Would you buy a BlackBerry A10 based on the rumored specs?

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jul 2013 10:19 am EDT

The BlackBerry A10 (aka Aristo) is the next rumored BlackBerry 10 device. It's been said to have a release date later this fall and while we don't know many details yet, we've still heard a bit about some specs that could be packed into the next flagship device from BlackBerry. 

In addition to a 5" Super AMOLED display, the A10 is rumored to have 2GB RAM, an 8MP camera and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor. If these specs hold true, the A10 will be the largest BlackBerry to date and pack in the best specs thus far. It will be a bit larger than the Z10 and reaching into "phablet" territory which some users may be hoping for.

We won't know all of the features of the A10 for quite a while, but based on the rumors we've heard it does sound pretty enticing for BlackBerry power users (especially gamers).

But are the rumored specs enough to make you want the A10? Let us know either yay or nay and hit up the comments with your reasoning.


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Would you buy a BlackBerry A10 based on the rumored specs?



What's important for me is
1) Larger battery to increase battery life. 2800mAh or greater will be ideal. THIS IS CRITICAL / DEALBREAKER.
2) Better camera. Lens needs to be of high quality. Better low light photos. Less blur shots.
3) AMOLED screen to reduce power consumption.
4) Louder speaker.
5) Faster / more accurate GPS

Quad-core is a good step to go - memory could go up to 4GB if possible. But yeah - battery life is very important. Please don't disappoint on the battery life!

3 years for me, however I don't feel like I'm "stuck" with my Z10. This is my first all touch phone and I can say I genuinely love it.

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But I'm still gonna by the A10. The BGR losers said it was only duo core. That better not be true...

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@Kingdmen Quad is a downside in my book, you won't see much if any performance over dual core, well the one improvement you will see from quad core is how quickly your battery drains (at least from everything I've seen).

I was actually a little discontent with 1GB but I took it as there was nothing better. I would rather see a 4gb dual core highly clocked phone than a quad core. Or just normally clocked and using less power than current gen.

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Why? What's extra ram gonna give ya when the limit is 8 open apps. I'd rather ddr3 ram at 2gb but that's probably asking for too much

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Same here - on the z10 for another 32 months otherwise I'd get it in a heartbeat.

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Screen is too big for me. Squash all of that into a Z10 body and I would consider it. Maaaaaybe a little larger.

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I personally think that the size of the Z10 is perfect. I think they should only make the Z a lil smaller of the top and bottom. Less weight with of course 10.2 and older OS it will definitely be a big Yes For me!!

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I agree.

If I'm going into the 5" range I'm goona try the next best thing out of Google nexus line. I've never tried android so I'm very curious. Especially if android 5.0 rumors hold true.

My Z10 will be fine untill October

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same here, any larger and I won't be able to operate it with one hand like I can now. I wouldn't mind a slightly thicker phone so that maybe the battery could be bigger.


I think they should have increase the size of the A10 by a full inch which would have put the screen size at 5.2 inches above the Z10. Which is going to indirectly compete with their own product (the Z10) unless they offer some kind of unique feature for this device.

See, they're entering into the phablet territory with this device so they batter be packing a battery similar to the Note 2 which is the leader of this category. If it doesn't have all day battery life, it's going to hurt them.

Personally, I've been waiting for BlackBerry to make a large screen device but I want a physical keyboard on it as well. Not a slider.

Nope - why would I wanna buy yet another device when BB10 isnt up to standards yet. Got fooled once.

is it really? I was always under the impression that it was supposed to have better color, better off angle view, brighter, and less power. That's what I thought a few years back though, and I never looked into it to confirm what someone told me, so maybe not..?

They should go ALL OUT on this phone...Specs are similar to the Z10...Get 4GB of RAM, 8 core and a 10MP camera...Just go ALL OUT

Disagree, 4GB of RAM is the way to go given the recent news with the PlayBook. PB can't get BB10 because of the lack of RAM. Go to 4GB on the flagship tiered device and go balls out period.

BB needs to win back customers and industry sentiment.

I agree BlackBerry please go all out on this one,dont hold back, and please enough memory for big apps at least 32 gb. :-)

LG is expected to unleash a powerful hardware in Nexus 5 at an affordable price. According to the recent report on leaked specifications of Optimus G2, the Nexus handset is expected to feature a 5.2in full HD (1080p) display, a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB or 3GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera, 4G/LTE connectivity and a 2700 mAh battery


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ya that will be my next phone. Hopefully blackberry does something interesting to the z10 line in 2014 that brings me back. MORE PHONES,!!!!

Actually in mobile phones I believe that 2 cores are only used at a time. They rotate which cores do the processing when they get hot to avoid power usage. That is how that one Android phone has 15-20 hours battery life.

From what I understand from the 8-core CPU's for mobile phones, 4 of them are low-power cores used to run the low power demand things like basic phone functions while the other 4 are for running apps and other advanced features. So I think in the end it might actually save energy since most of the time only low powered cores would be active.

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41MP sensor, they might compress the saved image to something like 18-21MP which would result in a pretty high quality photo. A 41MP photo will simply be too huge of a file size, be ready to carry extra sd cards with you everywhere...

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Great! I'll be ready to take my 10's of pictures with it! =P
Just Joking. But I think the files created for each shot will be about 10mb.

Seriously speaking 41MP sensor seems a tad extreme no?

It depends on if it has the glass for it. Mobile phone cameras suffer from two things. Either they try to cram more megapixels into a small sensor which results in poor low-light performance, or they put a big sensor behind a small opening... If the lens on this phone is big enough and the glass is clear enough to take advantage of the 41MP sensor, then it wouldn't be bad. But I don't think they are actually saving 41MP photos. I believe that's just the sensor's capability, it will basically "supersample" the shot in 41MP, but save it into a smaller size, maybe in the mid-20's. Kind of like how anti-aliasing works in PC games. Pictures should look very smooth clear compared to other mobile phone pictures of the same size if they go with this method, which I think they will. A 41MP photo even compressed into a jpeg would be about 6-10MB each. I think with the OS, apps, texts, emails, music, and other things in that 32GB of storage, you'll run out of room very quickly if it actually saved every photo that size... If roguecanuck is right and it doesn't take sd cards, then that's pretty much the dumbest idea for a phone... If you're going to make a phone with a decent camera, a removable sd card is a must. I have a 64GB microsd in my Q10 and I don't even have a camera of that magnitude...

Pixel binning is a good thing in a mobile phone. I don't care if it is 41MP and only saves 8MP of pixels, as long as it is 8MP of awesome pixels. Aperture is important too and another area where cameras on phones lack. I realize there is a limit to what can be done, but we aren't there yet.

There are a lot of things phone cameras lack. Optical zoom is one of those things. People who use digital zoom don't really have a clue how these things work. They are just cropping the photo...

Anyway, I'll always bring my camera to places where I know I'll be taking photos. I think it's silly to rely 100% on your phone's camera no matter how many megapixels they advertise...

Agreed!! This is Blackberry's opportunity to really show off what they can produce, and put some real competitive hardware out here.

Great ....go all out and have a battery life of 5 minutes. Having 5000 cores does jack s**t if it doesn't need it. More than enough ram and a hopping dual core processor is plenty. Problem is, as with cars, motorcycle, desktop computer, etc., the natural and dopey thought is that more is better. Wrong! An optimized OS and balanced mobile system only makes sense. There is a reason Apple only uses dual core. It makes smart business sense (money spent on manufacturing) delivering a smooth UI and good user experience, all the while keeping more money and spending less . Too bad I don't care for the Apple experience. But I sure respect how they got more from less. I admire smart. The Z works great with a dual core. The most important part was to ensure it had a minimum of 2 gig of ram to accommodate what is thrown at it.
QNX and Ios are engineered, carefully constructed OS. If it doesn't need it, it's a waste of money and precious battery resources. The bigger problem becomes all the dumbass who would instantly call it a piece of sh*t because it doesn't have a quad or more core. I have an RZ 350. I love taking money from people with 500,750,1000 cc bikes by beating them on one wheel, light to light. Its because they thought bigger was better. My light 2 stroke roasts their heavy, higher cc bikes. Also, Samsung can throw Quad cores large screens and ram willy nilly into phones for much much lower cost than BlackBerry, because they actually reduce costs by making the stuff themselves. Its an unfair playing field for those companies competing against them.

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that would be amazing! reduce the size, weight and length a bit. give better battery life and speed and it will be the sh*t! if I were BlackBerry I wouldn't make so much blackberry device but one that is totally worth it. like they say it's not about the quantity but the quality. but who am I to say, I'm just a guy right?..

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I'm fine with different sizes of phones, but I don't think their top-model as far as specs should be limited to the phablets. I would like to see all three phones have same internals moving forward. A, Z, and Q top of the line could all be the same internals with the lower end also each having the same internals. Obviously battery could be different on each due to the shape and size of each phone. Also, for the love of all that is good, put the micro-usb port on the freaking bottom of the phone. I can't pop the battery out during a conversation and sometimes need to charge. It is a PITA to try to charge and use with the port on the side.

Yea these specs would have been impressive last year. Now they are kind of run of the mill for the higher end phones.

Again BlackBerry a day late an a buck short. They should be working on a 16-core Mobile Phone with 8GB RAM and a 7" Screen just to keep up.

A 16 core smartphone with 8 GB of RAM would be cost prohibitive. The only devices you see being sold with that many cores right now are high end servers.

Nobody is offering sixteen cores as an option on laptop or desktop computers that I can see. And 8 GB of memory still isn't offered by default on many laptops.

Latest MacBook Air specs:

1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache
Configurable to 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz) with 4MB shared L3 cache.

4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory
Configurable to 8GB.

Dell XPS 15

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3230M processor (3M Cache, up to 3.2 GHz)
3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM processor (6M Cache, up to 3.2 GHz)

6GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory
8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory
16GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory

HP Envy dv6T

3rd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM Processor (2.4GHz, 6MB L3 Cache)
3rd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3740QM Processor
3rd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3840QM Processor

8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
12GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
16GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)

And out of those, the one with the crappiest specs (Mac) is also the most expensive... When people want to buy Mac's I just smh... :-D

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Nope. Thor said specifically that Blackberry is not engaging in a "pissing contest". Of course they don't want to put mediocre hardware out, but there is nothing gained for them when they want to focus on better amalgamating hardware and software.

Are you out of your f**king mind? We have yet to see consumer grade DESKTOP COMPUTERS with 16 cores, never mind handheld devices or tablets of any kind! There's no such thing as an SOC with that many cores... Maybe if we wait for another decade or so... :P

I have my z10 it can a very thing so what I want.
No lagging and not to big. If u want a more powerful machine, I will use my Notebook ;)

I'm not a fan of smartphones bigger than z10 but good for others



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No, I have a Z10 which is very fast so all the quad core will do is ruin the battery life, 5" screen would be awesome tho,but honestly after using the Z10 for a couple of months I would never buy another phone unless it has a physical qwerty

I like the size of the Z10 but wouldn't mind more ram and more internal storage space. As for the larger screen, I can see the appeal, but without it getting a higher resolution, you lose PPI. To me higher PPI is more important than larger screen. Now, they could do three screen sizes. Q, Z, and A line with Z being 720p and A being 1080p.

Exactly. Why bother investing with no progress or changes. Screw the spec race.
Start winning with software and functionality.

The PlayBook had all the hardware we needed. How'd that work out for the $499 I spent.

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That's a 2year old device. It doesn't have all the specs a modern OS needs (BB10). Yes, BB does need to win with the Apps selection and a more improved OS experience.

I am in wait and see mode right now. Based on playbook experience and update problems with my Z10 on Verizon, I will not buy anything brand new from BlackBerry for quite some time.

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Your update problem is not a BlackBerry problem. Its your friggin Verizon. Stop blaming the device . Take it out on Verizon. That update bull makes me think some conspiracy in the USA To further undermine BlackBerry.
It's just wrong for that to be happening. Unbelievable the carriers have done this.

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I don't think I've ever had lag on my phone. Except Android apps and some certain really high spec games. So for anything besides gaming it really won't make a difference. Android emulation on 10.2 should support hardware accel which should fix that lag. I don't know about the QNX architecture, if it's going to support all 4 cores. But super happy about those specs. Specs don't seem to matter too much outside Androids.

I've really missed the larger phone size on BlackBerry. I'm more of a casual/ business user than a enterprise user.

But if the apps on top weren't then it makes less difference than the extra battery drain is worth.

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5" hd super amoled screen
2g ram
2800mh battery
Snapdragon S600 quad 1.7ghz cpu

I'm all over it!

Do not use the 1.5 ghz quad s4 pro, it's not power efficient

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Thanks ;)...I'm not exaggerating. This would be a solid entry to a top tier phone for BlackBerry and be hardware supportive for many years

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I agree on most but would up the ram to 2 or 4 gigs and at least double the internal storage, that or figure out a way to allow the sim card to be used for storing some apps (especially games).

Don't know yet. I'm hoping more along the lines of a stronger dual core. I haven't caught up on mobile OSes, I don't know if the other 2 cores can be used yet.

Yeah, got the Z10 and wife has Q10, we're locked in to device contracts... which, I think, will mostly explain BlackBerry 's slower than expected adoption rate.

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I guess if you're in a contract with a Z10, you're in a tough spot on getting a new phone after a few months. If this is geared to gaming, what happened to "tools not toys"?
This doesn't smell good.

I'd love to get an A10. Only issue is I gotta get through two years with my Z10. Not that it's a bad phone (I freaking love it). It's just nice to have the newest toys :p

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Rumor is always wrong!

Let's wait, what I want is:

Faster dual core (2ghz) or quad core 1.7+
4,7-5 inch screen super amoled.

Fullhd would be nice but not required.
8mp is enough, my z10 is better than iPhone 5 or xperia z, (tested both).

2gb ram is doable, but I have around 700 free default, so 4gb is almost required

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Maybe, but the zed1 has proven to me that it is a work horse and it is on par with the best in the market at the moment.

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I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I never understood the craze behind the latest and highest specs. Too often I see people write off a phone because it has a dual core instead of a quad core (as an example).
Does the ability to open an app 0.01 seconds faster make much of a difference?
Over emphasis on the 'best' specs (which is often confused for 'higher numbered specs') is like writing off a car with because it has a few horsepower less than another. That's just me though
Oh, and no. I wouldn't buy a phone purely based on the specs :D

I am right there with you. Of course specs are not everything as even the almighty Galaxy S4 with its top of the line specs and Octa-cores is getting complaints of lag.

It's all about optimization of your OS as has been proven by iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

There should have been a fourth option- Specs do not matter
The only 2 specs that I find important are the internal memory and camera

Love the z10. No need to replace it yet.

Also, why the hugeness? I really hope this larger screen doesn't irritate developers.

Depends on battery life. Definitely not if it has the abysmal battery of the Z10. What is the point of a big screen for media and web surfing when doing these activities destroy the battery?

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Too big although I would apply my playbook apology credit towards one and use it as a tablet. :)

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I don't care that much about specs, as long as OS and apps run smoothly.
This may sound ridiculous, but for me, looks & build quality have to be compelling. I like to use good looking, non boring, high quality gadgets. I like the Z10's looks and quality feeling, but always wanted a larger screen. So going into that direction might work for me.

I agree...This phone needs to be state of the art and beyond. They will not be successful, mark my words if they come out with the specs as rumored. Die hard fans, like I used to be will not make BB a successful company. Haven't the sales to date already shown that? Where are all the so called die hard fans that were going to make their sales in the 10's of millions...don't exist!
The A10 will need to be mouth watering, a statement that says BB is back in the Game! The vote here just shows that fans will always be fans...think with emotion instead of logic, and this as I already said will not make BB a successful company....This company needs Game!

disclosure: I own a z10 and Q10.

It would have to be 1080p. If they released it as 720 and called it high end they'd be laughed out of the building.

I've heard the z10 barely uses the second core so I am not sure how important quad core is.

I would like to see 32 gig minimum storage and 4 gig ram.

It does need to run the best mobile games as smooth or better than the s4 and iphone 5. So whatever that takes it needs.

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The Z10 is already a big phone.
So a clear no.

Plus, it's a phone - the Z10 is definitely powerful and fluid enough if the code is well written.

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+1...My Z has been a beast from day one. No reboots, lagging, etc. Battery life could have been better in the beginning, but it's a top of the line full screen phone. That's to be expected. (Significant battery life improvement came for me with 10.1 installed, so no big deal.) Even if A10 specs (rumored or what is actually released) are better than that of the Z or Q, in terms of speed, I don't see it as being that big of a difference (Unless my blink rate increases to some bizarre number). In terms of memory/storage, that may be another story. But my Z10 has enough for my needs at the moment, and fits well within my tech arsenal. As for camera specs, once again, not a consumer grabbing point for me. From my experience, there is no phone camera now, nor in the works anytime soon, that can compare to an actual well priced camera. The Z and Q both have a great camera for a phone, so I'm sticking with the Z10...That is unless, the A10 can magically grant me three wishes whenever I want. Lol. Guess, we'll see. ;-)

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What's important for me is
1) Larger battery to increase battery life. 2800mAh or greater will be ideal.
2) Better camera. Lens needs to be of high quality. Better low light photos. Less blur shots.
3) AMOLED screen to reduce power consumption.
4) Louder speaker.
5) Faster / more accurate GPS
Don't really care about improving the RAM or processor - the existing Z10 specs on processing power is sufficient.

Unfortunately I dont foresee myself spending the money for a phone that has minimal carrier support with even less support from developers. Although there is a fantastic OS and reasonably good specs, consumers are extremely hesitant due to the infancy of the platform and the stock markets view at this time. Add in the lack of advertising and one finds a great company standing in a precarious position that a lot of people will shy away from and choose a more stable platform IMO.

I can't say I'd own one cuz my pocket us maxed out with wallet and Z10. Any bigger and i wouldn't feel comfortable carrying it. But I hope it's popular with the girls and whoever else uses big screens. Someone else said it will eat battery power but i think quad core only runs if needed. Maybe I'm wrong. That being said they need to make thus thing in.multiple colors to sucks in the teens while boasting fast cellphone with big screen so the kids can see their LOL's and OMG in larger text.
Also the actual phone should be given to peopke like otter and whoever else makes add ons for it so it's not bland like the z10 was for so long. Perhaps Mophie also should get ahold of one early and get a juice pack ready. I won't even get into APPS.

Oil sands Fueled

I'd have to say no. These specs would be nice to see with a BB10 device. I'm pretty happy with my Q10 for now.

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I would buy it if it had a physical keyboard. Screen like the Z10 with keyboard = sex!

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Absolutely! Mobile Computing is taking a new dimension when the A10 running on 10.2 is launched. Can't wait.

So here it is, I'm looking at the Q10 now, but I can't get it till Fall. So then I will just have to play with both then to see what is right for me. Still rocking my 9930 so we shall see.

No, After going from the Z to the Q could not give up the keyboard again. I'll stick with my BB and iPad mini combo.

Lets see where we are after 10..2 comes out. For me, this is all the BB I need. Up to date, super fast browzer and pretty much all the apps I require. So short answer is nope..

(what would this monster run retail??) $995.00..?? A reasonable guess based upon Q10 retail price CAD..?

That is near same price as a 13" Mac Book..crazy IMO and waaaaay too much coin for a "phone".

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Rather than try to one up other manufacturers in the spec wars (a losing proposition when you're up against a behemoth like Samsung), i'd like to see BB focus on building a super high-quality device constructed of nice feeling/looking materials.

I'm going to reserve comment on whether I'd buy one or not until we see some more detail.

Are people still buying the Samsung Note in droves? If that fad has passed then BB is, once again, late to the ball game. It could be a reasonable substitute for my Playbook but maybe just a bit too unwieldy for answering a phone. Terrible battery life may potentially kill off the A10 quickly. Those who absolutely must have a particular photo app just won't buy it. When did a cell phone stop being a phone as the priority feature?

If I needed a tablet I'll get a tablet!!!!....I'll never understand why people have the need for a humongous phone...if it doesn't fit confortable in your jeans it doesn't deserve to be call a phone, just my opinion.

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The facepalm of the matter is that the existing Android high end phones are basically the same size and dimensions as the Z10, but including the 5" screen, and minus a whopping bezel. 5" doesn't necessarily mean much difference at all from the size of the Z10.

They need to put that Snapdragon 800 chip in there and if it's 5 inches it should be 1080. A 720p screen is very low pixel density on a 5 inch screen and it wouldn't make sense for it to be considered the best if it isn't beating the Z10 in that area. The specs I'm hoping for are

5 inch 1080 x 1920 resolution 441 ppi
Snapdragon 800 Quad Core Chip
2 Gb of ram
2800-3300 mAh battery
16-32 Gb built in storage
12 Megapixel Main Camera 1080p recording
2 Megapixel Front camera 1080p recording
Micro sd card expandable storage
Bluetooth 4.0
Wifi a/ac/b/g/n

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I agreement if it is 5", it should has 1080 by today's standard. But that looks unlikely because BlackBerry hasn't asked developers to get their apps ready for 1080.

Maybe a better camera with big sensors, optical stability and optical zoom would be more interesting.

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I totally agree and that definitely worries me because realistically it will be going head to head with other late 2013 phones and early 2014 phones so 720p would be very low for that time

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Read any reviews about the 1080P HTC One and they all complain about the battery life. All those extra pixels eat up more battery. It's a pointless spec for a phone but we know how the spec wars go in this industry. More battery life or more pixels? Most would take more battery life.

Valid point, however, the HTC One only has a 2300 mAh batter which is pretty weak for those specs. 2800-3300 would give the Aristo really good battery life especially if it's Amoled with the Dark theme. (HTC One is LCD) And don't forget that 1080p is basically the norm for upcoming flagships so I'm sure 10.2 would have enough optimizations on battery and performance to make the Aristo an absolute beast in terms of battery and performance. Also I hear from reviews and from friends that the S4 battery life is really good and that is using Amoled with a 2600 mAh battery.

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Z10 since US release. It's awesome and I was an iPhone user from the birth of the iPhone. As a shareholder, i want to see BlackBerry get their products properly represented in the stores. Most reps any retail shop don't know the phone and actually persuade a potential buyer to stay clear of BlackBerry. This must be resolved for any BlackBerry phone to succeed.

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Definitely not. Apart from core BB fans who drool over ( not different from i Sh**p)not many people are interested. I sincerely wanted to try as competition is good. Bought a 'Playbook when price was at peak and a Z10'.
The products are generally are not user friendly, BBM is dated and hyped with plenty of options in world.
Wish userfriendly, reliable phones come to the fore again.
for all those eager to backlash I have Microsoft, HTC, Apple products in addition to above well made but useless BB products. Go on now guys.........

Can't wait for the A10 to come out. I've had the 9850 since it was first released on Sprint. Been waiting for another full touch screen BB to come to Sprint. I was excited when I heard first heard about the Z10, then bummed that Sprint would not be carrying it. Wife's contract came up for renewal and she wanted a full touchscreen like her friends who have Droids. She has been using an 8530 for a long time, so I gave her my 9850 and she loves it. Now I'm using an older Droid of my daughters, but I'm missing my BB. My two year contract is up, and thought I might try out the newest Droid since my old one isn't too bad, then I heard the A10 was coming out. Decided I can limp along until November, but it would be nice if they could get it out sooner.

If I wanted a gaming device with great specs and a huge screen I would have purchased the S4 or HTC One.

BlackBerry has a long way to go before a 5" device like that will appeal to the masses, regardless of its specs. Not only are some apps flat out missing from BB10, but the ones present are far inferior to their Android and iOS versions. The quality and user experience in 3rd party apps is what sets those other brands apart. Personally the user experience on BB10 itself outweighs the lack thereof in the apps, but I am in a small minority (as is clear from market performance to date).

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DISCLAIMER: I'm no technology expert. I love BlackBerry and love my Z10. I think BlackBerry is on to something very significant with BB10. Now, my opinion about the A10 specs:

Specs certainly aren't the only thing one ought to consider in purchasing a device, be it a mobile phone or any other, but for so long it has been ingrained in our thinking that at the time of purchase, the consumer ought to buy the device with the best possible specs available because so quickly today's technology becomes "out-dated." Of course, this is not necessarily the case, but nonetheless, it is the common thinking of consumers on the whole (or at least the tech-aware and tech-savvy).

Though I don't typically fall into that camp, I am one who purchased the Z10 at launch. At the time, I fully intended to purchase the A10, and sport the "flagship" device (which, the title suggests, would likely be the most advanced, forward thinking, and current device available, in all respects). However, if the device is not significantly better than the Z10, and the biggest notable (or noticeable) difference is the larger screen and battery, I'm less likely to buy it. (As an aside: yes, I understand a quad-core processor, even with the same amount of RAM, will surely make the phone run more fluid and zippy)

As a wish list, and probably what it would take to make me (and our iPhone- and S4- or Note-loving brethren) go "Woooooowww..." (in no particular order):
1. A quad-core processor
2. More RAM (3 GB or better?)
3. A double-digit MP rear camera
4. A mid-single-digit MP front camera
5. Longer battery life - not just a battery built to have the same life for a larger screen
6. Some slick gimic (even if impractical)

I think the specs that have leaked so far are close in many respects, but close won't work for BlackBerry right now, they have to bring something to market that blows people away, or at least gets a head-turn.

I keep saying this and I don't know when BlackBerry will follow suit. The only way you are going to impress these Android clowns is to create a phone that is so powerful it will burn their dainty hipster little hands.

8 Core CPU
Strong GPU (Maybe you can do dual GPUs LOL)
4 GB of RAM
32 or 64 GB Internal Storage
Dual SD Card Support
IR Port (so it can double as a Remote Control for your any TV)
Want to really turn heads put a USB port on it (not very practical, but not something everyone is doing)
12+ MP Camera something that takes better pics than that Nokia phone that rocks photos. Get Carl Zeiss' name on the lens.

Or better yet make a dual screen device similar to MS's Courier which turned into vaporware. The tech community had major woodie over the Courier.

I like this a lot. Can we get a vote on these specs. Or better yet let's as a community vote on it and send our numbers into blackberry

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Already have Z10, so I probably won't buy it. I hope that it will have better specs, seems to me, that they are just trying to catch up with android phones.

Posted via CB10

I need good battery life whatever the specs. After the new AT&T 10.1 update, it seems to have gotten worse. I'm hoping most BlackBerry 10 OS bugs are fixed by then.

How old is your Z10? I know my first 2 weeks with Z10 I had terrible battery life. Also lots of sideloaded apps will not help battery life. Some Android apps are battery hogs too (for little to no good reason it seems, Ruzzle a boggle style game is an Android port for BB10 and sucks battery dry).

@cappo40 I agree and maybe even more all out on the camera...what is Samsung pushing now 14 mp?

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Stabilize the os...get major apps on board then release new hardware else it will just be another flop...oh make it a 12 mp camera better flash...integration of flash with time shift should be good to go..my thoughts os is more important than hardware!

BB10..Sinnaz0790 {STL100-3}

PRECISELY!! BBRY seems to be putting the proverbial cart before the horse. They are far from stable with regards to the OS and they are planning the next "Flagship" device? I have been checking CB daily (as ell as other sites) regarding Blackberry and their customer's likes/dislikes and hardware issues along with the lack of carrier support are probably tied for first place. Between the items stated above and the market's stance, I am hesitant to buy ANY Blackberry device and wind up like my Playbook in a few months. You can have 32 cores, 41 megapixels, 128 gig storage, plazma 1080 and without wheels ... it WON'T roll!!

Specs are already contradicting an article I read off of the Stocks for BlackBerry. Let's not get all worked up on rumours.

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Once 10.2 is released, my Z10 will be that much more enjoyable. It would take considerable specs and features to make me want to switch at this point. I've always enjoyed the reliability of BB, and the Z10 (with anticipated improvements), is exactly what I'm looking for in a phone.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Regardless of the specs, it's too big for me to use as a phone and too small to replace my playbook.
I've never understood those honking big samsungs, but I guess there's a market and I hope the A10 get's some of it.

...DOA if it's going to hit the market with this specs. RIM should aim higher, I wonder why they're always stuck with an outdated specs

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The A10 should have a minimum 4GB of ram. 4core is great but if they go 8 core it should pack a solid battery. However 10mp camera is kind of lame when you have the tech to go much higher. They should firstly use the spectacular Carl Zeis lenses with a 16mb rear camera and a 8mp front. That would put them at the front of the pack. This is the time to put a true market leading phone. Those specs will push Apple out the door as well as most droid powered phones except for Sony/Ericcson since they use the Carl Zies lenses as well. Period. End of conversation. Thanks. :)

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If they put a keyboard and a track-pad on it, I will definitely buy it. But given the news that we are never getting the track-pad back, I guess I will remain on the 9900 until BBRY stops supporting BBOS.

I felt the same but now I'm glad no track pad and as for the virtual keyboard. It rocks. I'm not saying I don't like an actual keyboard but you can't beat the virtual one. Trust me the track pad isn't needed. The swiping is great.

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Simply big screen still not making me jump directly, i need to see how it looks like first.

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Currently own a Z10, I'm more interested in a successor to the Q10. I've come to like the Z10 and respect touchscreen devices a lot more but it truly feels that I need a QWERTY keyboard.

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I got the z10 day 1 and love it. I left the S3 because I can tell BlackBerry had the right cell phone experience. But now it feels like with the A10 we getting powerhouse plus BlackBerry experience. So for sure will get the A10.

Can't wait!

Posted via CB10

Get the high demand apps to BlackBerry ASAP. It's completely ridiculous that BlackBerry can't persuade the developers to provide. Spend the money and take this criticism off table.....

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately regardless of the specs this phone is not going to draw back a huge number of buyers. The Q10 & Z10 phones aren't getting much attention at the carriers in the US, where most phablets are purchased. This phone is a poor choice of manufacturing at this point. People want a slider more than anything right now! Trust me on this!

I would not buy the A10 solely because it's 5". Personal preference says that it is a ridiculous size and I don't want to carry a phablet in my pocket. the Z10 is perfect size. I will be sticking to the Z10 size/range provided that they keep making one in this category. I prefer specs that will run the OS smoothly and not overkill to kill battery life.

I've got a Q10 now, and it is just awesome...moreover the 5'' screen gonna be too large for keeping it in my pocket.

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we need the Quad core with at least 3G RAM, and 4.65 inch screen not a 5 inch screen. I used a Note the screen way way to big. 4.65 inch is perfect....P.S affordable cheap 7 inch thin dummy tablets anybody !!!

If the A10 really turns out to be just a blown up Z10 with a 5" screen, BBRY must have lost their minds.

2Gig, 8MP, Dual-Core 1.5 GHz....sigh

But let me guess, it'll be the MSM8960T with a better Adreno 320 GPU. WOW. /s

If this comes true, it's finally game over.

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Haha and I just forgot that display!!

Yeah, give us a 5" super amoled with SEVEN TWONNY P. And then price it at $ 649 - $ 699 off contract. This is going to be a perfect plan to entirely destroy the image, brand and company.


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Whatever they do it won't be good enough. Based on the crap that is always being thrown around. I would love to see a set of spec surveys for future generations of phones. But that being said, who really knows what will be available.

Posted via CB10

More speculation of this company spreading itself too thin. How about you make one great device. Not 10 at the same time

If it is 4.5" might consider, and anything bigger than that no. I have small hands plus I don't want the phone to cover my face when I am talking. If I buy for portable games player, yes I would consider the 5.0".

To BBRY : A10 has to be a true phablet because........you have Z10 size and prodtivety type of a phone already..........Q10 for the keyboard lovers, Q5 for the value buyers........that leaves you to compete with Note 2,,,,,,,,, so go big to stand out like 5.5, this could be PlayBook alternative, maybe give PlayBook customers some rebate. .........big device so it stands difference than z10..........market it like hell.......

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

Even if the device runs great on those specs, I think they should step it up notch. Whether it's a valid point or not, there is a spec war with smartphones and a coming back BlackBerry doesn't need to be mediocre. I want to be comfortable enough to upgrade the software or new Os versions and it run fine for the next 3 or more years. Also, the camera should blow people away, should have more mps and even some well known lens manufacturer pumping it up.

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Unfortunately the attention is already being given to the next device. BlackBerry needs a successful launch of its current product, including a relaunch of the Z10.

NO,BB has an opportunity to cash in on this one, and ,reach 2nd base, if they want to hit a Home Run in the long term,2 years.Let's see some of BB's innovative resources going forward,Big Time! I refuse to buy anything ,just because it's new from BB,like so many of their fans have done in the past. I love my Z and would love to own the A as well,but ,it will have to be something spectacular, about it, to make me buy one.

the Z10 battery lasts 6 hours off charger on minimal use.
imagine a 5" screen....3 hours off charger?
not a chance.
i wish i could go back in time and not buy the Z10. my 9900 was better.

Oh come on man, it hasn't enough yet. BB must competitive with another smartphone like samsung and iphone.
Wish list:
Quad core processor around 2 Ghz.
Camera at least 13 MP
4.2 inch is enough instead 5" is to big for my pocket :p
RAM at least 2 GB
S Amoled
Excellent and elegant design

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Needs 1080 and 4gb ram to have any chance of success. New phones with non-cutting edge specs is RIMs formula for failure

Posted via CB10

Nope. It has nothing to do with specs, well just the screen size. I like using my device one handed. On my Z10, I can reach from one corner of the screen to the other and that's how I like it. Maybe if hey kept the same size dimensions as the Z10 and only increased the screen size, then I would consider it.

I was excited about the A10.... till the 5" screen.

Z10 is where I stand, the specs are ok. It's just too big for a phone. Too small for a tablet.

Posted via CB10

Doesn't matter what specs its got and what size screen... If it's a full touchscreen, you've lost me... If it's a slider then maybe... No physical keyboard is a deal breaker for me after using the z10

It sounds like too big as a phone and too small as a tablet to me. I need to see it "in the flesh" before deciding. I'm also still fuming about this whole PlayBook debacle...BlackBerry needs to restore the trust of the PlayBook faithful. I don't want BB10 on PB. I just want continued support, snappier browser and my friggin Bridge functionality restored! THEN we can talk about sinking more money into BB hardware.

Whether you don't like a larger screen, a phablet phone, faster processor, more memory, a keyboard on this board does not matter, because you are what is killing BB! This company needs a product, a high end product that is state of the art. Feature laden with awesome specs is what is selling. Just coming out with a ho hum spec's device is not going to cut it. The consumer world cannot be wrong...look at what they are buying and it is not BB. Go to Asia...walk around and observe...Christ walk around in the mall here in Canada.. observe what people have...not rocket science.

This article is silly. Specs need to be matched with pricing.
The S3 is still selling well despite it having z10 like specs, simply because it's priced right (and has a large app catalogue).

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

It has to be as thin as an iphone 5, magnesium would make some great talking point, and of course, has to look expensive. Forget core ramz thousand p. SVELTE MAGNESIUM!

People that don't like the size can always buy z10 so bigger the better.....5.5 inch and same time one or two more big name apps......market it much......make it a multi media type phone.....great games and app to appeal to huge market

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

Tell me how apple does so well with one phone and 1.5 "tablets"?

BlackBerry is trying too hard to appease the masses yet the masses aren't buying blackberrys.

Stop with multiple devices that all do the exact...err, sorry...that DON'T do the exact same shit. This "phablet" better launch with epic features and Native Apps!

On my Z10 somewhere in the GTA.

Hardware Specs aren't what I'm looking for. I would like to purchase the Q10 now, but considering the lack of market readiness that my Z10 has, I'm not dropping another dime on BlackBerry products until they get their act together. Bring the Z10 and the Q10 up to snuff, and I'll buy the Q10 and the A10.

Posted via CB10

Depends, 5" display is bigger than my preference, I'd like to see how big the device is overall.

Other considerations:
- Built materials
- OS features
- Must be quad core with high end specs; if it's a dual core, forget it! (I'm not too hung up over this, but if BB is serious, this needs to be done for marketings sake if nothing else).
- Battery life

5 inch is a little to much for me. Z10 I'd perfect size IMO. I will wait and hope for a better packed out Z10 to come out in the future.

Posted via CB10

For sure I buy because of specs quad core compare to my z10 dual core and heating issues with it.

Posted via CB10

Nope, specs already behind and it will take blackberry for ever to work the bugs out. Not to mention they haven't even got BB10 working properly yet. Hate to say it BlackBerry is on the way out.

Posted via CB10

13MP camera, 5.2 inch screen. That should be good enough. LCD, not stupid amoled.

Posted via CB10


Z10 - 130 x 65.6 x 9 mm, 4.2 inch screen
GS4 - 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, 5 inch screen

No, I had to go for a 2 year contract to get the Z10, and I'm not buying one at full price when the phone I have works just fine.

If I was in need of an upgrade? Maybe.

Posted via CB10

I just want a Z10 with a HUGE battery!I think the specs are enough because I rarely face any laggings and I have very very very much sideloaded and ported apps.all that we really need are popular apps.pleaseeeee

Posted via CB10

I'm probably more interested in better battery life. My Z10 gets terrible battery life. I'd be interested to see how BB10 works with a quadcore too.

My concerns. What good will all this screen size and horsepower do without popular apps? You don't need all that for surfing the net and email. And second if they actually want to release this by fall there has been zero leaks so far. I don't have confidence in a fall 2013 release.

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Nice specs but as a man, I would never buy a "Phablet".. It wouldn't fit in my pockets and would make me look ridiculous.. The Z10 has the PERFECT screen size..

Sorry to repeat my post above, but:

Z10 - 130 x 65.6 x 9 mm, 4.2 inch screen
GS4 - 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, 5 inch screen

A 5" screen doesn't necessarily mean a phone that's really any different in size to the Z10 - just dispelling myths

They have to lead on thijs one. Then can't afford to be behind the specs curve any longer, as it indicates a lack of managements ability to understand what changes need to be ade to win back customers and compete in this market. I understand being conservative with the Z10, but now the apps are starting to come and BB needs to put a devise out there that is going to have intersting specs and leads the industry. I say put out an A10 and an A10 mini with octocore and 4 gig of ram. Make the bezel razor thin. Drop the hdmi, if they need to in order to make it as compact as possible. Alos offer it in 16, 32, and 64 gig. If the screw this up, it's truely over.

Didn't vote because there's no option for "No, don't like 5" screens for a phone".

I think 4.5" screen size is just right for me. The SII has the right size, but the greenish tint and over-saturated red and orange colors put me off.

What I like to see with the A10 is a slightly larger Z10 look to it. Because the S4 and other larger Samsung phones just don't look attractive at all IMO. The Z10 looks quite sexy.

Why does BBRY always seem to be 1+ year behind. Rumours is that no removable battery which just makes this a me too phone. Hopefully battery can provide a full 18-24 hours of heavy use. Camera specs as usual are behind and not impressive. Fine with dual core but suspect they need quad to stay in the game and to not lose out simply because folks think the specs are too lacking. With the issues with the PB and lack of memory, I would go with 3 or 4GB of DDR5 memory. Who knows what Jelly Bean will need and likely why so much memory is required. BBRY has been terrible at future proofing their phones simply for the next major os release. I suspect the Z10 isn't future proof and they need to start designing for at least 2 major os versions and possibly 3.

Whoops, fourth. I guess third for me because I'm with SaskTel and I don't think they'll get the Q5. If they do, then I will buy one of those too.

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