Workaround for WiFi file sharing on the BlackBerry PlayBook

WiFi File Sharing
By Joseph Holder on 22 Jul 2011 12:19 pm EDT

The latest update for the BlackBerry PlayBook brought us performance updates and fun new features, like pinch-to-zoom video. The update has also caused a small problem: WiFi file sharing is not working. After enabling the WiFi file sharing feature on the PlayBook, a person would normally find the name of the PlayBook in a list of networked devices. Indeed even now, that name should be in the list. However connecting to that named device is causing problems.

Never fear; There's a quick and easy workaround to this problem. Oddly enough, this is the preferred method of connecting, described in this BlackBerry Knowledge Base article. First, you'll need the IP address of your PlayBook. Open the PlayBook's settings by tapping the Gear icon in the upper right of the Status Ribbon. Select the About tab, and then select Network from the drop-down menu. You want the IPv4 address, which will probably be something like 192.168.x.x 

  • Windows XP. Use the Windows Key-R combination to open the run menu. Type \\ That's backslash-backslash your-playbooks-ip For example, I would type \\
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7: Same thing, but you can also type that in the bar at the bottom of the Start menu
  • Mac: "[S]elect Go -> Connect to Server... and type smb:// (where should be replaced with the actual IP address of the BlackBerry PlayBook)" 

Chances are, this bug will be fixed quite shortly, rendering this article moot. In the meantime, it's quite easy to get back up and running with the PlayBook's WiFi File sharing. Thanks to tofo17 and BuzzStarField for making excellent contributions to our forums.

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Workaround for WiFi file sharing on the BlackBerry PlayBook


if you have a password on you PlayBook, you need to enter a username and password in Windows/Mac. The username will be: 'playbook', and the password is the same as your device password.

Thank you very much Mujib! I did not know what to fill in as username and now I can connect it secured to the network.

if you have a password on you PlayBook, you need to enter a username and password in Windows/Mac. The username will be: 'playbook', and the password is the same as your device password.

You can have a different password for File sharing than what is used for the device. I found out the hard way - couldn't connect to my PlayBook over WiFi until I realized I had chosen a different password. You can also change the username to something else than "playbook"

This is how I have always done it. Way easy, especially after you make a shortcut to your PB on your desktop. Makes the PB one click away.

''The update has also caused a small problem: WiFi file sharing is not working'' What??? I disagree!!!
this is not a BUG!!!!! fact...this is quite logical and simple thing to do!
I connected my PlayBook this EXACT WAY to my wifi network......easy thing to do!!!

Since day one. How the hell have others been connecting to the PB.

When you set your FS password it warns you not to forget it. It doesn't matter what the name of the book is if you have the IP.

Is it just me or every time they release an update for the PB you have to re enter some settings like how your apps respond when they are open and you move to another app.

in the past, you could name your playbook anything and then instead of typing \\192.x.x.x you would just type \\nameofyourplaybook and it would pull it right up. i prefered that method better than the ip address bc its faster and a lot cooler when showing that feature off to friends/associates but as long as it works it works for me. definitely my favorite feature on the PB and there are a lot that i absolutely love

I had the Playbook mapped as a network drive so it showed up in My Computer.

This workaround has not fixed the issue for me ... I just get a network path not found error.

THANKS! used to just map network drive and browse in XP, but that no longer worked with this latest update . this works.

I have one small (ok, huge actually!) problem with this...when I check for the PB IP address under Network, it says "No interfaces found". I have searched the CB forums and the web and cannot seem to find a solution to this anywhere. I've only had the PB for 2 weeks, running 2.0 OS, and have not been able to connect to my Mac OSX 10.4.11 through wi-fi because of this. Any ideas?

Solved the problem....I realized that in order to find a network, there has to be one to find. So, I set up the mac to be a wifi hotspot and connected the PB, then was able to get the IP address and connect the mac back to the PB as outlined above.

You can always replace your IP address with your device Tablet Network Name. For example, rather than \\\, you can always use \\myplaybook\. This way, if you are going to another network with different IP assignment, you can still connect to your playbook regardless of the IP that you get

- Charles

it dosent show up in network so i have to run it every time...
any solutions???
Saahil Jaffer

My brother had same issue with his PB and the workaround that I found works easiest and best is using the free application "Dukto". It works flawlessly and can also work for those who have forgotten their File sharing password.