The World's Most Expensive BlackBerry - A $240k Curve 8900

By Adam Zeis on 25 Sep 2009 11:34 am EDT

$240k Curve 8900 

I remember wandering around Vegas at last year's CES and Kevin and I took a stroll by the Vertu store. We admired their offerings, but in no way could have coughed up the $12k to buy one. Well it looks like we'd have to save a bit more to snag the highest-end BlackBerry device to fit our obession. It looks like the world's most expensive BlackBerry is a diamond encrusted Curve 8900 that rings in at $240k. Our good friend Al Sacco has all the details, so check out his blog for the full scoop. Even if you could afford this... would you really want to? 

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The World's Most Expensive BlackBerry - A $240k Curve 8900


dumb dumb dumb...did I mention dumb. what multi national company head is going to defraud customers / employers to buy this for his mistress??

what a waste!

That phone looks like it has a case on it made by a first grader who went to the arts and crafts section at Walmart and bought a bunch of cheap studs to put on it. Even if I had that kind of money to drop on one of those I wouldn't that phone looks awful!!!

at least put it on a higher end blackberry like a storm2 or a tour. all the bling in the world wont give it 3G data speed....unless its the plan all along to stand there waiting for the web page to load while showing off the bling factor

We've got VZW's amazing 3G coverage, we don't need no stinkin wifi.. and we don't have a cheap feeling keyboard either.. ;)

in all seriousness though, they really should've picked a nicer phone to do this with, Storm2 or 9700.. the REAL question is can we get it on contract for $199 after rebates?

I like it. Would I buy it? No. It just screams, "Look at me, I have emotional problems. This is how I cope." I would do color ware though.

If you ever used a phone like that, you would have to OtterBox it to protect it, therefore covering the ugly ass diamonds anyways, so what is the point?

Wonder what it would be like to have too much money.

the world is full of people who look for lavish things. also, full of the eccentric and those who have so much money they look for ways to spend it. personally, i think the phone is ugly as sin and all the diamonds in the world can't help it's performance. needless to say this is crackberry and anyone who pays that much for a phone DEFINITELY can be said to have a BB fetish, lmao.

p.s. sure a tattoo is forever, but 240K?

LOL this is so awful looking. Speaking of Vertu, who the hell would pay 4k for a nokia? It can't even do the things a bb can and a bb is cheaper and, in my opinion, better looking. Like a previous poster said, even rhinestones would look better than that expensive mess. It doesn't even look good because the keyboard is black, and so is the bottom. Maybe if they made them white it would look as slapped together as it does but everyone has an opinion lol.

Taste free zone Paris Hilton probably has 3 on order. One to lose, one to be stolen and one to drop in a toilet.

If you think this is wild check out the Vertu phones made by Nokia, They come with a 24 hour conciege service and can run close to a million.. Why people pay this much for phones is beyond me, but some people have so much $ they got nothing better to do..

If I was going to spend a crazy amount of money on a phone it would be on a Vertu for sure. Because they are "born" that way, and not "made" after they are born. I'm sure that phone won't work after a year and then what are you going to do?

Although, I gotta say... I love having crap like this that nobody else has. Its just too much money.

wow its such a shame someone wasted all those diamonds to make such a hideous looking phone!!!!! it actually made me have more pride inthe way mine looks lol

i bet if you ran a contest with one of these babys you site would overload lol
i still perfer it to be a storm2 or the 9900 ;)

I could see server failure in the future if one of these were given away on CB.. I could also see whomever wins it turning around and selling it for sheer profit lolz

Stupid, ugly, and wasteful. Now, an 8900 with an Aston Martin Vanquish wrapped around it, that might be worth $240k.

Is that the subsidized price with a 2 year contract, or can I get out of my contract if I decide I want to port out to Verizon Wireless?

saw dis link on twitter..was excited 2c d most expensive bb..what a waste!! i own a curve 8900 and i love it!!..this phone is an insult 2 looks like shit mahn!! i wudnt even take it for free..i dunt wanna lose my self respect!! ;p

Please order me up a couple. I will pay the C.O.D. charges gladly for one of these. Does it come in pink diamonds? And a razor blade to slash my throat after I've made this fantastic purchase.

You could fly to London and pick one up for 120K pounds (192K dollars at this moment). Plus you could probably get tickets to Top Gear from a scalper since you're probably wealthy enough to get past the 21 year waiting period for tickets.

i dont think it is worth $240k. it just looks like one of those cheap covers they sell at a kiosk at the mall.

if the ugly casters get it they will take it without question, its a greaat looking phone but one thing the cheeper parts like the keyboard and the back plastic kinda dimmed the face and the back. i will like to see a platinum keyboard to go with it as well and the back part too, by the way i got a 10k gold one with gold lines on the keyboard. lol

that's fugly ... wonder if the diamonds would improve reception on at&t or give you near 3g speeds. shit, at that cost, it should be FIOS speeds.