WordPress for PlayBook updated to v2.2.2

WordPress for PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 18 Sep 2012 08:02 am EDT

The latest update to WordPress on the BlackBerry PlayBook has now been released into BlackBerry App World. For all you bloggers on the go, making use of WordPress installs there is some few changes noted with this release. As highlithed by the Automattic team, you'll find the following changes within the app:

  • Featured image support
  • New stats view
  • Performance and reliability improvements
  • Added Korean language support
  • Updated Swedish, Hungarian and Catalan translations
  • Fixed stats not connecting properly for certain self-hosted blog configurations 

As of now, the update is still filtering through BlackBerry App World so if you're not seeing it as of yet, no matter. Just sit tight and it will appear shortly and let you download it.

Download WordPress for PlayBook

Reader comments

WordPress for PlayBook updated to v2.2.2


I didn't even know there was a WordPress for the PlayBook. This makes me want to pick up that keyboard/case combo for doing posts on the go.