WorldMate Partners Up with American Express Business Travel

By Adam Zeis on 27 Apr 2010 01:48 pm EDT


WorldMate has announced today that they have partnered up with American Express Business Travel. This will allow American Express Business Travel users to have better service on the go with the well established WorldMate application. The program is currently rolling out to some clients and will be fully available later this year. Hit the jump for the full release.

Press Release

WorldMate to Provide Mobile Travel Services to American Express Business Travel

Orlando, FL, WES 2010, April 27, 2010 - WorldMate today announced its collaboration with American Express Business Travel, a leading global travel management company, to add WorldMate's mobile technology to their overall mobile platform for clients. WorldMate's premium services will broaden American Express Business Travel's current mobile offering and be available to its customers using BlackBerry® smartphones.

WorldMate mobile technology gives business travelers access to more information to cope with flight cancellations, sudden meeting changes, and last second booking requirements. The American Express mobile travel services resulting from this collaboration will provide road warriors with the essential tools they need to monitor and control their itineraries. Services include:

  • Automatic itinerary synchronization
  • Pop-up flight alerts accompanied by suggested alternative flights when necessary
  • Calendar synchronization to add business meetings into the itinerary
  • Sharing of itineraries with colleagues and business contacts
  • Itinerary integration with third party mapping and navigation application
  • Social networking tools allowing travelers to locate and connect with colleagues
  • One-click access to American Express Business travel counselors

"Connectivity around-the-clock and around-the-globe through mobile devices is becoming business as usual for business travelers." said Lisa Durocher, senior vice president, American Express Business Travel. "Offering real-time client support that benefits both business travelers and corporate travel managers is a key pillar in our servicing platform. We see the mobile arena expanding and continue to build upon our mobile services by partnering with leading mobile and technology suppliers including WorldMate as technology continues to produce better ways of serving our clients' needs."

"We are pleased to work closely with American Express Business Travel to help realize their customers' mobile needs," said Jean Tripier, CEO of WorldMate. "Millions of business travelers across virtually all major corporations rely on WorldMate and American Express separately today, and this collaboration brings a remarkable level of combined service into the hands of millions more."

American Express Business Travel is currently piloting the program with clients and the full commercial rollout is planned for later this year.

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Reader comments

WorldMate Partners Up with American Express Business Travel


This is a perfect marriage for companies like mine that use Amex business travel services and BBs on a corporate network. As I've been traveling more lately, I'll definitely be using this app when it becomes available.

Nice find...

I've been using the free app for a while and it's been great. I travel at least 10 times a year for work and another 4-5 trips for pleasure... Worldmate is awesome... I have not tried their professional version yet and so far haven't found the need. This partnership is great and I can't wait to see when / if it gets rolled out to my company...

I hope worldmate continues to look for more partners...

In fact, I hope more apps such as yelp, opentable, and others make their apps more blackberry friendly.

Worldmate partnering with sites such as yelp and open table would make their app even better...

The best thing for us business travelers if accessing one app to do many things... I'm always interested in finding great places to eat for business dinners etc...

I've been slowly indoctrinating my co-workers about the value of Worldmate and this will make the app even more of an essential. I'm a road warrier / frequent traveler and cannot live without Worldmate!