WordPress For BlackBerry Updated To v0.9.0.157

By Bla1ze on 8 Oct 2009 09:52 am EDT
WordPress For BlackBerry Updated To v0.9.0.157

While we all were anxiously awaiting the new BlackBerry Messenger release yesterday, the good folks at Automattic were busy releasing an update as well. This update bumps their Wordpress for BlackBerry application up to version 0.9.157 and addresses a lot of users concerns. Being that the application is still considered to be a beta, Wordpress users should be pleased with the progress. New feature set includes:

Updated UI Changes:

  • Gravatar support
  • Ability to open the URL of the author into the BB browser
  • A reply to comment feature, so you can moderate and respond all from the mobile device.

On the Post and Page screens

  • The ability to open the comment list for a specific post
  • Support for the post excerpt field
  • Support for custom fields


  • Added French support
  • Added Italian support 

Users who already have the application can update from within the app, and for those of you who may have a Wordpress powered blog and are not using this Wordpress for BlackBerry - why not?

Reader comments

WordPress For BlackBerry Updated To v0.9.0.157


the new updated version has completely lock-up up my Storm. 149 worked perfectly, but I've had to do two battery pulls just to get any functionality back to my BB. It's too bad, b/c I love using this app. Interested to hear if it's only my unit or if anyone else has issues.

I decided to try this one more time and found a fix. After d/l-ing I went into to options-->advanced options-->applications and altered permissions for the app. The default is a custom setting and I changed all permissions to allow. The app fired up perfectly after that.

Hey guys --

For this app to work properly with the Storm device, you need to run the app with Compatibility mode OFF. Go to option-> Advanced options-> Application. Next, select the WordPress app from the list, push the menu button and select “Disable the compatibility mode”.

I had the same issues with my Storm. Also one note, I cannot type in my username and password to preview a blog entry. The scrolling is an issue to get to the correct fields. I have also tried with and without compatability and still have the same issues.

It seems like this is not quite ready for the Storm's touchscreen. It is functional for the most part, but not fully yet.