Were you tempted by Word Soup? There is now a free version for BlackBerry 10

Word Soup Free
By James Richardson on 22 May 2013 06:15 am EDT

You may remember some time ago that we brought you a video/review of Word Soup for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The good news is that the developer has been in touch to let us know that there is now a free version of the app available in BlackBerry World. This free version is ad-supported and has no in-app purchases but if you fancy giving the game a go this is without doubt the best way to do it.

Word Soup for BlackBerry 10 is a beautiful puzzle style game where the object of the game is to find words in the colorful grid. The graphics are smooth and stylish, plus there are nice sound effects on top of the music. If you fancy a challenge then you will love Word Soup.

In addition the paid version has also just been updated with the following features:

  • Quick Replay (no need to go back to the main menu)
  • Choose your Tile-set (Modern, Classic & Hi-Contrast)
  • A much more helpful help.

More information/Download Word Soup FREE for BlackBerry 10

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Were you tempted by Word Soup? There is now a free version for BlackBerry 10


Word Soup is one of my favourites. Definitely worth picking up and glad to see there's a free version now too.

Posted via CB10

Hi Polocoste,

No Q10 version yet because the port is non-trivial. We have a unified version that works across iOS, Android, Z10/Playbook - no matter what device you are on you can play the same game. However the aspect ratio of the Q10 screen is massively different to the almost-standard widescreen seen in mobile devices and relatively, it's very small. Significant changes will have to be made to make the game enjoyable for Q10 and that takes time.

If we just gave you the version as is, I promise you would not enjoy it on your Q10.


I'd like to install this, but I've got 14.8Gb of my storage taken up by "Other Data". No fix from BlackBerry yet so until then more installs for this guy.

I wish more developers would offer time limited trial versions of their software, I hate buying apps that end up gathering dust in some obscure corner of my phone. Kudos to these guys, if I like it I'll buy it.

Posted via CB10

I couldn't agree more. It allows you to try and then buy if you are hooked (I bought this one and love it). There are so many apps I would like to try but with the 2.99 price tags I don't want to buy and have them sit unused!

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

Am i wrong, or are alle the apps presented here everytime only for Z10?!? All apps i open on my Q10 it says " not for your Device"


Posted via CB10