Word Maze gives you tons of challenging mazes for free!

Word Maze
By Kerri Neill on 11 Jul 2012 11:31 pm EDT

I have found yet another fun little game while browsing through BlackBerry App World. This one is called Word Maze by Heesang Song. The name of this app is a little bit misleading. There are absolutely no words in the mazes at all. In actuality, you're a little lady bug stuck on one side of a maze. The challenge is to figure out the quickest way through to the other side. While this sounds remarkably easy, on smaller screens it can actually be quite hard. This is a great game for all ages!

Free Version Features:

  • Tons of free mazes ranging from easy to difficult
  • Adjustable maze size (smaller for more complicated, larger for easier)
  • Ad FREE

Not only can you play the game to kill time here and there but you can let your kids give the mazes a whirl while in the grocery store or wherever. It is really nice when app developers realize that yes, while they could charge for an app or games, some of them really are so simple that they should be free. Word Maze is one of these apps. It's an uncomplicated game that takes up hardly any space on your device (79 KB = less than 1 MB).

The developer states a paid version is in the works and will have the same features as the FREE version with the added options of saving your progress and some invisible mazes (not sure how that’ll work but I’m sure interested in giving it a try)! As of now, it’s undetermined when the paid version will be available but hopefully it will be very soon.

Word Maze is currently available for most countries on the following BlackBerry devices that are running OS 4.5 or higher: 9000, 9650, 9700, 9780, 9788, 9790, 9900, 9930 and 9981.

For more information / download Word Maze Free version

Reader comments

Word Maze gives you tons of challenging mazes for free!


Of course, I can't download this game because I live in Korea and Blackberry Korea refuses to open up the games section. BAH!

game not working for me , dont know why , it says (cannot access secure api) something like that

Weird that you an Illini2097 are getting this error. That is usually only an error you get when the app is either not signed or the permissions haven't been set to allow.

I am getting the "attempting to access secure API" error as well.. Using a 9700 with a hybrid OS.. Any fixes?? This looks like a fun game!

I think the developer made a typo on the app's name. It should be called worm maze. Lol

But it doesn't use a worm. Maybe world maze?