WorldDesk - carry your personalized desktop around on any device!

By Kerri Neill on 15 Feb 2012 09:26 am EST

WorldDesk Ltd., a provider of desktop virtualisation software, has launched a beta cloud-based desktop delivery platform leveraging Dropbox. Many of us here at CB are huge fans of Dropbox already and this just gives us one more reason to love it! Previously WorldDesk users could access their files via a USB drive or smartphone. Now with the deployment of WorldDesk via Dropbox, users (both consumer and Enteprise) can not only access their files on any machine with internet access, but their entire personalised desktop - including all their settings and applications. Keep reading for the full press release.

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Press Release

WorldDesk enables desktop delivery via the cloud with launch of Dropbox-based solution

Speaking following the announcement, Rao Cherukuri, WorldDesk CEO said: "Dropbox is an incredible, disruptive technology that is radically changing how we think about our files and cloud storage. WorldDesk deployed via Dropbox is truly revolutionary. WorldDesk separates a user’s applications and personalised desktop from their physical machine. This technology, combined with Dropbox, allows users to store their desktop in the cloud, allowing for access from any machine.

“The beta solution we’re launching today allows you to access, through your Dropbox folder, your full personalised desktop experience on any 32-bit Windows 7 machine. We are also currently finalising plans to roll-out across all other operating systems and on other leading cloud storage platforms.”

Jonathan Chesney, WorldDesk co-founder and Product Manager said: “Thanks to Dropbox the desktop now lives in the cloud, thanks to WorldDesk that desktop can now run on any local device. This unique offering has the potential to disrupt the entire $65 billion DaaS market.

“Dropbox lets people bring their documents, photos and videos everywhere. Dropbox and WorldDesk combined will allow people do the same with their personalised desktop. WorldDesk and Dropbox are a perfect match this Valentine’s Day!”

Reader comments

WorldDesk - carry your personalized desktop around on any device!


I have fiddled with Dropbox, Bluebox and a few other comprable products but haven't taken the plunge with any of them. It would be nice if the video provided more screenshots of what the WorldDesk Desktop will look like. Does this thing run on Playbook? So far, most of the remote desktop apps haven't really been able to scale properly for the Playbook display.

The reason may be because most users in the world are Windows users. The market is larger especially in Asia.

You will likely get it eventually. Be grateful Steve J is still not around as he would likely kills this as its not "his" desktop.

I never used dropbox or any service in that nature. What I undertsand from reading these posts is that if you upload a file to dropbox, you need to download the file to open it in the phone. I mean you can't just open it to RAM right?

And not just Win32, but explicitly limited to 32-bit Win7?!! No XP or Vista? I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but I'd think that the majority of Win7 installs are 64-bit -- in the consumer space, anyway; corporate users will be more likely to be limping along on older hardware. But those corporate users might come up against IT policy issues which would prevent storing/transferring corporate data in/via non-corporate resources. This seems like a horribly limited market.

I downloaded it and installed it to my USB storage on My BB9900 from Windows XP and ran the Virtual desktop on XP. Ran just fine. It sounded like to me that it would allow you to sync or link or something the existing applications and documents you have on the system installed upon, but does not appear to do that. It is essentially a Virtual machine that is useable from anywhere (as long as where you are trying to use it is Windows [I think] It is a Virtual machine running Windows. Mine appeared to be Windows XP.

Hi Guys,

We do currently support Windows XP and Windows 7 (32-bit) and are working hard on the 64-bit release, so it should be available in the next month or 2.

The PlayBook is one of the devices we are also targeting, no immediate ETA on that one but do sign-up on the website to hear when... Any problems or issues and of course we'd like to hear about them! (

WorldDesk Team

Very interesting service, could not help myself and installed WorldDesk using my Dropbox account. but when I launch WorldDesk after installation it freezes at "Invoking desktop 89%" (Win7 32bit). Any idea on how to fix this? Thanx in advance.

//EDIT: Posted my problem description to the support forum.

This type of thing is the beginning to an end. In 10 years everyone will have terminals at home, not computers. Fully reliant on the cloud for processing and storage. Not looking forward to that day.

I won't be doing that. I have a bunch of hard disks in a cubbord and will be buying more of them, even used ones recovered from scrap computers that are dead. Currently 20 hard disks of various sizes that all still work. I'll have my local cloud with usb access. I'll NEVER give up any computer for a terminal. What if the cloud gets a storm? We'll be screwed if our data is lost! :(

The way things are going i don't think we will have a choice. It drives me crazy how most poeple love the concept of cloud computing. their digging their own grave. The cloud is good for a secondary backup, that's it.

I side loaded this app and love it. I now have my music and pics on the go without taking up Playbooks Memory. Sign up using this link and get 2.25 free GB rather than 2GB they provide online;