Both free and premium options with Wisepilot for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 30 Sep 2012 12:45 pm EDT

Wisepilot is the third voice guided satellite navigation application I have reviewed here at CrackBerry in the last few months. Both Telmap and Gokivo were great apps and were free however there are a few things that set Wisepilot apart. Although a free download, you initially only get a free trial for five days and then you have a couple of options. You can either continue using the free options or you can upgrade to use the premium serves. The question I have been asking myself is are they worth the money?  

The Review

Developer: Appello Sysyems AB Version (at time of review): 4.6.3
File Size: 2436 KB
OS Requirements: All (GPS required)
Cost: Free trial for 5 days

I have been using Wisepilot on two BlackBerry smartphones over the past couple of weeks. First on the Torch 9860 and then on the 9810 both due to their screen real estate. Before we dive too deep into the review I think I should make a few things clear about what you get for free and what you then have the option to pay for.  

Features that are free at all times:

  • 2D Worldwide Maps - always automatically updated and synchronized with your phone.
  • One Line Search - assist you to find nearby places, persons, businesses and addresses.
  • Nearby - find places within different categories e.g. Parking and Eating & Drinking.
  • Destination Details - find a place and automatically view the distance and travel time.
  • Weather - five day forecasts for any destination in the world.
  • Share Places - tell your friends about your favorite places by SMS, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter
  • My Wisepilot - your login protected personal web pages where you can manage your info and administrate destinations and trips.

During the free trial you also get access to the following premium features without charge:

  • Voice guidance - live instructions for how to proceed to your destination.
  • Lane Assistance - get in the right lane as you approach an intersection.
  • Junction Views - prepare your motorway exit in advance with a guiding display.
  • Speed Limits/Alerts - displays speed limits while driving and alerts if you exceed the limit.
  • Speed Cameras - be alerted when approaching a speed camera.
  • Live Traffic - up-to-date traffic info helps you plan your trip. Avoid queues, accidents, road closures and other incidents.
  • Route of your choice - the shortest route isn't always the best, choose between multiple options e.g. avoid motorways, fastest and easiest.
  • Night Colors - day and night mode for navigation.
  • 3D worldwide maps - always automatically updated and synchronized with your phone
  • Abroad Mode - reduces data usage by limiting functionality.
  • Follow Me - share your trip and let friends follow you in real time with updated map and arrival time.
  • My Trips - view and edit your finished trips.
  • Trip Recorder - record your movement to see how far and quick you've traveled.

After the trial if you fancy going premium then you have the following options:

  • Live traffic updates: £26.99 for lifetime live traffic updates (including up-to-date traffic information which lets you re-route according to any delays)
  • Speed cameras: £7.99 for lifetime speed camera updates (including alerts when driving above the speed limit or when you're approaching a speed camera)

Opening up Wisepilot you are presented with the following menu. Here you have clear and precise options to assist you with what it is you need to do. You will notice that there are adverts at the top of the screen. I presume these are removed if you upgrade to the premium version but in the mean time they are not intrusive.


Unless you are intending to travel to one of your favourites then most of the time it will be the 'Find' tab that you will select. Here you get a selection of options from people, business, addresses and most importantly (in my opinion) addresses.

The 'Places' tab is quite interesting. As you can see from the below screen shot there is a massive list of options available to you. Select the category you require and you will be presented with the list of choices which are shown with the nearest one being at the top of the list.



As I mentioned just now; finding an address is the option that I use most when using a sat nav application. Wisepilot make things as easy as possible - just fill in the boxes and then choose if you want to walk or drive to your destination. You have the option to view the route on a 2D map if you so desire but the fun begins when actually setting off on the journey.


So taking a look at the actual navigation screen you will see that things are pretty clean and crisp. There is the right amount of information on screen but nothing apart from the map that is too in your face. Like many other similar apps you have the choice of both day and night colours and the two are more or less the same just with the background being darker on the night one for obvious reasons.

So up at the top left of the screen we have a direction arrow telling us when our next turn will be and beside that is the name of the road you will be entering. Over on the right is the speed limit for the road you are on - a nice reminder to stay within the law! Down at the bottom of the screen we see the distance to destination, our arrival time and current speed - all nicely laid out and kept simple.


Wisepilot as you can see works in both landscape and portrait mode so you can choose to have your BlackBerry positioned just how you like it. Perfect for Torch owners.


Touching the screen while in navigation mode will pop up the below menu. As you can see here you are provided with some important features and options to assist you in your route. Clearly operating this screen should only be done when stationary for safety reasons - we wouldn't want anyone taking their eyes of the road.

The options are straight forward and the icons are nice and large. Down at the bottom (above the 'Stop Navigation') is the volume bar. Here you can slide the volume to suit you. This can be done either buy touch (if you have a touch screen BlackBerry) or also by using the optical track pad. 


If you need to have a look at the 2D map of your planned route you can just press the 'Route Overview' tab and the map will be presented. Depending on the distance you are travelling you can use the on-screen zoom in/out tabs to look more closely at where you will be passing through.  


At the base of this screen are three very small tabs. The left one is the map, the middle is the distance to your destination (and you also have the ability to add stops here), and finally on the right is the list of directions as seen below.

With social integration if is easy peasy to let your friends know where you are off too. Im not sure this is a big selling point for the app but at least it is there if you want to use it.


The last feature I thought was worth mentioning is the ability to have warning notifications if you exceed the speed limit. You also have the ability to decide how far over the limit you want Wisepilot to warn you which is a nice option if you ask me. You get the option to have both sound and visual warnings or just one of them.


by Appello Systems AB

The Good

Wisepilot has made a great job of their app. It works perfectly and the UI is smart and attractive. Getting lost is a thing of the past!

The Bad

The only downside to Wisepilot is really that you have to pay for the premium features but I suppose you wouldn't get free traffic etc on any other platform either. You will need an in-car charger as any GPS app will increase you battery drain.


I think if you spend a lot of time driving then the premium features of Wisepilot are well worth the money. Remember - they are a lifetime membership, not just a year. The big question though is will we see (or need) the app on BlackBerry 10?

Overall I have been very impressed.

Download Wisepilot Navigator for your BlackBerry smartphone


Wisepilot web link

Reader comments

Both free and premium options with Wisepilot for BlackBerry smartphones


Its a free resp. preinstalled app for t-mobile/telekom Germany user...(Trial for six month in combination with a new BlackBerry/contract). Its calling NaviGate and offers (after six month trial) in addition a day-option. You pay 0.99€ for a 24hour-use.. And it works in europe very good and smooth...

The only app i use for navigation is WAZE, but it was down for like 2 weeks and blackberry american jam was coming up i had to find another GPS app to use. Since my trip was 200+ mile round trip for 1 days and i attended 2 days so that is 400+ miles total.

I needed directional voice navigation and a map guidance where it tracks where you are. Wisepilot had both of those. The other neat feature is it has lane assist it will tell you which lane to stay in. the only bad thing i find is sometimes it alert you too late. It shows speed limit in the little corner on right i believe in a circle showing what the speed limit is on that stretch of the way. some of the area i notice isn't updated or correct, while i saw a posted speed limit saying 70mph and the app saying its only 65mph.

First day of use i was stuck in traffic it recalculated to a new route which i believe took me longer than staying in traffic. about 3 hours. so i learned my lesson on second day not to take its advice on using the new route.

Maybe I missed it, but you forgot to mention one very neat feature of Wisepilot:
Unlike any other map application for BB out there, Wisepilot offers you "offline" maps. You'll have to pay for it though, enabling this option costs around 5,- Euro in germany. After that you get a new menu option to download any country you like. The good thing about it: The data usage of Wisepilot really gets cut, because it uses the pre-downloaded maps. This comes handy if you have, like me, a rather tight data limit or simply are in regions where you connection is rather poor.

I use Wisepilot almost everyday for work. Yeah, costs money. But the Maps appear to be pretty accurate in the UK. I have the Speed Camera optional extra along with Offline maps. All seems to work pretty well, but it does sometimes freeze on my Bold 9900, which gets annoying after a while. It'll also (rarely) keep dropping the GPS signal while driving along.

But other than that, a good App.

I really have found that "old school" is the way to go, paper maps and looking for your destination(s) before you leave the comfort of your own home. Nothing beats that method.

I've tried them all on the BB platform and, IMHO, nothing comes close to Wisepilot. A cracking Sat Nav app for our 'Berries.

(and no, I don't work for them, but GPS and mapping apps are one of my key interests on our platform and this is the best I have used).

I have travelled with this app in North America, the UAE and Australia and it has never let me down.

James has demo'd it here on the larger screen devices, which makes perfect sense, but I use mine on a 9900 and the screen formats itself perfectly and is very usable.

Tried it out today and had a couple issues. On my 9810 I had to use the slide-out keyboard to enter an address. Soft keyboard would not come up when touching in a text field. Also experienced the locking up problem once and had the hourglass quite often. Lost GPS signal for a good 5 minutes during an hour trip down an expressway. I'll try it again tomorrow to see if the problems continue.

Super App well worth the money..

Offline maps.

BUT one annoying thing...
It checks the registration details everytime you start it..
When you have no data access.. NO APP...

Mario Jakarta: I use Wisepilot already for months and it's maps appear to be accurate in Jakarta, even the "Jalan Tikus" (Small Rat Streets) are available on Wisepilot.. A 10 out of 10! I use Wisepilot on a BB Curve 9300...

I use Wizepilot a lot, in Mexico the POI of interest database is great and way better than the one that my Garmin dedicated GPS has. I also have found that it is very accurate when I travel to the US.
On the downside it also freezes sometimes within the first few minutes of navigation, most of the time it is more like a very lengthy lag.
Anyway it is the best GPS Navigation application that I have seen for a BB