm. Glancing at a watch isn't considered rude unless you're on a date! Haha might be cool if it was properly priced and had good functionality and was stylish.

Posted via CB10

given the current broken bridge, i DEFinately would have to see it & how it interacted,,, not to mention all the what-ifs surrounding them lately,,, if they were on their game, it would be interesting,,, there's alot of possibilities...

No not at all. Love my BlackBerry. I will wear something that I own Breitling Rolex not a BlackBerry on my wrist.

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For once let samsung or apple make a product mistake. For us it was the playbook for them it will be the watch.

We have no TIME for this lol

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Really???? a blackberry smartwatch??? i'm trying to figure out what da hell do with my awesome playbook that doesn't have skype or a simple msn chat.. and now a watch!!! yeaahhh rightttttt......

Spilt milk . Bb playbook was just a test. bb10 on the q10,z10.q5 and soon to be z30 is way better