WordPress For BlackBerry Updates To v1.1 Adding New Features And Better Touchscreen Support

By Bla1ze on 18 Mar 2010 09:32 am EDT
WordPress For BlackBerry Updates To v1.1

Wordpress has released their latest update to Wordpress for BlackBerry. Version 1.1 came shortly after the Tumblr announcement we seen yesterday. I guess maybe they fet some pressure from Tumblr. A lot of enhancements came with this release, especially for BlackBerry Storm owners out there that may be making use of the app. A feature breakdown list is as follows:

  • Comment Notifications
  • Geotagging of Posts
  • Improved UI interaction on Touch devices
  • introduction of Touch Gestures: Sliding a finger to the left or right quickly on the Comment screen displays the next or previous comment.
  • Photo Resizing improvements with user defined dimensions
  • New File Browser with thumbnails support
  • Overall enhancements to the speed and stability of the app 
  • Additional Language Support: English, Italian, Finnish, French, German and finally, Indonesian and Portuguese

For anyone who makes use of Wordpress as a CMS this app just keeps getting better. If you do run into issues however, you can check out the Wordpress for BlackBerry support forums. Wordpress for BlackBerry is available in BlackBerry App World or via OTA download from the Wordpress site.

Reader comments

WordPress For BlackBerry Updates To v1.1 Adding New Features And Better Touchscreen Support


Cool. DLing the update now. I participate in my company's blog and I moderate the comments so this should make things even easier for me.

Thanks Wordpress!!!

First Tumblr with the official app, and now Wordpress with the update!!! When is Blogger going to officially get into the blackberry app game!

Awesome.. The file browser is much better. That was the one item that really peeved me.. Now if only you can see the files in order by new-old ala the default BB file browser...

I've got about 50mb free app memory running on my 9700, but it still won't allow me to write any posts b/c "there is not sufficient memory." No response yet on the support forums. Frustrating.