World's First Multi-Carrier BlackBerry Store Opens

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Dec 2007 05:03 pm EST

BlackBerry Store

If I wasn't already going to Cuba in three weeks for a vacation I know what I'd be doing instead... taking a road trip down to Farmington Hills, Michigan to check out the world's first multi-carrier BlackBerry store!

While I like to think of as the online Mecca for BlackBerry Users, with only one of these concept stores currently planned this might be just be the offline equivalent (at least until we open up a physical CrackBerry store - now there's an idea!!!).

The BlackBerry Store from Wireless Giant is a multi-carrier store where BlackBerry smartphones from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless can be purchased and activated for use with BlackBerry® Internet Service and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. The store also offers training services for both end users and IT administrators from companies and organizations of all sizes. Customers will also find a range of add-on software applications and personal accessories for their BlackBerry smartphone.

So whaddya think? Is it worth the trip to Farmington Hills? 

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World's First Multi-Carrier BlackBerry Store Opens


I'll pass on a road trip to michigan, but i'm all for opening a location, I'll be the first in Canada :), specially in Halifax, where the only BB retailers are wireless carriers charging exhorbant amounts for OEM equipment, that be be purchased from BB or crackberry shop, for wayyy cheaper, think about could even offer software in store, just set up a puter fo customers...oh man, the possibilities....Look what you started with me Kevin.

come to michigan i'll show you around, you might be driving around madison heights awhile. the store is in farmington hills, wireless giant hq is in madison heights. i'll probably go there in a couple days to check it out and let you know how nice it is and find out how knowledgeable the staff is! happy holidays!

My bad, I changed it up to Farmington Hills in the post. thanks for catching that! lonnnng day.

Definitely snap some pics while you're there and report back to us with all the details!

I hope the staff has at least heard of!

RIM needs more of these types of boutiques and kiosks strategically placed to elevate the brand....bravo RIM!

...where you walk in, put your hands on working models of every BlackBerry device, ask questions, and get intelligent, informative, correct answers. A place where you can choose your device, get it unlocked, and activate it on the network of your choice. While you wait. A place where you can take your BlackBerry to be repaired under warranty. While you wait.


Come on down for a visit to the Motor city. Better to wait until January though and hit up the North American International Auto show also. Ahh, go somewhere warm, we can check out the store.....

Yea its sweet people. I stay 1 mile away and was there opening day. i feeel it is well worth it. please go!! they have it all u seen it they got it.

I live in Michigan. FH is only a 20 minute drive for me. And seeing as how I am looking to get my first blackberry, guess where I'll be heading very soon?

in the general blackbery forum.

and to all those hating on MI, stop. So NYC didn't get something, boo hoo. Its in MI, right by Detroit. Yeah I said it! mwahahahahahaha

Maybe thats where the smart business people live.