Expand your vocabulary with Word of the Day Plus

By Alicia Erlich on 12 Mar 2014 04:39 pm EDT

When it comes to references applications who out there doesn't want to expand their knowledge? There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your vocabulary by learning a new word each day right from your phone. Word of the Day Plus is a simple yet painless way of learning new words and their pronunciation and accomplishes this with a fresh new look.

What makes this stand out is the easy to navigate and visually appealing interface. By using animated backgrounds, quick peeks at prior words, vocabulary galleries, this application certainly achieves its goal of word enlightenment. What is interesting is how the animated background changes with the time of the day. If you launch during evening hours you get the nighttime sky with animated lighthouse. When opened during the day you are presented with the same lighthouse surrounded by blue skies and sunshine.

As is obvious as the name, the main screen is populated by the word of the day. It offers a brief definition, the part of speech, the pronunciation, and an example of how it is used in a sentence. There is also a button for sharing this word via the BlackBerry 10 framework for your friends and followers. If you are curious as to the previous words there the 'Quick-Peek' option. By pressing and sliding the screen to the right, users may glance or peek at the last five words though you are unable to select them. 

Not only can you aid in your own vocabulary but this is perfect for your children to reinforce their learning as well. Included in this application is a vocab section. From here you can scroll through and view high school words ranging from 9th through 12th grades. By pressing and holding on each word, students may view the definition and part of speech it belongs to. 

Word of the Day Plus is a convenient and helpful tool and includes words not always used on a daily basis. You might even discover ones you may not already know. It supports BlackBerry 10 and is $.99 to purchase. 

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My vocabulary is...umm...really....good....

Z10 still going strong!!!


Your "Word of the Day" is "where's".....

As used in a sentence....

"Where's the friggin 10.2.1 upgrade from ATT?"

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Freddy, you have the z30? I thought that phone was cdma?

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Z10 keyboard reads my mind. It's hot

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Worth the dollar?

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No offense to the dev, but I was thinking the same thing...

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You won't search for a word to learn everyday and no one will come and teach you one. However, having this app on your phone will get you to check it, hence learning a new word everyday.
Having said that, I believe it is worth a $1.00. Maybe more.


There are BBM channels (free) that give Word of the Day - search for Professional English as well as free apps (Webster from google play, native Vocabuilder from BBW). But I agree that 99 cents is definitely not a fortune at least here in Canada and would encourage app developers to support BlackBerry platform.

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jojo beaconsfield

Good stuff!! I've always tried to be an outstrip kind of person,how's that?hahaha

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My word of the day is "dope"!

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--I was actually looking forward to a native Webster app


Dang. I'd say create shortcut to homescreen: http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/
I may take a pass on this app, but glad its available for those who want to give it a try.


Broken link Wolfer :-)



Sorry about that. Google word of the day and head to the merriam-webster site.
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Looks very rewarding...download in progress. Thanks Alicia!

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my word is "impious" this is a tough one to use on this forum


Maybe I do need it, I thought outstrip meant something else. Boy was I wrong.

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Tater Tots

I'm pretty sure that some websites have word of the day. No reason to pay $1.

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How do you add a tag line to your profile, I have looked in settings and no luck.

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We need the define option in the highlight ribbon.

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Try the Vocabuilder app - highlight a word and then share to that app.


I like the VocaBuilder application - it gives you Word of the Day from multiple providers (Merriam Webster, Macmillian, Dictionary.com, NY Times, etc) and allows building custom word lists to study - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/35234888


Nice app.

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