Work is not somewhere you go, it's something you do

By James Richardson on 14 Jun 2012 02:01 pm EDT

They just keep on coming. This is the fourth (I think) TV advert from RIM UK that we have seen over the past month or so. 'Love what you do' makes a reappearance this time instead of the "people that do' concept seen more recently.

The theme for this one is 'Get more from your day' and essentially as you will see it demonstrates a vast array of applications and features that can be performed on the BlackBerry smartphone to make your day not only more pleasurable but also more productive.

At over two minutes long I'm not sure this full version will hit our TV screens. It may be chopped up into smaller segments or maybe even destined for cinema advertising or similar?

Either way, RIM have done another great job at making the BlackBerry smartphone look as useful and user friendly as possible. Nice work chaps!

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Work is not somewhere you go, it's something you do


I find an ad like this more effective than the "people who do" ads. Like was mentioned on a recent podcast, everyone thinks they do.

An ad like this tries to tap into our emotions, making everyone feel like they "do", and trying to tie our positive feelings about ourself/music/family/job (whatever) to a BlackBerry. Most people don't buy a phone after weeks of research; it's more emotional and not as concrete as you'd think.

Actually, when I was choosing my first smartphone I researched between an android, Blackberry and an iphone. For some reason I kept coming back to Blackberry, and I actually did look at an iphone..even though I didn't like it to begin with

I work in a leadership position with the company I work for. I do not simply go to work, I go in and I do stuff... I lead discussions, meetings, people... Leaders are people that do! I use my personal BB9700 and PB 16gig to keep me organized in my role and on task. I like this approach, speaks to leaders and people that need effective communication devices, and devices to keep them on task and organized.

I really like this ad.
I'm a lover of Korean dramas, and in most recent dramas I see the Samsung Note featured, it looked so good I wanted one. But I was watching another drama last night, and lo and behold.... IT'S THE BOLD!!! Yes Blackberry you're not asleep. Keep it up!!!

I am a huge blackberry fan, despite I can't help not to ask: how many times did the guy in the ad charge his phone throughout the day? Whereas you could carry out such a day with a bold 9000, and that would have been depleted only 60% of the battery, the bold 9900 needs a charger at lunchtime with such a day. I know, I got one.

9am to 2pm and that's it! And it's scary when it's down to 20% because it's gone in 10 min! And yes... the battery saver is set ON. Really... the only thing that pisses me off about the 9900 is my battery life, and maybe the load time of 3rd party apps.

Question to the people having good battery life;

1. Are you on BES or BIS? (I'm on BIS)
2. What type and version is your 9900 (Currently have Windmobile 9900 aws spec, running OS7.1) Think I try all the leaked versions, but it never seem to make a any diff with battery.

BIS, Verizon 9930 with leaked OS -- I found that turning the backlight to the lowest setting is what made my phone last all day long

This ad is a lot better than having the two dj's saying "tools not toys". Its much better than having Nicki Manji (or whatever her name is) sponsoring a concert.

THIS speaks to what I think is a majority of BB myself. I can see myself in that ad with the amount of work being done with the BB and how ive incorporated that and the PB in my business life.

Really good ad.

that's more like it, detailed, a bit long, though. but its good and like music, too. there was one thing missing..
( play games, but Bold is a tool anyway.. ) so no need to show it.

ok, they cut out the rechargings of the bold ;)

It is a good device and also holds better know than in September but not that heavy usage ;)

Blackberry is the most successful smartphone brand in the UK with the Curve series being the biggest seller and the latest Curve is being advertised by people like Vodafone so it makes sense for Blackberry to go a different route.

Wish the battery would last long enough for you to do more! Great ad great phone love it all the same, my mobile office!

Like it, a lot.

Wish they could create that emotion/idea of full range of abilities in a "tv" commercial length ad.

Need INSTANT grab to hold for the 30 or 60 seconds, then a knockout punch or something to make you glad you stayed for those precious seconds instead of running to the kitchen for organic Greek yogurt and organic blueberries while watching the Thunder roll over the Heat (ok - chips and beer, was thinking my GF watching me type!)

Seen the Geico Gecko / RoadRunner commercial??

This reminds me of the when a blackberry was first around. I remember seeing business professionals always carrying them around and at that time, I thought, wow, these people have money and it stood out. I had a razor like most of the consumers. Now thinking back and looking at the state of RIM, I love standing out with my blackberry. Not to say I have money or am better, but it stands out. I think they're heading in the right direction. And yes, I know many successful people carry iphones and samsungs, they blend in with all the other drones out there. Kinda boring...

What a great ad. You can do stuff with a blackberry, so many people thing a BB can't do anything other than email. I wish they had these commercials in the US. We get the cryptic bike riding ads. Lame!

He seems to have the same problem with the weather app as I have. When he looked at it, it showed nothing but sunshine. But when he stepped outside...well, it was overcast. LOL.

Being a weather's the only profession in the world that you could be wrong more than 50% of the time and still have a job. Go figure.

Okay, maybe I missed something here.
What's so amazing? Apart from that bit where he appeared to run the slide show on the big screen (can you do that without a wire?), everything else looked ... normal.

All those things look like you could do them on any other device. Most of which have bigger screens. And if I'm using an Android or iPhone, I didn't see anything there that said "Wow! They way they did it was so much cooler/easier/slicker!"

"All those things look like you could do them on any other device"

Woosh. And the point goes flying over your head.

They were demonstrating that the stuff we need to do every day can be done on a BlackBerry.

You don't need to pay more in terms of device or data, as happens when you buy iPhone or Android.

And some of that stuff (group messaging, conference calling) either doesn't work at all or doesn't work as well on other devices.

Great add. Hope they do this in all markets. Well, in India I don't think you need to advertise to sell BBs. They just sell.

Finally someone has a clue what is needed in a smart phone ad.

Not like Apple haven't been showing them for ages.

This was the best BB ad. It showed just how much power the BB's have.

Keep this up for BB10 and it should start changing the media impressions.

This is exactly how I use my 9930 day in and day out! I love this ad, describes why I use BlackBerry to the T!

Only one issue, Urbanspoon has never been updated for OS7. I still can't get it. Just checked to make sure.:-(

Nice ad good to see RIM selling themselves even if it is a bit of a one man band kind of add. Biggest disappointment not being able to demo the NFC functionality of the device, pay for that coffee or even his train ticket with the phone. THAT would have been a sweet touch.

Hearing that alarm when it isn't 5AM sent shivvers down my spine. Felt like I had to be "up" for something! It's a curse!

One major point of this ad, don't think it's been mentioned. Is the fact that most things are being done with "apps", going against the pre-conceived notion that Blackberry phones "don't have apps"

Farking awesome, this is a brilliant ad! Well made and well crafted! It shows how much blackberry can help with anything our daily activities and lives can make of it! It helps us get things, shit and anything done!! :)

I'll never go android, windows mobile phone 7/8, iphone or webos, I'll stick with blackberry.

How does he get the time when pressing the lock button while in locked mode?? I never get that, that would be very useful! Does anyone know?