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Twitter and LinkedIn apps for BlackBerry 10 updated

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LinkedIn for Blackberry updated to version

WorldMate for BlackBerry Adds Ability to Connect with LinkedIn Contacts - Win 1 of 4 Gold Subscriptions

By Adam Zeis on 9 Feb 2010 09:12 am EST


WorldMate has long been know as the "go-to" app for travelers. With flight alerts, hotel info, itinerary tracking, weather and more, WorldMate stands above the rest. Today they have added another weapon to their arsenal by announcing integration with the popular business network LinkedIn. The new partnership allows WorldMate users to share travel and meeting itineraries, notify contacts when arriving in destination cities, search contacts by city and more.

"This WorldMate integration is a perfect synchronization of our two companies' strengths and goals," said Adam Nash, Vice President of Search & Platform Products at LinkedIn. "LinkedIn's mission is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. The Worldmate integration extends our mission by allowing members to access their professional networks when they're on-the-go. WorldMate has taken an innovative approach to our APIs, extending and tying together the LinkedIn experience to both web and mobile."

This makes WorldMate one of the first companies to incorporate with LinkedIn and offer enhanced features. The new tools will definitely keep WorldMate at the top of it's game, and give users multiple options for better staying in touch with business contacts when traveling. The LinkedIn app is still said to be on the way, but this will help keep users in touch for the mean time. A WorldMate Gold subscription will run you $99 for the year (a free trial is available) but if you travel often it is well worth it. The new version will be pushed out to current users on February 16th. Check out the full press release after the jump.

Contest: To enter to win 1 of 4 one-year WorldMate Gold subscriptions, leave a comment on this post telling us how WorldMate helps you with your travels and/or travel planning. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

WorldMate Enables Business Travelers To Connect With Their LinkedIn Contacts When On The Road - Integration with LinkedIn's API empowers WorldMate members to schedule meetings with colleagues while planning or on trips directly from their BlackBerry smartphone

Palo Alto, CA February 9, 2010 - WorldMate Inc., the industry leader in mobile travel services with nearly 5 million members worldwide, announced today that it has integrated with LinkedIn's APIs to give WorldMate users the power to connect with business colleagues in their destination city. WorldMate members will be able to communicate easily with their entire LinkedIn network through the WorldMate website and Blackberry app.

With this new offering, members can share their travel and meeting itineraries, notify their business contacts when they arrive in their destination city, search for contacts by city, and quickly access professional profiles of their colleagues before walking into their next meeting. This LinkedIn functionality is immediately available to all WorldMate users.

"This WorldMate integration is a perfect synchronization of our two companies' strengths and goals," said Adam Nash, Vice President of Search & Platform Products at LinkedIn. "LinkedIn's mission is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. The Worldmate integration extends our mission by allowing members to access their professional networks when they're on-the-go. WorldMate has taken an innovative approach to our APIs, extending and tying together the LinkedIn experience to both web and mobile."

As one of the first companies to integrate with the new LinkedIn API, WorldMate enhances its premium features in order to make all aspects of business travel as easy as possible. The LinkedIn integration to WorldMate gives members a host of new tools to manage business connections, including:
  • Quick view of nearby LinkedIn Connections within the WorldMate itinerary
  • A mobile pop-up displaying which LinkedIn Connections are in town upon arrival
  • The ability to scan for and connect with colleagues in the same town

"One of the most important aspects of business travel is building and maintaining professional relationships," Said Nadav Gur, CEO of WorldMate. "It is only natural to incorporate networking when scheduling an upcoming trip and our integration with LinkedIn makes this possible as never before. WorldMate is dedicated to developing the best features and functionality to make business travel more successful for our members."

About LinkedIn
LinkedIn is an Internet platform company focused on connecting the world's professionals. The company is privately held and has a diversified business model with revenues driven from user subscriptions, advertising sales and software licensing. The LinkedIn web site was launched in 2003 and is the largest professional networking site in the world with more than 55 million m embers representing 200 countries and executives from every Fortune 500 Company. The company's worldwide corporate headquarters is based in Mountain View, Calif.

About WorldMate
WorldMate is the personal travel assistant chosen by nearly 5 million business and premiere travelers worldwide. WorldMate caters to every aspect of business travel, understands your personal preferences and recommends the ideal options for the best possible travel experience. WorldMate sends real-time "push" alerts about itinerary updates and changes, including flight delays and cancellations and includes travel resources including flight schedules, weather forecasts, travel directories, maps, world clocks, a currency converter and much more. WorldMate, Inc. is privately held and based in Palo Alto, CA. For more information visit


WorldMate is a great program that helps me double check my itineraries while riding in the cab on the way to the airport. A gold subscription would definitely help mainly because of the automatic flight alerts. Living in Minneapolis means you never know when a flight could be delayed due to weather. This application is a life saver.


i really need this app bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Could I please have one I really need this!


Have been using the free version for a while now. Pretty easy to use and really helps a forgetful old man keep his itinerary in front of him!


World Mate is very helpful in that it keeps all my travel information in 1 place. No shuffling through papers for confirmation numbers, addresses or telephone numbers. Also during the free trial of the gold subscription the flight alerts helped me keep up with whether my flights were ontime or delayed. If I don't win it I'll probably upgrade anyway since I'll be doing so much traveling this year.


Such a helpful travel tool. All of your travel information is at your hand (flight numbers, gates, hotel info and more.) I also find the currency converter, world clock, and weather functions to be very handy.


I've been using World Mate for most of my travel over the last year and it is a great program.

I would love a premium subscription.


I've used it (and my girlfriend also purchased a gold subscription for 1 month) for planning my travel to Colombia last year.

Useful for the plane reminder, check in etc.


Souns good :) Want it!


I'm a very recent convert to Worldmate and it is the simplicity of having one application managing my itinerary and being able to share it at the click of a button.


I love this program. I use it alot. I love the currency converter and use it constantly.


Would love to use this on my tour!


I would love to have this with the Linkedin contacts. As a headhunter this would be an awesome tool.


Ever since the day I showed up for a flight 7 hours early...WorldMate has my back. Cheers!

Jason Vorheez

I love the itinerary feature. I live in NY and travel between Atlanta and NY a lot. It helps me keep track of my flights. There's two airports here, so it helps me make sure i'm not going to LGA when i should be going to JFK (I've done that before :-(, lol).


I use worldmate in my personal and business travels. I plug all my flgiht itineraries into the app. being in Boston with the changing weather it keeps me up to date on delays for flights as they happen. unfortunately my subscription was up a few months ago, so i've been without out it... help me get my worldmate back



I have a gold sub already, will be great to get a free year


This is a great ap, would love to have a free year.


I am the fan of WorldMate. Whenever I go oversea trips or attend local events, I use to check WorldMate weather for proper planning of outdoor activities. It has become the need tool of my daily life :)



I would be lost without this application. I would love a 1-year gold subscription!


I recently reloaded this on my Storm 2 for a trip and loved it! would love to get the Gold subscription! great app,especially for the road warriors :)


been using WM for YEARS, back in my HP Jornada days. I deff would love to win this!


I've been using the free version of this app for years now (literally for 2 years -- before the existence of the BB app world). Unfortunately I haven't flown enough to warrant the full version. I do have a few trips coming up this year and being able to track the flights would be a godsend. I've also turned a few of my friends on to the app who do fly frequently.


I use Worldmate to keep my sanity during travel since I travel weekly. It keeps my focus on my clients and not where I need to be.


I could really use a copy in my travels. Please allow me to become a value user.


I've used the free version and its a great app. would like to win this contest.


I need.....thx for opportunity


This is a great integration. Worldmate (WM) has had the connections feature for a while to connect with fellow travellers in a given city; however, I have found it to be difficult to get people (non-users) on board with it as they would also have to be subscribers of the WM service ($$) for full utility.

I have seperately thinking that a service could be developed to answer that question, but this marketing partnership addresses this need and adds value to each company quite nicely.

The key will be how the data is displayed, but Linkedin already has the contacts available and is trusted, while WM has existing APP, great interface and as a trusted go to resource for travel by having everything in one place. I am excited.


let me try this and i may use you 100% of the time


I have used Worldmate for several years now as I travel throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. It keeps my focused and current with appointments and contacts on a global scale. It is also quite good at keeping me informed in changes in travel itineraries. I heartily recommend it.


Looks good, used regular WM but gold seems much better. Please pick me!!!!


I have using the trial edition of Worldmate since using Windows Mobile but after changing to Blackberry, I find it even more user friendly.

I highly recommend this application to frequent travellers.


Traveling in Canada visiting the wife, using the app to look up flight delays and keep up to date on flight changes during the Olympics as I fly into Vancouver on my way to Kamloops.


I don't carry a laptop or netbook around with me when I travel because I'm always afraid of leaving them in a hotel room and possibly stolen (let alone how heavy it all weighs). I have used this app before on a couple of trips, and it was immensely helpful because it allowed me to track my itinerary without having to look for access to a computer or fumble with my phone's native web browser.


I particularly like the fact that it's easy to keep track of flights booked through multiple companies. you just need to forward the confirmation email to Worldmate and you have it on your Blackberry


I particularly like the way WorldMate automatically imports forwarded confirmation emails into both the MyTrips feature in the app itself and to my outlook calendar. It is pricey and I think risks losing some market share to free apps like TripCase, which provides for free a lot of the "gold" features that you have to pay for using WorldMate, but for now WM Live is the king as far as I am concerned.


I travel all the time for work and Worldmate is my goto for my travel plans. Slick interface on the BB side, plus a nice Outlook add-in to get my schedule added to the BB. Great all around package.


when running around europe i need to stay connected!


This would help me to avoid all the annoying canceled/delayed flights I take every other week.


Great to have your entire itinerary in one place. Very useful program for travelers.

Pete Sake

Awesome Product!! a must have


Can I be picked this time?!


a gold subscription would help make things more automatic when traveling...instead of logging into the carriers web page.


The gold subscription will come in handy to keep
track of hotels, flights and weather when parting
in GOA ;-)


I have been using WorldMate Live since I bought my first Blackberry. It is an AWESOME program. I don't travel with anything else.


WorldMate is a perfect tool for travelers. I have been able to look up alternate flights when stranded, convert currency on the fly, get notified when there are changes to itineraries, delays, cancellations and even gate changes.

I had been a gold subscriber in the past, and now I realize how vital a gold subscription really is to a regular traveler.

It would be great to have it back...


Gives me access to my calendar with synchronized flight information -- much faster for working with Ticketing agents when trying to get home faster/earlier!


This app would save me much grief and frustration especially when dealing with weather-related flight delays or cancellations.


it helps me by checking the weather at my destination.


Used WorldMate free edition last fall on a trip to the UK and it greatly helped having everything at my fingertips. Super program!


Awesome App, keeps me organized and ready to go when I travel !!!!


To keep track of my flights.

Thanks for the giveaway


I'd check current FX rates to see if/how much a bank or currency exchange location is trying to screw me over by.


I have been non gold user of worldmate live, it has helped me tremendously with international travel, etc. Live update of your travel info/flight status/gate, etc. Usrely one of the best out there! please dont forget to send one my way!


Im a huge fan of WorldMate and ive been using the free version for so long. I wish i could afford the gold version. My bday is soon this would be a great gift!


This looks very useful


I do a lot of international travel, and with different airlines and is handy to have one place for your itineraries and to be added automatically to the calender and keep track of all the time zones it even reminds you to change the time zone on the blackberry and recommends the new time zone.

Really an awesome app.


I've used it in the past and it's helped me stay on time and catch my flights. Keeps me apprised of the weather at my destination cities and track associates flights as well. Great tool!


I use the free version but would love the gold subscription.


This app has everything! From your flight numbers, gates, hotel info, currency converter, world clock, weather functions; just to name a few! This would be extremely helpful for anyone.


I want a gold subscriptions


helps a ton with organization and planning of trips


use it when i was in dallas for football game


I'm an Englishman working in Russia, with friends and family spread across the globe! With all the travel I have, this would really help me. Also, as an avid user of LinkedIn this is a must have application!


I love having hotel and meeting addresses and contact info all in one place with WorldMate!


I love this app. I use it for everything from checking flight info to weather and other research about places we go. It will be a nice subscription to have, please


Great program and even better with a gold subscription!


I was in Brazil, Rio, and I had to find an alternative flight to get back home, NYC. With a few easy steps I was able to find but one but tons of alternative flights that would help me get back sooner. Also the alerts of flights delayed helped me stay in my hotel and sleep a little more and not go to the airport and just wait and wait and wait....... Overall is an amazing little program. Very powerful.


i love wmlive this is just a great added feature


Great app, I use the free version. I would love to try the premium (Gold) version.


This is the way forward!


this is a great app for your bb..a plus plus for the LinkedIn users...
gadget help


this is a great app. I could us a free gold subscription


Worldmate would really help me in my travels, I make a lot of trips inside Europe or business reasons, this app would help me a lot!


I have been using WorldMate for years, beginning with the Sony Ericsson P-series phones (P900, P990 and P1) and now on my Bold 9700. It is truly a fantastic tool for frequent travelers, regardless of the purpose of travel. Having access to the flight status tool would provide even more utility- too bad it is a Gold feature!


I would really like this app!!!! I travel all the time and currently use the free version. My family budget just couldn't justify paying the steep price. Thanks CRACKBERRY for the opportunity to win!!


I already use the free version to remind me of flights and stuff when I travel. I think the subscription would come in quite handy!


Love using the free version.

As an Urban Planning student i travel, every few months to a new city or place to study the city and meet with city planner, go to conventions, ect. And it would be amazing to have the one year upgrade, with upcoming trips to New Orleans, Possibly Haiti (fingers crossed), Ireland, and a few other minor ones within the year, it would be fantastic. Still love all the travel as a student, and hope to continue with my job in the years to come.

You guys always have the best contests.


Hi, I could really use this app as I'll be traveling for 2 months beginning at the end of March. With 11 flight segments, multiple countries and cities, it would be great to have flight, hotel and itinerary info in the palm of my hands.



I've been using Worldmate for several years now and it is a must have tool for anyone that travels frequently for business. I've recommended it to many of my colleagues and friends.


I need Gold membership bad. The free app won't look up current flight status.



I use worldmate everyday to check weather!


As a Professional Baseball Scout I need to keep track of changes to flights and weather. WorldMate does this for me!


Not much for a travler but it would be nice and might make me want to travel more.


This would be great to help me with all of travel needs both personal and for business


I have been using WorldMate since the early days of Palm, and it has come in very handy for keeping track of my itenaries when traveling and with the BB port it allows me to keep up to date on my flight status. Wouldnt travel without it.


I love to travel and I use every possible vacation (Im a student) to go somewhere.. if I can afford it of course. I am going to Finland in 2 weeks and it would be very helpful to have this app with me on the trip!


This application has saved me from missing a flight a couple of times while I was in Thailand and I was able to find alternative flights in another situation :D
I'd love a gold account though!


One of the best apps out there

It would be nice to win a copy.



it'd help me by eliminating the need for a lot of apps and being able to combine smaller apps into one great big app


I would love a free subsctiption!

dfanella would be helpful in all aspects of my business.


I am using WM for about a year now, this an absolutely must have piece of software.


As a frequent traveler, some of my most common uses include syncing flights with my BB calendar, leaving one of the 4 slots on the World Clock set to UTC (so I won't be late for conference calls), and the Currency Converter is a must when shopping overseas.


I've been using the freebie version of WorldMate for about a year now. I bet I could make good use of the extended features that comes with a paid account.


I would use this for my traveling and maintaining my itinerary


WorldMate live really got me out of a jam when a flight destined for Chicago was diverted to Canton OH due to a combination of weather/mechanical (the deicers were inoperative, and there was "weather" in Chicago). As soon as I landed, I planned multiple alternate itineraries using WML, and my Corporate travel office was able to book the last available seat on the best connection. The funny part was when I went to the counter to be re-ticketed, the agent stated that the flight that I had selected was full. I insisted that he bring up my reservation -- you should have seen his face when he looked it up, and he discovered my confirmed seat. ;-)


I go all over the world and change SIM cards at least 2 times a week!!!!! This would be GREAT for me!

Drew Oswalt

Worldmate makes planning trips easier with itinerary syncing with BB calendar and also with easy access to updated flight info (flight times, gate info, baggage claim). It's one of my top 5 BB apps


Worldmate is a must have application. I travel for 2 different roles plus keep track of my family travel. The flight status updates and trave booking already set this app apart. Now with the ability to keep in touch with friends and colleagues Worldmate just gets better.



I use it for both work and personal. One place for all my itineraries. Most of all I love the world clock. It allows me to call Guam (I leave in Washington) at appropriate times. Thanks Worldmate!!!


Please pick me. I always use Worldmate but am too cheap to go pro.


A great app to have on my BalckBerry. Let see if I won this time.


Worldmate rocks! Paperless travel is fantastic. Now if only they could integrate barcodes that can be read directly from the BlackBerry by the airline boarding attendants...


It's a great up. Several time (while using their trail version) when my flight was canceled I was able to beat crowds by knowing exact flight alternatives and be the first one at the counter asking for changes. I'd love to have the full version, but can't justify $99 expense since I only use it for personal travel.


Wanna win sumn, please.


I used WorldMate Gold last year as I traveled to Brazil and Europe. Having updated weather, currency and airline info at my fingertips kept me informed and the trip running smoothly.

The Musketeer

Worldmate helps me check out flights just before trips to make sure they are on schedule. It definitely saved me a lot of time with this app!


I use the Free version of Worldmate now. I have been travelling a lot lately (all over the world) because of friends getting married and to meet my girlfriend's (of three years) family that does not live around here. It has been so helpful keeping track of all my travel. I love being able to forward the ticket purchase confirmation and have all the information entered automatically. The Gold subscription would have been extremely helpful when I was going through London and my flight was delayed, which caused me to miss my connection. Would have loved to have all of the automatic notifications and other extra services from the gold subscription.


I use the free version, but need the gold!!!


I use it on my travels to Washington D.C. and California. I check weather and hotels and such on it. I think if I didn't have this app I would change my job.


Worldmate is convenient because I travel a lot, and my phone is always at my side so it's nice to have it all at my fingertips. Especially because I'll be moving to Germany at the end of this year


Flying a lot, this app would really help managing itineraries


Worldmate is fantastic in giving updates on flight delays and status. I use it regularly, and would love to win a gold subscription.


World mate is truly awesome! Will help me when I fly and travel all the time :) .


The great thing for me about Worldmate is having all the information I need in the one place.

At 5am in the morning when my brain is still asleep it is fantastic to know where I am going, what terminal and flight time to hand on my Blackberry!

To have the Gold membership would be even better...


....I'm guessing that if WM cut the yearly subscription to $49.99, they would more than double the conversion rate from the free app.


A day before I started my trip to Europe last year, I decided to copy my itineraries and booking records to WorldMate. You know how relieved I was when I lost my print-out bookings/itineraries in London as I was--pretty much--the sole guide for six other people who couldn't speak English!

Other than that, I love the reminders and the currency converter. It even gave me more information about my flights more than what my travel agent had provided.

It's a must have app for frequent travelers!


I could reallyuse this app alot!


I really could use this program as I travel a lot within the States and out of the country. It will be a great way to keep me organized and in touch with my family and those I work with. I for sure need one! :)


These are some much needed enhancements! I hope I win!!


Worldmate is great b/c it syncs w/ calendar as well. if only it could be used to find update flt status... oh wait! thats what the gold subscription does!


As a consultant who keeps hopping across flights this is just the utility to have.

It helps me track travel itineraries and know how to pack for the right region. Perfect tool for integration with a blackberry.

The LinkedIn integration definitely looks interesting and would serve as the ideal tool to network with people who are in the specific part of the world I am in.

Having the gold subscription would definitely help!


Hi, i use your program every time i travel to see the weather forecast in the place i am going and also the exchange rates of the currency of that country as well as planning my trips,connections to friends,hotel bookings and the local search. I have made use of the limited access the free version has on planing my travels and searched for flights so many times that i cant imagine how much more use of this program in the gold version i could make use of if only i could get a chance to win one, like the flight alert function,flight status and the travel directory, not to mention how cool it is to see the day and night map and clock functions, as well as avoiding all the hassle the airports and airplane companies give us these days.
Well done to you all that have created it, life and traveling would even be better and less complicated with the gold version of it.


Hi, i use your program every time i travel to see the weather forecast in the place i am going and also the exchange rates of the currency of that country as well as planning my trips,connections to friends,hotel bookings and the local search. I have made use of the limited access the free version has on planing my travels and searched for flights so many times that i cant imagine how much more use of this program in the gold version i could make use of if only i could get a chance to win one, like the flight alert function,flight status and the travel directory, not to mention how cool it is to see the day and night map and clock functions, as well as avoiding all the hassle the airports and airplane companies give us these days.
Well done to you all that have created it, life and traveling would even be better and less complicated with the gold version of it.


This is a awesome application. Definitely would recommend it!


it help s me every day!


I love this application! I use it exclusively when I travel and have gotten a lot of people to use it as well. I would love to have the gold version, but unfortunately it is out of my price range for my budget. Winning a version of it would be awesome!

BB Musketeers

Worldmate is a great program. It would help me especially with regards to itinararies and checking on flight status. Time is money, and this app saves time.


World Mate would just make it easy to do everything


Sounds Good!

-Chris <><


WorldMate has created an app that makes traveling less stressful. The UI is seamless and allows travelers to know exactly where he/she is going. Thanks WorldMate!


This is awesome something really valuable to win


this one will help me a lot. i use to have the free version my work is to travel around th eglobe. and this will help me to keep in track my flights and hotels. im a seismic engineer.


Please may I have this application?


I would love to win a free subscription to worldmate, I have the free version and love it!!!


It's really cool to get my flight informations and be up do date if something changes. It's a kind of pocket knife for travellers.


I use worldmate in my personal and business travels.
It helps me track travel itineraries and know how to pack for the right region. Perfect tool for integration with a blackberry.The UI is seamless and allows travelers to know exactly where he/she is going. Thanks WorldMate!


I hope I win! Good luck to everyone.


This is a must app for any road-warrior. I have the free one, but a full GOLD subsc. would be awesome!


Great program this worldmate. It comprises flight info with other traveller features which makes it the killer tool for any business man.


I want to win for once


I have a new job which will have me doing a lot of travel. This would really be useful!


Really helps on finding what is around you when you travel!


been waiting for a copy of worldmate


This would be nice with all the traveling I will have to do.


WorldMate is a rock app.


This would come in handy....BIG TIME!!! I am going to Rome and need this!


Whew I made the contest. I downloaded the free trial last night and have begin to realize what I've been missing. If he "Gold" version is better than this one, let me have it!


WorldMate is a great app to have for travel. I use it for my travels but I have the free version. The perfect dream would be to have a Gold subscription. I like it for all the reasons that it offers, flight info.,hotels,weather etc.... what better way to keep informed.


WorldMate helps me check flight & weather info...


i would like to have this