Wordpress for BlackBerry updates to v1.4.1

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2010 12:12 pm EDT

Wordpress for BlackBerry got a slight bump in versions last night. The update, which is basically a bug squashing release addresses some minor issues within the previous release. The list is as follows:

  • Fixed empty title issue for those blogs with “Site Title” field set to empty value.
  • Fixed an issue on the comments screen that doesn’t permit editing of comments with weird characters within URL or e-mail field.
  • Introduced a better integration with the VideoPress service and the WordPress.com Space-Upgrade option.
  • Added support for blog shortcut icon.
  • Minor bug fixing.

Again just big fixes but, if you're one who likes to make sure your apps are up to date you can grab this one from BlackBerry App World right now.

Reader comments

Wordpress for BlackBerry updates to v1.4.1


I really like WordPress. I especially like the way their mobile themes make compatible sites look from Android and iPhones. I am not sure if that same mobile version is displayed on BB as I haven't looked in a while. If it is maybe CrackBerry should offer that version as well!

Installed on a Curve 8900 running 4.6.1

I was initially excited about this update since I already used WordPress 1.4 and have a blog on the site. It was a mistake for me to download.

I always clear my logs and memory before downloading new software so I can clearly see if anything goes awry, and boy did it. At first, the update didn't install properly, so I removed it, cleared logs and memory and tried again. I then ended up with a mystery icon for "Message Search" in my Downloads folder. I cleared the logs and memory, removed the update and tried again.

The 1.4.1 update finally installed properly, only to annoyingly slow my device down! I uninstalled it, cleared the logs and memory, and my device is STILL running excruciatingly slow. Thank goodness I do backups regularly. I may have to wipe the device and start over. I am thoroughly disappointed. Since I really like WordPress and the ability to update my blog on the fly, maybe I'll try again after this "bug fix" gets "bug fixed."