WordRival for BlackBerry - play online with friends

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 01:41 pm EDT

WordRival is a newer game for BlackBerry devices. If you are familiar with Words with Friends or Scrabble then WordRival should be pretty a pretty fun, easy game for you. We held off on posting about it before because it had some bugs in it. But, with the latest update now available for download all the previous bugs have been addressed. Some features of WordRival include:

  • Play against friends anywhere in the world over the Internet
  • Find a random opponent to play against over the Internet with one click
  • Play in Pass'n'Play mode with just one BlackBerry phone
  • Get notified when the other played has moved so you can close the app
  • Vibration alerts when it's your go
  • Play as many games simultaneously as you like
  • Chat with your opponent using the in-built chat window

Right now, you can grab WordRival's latest version (1.0.8) from the CrackBerry App Store for only $3.99. You'll need a device that's running OS 5 and higher to get in on the action though. Keep in mind though, where there is no single player mode you'll reliant upon who is logged in and playing at the time to have someone to play with.

Reader comments

WordRival for BlackBerry - play online with friends


Yay 3.99 for a game that's FREE on the iPhone and also looks a million times better on the iPhone. This just looks like an awful, incredibly low quality knock off and is exactly why apps on BlackBerry are a joke.

Before anyone calls me a fanboy, I actually have a 9700 and an iPod touch, not an iPhone.

I've been hoping for something like this but for $4 and it looks crappy compared to the free Words with Friends...

Would it be so hard for Words with Friends to make a BlackBerry client? It's not like there's not a market for it.

I would much rather pay the 4 bucks than the crappy ad-supported version on iOS. And I think the shoe can be on the other foot, as the iOS looks pretty kiddy and flashy, while the BB version is just simple. I would much rather have an app that is simple and works versus one that tries to be better with better graphics and animation that bogs down your battery.

And before your iOS fanboyness attacks, I have perviously owned 2 versions of iPhone and an iPod Touch.

IMO, when it comes down to it, iDevices are basically mobile app stores that have the ability for some smartphone functionality. Take the app store away, and the iPhone is just an entry-level smartphone with decent hardware.

FWIW...I bought the pay version of Words with Friends for $0.99 when it was on sale. I think the normal price is still cheaper than this game.

Why is this any better than Lexulous? It's only $2 and you can play single player or vs facebook friends or vs people on Lexulous.com...

I love Lexulous. I use Lexulous Lite, which is free. I have to deal with the frequent popups asking me to upgrade, but I can live with that.

Completely agree. I love Lexulous, and have been using the free version. The convenience of playing either on the phone or even the same game on the phone through their website is perfect.

why is anyone defending this app? $4. Looks like it was made in paint. There is absolutely no way you can say this is better or even close to words with friends whether you own a iphone or not. Be realistic and not a BB fanboy for once people

I have to say I've played this app and it's great. OK the graphics aren't excellent but the game play certainly is!

At the end of the day, graphics don't make the game - the game makes the game!

Can I just say how happy I am I read this post, because I just downloaded LexulousLite. Which is a free from app world! I invited a bunch of bb friends who are already downloading it and i'm playing on a pc while also playing on bb. And once again yes this is FREE. Anyone who likes words with friends or scrabble download this. I will look at a quick add for a free game anyday.

I tried Lexulous. I don't know how anyone can use that game--it's nearly impossible to click on the tiny letters or gameboard squares. (I have a Storm2)