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Download and Install Words With Friends on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Words With Friends BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 27 Feb 2012 03:55 pm EST

Want to play Words With Friends on your BlackBerry PlayBook? If you have a few minutes to spare and a bit of tech knowledge, you can do just that. The BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update is sporting the ability to play Android applications so that mean there are loads of apps that are unofficially available that will run on the PlayBook (and hopefully be brought to BlackBerry App World soon). With just a few steps you can install Words With Friends on your BlackBerry PlayBook and you'll be piling up those triple word scores in no time at all. So swing by the forums to grab the Word With Friends BAR file, then keep reading and we'll tell you how to load up Words With Friends on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Words With Friends for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Loading from a Windows PC

  1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment suited for your PC
  2. Download and install the DDPB installer - Link
  3. Download any .BAR / .ZIP files already converted - Link
  4. On your PlayBook, turn on Develpment Mode from Settings > Security (remember your password!)
  5. Connect your BlackBerry PlayBook to your PC
  6. Open DDPB Installer that you just downloaded
  7. Enter your the IP address of your PlayBook (found by tapping the Development Mode icon in your status bar) or click "Scan". Enter the password you chose, then click "Connect".
  8. Click the "Add" button and browse for the BAR file you want to install. You can find a list of available BAR files here.
  9. Click "Install".
  10. When the process is complete the application will be installed on your PlayBook.

View the full Windows PC tutorial

Loading from a Mac

  1. Make sure you Mac OS is up to date and then download the Playbook_Tools here.
  2. Unzip the files into your /user/ directory (The directory typically shows as your username - mine is "/adamzeis/". You can put them wherever you want, it's just easier this way).
  3. Move the files from the Playbook_Tools\lib\ folder to the Playbook_Tools directory.
  4. Put your BlackBerry PlayBook into Development Mode by going to Settings > Security Settings and note the IP address of your PlayBook. You'll also be required to enter a password here if you don't have one already. Don't forget your password!!
  5. Find the .bar file for the app you want to install (check our growing list in the forums). After downloading, move the .bar file into the Playbook_Tools directory
  6. Open the Terminal application on your Mac (found under Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Your Terminal screen will show something along the lines of: new-host-2:~ adamzeis$
  7. Type cd playbook_tools and press Enter. Terminal should now read something like: new-host-2:playbook_tools adamzeis$
  8. Type the following into Terminal: java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device PLAYBOOK_IP -password PB_PASSWORD Be sure to add in your PlayBook IP address, password and the name of the .bar file.
  9. Terminal will do it's magic and when it's done, your app will be ready to roll on your PlayBook

View the full Mac tutorial

Get Help and Discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

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Reader comments

How to play Words With Friends on the BlackBerry PlayBook


Lucky me I downloaded it from android market while my pb was rooted. I have updated to the 2.0 release and since then market hAs been blocked again. But I retained all my downloaded apps

Been playing it since OS 2 official release. It's sweet, although at times glitchy. OS 2 is awesome!

Have to force close all the time. Why can't they just make a damn app already. Oh its not just mine its my moms,sisters, and brother inlaw playbook as well.

It wasn't meant to showcase Words with Friends, it was to show the DDPB sideloading process for installing .bar files like Words with Friends.

I cant seem to select any of my facebook friends in the app. Playing against a random player works great! I even get a notification when they make a play.

Don't they realize PB owners would pay five bucks to play this game?

Speak for yourself. The day this app is $5 is the day I stop playing.

I'll gladly watch ads, though.

Kinda surprised that it took this long to get on the front page. I've been talking about it working in several different threads the last week, but I've been using and enjoying it on the beta release for at least 3 weeks.

Yes it's a tad slow, but it works just fine as an Android-ported app. You can pinch to zoom, it gives the '!' in the notification tray for when your opponent makes a move (with what word they played), and it works off the Bridge connection if WiFi is turned off.

If you end a match and want to erase the end-game results, hold the match and a red - will show up that will let you clear that match display.

I've been playing this on my Playbook for months already. I love how there is a single WWF account that works across platforms, so I can play with iPhone and Android users as well as my Facebook friends.

Hey, Crackberry.. here's a thought. Use your clout to call Zynga and ask them to migrate the app for us. I'm so tired from upgrading and testing beta O/S's.. lets get Zynga to do this.

No more side-loading of apps, please.

Here's another thought... how about YOU reach out to them and do it too! It's no different than reaching out to CrackBerry to do something for you, and it also makes companies aware that BlackBerry customers want these kinds of apps*. There is a huge demand for games and apps here and I'm sure that there are a lot of people like me out there willing to spend some money for these if they ever became available. I have been emailing the developers of android apps that I want to see and telling them that not only would I like to see their apps and that I know others would too, that RIM makes it really easy for them to do without actually writing a new program. I even send them the links for the developers to begin the app signature process. If enough people join me then we could really see a flood of amazing things in our App World.

*(Not an attempt to criticize you so please don't take it that way, I would just love people to join me in being proactive)

I have the same problem. Also, when I open DDPB Installer, I get a "not java! close app!" message. The installer still runs, but I get your same "done" message when nothing was installed. I just verified that I have the latest java and I'm running in Development Mode. Any thoughts???

This game looks beautiful on PB and also plays great too, I did not feel any slowness or if it is not native app (except may be for first login screen which is phone sized). Best part is that once your opponent has played his/her turn, notifications appear in the notification area on PB. Also just installed Hanging with Friends, it works also great.

Ya. So I did this earlier today and now it seems like everything is running slowly. I got it to load the first time but wouldn't bring up any login. So I closed the android player and re opened it, got to the Facebook login but it just kept going back to the login screen. So I restarted and it worked fine. Except now it seems like it's bogging everything down. The android player was closed but when I opened it again it still had me logged in. Had me froze practically for five minutes trying to get the keyboard hidden so I could close a browser window. Had to shut down again to be sure. WWF worked but I don't know if it is worth the head ache if this keeps up.

I play this every day with my gf, and lemme tell ya, it's frustrating as he'll. It's slow and glitch, and I typically have to reload the game, restart the Android subsystem, and reboot the PB several times per game. After installing this game, I had to create a Facebook account so that I could launch WWF on FB through the PB browser in order to play blanks or swap tiles, because those two things don't work at all in the app.

But I love everything playing this with my girl (perhaps because I almost always win), and I'll keep putting up with the pain of using this app to do so.

I agree. It is not the easiest app to use. Don't know if it is the bar file or the player, but it is quite frustrating in terms of stability.

Been playing this through my PB's browser since it made its debut on Facebook...which has been great. Its awesome, hope the app works just as well.

I'm having the same issue many people are:
I've run through the steps and after DDPB says: Done! I get nothing on my PB.
Doesn't seem to have been addressed yet by anyone.
Is there a fix for this?


Doesn't let me log in. Just asks if I have a Games with Friends account and from there on I can't tap No Thanks or Connect! It just doesn't do anything.

I am trying to install the Words With Friends for Playbook ( from Android) . I apologize if this has been posted already, where do I find the actual .bar file for Words with friends. Please can someone help me.

I love it, now I will enter into a battle with my siblings and Mum for Words supremacy. I keep loving the playbook more and more everyday.

Hi everyone - followed the instructions and got WWF onto my PLaybook - managed to get a username and start a game and send my first word - but not receiving any responses or invites from other people that I know have started games with me (know they have played and sent back) - does anyone know what the problem might be ??

Please help ......

HELP! I downloaded and installed the JVA 7 Runtime Envirionment for my windows 7 (64 bit) pc and i downloaded the latest updated version of ddpb (the one that came out the other day). I connect my playbook and press scan and enter my password and when i hit connect i get a pop-up stating "('Java is not recognized as an internal or external command,)"

What do I do?! Or what did i do wrong?

Thanks for posting this, I tried two other methods and they didn't work. This was the only one that worked. I am a recent convert to BB from android, and it's nice to have a few android security blankets on my pb while I am still getting acclimated.