Workahol for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of new features

By James Richardson on 13 Jun 2013 06:33 am EDT

We first took a look at Workahol when it was released for BlackBerry 10 and my initial review was extremely positive if you need an all in one to-do application. As well as Workahol now also supporting the BlackBerry Q10 it has just been updated with a bunch of nice new features.

New to Workahol:

  • Share your notes, lists and expenses to BBM, email, Remember, SMS and other services! Just use the ‘share’ button in the press&hold context menu. In the app Settings screen you can choose whether or not to include the ‘sent via’ signature.
  • Implemented AM/PM clock. Choose between military time and AM/PM clock in the app Settings screen.
  • UI facelift on note/list/expense editing screens.
  • New ‘enter’ key functionality for quickly editing content without leaving your keyboard. Just press the ‘enter’ key from the title of a note/list/expense to go to the next input field. On lists and expenses, you can also create new items by pressing the ‘enter’ key from the last input field.
  • Checking items in expenses will subtract their numeric value from the ‘total’ field.
  • While editing numeric values in expenses, the numeric keyboard will get activated.
  • Note content is now full-screen height on Z10 models.
  • Minor bug fixes in all editing screens.
  • Minor updates to the ‘about’ screen.
  • More features are still to come. User feedback is what encouraged me to continue improving the app, and all ideas are always very appreciate

If sharing notes/lists and expenses is your thing then Workahol will cater nicely for it.

More information/Download Workahol for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Workahol for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of new features


Like it, lets hope your not the FIRST to be deleted by the fun police....
New rules, game back on!

Posted via CB10

I've been using this for a while. It works great! I love the multiple list feature.
Thanks again James for showing this to us.


(so long as it comes with a functional app manager, so one doesn't end up with things hidden in memory that aren't wanted/needed)

I've been using this app since it first came out and it's been perfect for my needs.

The new share feature has been something I've wanted for some time so I'm really glad to see it included in this update.

Great app and great developer

Posted via CB10

This is a really great app, picked it up after James first review, use this one everyday!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10

I like the app but I am missing a feature to set a date for an item. I want to use it as "to do" list and have many things pending until certain dates. With that I'll use it for everything. ^PK

Posted via CB10

Instead of using Gmail (don't want NSA to look at my stuff :-), I have an account with Fruux which provides me with an almost seamless sync between my Mac and my Z10.

iCal+BusyCall and Address Book are synced with the corresponding apps on Z10, but (there is always a "but"), todos do not show up on Z10. Fruux support has been contacted and says this is because of the lack of a "Reminders" app on BB10 (Reminders is the todo app on iOS and OSX).

There is a "Remember" app on Z10, seems quite cumbersome ... Do you know if Workahol supports CalDav for syncing todos ? that would be great ! Or do you know of any todo app supporting CalDav ?

Thks, Pierre.
(this is not a reply to kdna, I don't recall clicking reply ...)