Brain testing time - Word Soup for BlackBerry 10 goes half price for a limited time

Word Soup
By James Richardson on 27 Oct 2013 07:13 am EDT

We first featured Word Soup for BlackBerry 10 some time ago - and although I wasn't an expert, it truly is a fantastic puzzle style game if that's your thing. 

To celebrate 10 years in the business the developer has reduced the price of Word Soup by 50% up until November 1st - so if this one looks your cup of tea you had better get in quick. Now for less than a buck you can enjoy hours of beautifully presented word puzzle action. Don't blame me if you get addicted though - I'm just the messenger! 

If you missed our initial video and review you can catch it here

Word Soup features 3 Game Modes: 

  • Relaxed, for a stress-free challenge. 
  • Timed, where players test themselves against the clock. 
  • Brain Game, for an endurance based game where long words mean survival.

Download Word Soup for BlackBerry 10

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Brain testing time - Word Soup for BlackBerry 10 goes half price for a limited time

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LOVE this game! I've had it for a while on both my Z10 and my Playbook... It's great to have while awaiting a flight and even inflight as it helps time to pass very quickly. This game is addictive especially in travel situations :)

Word hero is addictive. But sadly it's not great on 10.2 and it is an android port. Word soup is built for BlackBerry 10. My next new addiction. Yay

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Failure to recognise legitimate words is a issue here. Quiet is a word that was not allowed to be used. Game start up is a little slow but I do like it and if improvements are made this will be an excellent game. Would be nice if we were told how many possible words there are during game and what the words were when the game is up

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Thanks everyone for the positive comments about Word Soup.

djraz: Your post worried me, so I just tested our game and I was able to enter the word 'quiet'. Not sure why it didn't work for you.

It should not be a general rule for Word Soup that there are lots of common words that are not allowed. In fact, Word Soup allows lots of obscure words from English dialects around the world, including South Africa, Australia (and even America). If you do have more problems with legitimate words not being allowed, please do grab a screenshot and hit me up on Twitter or email me. I'm always trying to make the game as good as it can be, and player feedback is one of the most valuable tools we have.


Thanks. I have to say that it looks like that was a one of issue as since then I haven't had a real issue. This is a great game. If the changes I suggested were implemented it would be even better. (allows one to learn obscure words as well). That's the advantage the other guys ported game has. Those 3 minutes go by way too fast hahaha. I need a way to freeze time without affecting my game. (this is a joke, I like the time version....sharpens the mind). LOVE THE GAME. thanks

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Hi djraz,

Glad to hear the issue didn't happen again. (phew!)

The nature of Word Soup means that it's actually incredibly computationally intensive to 'solve'. It's very different to most word games because like Chess, humans are better players than computers. I did start typing the world's most boring post, but deleted it. In short, it would be impossible to give you the information you're asking for. :o)



Yeah, that's what I thought after becoming hooked on it this morning. There would be way too many possibilities depending on the order and lengths of chosen words in any round. Being so fluid each one changes the set of possible words from that point forward every time. Even moreso when you include the sliding letters left vs right. Great game! Like scrabble and Bejeweled had a baby!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Now now the word impossible is not in my dictionary and using algorithms it is possible to have it computed. :). Oh yeah math is a strong point for me as is the real computer language of 1 and 0 :). It might take you approximately 2000 lines of intense code and mathematical algorithm but yep impossible isn't a word I use haha. That said. I appreciate the reply and don't worry. I wouldn't expect you to write that code hehe :). It's a great game. Much appreciated.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Great price for a good game. Loading is a bit slow but play is fine. Thanks for the tip.

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This is a great game, I have it on my SG tablet. My daughter is addicted to it. lol

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Thanks, sounds like fun and this is the type of game I like. Teen daughter and I both getting today for our z10s.

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Fun game and the dev is good about responding to emails (have found words that weren't allowed)

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Hi Clayman,
Scoreloop is showing 31,215 players, which includes all the players playing the Free version & Android versions. I don't know exactly how the Games app is deciding the Top 10% but I suspect it includes all these players, so well done to her!

Thanks to everyone who's bought the game. You actually made Word Soup the #1 paid game on BlackBerry World! I have a screenshot and I will be bragging. :oD



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