Woman Saved by Bullet-Stopping BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 12 Feb 2010 08:55 am EST

Its true that every once in a while BlackBerry stories come along that aren't totally tech-related ... well here's one for the books. Inside an Ohio restaurant, a woman was saved by her BlackBerry after a gun accidentally discharged. Anthony Holtvogt and his girlfriend were preparing to leave the establishment when the .32 caliber weapon discharged and landed dead-center on his girlfriends left jeans pocket - which luckily held her BlackBerry (looks like it was a Curve 85xx). The woman escaped with only minor bruising, but the BlackBerry I'm assuming wasn't so lucky (can you get a warrantly replacement for that?). Check out the full article from the Dayton Daily News for more. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!



Wow! So lucky it didn`t go through!


Hm, RIM could use that as advertisement. Or Apple haha


Ahhh the power of Blackberry
Gotta love'em :)


This kind of reminds me of abraham lincoln or george washington.. When they were fighting in one of the wars, and they got shot, and he should have been dead, however in his chest picket near his heart he had the bible.. If that wasn't there he wouldn't have survived..

Not trying to get religious on ya'll, but this women definitely had her guardian angel with her


Had an insurance on her blackberry lol


The woman was very lucky, it made my heart feel warm after reading this.


the reported saying "there's not an app for that" or that they were at a place called "frickers".


Chicken Wing Joint that has AMAZING food. I had one about 5 mins from house, in cincinnati ohio, before i moved away from there.....

Fircken Chicken FTW ! ! !


thats awesome I eat at that frickers all the time...guess I better switch to a curve just in case...


Can't do that!! That could be a really good advertisement for Casemate lol their slogan could be "Our cases stop bullets"


It was a Frickers. I live here in Dayton and can tell you that hands down they have the BEST wings! Anyhow, they also said on the news this morning that RIM heard about the incident and offered her a replacement in exchange for her bullet proof (sorta) model. All is well that ends well.


I agree, I live in Dayton as well and they have great wings.


I live here in Dayton as well. I live about 10 minutes away from Miller Lane and I've been to that Frickers once. I'm more of a Cork and Vine guy :) www.corkvine.com


Best Italian sub ever.


This is marketing GOLD! Imagine doing a side by side comparison of a Curve vs an iPhone taking a .32 caliber bullet....

I can only imagine what would have happened to the waitress if the service was slow and the food was bad!

Seriously, I hope charges have been filed against this idiot as another patron could just as easily been shot and the outcome a lot worse


well there as an iPod that stopped a bullet. http://www.ipodhacks.com/article.php?sid=2187

And there was a Moto Razr too.


If your in a bar having beers you are NOT allowed to carry your weapon. Sigh. Chances are it was a ricochet too if it didn't go through the phone.


1 point for team blackberry.. How many times have a iphone saved someone from death or serious injury.. NEVER!!


I know a BlackBerry can do alot.. but this is just unreal..


out of no where a stranger appears on the verizon..opps horizon!!!!up on your desk!!!this stranger comes to town with apps on his heart and os in the mind!!!able to stop speeding bullets...able to have os updated with a single program.....its superberry!!!! a mild mannered office pda by day, but a bullet stopping crime fighter at night!!!!superberry!!!

meanwhile...at the leigon of doom headquarters...steve luthor is creating his leigon ipad....

"this will stop that meroding superberry"!*says steve luthour

until next time kids......remember just say no....(to apple)


its stupid actions like this that make the rest of us legal and responsible gun carrying citizens look bad! If the slide on your gun is back point it at the ground before you release it.


Thankfully for her it was a pathetically weak .32 and not something more reliable. Hopefully he has his licensed revoked, but maybe this will teach others that a .32 doesn't have enough penetration, especially during the winter months when more layers are being worn.

More than likely this will help bolster the anti-gun politicians in Ohio...


What an idiot! If he has a CC permit, he should know how to store it safely no? That's the basic of firearm safety. Plus he was drinking.

I wonder if the girlfriend will end the relationship or wait for him to get out of prison, lol.

But seriously, BB are the best!


What an idiot.. Game over for him.


but that reporter was fucking hilarious, it reminded me of the south park wherethe boys make the news program and cartman tells token people watch the news to SEE african americans, SEE, not hear.


Adam, I'm guessing it's a Curve 8520 from Cincinnati Bell Wireless. CBW's devices are "unbranded" when it comes to the physical hardware which is why there is no carrier logo on the bottom of the phone. They do have their own BB splash screens and VID = 135.

Cincinnati Bell Wireless serves all of Dayton and pretty far up the western side of OH. They have Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky area codes so it's certainly plausible. and no, they don't offer handset insurance.

tony bag o donuts

The indestructible phone doesn't withstand a slam on a piece of glass.



And people say that the Curve 8500 series phone is cheap and plastic. Heck if it can stop a bullet it can't be too cheap!!!


now that's love, our BlackBerrys would take a bullet for us... the iPhone will not do that cuz it would jump out of iPhone owners pockets to save its Fart App, Ha!


Does Droid do this...hmmmm???? Great story! Glad to see the woman was ok and uninjured. This is just another reason for me to stick to Blackberry.


did anyone realise that the CaseMate green casing probably helped a bit too in stopping the bullet ?

well done , good marketing material for case mate too ! :)