CrackBerry Asks: Would you use Google+ more if there were a BlackBerry app?

By Adam Zeis on 9 Sep 2011 02:07 pm EDT
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A few weeks back when Google+ popped up, geeks everywhere clamored to get their hands on an invite. The fuss seemed to last quite a while, but recently it looks as if lots of users have given up on Google's social service. I for one haven't been active much (at all really) on Google+, partly because I don't have a sweet app on my BlackBerry to use (there are apps for both Android and iOS already). Granted there is a well designed mobile site, but it's not the best solution for posting and checking feeds. I feel that if there were a BlackBerry app like the Facebook app or the short-lived Myspace app, Google+ would be more of a draw for me.

So our question today is this - would you use Google+ more (or at all) if there were a BlackBerry app? Think push notifications, inbox integration and all that goodness. There is no sign of an app on the BlackBerry front, but maybe down the line something will pop up. Drop your vote in the poll above (pick the answer that fits you best) then leave a comment letting us know if you would use Google+ more or not with a BlackBerry app.

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CrackBerry Asks: Would you use Google+ more if there were a BlackBerry app?


I think that would make a change...and the same would apply for Google Music, hard for me to believe how big G still don't look at the BB users as really good market share...or perhaps they see a complete threat the BB for their smartphone plans???

If Google+ had an app that made Google+ Hangouts usable on a mobile device, it would be a game changer...Otherwise, I don't think Circles is gonna be enough to pull people away from Facebook.

I think it's Twitter who will get knocked off the perch by G+ if anything and not Facebook. Facebook has its place. Twitter is struggling to make it profitable and whatever they do to make it so, alienates its users. Not sustainable for long.

The reason I got so into twitter was because of having on my blackberry. I have google+ but never use it because of the lack of app & never even thing about going to the site :(

currently, it's really not a big deal for me not to have the app. despite the fact that many of my friends have already joined G+, they basically all stay so quiet!!! I am wondering how many of the registered users are actually active users on Google plus.....

I used G+ for a while. Stopped using it cause there was no app for it... I'd like to go back active but until there is no app, it will have to wait till I get back to my computer.

Love Google+ and have made it my homepage on my computer, but with no app I end up still sending more posts to Twitter just because I can when I'm out of the house (which is most of the time).

Yes, an app would be nice. I rarely loiter on social networks from home or office; usually check them on my BB while I'm out and have a few minutes to burn.

I would use Google+ more if I had a way to make cross-posting between Twitter, Facebook, and G+ all work on the back-end. The only Twit/FB -> G+ solution I've heard of so far is a Chrome browser plugin, and that's a complete non-starter for me. I'd prefer something like the FB app that automatically picks up Twitter posts.

The problem with all of these social network thingies is that a new one doesn't eliminate the old one. It just adds one additional thing you want to use and need to integrate everything with.

Hmm, where is katiepea now?

Come tell us how awesome G+ is and how the whole wide world dropped Facebook for it...

The ideais actually good, but once again the invitation system was a bad idea, many people that would jump into the G+ idea didn't get to and now the hype is dying...

I still wish Google Wave had taken off... Such a great idea...

They Need a Google+ app. I love Google+ but to keep it up with the popularity Google needs to get something in the works, just like they need to update the google voice app to work on my 9850 torch....but that's a different rant.

I came from the HTC Evo4g and went to the Nexus S 4g. Now I came back to blackberry after 2 years. Do I miss a few of my android apps? Yes. But I LOVE backberry! I am just missing a few apps (skype, Gvoice, Gplus) and I will bet set for life!

Not a big social media guy, but I like Google+ a lot more than Facebook. I stopped using Facebook a while back. They don't take personal information privacy seriously, and the interface is awful.
I would definitely user Google+ more if there was a Blackberry app.

I would use it more definitely ;) but soon as I get ma' hands on da' new 9900...cause am still struggling with low memory on bold 9000!

I don't have enough time or willpower to get involved into another social media thingy. Most of everyone I know on Facebook is not on G+, so no incentive to switch. And once Facebook duplicates the innovative aspects of G+, there will be no reason for anyone to be on it. And I know I'm right because I'm typing this on the internet, and the internet is always right.

They not only need a G+ app, but they have to make it available to Google Apps users.

There is no point in me having it as I only use one account for 99% of my daily google'ing and that is my GAAPs account.

No GAPPS support, no G+ :(

I have a bunch of invites for Google+, but since all of my Google Accounts are really Google Apps accounts, and are therefore not compatible with Google Profile, I can't join. So, in other words Google's early adopters can't use G+. So, at this point, a app wouldn't change my usage at all!

I would use Google+ if more of my friends used it. Then an app for BlackBerry would be nice. But now I have only about 10 people added. It's not much popular in Poland yet (unlike FaceBook).

I think I have like 4 posts on Google+ 3 of which are complaining about how useless it is and how horrible the web interface is.

IF there was an app AND it was integrated into the Social Feeds app I would use it. Otherwise it's pointless.

PLUS since my job won't update IE on our work desktops I now can't do ANYTHING that has to do with my Google profile or settings now that G+ is integrated and gives me the upgrade browser message.

Google Plus = Google FAIL.

I was just talking about this to a friend last night, how i feel like more people would use G+ if it took everything it had and put it into a mobile app. Most people i know, (The Facebook Generation) use FB on their phones and update that way, its quick and simple. But G+ has some great features and it would give FB a run for its money, but right now its not up to date on the technologies that it can be used on, and the users just arent all there yet.

Just one more site without an adequate app for BB. Etsy, Tumblr, Percolate, G+... It goes on and on. I mean the BB user base is still very substantial and the new devices will only serve to boost the base of users they have. We need Apps for real things not Angry Turds.

Google+ is just another way for Google to spy on us and collect more information about us.

Google just wants to know our "+1"s so they can improve AdSense. They don't care about the social network and whatever else. They just want to know more about us.

And, as a social network... Google+ is counter-intuitive at all. Do you know how to send PMs to other users??? You need to write a post in their "wall" and change the privacy options so that only them can see it -.-"

Probably not I think we are a point of saturation with social apps. I really like twitter but I'm not real sure on how to use it so my daughter laughs at me.

Yep indeed I would. I am almost shocked that Google never thought of this when the released it to the wild. I know FB started on desktops and laptops, but I would guess that most access these days comes from smartphone.

if there was an app and it worked with "social feeds", i'd use it multiple times daily. as it stands, i use it maybe every 2 weeks.

I don't need a google version of Facebook, and think Google has enough tentacles out there in the world. I'm only for it if it gives the rabid Android users something to do than to troll Crackberry and proselytize the end days of RIM and to convert to Android.

Make sure to select the mobile site. By default you get "basic mobile". The latest browser works well with the full mobile site, it feels close to an app.

I ditched Twitter and Facebook....but decided to give G+ a spin. Not bad, but using the mobile browser setting on the berry to view and update stuff is the pits! If G+ is gonna fly, there needs to be berry app.

Just signed up to Google+,

Without a mobile app there's just no point using it. Most of my browsing / social media is done on portable devices. I'm not going to do social media and be tied down to a PC or Laptop while doing it.

I'll check on Google+ when I want to update my club's website and that is it.

I cannot fathom how Google think they can be #1 when they seem determined to ignore any ubiquity that is required. It should be: If Facebook and Twitter have an app on X platform, then we should have too.

I'm not going to jump ship for a stupid social network app.