This will give your brain a workout - Word Soup for BlackBerry 10

Word Soup
By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2013 08:35 am EST

Word Soup for BlackBerry 10 is a beautiful puzzle style game where the object of the game is just to find words in the colorful grid. That description sounds pretty boring but let me assure you that Word Soup is far from that. There are three games within Word Soup - Relaxed Game (no time limits), Timed Game and Brain Game. I'm not very good with these style of puzzles so I chose to stick with the relaxed one which suited me just fine. Luckily there is a tutorial at the start to make sure you know what's what.

Once you start a new game you will instantly notice how beautiful the grid of letters is. They are made up of bright colours and there is also a nice mellow music track that plays in the background. When you have discovered a word you swipe along the letters and you will then be asked to tap to submit. You can swipe in any direction including diagonal and I think this is where my brain struggles!

Completing a word will earn you points - the longer the word, the more points you get. One unique feature with Word Soup is that as you find words and those letters vanish from the grid it will free up space at the top. You can tilt the BlackBerry to tip the blocks at the top from left to right to assist you in finding more words. That's maybe not the best example so I would recommend checking out the video when you can.

At the bottom right hand side of the display are a couple of icons. One will re-shuffle the grid for you if things are getting hard. The other is kind of like a 'tip' and it will show you a word - but you can only use this once.

Overall Word Soup is a fantastic puzzle game. The graphics are smooth and stylish, plus there are nice sound effects on top of the music. If you fancy a challenge then you will love Word Soup.

The game will cost you $1.99/£1.50 and in my opinion that is great value for money. Give it a shot - you won't be any worse at it than me!

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This will give your brain a workout - Word Soup for BlackBerry 10


I'm working on a word mole app. I asked a few days ago if I can reuse the graphics. If I can't it will be "wordrat" instead of wordmole...

The gameplay is almost already done.

I'm adding a multigame part to it, and score comparison.

I'm also looking to let user the ability to add words to the dictionnary, but you'll have to be connected and the word will need to be approved.

First version will be only in French and English.

As I'm very busy with other (professional) stuff, It will not be ready before april or beginning of may. Follow @fslmobile if you want to participate in beta test when this will become available.

It will be available on Playbook, Z10, and Q10 (I'm using native sdk).


@James - If you liked Word Soup I'm sure you'll love WordsPlus! And I'd love to get your thoughts and review on it :)

If you're interested let me know or let me know how I can get in touch with you to provide a free updated v1.1 bar


Word Soup is my wife wont give me back my playbook....what the heck am I suppose to do with this useless ipad thing