Need a super ToDo app for BlackBerry 10? You need to take a look at Workahol

By James Richardson on 20 Apr 2013 01:27 pm EDT

If you are looking for a funky ToDo app for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone you should really take a look at Workahol. The built for BlackBerry application is made up of three sections: Notes, Lists and Expenses - so it's more than just a note taking app like some others we have seen.

Using the app is dead simple. Just tap which of the three sections you wish to use and create the note/list etc. The user interface is kept clean with a nice black background and some funky bright colors for the tabs. I'm a big fan of keeping things simple and neat so I've really been enjoying using Workahol.

The developer is actually an ex theme dev who went by the name of BerryGlowDesigns which many of you will be familiar with. However, he is now concentrating on developing for BlackBerry 10 so you will find him in BlackBerry World under his real name Dragos Filipovici.

Workahol is a paid application but Dragos has kept the price to the minimum allowed in BlackBerry World - £0.75/$0.99 and it's well worth the money.

Full features of Workahol include:

  • create notes (title + block of text).
  • create lists (title + list of items).
  • create expenses (title + 'total' field updated in real time + list of name/value items).  
  • set priorities for notes&lists, mark them as 'done'
  • create duplicate lists
  • delete checked items inside lists&expenses
  • quickly switch between viewing notes, lists or expenses.
  • sort notes&lists by name/by priority.
  • Integrated with BlackBerry Messenger.
  • pick up right where you left off: the Workahol app remembers the last tab and sort you used.  
  • press and hold any note, list or expense to reveal its context menu (where you can edit/delete an item, duplicate it, mark it as done).
  • pure black backgrounds: great for longer battery life. Time&date header on the app's initial screen

More information/Download Workahol for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Need a super ToDo app for BlackBerry 10? You need to take a look at Workahol


This looks like a simple, clean and straightforward app. Just purchased it, after making note that more updates/features are planned. And at a great price, too!

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Well, several users in Latin america can't access Blackberry World since april 18, it's Frustrating.

Every day more and more applications advertised I want but it seems that blackberry does not care

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Tried accessing it through the music app? Was a workaround someone posted not too long ago, hopefully does the trick.

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Great app. Developer is active in the forums and is always open to ideas. Has released updates regularly and the app just keeps getting better.

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I like it! Thank you James for showing this. I was using Stuff I Need, but really needed the ability to create multiple lists. This fills that gap... and more.
One feature request would be selectable font size. Very helpful if my reading glasses aren't nearby.

great app , but the date shows Sunday April 20th 2013 instead saturday April 20th, anyway of changing the day

Just downloaded. Looks and works great. Nice and easy and useful. And only 75p too. Can't grumble at that. : )

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why dont release free version like android in other apps, everything here is pay i think bb10 needs more free apps like android

Yes, why don't people work for free? Why don't they bring me stuff while I sit on my duff? Why do those selfish jerks want compensation for hard work coding up an app that will make my life easier?? 99 cents will ruin me!!

Re: Weekday display in the header--the developer responded quickly to my inquiry.

He has an update awaiting approval by BlackBerry World. Hopefully, we will get the notification soon.

Isn't the Android version of workahol 1.99?

Any chance of a trial system in BlackBerry world? (ie 30d expiry) I have no issue paying but it appears many people would like to try before they buy.

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Great app, its perfect really. Plain, simpel and very usefull.

Thank u very much for making this !

Greetings from Holland.

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OK, a minutiae moment.

@James Richardson
James , the app sits in an ACTIVE FRAME, not a live tile.............anathema-LOL!
listen to video at 00:15.

Hi to you all can anyone help me I can no longer get blackberry world and also I have lost all my contacts on BBM way has this happend Your Milan

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For the people still with the AppWorld issue:

In the browser, Go to appworld://music

Go into settings (swipe from top) and navigate a couple of options, then go back.

That did it for me couple of days ago.

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I just got the update that fixes the weekday in the header. Go to BB World > My World and check for updates if you don't have a notification yet.

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James, that demo was painful to watch. I've watched many of your demos in the past, but this one looked like you've hardly ever used the app before.