Wirelessly sync iTunes and your BlackBerry using Music WithMe - 10 licenses to be won

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2010 10:01 am EDT
Music WithMe

Looking to easily sync your iTunes music with your BlackBerry? Music WithMe has the answer. This cool app installs on both your BlackBerry and PC, and then your iTunes playlists/tracks are synched with your device. The music goes to your memory card and stays there (its not a streaming app like some others) and you can sync as much as you'd like. Change a playlist in iTunes and it reflects on your BlackBerry - that's that. The full version of Music WithMe sells for $14.99, but we have 10 free licenses to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Wirelessly sync iTunes and your BlackBerry using Music WithMe - 10 licenses to be won



I just got a bigger memory card so I can start putting my music on my Blackberry. This is too brilliant of an idea!

booyakasha! my wife would be ever so grateful and in return I would be even more grateful to you if she won this!

this sounds like an awesome app id love to win the free licenses. i've been thinking abt getting an i tune and with this it would go perfect . so yes id love a chance to win . lol

I would love to have one of these. Just got a 8530 and with more room I could possibly give my ipod to my neice..since she has pratically hi-jacked it. I could put my music on my BB!

I can't put into words on how amazing this app sounds. This would definitely help with the time consuming uploads of my music. I add and remove music every couple days and after seeing this app I can now understand how annoying it is to manually upload and remove music. With the ease of syncing wirelessly I would never have to worry about uploading music again. This is the contest out of all I would love to win, but good luck to everyone!

Thanks for another opportunity CB!


I use my usb cable to transfer music to my bb, random or sometimes itunes playlists.
I would definately like to win this app. Makes the transfering way more convenient :)

I have over 11GB of music and it would be sweet to be able to sync it wirelessly. PLease let me have one of these. I can go to sleep and wake up with all kinds of sweet tunes on my 9550. Thanks .

looks like a great app! only problem is i have 40gbs of music on my itunes and only a 16gb memory card. gonna have to weed through all that music for just what i need on my fone...

Would love to have this app. Just got the new BOLD 9650 and it would really enhance my toy.

Thanks for putting this out for the deserving.

I just ordered a 32GB card to go in my BB Bold 9700 for this reason so I could get rid of my Ipod. This looks perfect for me, a serious cant leave the house without my BB and Ipod type of person. Good luck to me!

I would love a copy of this app. I just had my ipod stolen and my 9650 is all I have. This would be so much easier to download and transfer music.

Can't wait to get my hands on both my favourite devices as I commute to work every morning for 2 hours each day! Thanks for the post!:)

I'm giving it to the old college try.

Give me a (*#*&^@*^#^#@)^##^$*&^$*#&^*#^$(&$# copy.

Thank You and have a nice day.

I never thought of getting rid of an iPod, but it would help to have my own music tracks or recently added iTunes tracks on my phone as well.

I've never seen the point of having an Ipod to be honest because I believe in my one-in-all blackberry device but this would be a awesome option for my music needs. Sounds great!

im an avid music listener and have basically put my ipod aside and now use my blackberry. I NEED THIS APP! lol would love to win!

Wowwwwww Awesome app, this would be super mega usefull for me, that im an itunes user, so Please pick me for a free copy ! :)

I use my blackberry all the time for music and app like this would be very useful for managing what songs I'm in the mood to listen too.

I hope I win this one! I truly need it badly. My iPod Touch is about to put me down. I can't live without my music!

So - PLEASE PICK MEeeeeee!



i reall wish there was a version for mac! i use a pc as well but it'd be convenient to be able to sync between the two! i hope i get a copy!

I totally need this app. I hate being stuck at the gym with no music bc I forgot to charge my ipod. This would eliminate that.

Man I would love to have this app! I love my blackberry Storm 2 but I seem to always have to carry my iTouch around with me bc I have over 1200 songs on it that would take too long to transfer to my BB. With an app like this it seems like it would be a breeze to transfer music and finally put my iTouch aside and focus on my Storm 100% of the time.

Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...Me want...

Wow. Finally it is here. Would love to have one instead of plugging in the USB cable. :-)

I am working on a transition away from my itouch to just a bb. Storm 2 tomorrow, and this would make the music sync way easy.

I never seem to win anything but this app was worth trying to win. It would make it so much easier to put my music on my loved and trusted BB and I wouldn't need to carry around to devices. Thanks

I never seem to win anything but this awesome app finds me entering to win! With this I will no longer need to carry around 2 devices just my trusted BB. Thanks

wow this is what i totally need !! i have so many songs in my itunes however find it very time consuming to transfer all of dem individually on my blackberry. this would make my work easier !!

I have a huge memory card on my BB but I never NEVER take the time to plug it in and transfer music. This would be fantastic. Give! To! Me!

Great News! Now in the middle of a meeting that sucks or when flying on an airplane next to a talkative person I can jam my tunes and have a great time.

Wow. That's one the coolest apps I've seen in awhile. I use iTunes all the time. Being able to use that in my BB, would be the best. I learn something everyday on this site.

one word...WOW!(okay - i guess that's 3), i really want this app...!@#$%!, now that's 8! just give me the license already!

I totally need this. My co-workers all have the Apple "Jesus Phone" iPhone. I would love to have this and show them that the Berry's are sweeter than the Apple's!!

Looks like a great app! Not that I'm a big Apple supporter, but I have plenty of music in iTunes that I would love to sync to my 'Berry. Please consider me for a freebie!

This sounds like a great idea, and to be honest I'd rather use iTunes to manage my music than the BB Desktop Manager. I hope I win!

I would love this I have 3 kids and they love music and i would love to have this so they can listen to music on my bb instead f my ipod touch.

I'd love to score a free copy of Music WithMe! As an avid music goer, I change my playlists frequently. It'll be very usefully to wirelessly sync my music much more efficiently and quickly.

I really need this. I carry my Berry everywhere but not my ipod. Need to sync all my music from itunes. I wanna win please!

Thank you for the opportunity to win a license. I use iTunes all the time and this would make my life much easier. :)

I've been waiting for this app for a while. A way to sync my itunes playlists/tracks without having to hook my phone up to my computer. This is a dream come true. You can have your itunes on the go without having to get an iphone. I must have it!!!!

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