WorldMate Live 3.0 For BlackBerry Released - 10 Gold Subscriptions to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 24 Sep 2009 09:49 am EDT
WorldMate Live 3.0 For BlackBerry Released.

If you have ever travelled with your BlackBerry and NOT used Worldmate, now is a great time to check it out. Worldmate has been updated to version 3.0 and brings with it a lot of changes to an already amazing application. A quick look at the changes shows just how helpful Worldmate can be and personally, I live by this app when travelling. New additions include:

  • Yelp Local Search Services - Find restaurants, shopping, night-clubs and other businesses wherever you go.
  • Calendar Sync Changes - WorldMate synchronizes your travel itinerary with your calendar automatically!
  • Hotel Booking Improvements (Smart Hotel Search) - In the improved version, hotels now appear in a list layout with thumbnail images and include special offer notifications.
  • Rail Support in Automatic Itinerary Generation - WorldMate’s parsing system now supports rail booking confirmations. Users can forward confirmation emails from Amtrak, Eurostar, TheTrainLine and others and have these bookings automatically integrated in their itineraries – just like flight, hotels and car rentals.
  • Map & Directions -The “Map & Directions” feature opens the BB map service instead of a static map

Worldmate is currently available with a free trial to check out the full Gold package services. If you do wish to keep the Gold package after the trial it does come in at $99.95 per year, but for someone who does a lot of travelling it is well worth the cost.

Contest: We have 10 Gold subscriptions to Worldmate Live to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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WorldMate Live 3.0 For BlackBerry Released - 10 Gold Subscriptions to Give Away!



I use worldmate and its great for world clock, currency etc.

Would be good to win a subscription, cheers

I have used this since day 1 and its awesome.
I travel alot with my trusted Berry and this app helps me get through the travel BS!

Great app, keep up the good work!

given i am on the road for about 216 weeks a year. this would be great for me to be able to use this

This app is amazing..i used it when i went to puerto rico earlier this year, and it update me on my flight delays, my flight departure gate and all. everything i needed was at my fingertips...i love it, especially because i travel alot!

Best application ever for people who travel, even not that often, it's a great place to put all the information of your trip. No lost reservations, and very important: Paperless !!!. I bet the Gold version is a must for people who travel is their way-of-life.

This is the first contest I have seen that I would like to here is my entry. :) Pick me, pick me! (Does beggin help???) LOL

Hello - great program - when I traveled more for business, I used Worldmate religously. Great app!

Jeff Bourque

I have used previous version of Worldmate extensively and can attest to the usefulness this program bring any traveler, whether regular business or part-time vacation traveling, both would be able to travel more relaxed with the features this program offers. I look forward to seeing what the newest version might have to offer.

not sure how i have never heard of this application! i travel frequently and could definitely make use of something like this.

Great product, I love the free version. I'm guessing the Gold subscription is GREAT and would love to give it a test drive.

I use the model 2.7.10, the amazing app help me to travel the world a lot, i can know all the thing about my every tour, show me the gold subscription pls.

I travel two weeks of every month and have been using this software for about the last 5 months. I love it! It's been really helpful for remembering what flight I'm on and so forth. I can't afford the Gold subscription but if I could win it that would be awesome

Wow this would be a great app. Especially when I have to travel with my company! I would definitely love to give this a try. Maybe ill be one of the lucky 10.

I have used this app for years and love it. Last month my Gold subscription expired so this has come just at the right time

The best thing about this app (beyond syncing your travel itinerary to calendar) is the ability to find alternate flights quickly if there is a cancellation or delay!

I travel 4 days a week, which includes airplanes, rental cars, and hotels every week. Worldmate has made my life soo much easier. I now just forward the itinerary from my travel agent and everything appears in my calendar.

This is ideal for the casual traveler and the frequent traveling professional!

The only reason I stay in my basement and never leave my house is because I don't have Worldmate. If you select me, you would be giving me the ultimate gift of freedom!

Worldmate is great. I've tried it on lots of devices before I became a BB user. It's definitely the best application of its kind in terms of feature set, all round stability across different platforms and performance. I've always admired it but to be honest I've always found the Gold subscription to be a bit steap. I'll give the 3.0 trial a shot and see how it goes!!

I've been using the trial version and love it. So nice to have all that information at my fingertips. Would love to have the Gold. Please include me in the contest. Thank you.

Fantastic program - I use it all the time but just can't justify the price of the Gold membership. With all the delays and cancellations I've been experiencing in Atlanta, though, it's probably a good idea...

Awesome program. I use the basic unpaid version, and it works excellent for me. Would love to have a gold subscription!!!

You have no clue how bad I would love to have a subscription to this. I use the free version now, AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I travel it quite a bit and so I always send my itenaries to this app and keep track of my flights. I also use it to keep track of friends and family traveling too! It's a phenominal app!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!! I want to win this SOOOO BAD!!!

Yes, please!! I would love to own a Gold copy of Worldmate! I almost bought it once but I needed to save money. I'm going to Japan in 78 days (Dec 11th - Jan 7th) actually, and this would be awesome for that!

I feel sorry for blackberry users. I've had mine for a day and I want to run over it with my car now that my iPhone was taken away. These things are pitiful.

I've used Worldmate Live Trial Version, and it's great! Would LOVE to win a free copy of Gold since I travel so much for work!

Travel Channel should be promoting it!

I've been an avid version of the free version but I would absolutely love the fully featured version.

Good luck fellow crackberries

Would love a copy of this as i travell often for the business i work for and it would def give me a heads up on my travels

I've left a comment on this post to be entered ... used this app and it rules. Please Please Please choose me ;-)

Awesomeness is on the agenda and your invited... So glad 3.0 is out... I truly hope I win. Regardless awesome news!!

this program would be great. I tried before with the Trial but not really looking to spend $100/per year on a subscription.

This has been one of the most helpful applications on my device. Since our budget cuts on expenses has kicked in, I had to cancel my Gold subscription and stick with the Free edition for the last few months.
Still use it frequently, but miss the automatic flight status changes feature.

Count me in for a contest entry!

Well To Be True With U Guys, They Made It Really Better N Faster Then Before N Well Adjusted For BlackBerry Storm. Keep It Up The Very Professional Work.



I gave this software a try and loved it. It gives you reminders/alarms about your flight, the Flight status updates are great and it asks you do you want to change your clock when you are in a new time zone. It has all the features that a traveler would need in regards to weather, hotel booking info. I like that it welcomes me to my new destination when I arrive. I Would Love to take advantage of the full version of the software.

My wife and I travel a bit and have used the trail version. Having some Gold love would make us some smart and savvy Blackberry Travelistas!

This is an app to have...