WordPress releases native BlackBerry 10 app in beta form

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2013 04:10 am EDT

A while back we now, WordPress confirmed they would be releasing a native version of their blogging app for BlackBerry 10 as part of their Google Summer of Code participation. Since then, we've not heard a lot about the app but if you head on over to the WordPress BlackBerry Blog, there is a beta version available for download plus with WordPress being open source they've also added the source files on their Github repo.

The beta is very much that. A beta and it's pretty bare bones when compared to the already existing Android port available on BlackBerry World and it comes as a .BAR file, meaning you'll need to sideload it in order to make use of it. With that info out there though, if you're willing to give it a go and offer some feedback, the file is readily available via the link below. Also, if you're a developer this might be a good project to work on.

Download WordPress for BlackBerry 10 Beta

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WordPress releases native BlackBerry 10 app in beta form


Interesting stuff, I might give it a try the next few days. However I'm wondering if the latest negative news regardings BlackBerry have, in some way, made an impact in Wordpress' afforts to finish this app.

Doubt it, it's not as if they make any money off its development anyway. Plus, with it being open source anyone can pick it up and improve upon the code.

The guy working on it, made the app to learn BB10 Native development.
The recent BlackBerry news has no effect on his efforts.

To me it sounds like they aren't developing it anymore and just decided to abandon it and make it open rot someone else to do it.

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Indeed. It's not abandonware, it's software in development. Read the announcement before you comment, Douken.

No... they guy did it to learn BB10 Native. He had a time frame to complete the code and that time frame is over. He is now making it available for anyone to pick up where he left off and help improve the project. Just like the Apple and Android WordPress apps.

Fantastic - I'll take a look when I'm in front of a computer - we definitely need more open source software!

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Classic example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. I asked WP about progress on bb10 and no one knew even about it, only referring to the BBOS version or the Android port. It appears that the intern tasked to code the bb10 app bailed, which sucks, because the Android port, though slick, is fatally flawed: What kind of word processing app can't properly interact with a keyboard? I can only use it for stats and administration stuff and little more. Very disappointing, very frustrating.

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Is it available for all BlackBerry 10 ?
I installed BAR files from BlackBerry Empire on my Q10, it doesn't work, no connection
is it the same BAR file ?

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I may just dl the beta, not sure, since I can't used the android port for hardly anything. Might as well give it a shot, if I can atleast manipulate text properly it will be 75% better than the ported piece... whatever.

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