The world of Z10 beyond BlackBerry

BlackBerry Z10
By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2012 08:40 pm EST

With the rumors today of the first BlackBerry 10 device being named the BlackBerry Z10, we thought it would be a bit of fun to see what else in the world sports the same awesome tag. The BlackBerry Z10 will be joining a quality stable of other cool products including attack helicopters, cameras, sports cars, speakers and more. I personally think that Z10 is a pretty badass name (I'm partial to the letter Z) and yes it's ZEE 10, not ZED 10 in my book. Keep reading and check out a list of TEN other great Z10s in the world.

The World of Z10 Beyond BlackBerry

1. This 1969 Camaro Z10

Camaro Z10 

2. The BMW Z10

BMW Z10 

3. The Z10 Attack Helicopter

Z10 Helicopter 

4. The Motorola Z10 (maybe this one isn't so great... Booooo!!!)

Moto Z10 

5. The Minolta DiMAGE Z10

Minolta Z10 

6. The Toyota Soarer Z10 (freak'n awesome!)

Toyota Z10 

7. The Turbo Power PGR Z10 Golf Clubs

PGR Z10 

8. Salomon Z10 Ski Binding

Z10 Binding 

9. Haro Z10

Haro Z10 

10. IBM Z10 Server

IBM Z10 

But the new Z10 we're drooling over is this one.... the BlackBerry Z10!

BlackBerry Z10  

Discover any other cool Z10's out there? Drop them in the comments! 

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The world of Z10 beyond BlackBerry


Not a fan of the Z10 name... would have preferred they stick with the L-Series naming... Z10 sounds so cheezy.... so "as seen on tv" like... ugh.

The problem with L-Series was that it wasn't a name.

The codenames were/are London, Lisbon, Leguna... all the same device, but wtih varied internals for different carriers/networks.

So L-Series was just the name that referred to all three.

And you would NOT want the same phone to have three different names on the market. That would horrible.

So you oculd just go with London as a name. But then it's messy. BlackBerry 10 London. BlackBerry London 10. And how do you follow up London with another device name? BlackBerry New York?  BlackBerry London 10.1?

The brand is BlackBerry. And for these phones, 10 is the other side of the brand (10 instead of London). So BlackBerry Z10 gives you everything.

I do think BlackBerry London is a sweet name. It just doesn't work in a portfolio. And L-Series isn't a name. 

i agree and disagree, the BlackBerry London works fine, just like the BlackBerry Bold was never the BlackBerry Bold 7 neither would the new device `need` the 10 in the name, although i can see the point of it with wanting to promote the OS (although if BB11 is compatible with it surely thats dead confusing lol).

Thing is, they need to make a brand, just like curve and bold were brands, and Z10 isnt a brand, as then it`ll be Z11 and Z12, so it makes no sense, ya may aswell call it the Torch again. iPhone works because the number comes after, much the same as SGS devices, Razr devices, Lumia devices...the list goes on.

Then theres the whole naming problem, CB picked that up within minutes, zed or zee. call it zed and americans will say its wrong (even though agent zed was in MIB, and american film lol), call it zee and most of the other markets will say its wrong.

BlackBerry is the brand. 

Curve and Bold are product families (not brands).

9900, etc. are model numbers.

When RIM was shooting for the moon and flooding the market thinking more hardware variations equaled more sales, having more product families made sense.

Now that RIM is looking to penetrate the market again (especially in an iPhone world where you have one model), the brand to push is BlackBerry and nothing but. You don't need to fragment the brand with a bunch of product families.

iPhone iPhone iPhone. BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry. You don't want BlackBerry, London, Torch, Bold. Keep it simple. BlackBerry. All. The. Way. And the Z10 becomes a model # with a bit of spice mixed in.

My 7.5 cents.

As for Zee and Zed... yeah... not sure on that yet. I wanna see how BlackBerry says it. Assuming it's all true of course. 


I agree, Z10 is a good name, IF only being used for the device that will be launched on january. But if any of Z or 10 will be used on devices after that, I prefer they use words for the name. Blackberry London, then Blackberry Blaze, then Blackberry Ferre maybe. But not Blackberry Z10, then Blackberry Z9, then Blackberry B10, etc. It's easier to remember words than combinations of letters&numbers.

If the bb10 devices got different codenames on different carriers, is RIM have no power to unite the codename to be just one word?

like i said, i can see why they would, but i dont agree.

take for example the Z10, Z being the last letter of the alphabet would impy its `the best` in the range, so what happens when the aristo comes along?

also what about the X10, Sony have an X10 xperia (and a mini) so thats already taken and would prob mean a lawsuit.

Then take todays news from android central - Sony (again) Yuga to emerge as Xperia Z. so the Z10 is blown too.

I still honestly believe there is no need for 10 in the name, i dont have a Bold 7, i didnt have a Torch 6 and i didnt have a Storm 5 (altho S1 launched with 4.7, but ya get the point)

Hmm, I don't agree with that. I don't think the Physical Keyboard series should just be given a model #. That is confusing. This works for i phone because they only have 1 form factor. Rim will have at least 2. and if its true that they are releasing higher end devices later on, then possibly more than 2 models.

Each form factor/Product needs to be given a name! Then you begin giving each iteration a model #.

BlackBerry Torch Z10
BlackBerry Bold Z10


BB Torch Z10
BB Bold Q10


The OS will not be called 10 forever! So it is not necessarily a Brand. Its a OS Version, Right? Or is BB10 the actual OS Name? Which would then proceed to be renamed BB10 2, BB10 3, etc.. This is just confusing! Adding . to it would make it that much more confusing NO BB10.1 BB10.2. I don't like it.

yeah I do absolutely agree with your point, Kevin. At first, I thought Z10 is like "whaaat thee.." BUT.. you did mention such a good stress point here. "BB10 London/BB London 10", that is truly messy. Z10 will make a standout and it will standout.

So, here you go, Z10!

Actually, a lot of people didn't know what to think of the Bold at first. 

Nobody loved it right away. I thought of Tic Tacs -

Bold grew on everybody. And I think the fact that the 9000 was a beast suited it. And then you know what was really weird? When the Tour was released. Then it all got really confusing. What's a Tour? Oh, it's a Bold, but from a different carrier so we're calling it the Tour. Didn't make sense.  

agree on the tour front, but we just had the bold in the uk (clever like that). thing is, when the 97xx replaced the 9000 nobody said `lets start with a new name` they stuck with something good and that easily rolled off the tounge. the whole zed zee issue surely kills that for the Z10

They could have worked it into the name though. Something like The BlackBerry L-Series L10/L20/L30 for example. There's just something cheezy about having "Z" in the name to me.

Putting "10" in the name ties it to the OS level does it not? What happens when the next OS comes out? Much like windows linking the year to the name of their OS. Didn't work out to well.

So, no "Z" and no "10". Here we go:

BlackBerry L-Series L500/L600/L700.

There. Done. Where's my paycheck?




I don't like the Z or the 10 either as of now.. Z has the same cheesiness factor for me and 10 is too short.

Agree. London, Lisbon, Milan and other L- and M-series names are much better...and stick with one name. Having 2 or more different names usually confuse consumers and it's more possible that people will think London and Z10 as two different devices.

Though I'll be calling it the Zed10 because that just how us Canucks do it, I would have preferred BlackBerry TK *name* (I'm partially biased :))

I bet internally they have been referring to it as Z10 for a while since all the Dev devices have been A, B and C... Just a theory lol

I bet internally they have been referring to it as Z10 for a while since all the Dev devices have been A, B and C... Just a theory lol

cheezus I hope not...I could live with L10 but Z10? Sounds very corny.

I guess just a matter of getting accustomed.

Motorola will issue a cease and desist notice. End of story (unless the got permission first). Much like BBX, this Is dumb - seems they didn't do a trademark search - and they'll look foolish. Can't take a name that's already been used on a phone.

No Official confirmation yet from RIM about this Z10 name for BB10. Wondering if BB10 can be A, C, E, S? hehehe. U know what I mean?

I don't care much for the name. However I don't really care what they call it. I just want it. And I will pick up a device regardless of the name. If BB10 OS is truly succesful and is as robust as many claim I would expect we should see it on a number of licensed devices from a number of device companies with crazy model names in way less than a year. If it is the OS in your phone / mobile computer and car why would it not be the OS in any number of gadgets. I think controlling and owning your own OS is critical; you can find any number of companies willing to build the custom hardware for you. I think RIM is on the right track. Can't wait for BB10.

Assuming "10" will become a mainstay of the new naming system and only the letter will change from release to release, I think it would have made much more sense to stick with the L and N monikers and designate the new devices L10 and N10 respectively.

That way they could introduce lower-end devices with letters towards the start of the alphabet (i.e. an entry-level A10, a consumer orientated G10 etc) and higher-end devices with letters towards the end of the alphabet (i.e. a professional-level R10, a premium offering S10 etc).

However, I do like the name Z10. And i'm sure RIM would have thought about the implications of choosing Z when naming the product, too. But as I really loved the code names "L-Series" and "N-Series", it will take some time for "Z10" to grow on me. Meanwhile i'll be interested to hear from RIM why they chose this particular letter/number system as i'm sure they had good reason.

for there to be a lawsuit, i think it has to be something within the same product realm or at least close enough to cause confusion and therefore claim loss of sales for the confused product...

so no one would confuse a truck with a phone, hence why the Z10 name probly won't cause any problems from the rest of these manufacturers... otherwise none of the other products could have been named Z10 unless it was the first one...

the only exception is the Motorola phone... but hopefully it's not a model that's sold any more, so there will be no way to claim loss of sales due to any possible confusion

Well RIM is Canadian so its gotta be ZED10. Proper English is ZED, not ZEE. We got our language from the British and they invented English... and they say its ZED. And while we're at it, it's colour, not color.... the list goes on!
But I'm not trying to start a fight.... just sayin'

Z10 is horrible. L-Series is cool, regardless of internal naming. It leaves the new phone(s) identifiable. "Z10" sounds like something someone came up with, taking a deuce.

What happened to one word devices?? Call the L-Series the new BlackBerry Lava...because it's HOT!!!

Agreed Z10 should be changed, I even prefer Torch or Thunder or Bolt or something else ... I will still line up to buy it but might just call it my Torch ! sheesh com'n RIM get creative !

What you call a product is very important to the marketing. I think Zeee 10 is ok but any following products may be seen as inferior. For instance an S10 would sound like it was a lesser model from the ZEEEEE 10.

Adam : as Frank Boulben would say, "Zees ees zee ZED 10!"
I love the name : Z is a popular letter. 10 is a popular number.
The reason so many products share this name is because it is a strong name. An appealing name.
Go Zed 10!!!
(or, they could always call it the Zed Zeppelin. Or,maybe, the Zed Leppelin. :) )

Completely hate the name. I'm actually concerned if they call it that, it will severely lose wow factor and its ability to attract new customers or bring old ones back.

It sounds generic, has been used before, and has no umfff...

They need a brand. Something new and appealing like Bold was. One syllable.

BlackBerry Link
BlackBerry Light
BlackBerry Level
BlackBerry Leap


Apple - iPhone
Google - Nexus
Samsung - Galaxy
Nokia - Lumia

These companies put marketing dollars and their reputation on devices that carries these names...the result is they now have a diverse portfolio with a known brand that is built up.

Granted Z10 is not official, but I'd like to eventually hear what is Frank Boulben's strategy with this naming convention.

Apple - iPhone eg iPhone 5
Google - Nexus eg Nexus 2
Samsung - Galaxy eg Galaxy S3
Nokia - Lumia eg lumina 920
RIM - Blackberry eg Blackberry Z10
You get?

it's not a matter of "getting it"... he and we all understand the naming process.. in fact, I think you may be the one who doesn't "get it" if you're putting "Blackberry" as the name of a product line comparable to Lumia, Galaxy or Nexus. They don't have a phone or a series called the Blackberry Blackberry..

he's saying that compared to Nexus, Galaxy, etc, "Z10", as a new product line name that's supposed to save your company and build name-recognization value for your future, sucks..

and he's right.

it's too impersonal, too short, and carries no meaning a la the Torch/Bold/Curve series names. They need to change it.

They've been calling it The Ten in the media after that interview, so RIM just incorporated it into the name. It's Zee Ten! ;)

That's actually a good point. Based on Frank's accent, this may be an inside joke they've been using ... "Zee Ten". Would be funny if this is the case and the media's picked up on it taking it seriously.

I was thinking that if you tried to say The Ten in a stereotyped thick German accent that it would sound just like Zee10 lol

Honestly, average people/non tech or gadget aware doesn't really care about a product name. As long as it's catchy and easy to remember. Z10 is catchy, easy to remember. It's a good name. But the problem comes after that. The next devices. S10, then R10, then H10, etc. You need to ask the expert though, which one is easier to remember, to associate. Words or combinations of letters&numbers. For me I'm easier to remember words than combination of letters&numbers. I can easily associate words with actual item. Like I can quickly identify a lamborghini gallardo than a mercedes S323 (or whatever they name their cars lol).

I think the idea of this being an inside joke is likey. If this really is the name, expect to see the following in any negative reviews:

- The Zzzz shows that RIM have been sleeping on the job
- Like the Spectrum ZX, the Blackberry ZX is destined to be consigned to the dustbin of history
- just as Z is the end of the alphabet the Z10 is the end of the line for BlackBerry
- Time to put the Z to bed

I don't get why they include 10 in the Device Name. It's the OS that is BlackBerry 10.

No need to include 10 everywhere. Z10 with BlackBerry10

I would prefer something similar to Torch: Flash, Flame,...

I agree z10 is a bad name. They should stick to the previous naming strategy.

It should be one word, like blackberry bold.

They could pick one name for the qwerty model, one for touchscreen etc.

I always thought blackberry London sounded good. Perhaps they could stick to names of cities.

I agree. BlackBerry London is a great name for the device. It has a world class elegance to it. Z10, in my opinion, does not have the same elegance. From the wake up screen to the flow of the environment, it feels elegant and deserves a better name than Z10. Just my opinion.

Z10 Kinda sounds lame, should have kept Bold, Torch and Curve what was wrong with those? Z10 sounds like its right outta the 80's lol

My only issue with the name is when they update to BB11, the new phones will be named Z11 and X11 so when the old model Z10 and X10 get BB11 will they still be called Z10 and X10? Or will they pull a WP8 and not make them upgradable?

I'm not a fan of the Z10 naming (if that is what the final product will be referred to).

That said, it would make for an magnificent ad combination to work in the BMW Z10 with the BB Z10. Could you imagine the two Z10's together? Now that would work for me (drool, slobber, want...).


Begin deep, throbbing, music score.... Narrator comes on:

“Want to drive this BMW Z10 Turbo? Purchase the Blackberry Z10 between February and March 2013 and you could win your dream car from Blackberry and BMW. The Z10…. New, sleek, fast, sexy, secure, with features NEVER found on any other model.”

BMW Z10 shifts into high gear and speeds past camera. Second camera zooms out to show that the entire ad was filmed with BB Z10.


I'd buy that...

Oh... the ad's would have Zed in Canada and Europe and Zee only in the US.

did anybody miss the part where it is a BLACKBERRY? Thats the calling card. The company is RIM, the phone is a BB, the company is Apple, the phone is an Iphone, the company is Nokia, the phone is a Lumia, the company is Samsung, the phone is a Galaxy (here is where Samsung goes off on a tangent)......Its a BB first and foremost. If they want to put Z10 or whatever else fine...its still a BB now shut the hell up and stop the belly aching

Why not keep it plain and simple...

BlackBerry 10T (Touch)
BlackBerry 10Q (Keyboard)
Blackberry 10S (Slider)

Just my 2 cents...