WorldMate Live Gets a Facelift: Save 25%

WorldMate Live Gets an Update
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Oct 2008 10:25 am EDT

today is software announcement catch-up day... expect a few software posts!

WorldMate recently announced some updates to its popular WorldMate Live travel service, including a a facelift to both its website and BlackBerry App! With a Yahoo! Go carousel and a personalized dashboard, the new look and feel is pretty slick.

And, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of WorldMate Live on BlackBerry, the Gold service is available at 25% discount (use the promo code: specialwml).

Keep reading after the jump for a feature overview and screencaps of the updated application.

WorldMate Live Overview

WorldMate Live -- available on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices -- allows travelers to easily create, plan and manage their entire itinerary, as well as access critical real-time information related to their travel schedule.

Additional services currently available on WorldMate Live include:

  • Hotel booking -- allows users to make reservations on-the-go based on their precise location and personal preferences; partnership with enables secure transactions directly on the mobile device.
  • Itinerary manager -- automatically creates, organizes, syncs and makes it easy to share travel details on the Web and mobile device; eliminates paper printouts of flight, hotel and ground transportation reservations, as well as meetings and appointments.
  • Contextually relevant tools and resources -- one-click access to real-time flight status; maps and directions to hotel, meetings and airport; and weather forecasts, allowing members to easily prepare for and access information about their travel.
  • Real-time "push" notifications -- enables members to become instantly aware of and respond to changes in their travel plans, including flight delays and cancellations.




For a limited time, in celebration of WorldMate Live's one-year anniversary, the Company is offering a 25% discount off a WorldMate Live Gold subscription. Anyone wishing to purchase the premium service simply needs to click "Go Gold" within the application after installing the Free version and enter promotional code specialwml. WorldMate Live Gold includes the following additional services:

  • Automatic flight alerts for over 175 airlines and instant access to alternate flights;
  • Real-time flight status with departure and arrival gate information;
  • Flight schedules for more than 95% of the world's commercial flights;
  • Satellite weather imagery (Windows Mobile only);
  • Comprehensive travel directory (BlackBerry only); and,
  • Customer Service via email.

Visit for more information.

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Reader comments

WorldMate Live Gets a Facelift: Save 25%


WML has always been a great app, now its even better & looks superb on the Bold. One of the best apps for any BB.

I went to GOLD status last month. NOW they discount it?!?!?
Dammit man.But I LOVE the program.Looking forward to more updates.

This app is worth every penny, even at full price! I fly over 180,000 miles every year around the world and WML is my travelling travel agent companion.
I'm not very organized but, with WML, it doesn't matter.
Sometimes you have to manually imput the travel data into the computer for syncing but, in most cases, WML does it quite flawlessly.
This is the best app I have on my BB.