World's Toughest Mudder and a BlackBerry!

By James Richardson on 4 Nov 2012 05:16 am EST

Over on the BlackBerry Business Blog they have published a story about a gentleman who goes by the name of Neall Hards. Neall is taking part in his first World's Toughest Mudder, something I have never heard of, and for those of you in the dark like me here's the low down:

Competitors will have 24 hours to complete as many laps of a Tough Mudder course as they can. At the 24 hour mark, all competitors must complete the lap they are on and the winners will be whichever participants have completed the greatest number of laps in the allotted 24+ hours.

Sounds a bit bonkers if you ask me, but Neall can't be that mad as he relies on his trusty BlackBerry, so we instantly love him. Like many of us, Neall has used a BlackBerry for over ten years in business. When it came to training for the gruelling event he discovered runtastic Pro which which uses his BlackBerry smartphone's GPS functionality to track his running distances, kilometer paces and time averages.

"The runtastic app on my BlackBerry smartphone acts as a coach and as a running mate," said Hards. "Whether it tells me that I'm running at a great pace or that I'm lagging, the constant flow of information motivates me to push even harder."

"All I need is a waterproof bag and my backpack," said Hards. "My BlackBerry smartphone swims with me, rolls around with me and gets muddy with me, and I've never had any issues."

"There isn't a day that goes by, or an hour that goes by, where I don't pick up my BlackBerry smartphone and use it for something," said Hards. "I just can't put it down."

There are both a Pro and free lite version of runtastic in BlackBerry App World. Watch out for a wee review coming soon, although would you mind if I just went for a walk?

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World's Toughest Mudder and a BlackBerry!


What a joke! How can so much be written and touted about such a limited app. This app is a 3rd tier program compared to Strava. Strava is the Facebook for athletes who track their performance and it's only available on iOS and Android. I only mention this because I see content like this boasting about the usefulness of BB when in reality as a BB user you are subjected to apps that are half baked and offer less functionality than what you can get on a competing platform.

Hi NJ9, could you just let me know about some of the differences? I am thinking of starting to track my runs, and if i need a better app than what BB offers, then (along with a host of other reasons) I might just upgrade something before BB10 (gasp, I know, but life must go on with or without BB10...)

Uh, if you actually read the article, you'll see that they were never claiming that the Blackberry is useful because of this app. They were talking about his comments about how he uses his Blackberry for everything all of the time. They just mentioned the app because it's what this particular guy decided to use for when he competes in the tough mudder... But don't worry, keep trolling. There are bound to be people who would give you the attention you so desperately need. Like I am right now, lol.

Wonder why this issue wasn't brought up. Would any phone really be able to keep an app running and tracking for 24 hours without needing a recharge???

Well, gee, let's see...he uses it for TRAINING.
For the actual event, he no doubt has a coach/crew to track for him and/or recharge.
Perhaps he has spare batteries?
A portable charger?
The mystery deepens...

Remember he has a BlackBerry. Aka long battery life ;)

My older BB's like my 9700 would have easily been able to go 24 current 9900, no to mutch :(

Let's hope my future BB10 will be able to :)

I have a special battery pack that I have tested, it is the size of the BOLD (slightly thicker) and it plugged into my BOLD. It will give me more than 40 hours of tracking battery life when I need it without swapping batteries and stops charging when the BOLD battery is fully charged.

I get to the first link, but to read more it tells me page not found. Try some of the farming wrist devices. At least they used to have a limited recharge time also.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Now that would make a mess of your hair locks wouldn't it. I kidd, (but it would) :) sounds interesting. THIS I would love to see on video.
After spending today moving hung into my attic I think it might kill me. Had no idea what terrible shape I was in.

I did Tough Mudder Seattle back a month ago! It was awesome! I wanted to bring my Bold 9900 to live track with Endomondo but I really wish there was a lifeproof case eqivalent for my phone so I left it in my drop bag. I did use it with Endomondo a lot during my training though.

My son has run in several Tough Mudders- but the last one he was entered in was canceled due to mud in the parking lots!!!! No.......seriously!

Hey Guys Neall here just to answer some of your questions

1. Yes I have used this app and my BOLD in all my races like the Spartan Death race (25K) and my TM qualifier (17K). I have also used the BOLD to track my 30+K runs with no issues.

2., I will be using it to track my Entire 24h race

3. I have a special battery pack that I have tested, it is the size of the BOLD (slightly thicker) and it plugged into my BOLD. It will give me more than 40 hours of tracking battery life when I need it without swapping batteries and stops charging when the BOLD battery is fully charged.

4. I use a SEAL LINE eSeries™ 12 case along with a SEAL LINE CIRRUS sack (to be safe) to put both pieces of equipment in, with no issues. I use these cases as they are low profile and fit in my hydration pack and low profile waist pack (for when I need to switch)

You will be able to watch my training and race via my website and send me real-time cheers (meaning you send a cheer and I get it instantly here which I will need at 3am

Let me know if you have any more questions