Wirelessly sync iTunes and your BlackBerry using Music WithMe - 10 licenses to be won

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2010 10:01 am EDT
Music WithMe

Looking to easily sync your iTunes music with your BlackBerry? Music WithMe has the answer. This cool app installs on both your BlackBerry and PC, and then your iTunes playlists/tracks are synched with your device. The music goes to your memory card and stays there (its not a streaming app like some others) and you can sync as much as you'd like. Change a playlist in iTunes and it reflects on your BlackBerry - that's that. The full version of Music WithMe sells for $14.99, but we have 10 free licenses to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Wirelessly sync iTunes and your BlackBerry using Music WithMe - 10 licenses to be won



NICE! If I don't have to carry my Itouch with me to work and can just use my Blackberry w/Bluetooth, nobody would know I was jamming out to the latest Bon Jovi

This is an amazing idea for an app and my poor BB storm could really use this to help out with my commutes to work and school!!!

Nice !!! that would be a great app...
so people don't need to plug there BB to the PC to put music in ...i want 1

I've been looking for a great way to sync iTunes with my Berry. Over 13.6 days of music content in my library I could DEFINITELY use it!

I love my blackberry and iTunes. I'm always using my iPod and this would be a great app to have it all-in-one.

this app is deffinetly a great one this should have been done way sooner bc everyone loves music and this will benefit itunes a lot more too bc most people just take their phone instead of another mp3 player of some sort for the gym (go get it)


This sounds like a perfect program for me...Im always changing my itunes and need to keep my berry up to date!! Pick me pick me!!! yahahhhhh!!!

then I would be able to have my kids songs and my songs sync to my phone which would be amazing and give me some peace n quiet.

I haven't purchased many apps, but this one may be on my list! Now if someone can just find a way to sync between Outlook, my BB, and Google...

I love music and I would love to finally be able to easily get my music on my BB; Music WithMe seems to fit the bill.

I love music and I would love to finally be able to easily get my music on my BB; Music WithMe seems to fit the bill.

Se escucha super esta aplicacion, y mas para los que luchamos por andar sincronizando nuestra musica de la manzanita con la BB. YOOOO PORFAVOR!!!

Would love to have this, i now just copy the complete CDs on my memory card. that is resulting in many double songs ( wich is not memory friendly ). I use Itunes a lot, and with this i wont have that problem anymore! And my music is always up to date.

Seems like this would make it a lot less time consuming to update my podcasts. And i wouldn't have to think about it! All those morningw when i've gotten in the car and realized that i had forgotten to sync the night before...

Oh yeah...I could really use this for work bigtime!! Now that my wife has 3 servers in the house, we can use itunes in alot more ways with this.

I would Love the opportunity to win a copy. What a great sounding App. I will probably purchase even if I don't win.

This app would allow me to reduce the amount of devices I would have to cary and speed the day along nicely.....

I've always had a bit of trouble with putting music on my Berry. This sounds like a great app to sync up my playlists!!! I would love to get a copy of this!!!

I have just started using my BB for playing music. This sounds pretty cool and would love to win it.

I only keep a few songs on my Tour for my music gateway. but there are times where i wish i didnt have to go through the whole process of adding songs to my BB that arent on there. being able to do this wirelessly would be amazing! count me in!

Hello. Please pick me. I enter almost all contest and never won anything in my life. This is one app that I would love as my ipod just broke and I can't afford a new one. Please pick me Kevin, B1aze and all @ crackberry. Thanks

A blackberry APP I can really appreciate. I have debated the use of my BB soley on the need to sync with my iTunes. Now I can do it with an app, BB is gaining in the leisure market. Thanks for making this APP.

To sync anything more than a few songs would be so ridiculously slow it would not be worth the effort. Plug it in, transfer your songs via USB and be happy with it.

OMG, I have been waiting forever for an app like this.. I could really really use this.. Please help me out with a free copy.. thx, crackberry user.

24 hours ago I was trying to find a way to transfer music to my phone via bluetooth and ran into driver issues...this would be perfect.

Please please please choose me I am always downloading music and I download it legally by buying itunes cards unlike the illegal downloaders out there and sometimes my USB cable works and sometimes it doesn't I really need a wireless connection sync thank you for your time and consideration and please choose me to win!

This would be great!! I use iTunes and my BB all the time. I have to plugin and re-sync my play-lists at least once a week. Come on CrackBerry God of fortune!

i hated managing another playlist for the blackberry. if only there was a solution to sync my itunes playlist, would be glad to win this.

Finally I can just carry one device with me, my precious BOLD!! Now its defiantly the best of both worlds, blackberry to play and itunes to manage.
Yes yes yes!!!

I have been waiting forever for a program to come along like this! I hate having to carry two devices to get music and a phone. ( I have a huge Itunes library and don't want an Iphone...bleech) It would be sweeet to score this app. Me want bad!!!!! ugh, grunt drooolllllll

I had no idea something like this existed and this would be the perfect solution for my phone. No more having to use Pandora all the time!

Would love to see how this application handles my 100+ gb iTunes Library. Will it crash? Will it freeze? Will it run smoothly? Would be willing to take the risk if I won it, however the risk isn't worth the money.

I've always wondered how to do this. I'd love to be able to sync my iTunes with my Berry - then I can toss my iPod.

I love listening to music on my blackberry and with this app I can constantly keep my music updated. Nice!

I'm in. You know how long I have been looking this kind of app for my BB (and used to be looking for with my iPhone & Android)?! :D

If this app makes it eaiser and quicker to upload my music to my BB, then I am game. $14.99 is awfully steep so I need to win a free copy. Thanks!

I LOVE my blackberry. I currently have a large selection of music on it and use it often for that purpose. I've long been waiting for the opportunity to synch my iTunes with my BB as I have well over 2000 songs in my iTunes. I hate having to switch between my iPod and BB and I REFUSE to get an iPhone.