Love word puzzles? Give WordsPlus for BlackBerry 10 a try

Have some free time and enjoy a good brain teaser? This helps pass the time and gives your noggin a workout.

By Alicia Erlich on 22 Jun 2013 12:08 pm EDT

Growing up, one of my favorite activities was tackling the latest word search puzzle book my parents brought home each week. Countless hours were wasted pouring over those jumbled grids discovering all of the phrases backwards, forwards, up and down, and diagonal. WordsPlus by Jason I. Carter seeks to recreate that experience on your BlackBerry device. 

WordsPlus is not only a Built for BlackBerry application but coded natively with C++ in the background. It offers a pleasant interface with menus and gameplay that flows with no lag. For the social integration, players have the ability to share via Twitter, Facebook, and BBM. To change things up a bit, a recent update granted users the ability to change the theme of the game from one of three pre-loaded designs. 

As with the print version, the object is to find all of the words hidden in the rectangular grid. Selecting the word is as simple as gliding your finger across the screen. Although, I noticed that words along the left or right edges may end up picking letters diagonally. The developer is aware of the issue and is looking into the sensitivity. 

What kind of word puzzle would this be without being able to choose your category? There are three main categories each with five or six topics to choose from. While my favorite is the Spacing Out topic and Star Trek / Sci Fi Names & Shows categories, all of them are quite challenging. Speaking of which, it comes with three levels of difficulty for users to choose: easy, medium, and hard.

If you are addicted to solving puzzles this will surely bring you hours of enjoyment. With the exception of the glitch mentioned earlier, it is a fun game you won't be able to put down. As for me I would love to see the addition of new themes and categories. You can buy WordsPlus for $0.99 or download a limited feature free edition as well for the Q10 and Z10

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Reader comments

Love word puzzles? Give WordsPlus for BlackBerry 10 a try


Like the game. Can't stand that it keeps wanting access to my bbm and gives me the message that it's not connected. Connect to remove message. Annoying.

Posted via CB10

Hi djraz, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game. There's a couple of ways to disconnect BBM 1) Within WordsPlus you can go to "settings" and turn off BBM posting or 2) go into your phone settings and remove BBM access for WordsPlus.

However, I'd like to mention that WordsPlus only uses BBM to post your score on the WordsPlus BBM app profile box. This is done automatically after ever game (unless turned off). You can also Invite Friends to Download or change your Personal Message...but this is only initiated by you and not the game.

BBM is there to make your experience more fun and social with your friends. But WordsPlus can still be enjoyed fully if you deny it access or turn off the settings.

And thanks again for like the game.
And thanks for the great review!


Hi thanks. Yes I did go into settings and turn bbm off. But after every complete board I get the bbm message. I appreciate the reasons for it but I refuse to allow any game or application access to my bbm. That's a private message service for myself and others. Don't need anything going access or using it to post info or share with friends.

Posted via CB10

I totally understand. After you deny access it shouldn't keep popping up. I'm going to look into fixing this in the next release...Annoyance is not an intended feature :)

Thank you. Otherwise loving it. Solid solid. I'd love to see maybe a version that encompasses words in all directions mixed. So a word begins on a diagnosis then straight. Hope I made sense?

Posted via CB10

My pleasure. Any feedback, good or bad, to me is great once it's constructive. And that idea of your's is crazy...I like it! Not sure if I can pull it off but we'll see. Haha

Ok guys let's support the developer for doing a great job don't cheap out people........ this way we are making a strong community.......and make BlackBerry community exclusive.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

Great game! I just meant to try it out but I ended up playing about 20 games instead. Thanks to the developer!

Posted via CB10

Well done, although letter-selection sensitivity could use a bit of tweaking for those of us without pointy fingertips. ;-) Played one game and bought it - regardless of how much I'll play it in the future, this dev. deserves support for all the solid programming and attractive pricing.