Contest: WJD Designs OS 6 BlackBerry theme - 25 free copies to be won! [video]

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By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jun 2010 05:15 pm EDT

Possibly the greatest BB theme promo video of all time... watch below! :)

Contest time!! Everybody's friend Wayne D hit us up with some freebies to give away of his premium theme creation, OS 6. Since he introduced it a few weeks back, it has shot up the BlackBerry themes best sellers' list to where it's currently sitting in the #1 position. Wayne's other latest creation, the ClockWork animated theme, is also sitting in the top ten. Suffice to say, WJD Designs may not be in the Theme Throwdown taking place right now, but he's one of many top theme designers who could be duking it out for the king of themes title as well (our software partner picked the competitors, CrackBerry wasn't involved in that process, so don't blame us if your favorite theme devs are missing out on the battle... hopefully they'll be in the next one!).

There's a reason OS 6 is currently the top-selling theme in the CrackBerry App Store. The theme features a lot of the fun and goodness that we can hope to expect when BlackBerry 6 finally lands on our devices (and if you can't have the real deal, you go for the next best thing... the theme!). I'm not sure what I like more, the promo video or the theme itself (no comment on Wayne's dancing skills). The OS 6 theme sells for $2.99 and is available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, 96xx series and Storm, but we have 25 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends Sunday at midnight PDT.

Video of WJD Designs' OS 6 Theme for BlackBerry

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Contest: WJD Designs OS 6 BlackBerry theme - 25 free copies to be won! [video]



OMG this would look awesome on my white 9700!!! ive been looking for a good theme but haven't found one..but os6 theme simply looks awesome!! i hope i win!!!!

This stuff is the only thing that is helping me be patient for OS 6. :)

Count me in for the contest.

THis theme sux on the trackpad. It is very very difficult to navigate between dock folders since the dock disapears when you scroll down. Seeing how this is a very common action (scrolling down on home screen), you will almost always hide your dock by accident. It would be much better if the dock hid when the space button is clicked rather than scrolling down.

My customers don't all agree the theme sucks obviously and granted your right on having you opinion but at the same time we took in the account of users wanting it to be used on their track devices and wanted that swipe feel of motion and action so we did that more then just a space bar... try setting your sensitivity down?

He just doesnt knows how to control it, he need practice, or as you saied, put the sensitivity a little bi lower, anyway bro, Great theme, and excellent video i LOLed when you played boom boom pow, cuz just remind me of the crappy video of Rim OS 6.0, ur dancing skills are way better :D ! well i hope that i win one

A better OS 6 theme for track pad models is from BT designs. Dock will hide by hitting the space key and will also display a today feature.

Please don't flood the comment section with more of your POV, we would like to give away this theme to people actually wanting the theme..

If you don't like it say so and keep on trucking. No need to spam out your dislike.
On another note I'd like a copy! Lol :D

Well Crackberry, it has been a while since I have been a loyal follower of yours. I eat, sleep, study, cry, shower crackberry every single minute of my life..well make that seconds of my life. I get headaches if I don't log into your website, how crazy is that.. Pick me for this theme.

Very Cool Theme, music is great theme looks great, sure would like nice on my NEW Storm 2 that is 2 weeks old.
Great Job Wayne

Yes i want it at least till the new os comes out that i hope comes for my looks great and the video its

Ooooooo been patiently waiting and it WILL pay off!! Perfect timing been keeping my eye out for this! Mindpower! Be awesome to win this for my First contest win! Keep up the awesome job CB team and thanks for all the hard work you guys do to put the "Crack" into this website....

that's just my opinion, although i see why the same song as the OS6 is used( to feel the theme ), still would be nice to see a different song with the a non-touch preview...Or maybe,again, that's just my opinion....

Wow, awesome looking theme and video, not sure which is better. I have an 8900 so the theme should work for mine as well, right? Count me in

That theme looks really good, similar to the OS5 so its easy to get used to also the icons are easy to get used to which is good because some themes make the icons so obscure you don't know what they are.

Very nice theme. This would be the perfect theme for me. I just ordered the white housing for my 9700, with this theme it would be perfect! Hope I win this one.

Haha! LOVE IT! One of the finniest videos I've seen recently. Full credit to the man for making it. The video, that is. He hasn't got the moves, but he's got some balls :)

the sad reality is that this theme is as much as the actual OS upgrade has to offer, sans the crappy "webkit" that isn't really a webkit browser they've been overhyping for a year. theres now no reason to worry about upgrading to OS 6 as you get all it's features in this new theme

I have never used a theme before. Would love the chance to try a theme, hoefully this one if I win it.

That has to be the greatest BB related spoof I've ever seen, I'm so in! (and it looks like a really nice theme)

This is the best theme I've seen yet! I wonder when RIM will allow for all their blackberry models to update to the newest and best looking OS yet.

I've been running this for several weeks and it is easily the best theme I have ever purchased. Must buy this theme. He also has very good support and updates it regularly. Great Job

Send me a free copy I would love to test it out on my blackberry 9700. I don't know if the 9700 is getting the upgrade or not so getting this theme would be awesome!! Please pick me I would love a copy of this amazing knew theme!! Thanks Wayne D for such an amazing theme! ;) hope they pick me!

I paid for this theme and loving it every day. makes my 9550 look really good i would recommend this theme to anyone

I'd pay $5 just for the the guy having gone through the effort in creating that video. Best promotional video ever!

This theme looks amazing! I am loving the OS 6 coming soon(hopefully for storm 1 also). And this theme will feed my anticipation :D