Wirelessly sync iTunes and your BlackBerry using Music WithMe - 10 licenses to be won

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2010 10:01 am EDT
Music WithMe

Looking to easily sync your iTunes music with your BlackBerry? Music WithMe has the answer. This cool app installs on both your BlackBerry and PC, and then your iTunes playlists/tracks are synched with your device. The music goes to your memory card and stays there (its not a streaming app like some others) and you can sync as much as you'd like. Change a playlist in iTunes and it reflects on your BlackBerry - that's that. The full version of Music WithMe sells for $14.99, but we have 10 free licenses to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Wirelessly sync iTunes and your BlackBerry using Music WithMe - 10 licenses to be won



I have 4 kids, 3 r on break & Sept sooo far away 8'[ I don't have an MP3 player and stuck home from 2 back surgeries
~Oh to turn on my BB,put on ear phones listen to tunes (not kids fighting) & close my eyes..ahh. you would save the little sanity I still have! Pleeease.... b my--> O-8

Sounds like a great app. My wife would love for me to win this so I can give her iPod Touch back to her.!


I've been waiting for an app like this! It's so annoying to take my cord out and plug my Bold in. Wirelessly syncing would be amazing!

I've been looking for an easier way to sync music to my BB and this looks like the perfect solution. If I don't win a copy here I'll probably buy one anyway.

Hello! I'd really like a copy of this :D I'd love it! I'm always using itunes at home and now to be able to wirelessly sync my playlists? Geez! O golly gosh! Please! :D

Seeing how it is what my teenage children use for there music I have it on my computer so it would be easier to use.

That seems like an awesome app. I was just thinking about something like this a couple days ago wondering if it even exists and here's my answer, so definitely count me in the contest.

I am currently listening to my music wirelessly through BT headphones, it would be ideal to make the whole process wireless - thank you please :D

I have been a long time blackberry user. Since the time of my 7520 I have been watching Blackberry progress like a father watches his kid grow up. I recently spent 2 weeks configuring my Playlists on itunes to utilize the Blackberry media application to its full potential. I am frequently on the road so this app would be a definite plus to my application armada. I appreciate your consideration.

This would be definitely nice to have right now. No iPod cash yet, so this would make things bearable until I can get one, or they make a size that can handle all my music. But either way, please pick me. :)

I constantly tell people how I use my BB as my Media Player on my commute to work, as opposed to the iPhone, which I also happen to own. I'm not lying. It's just a hell of a lot more convenient.

First time I've ever entered a Crackberry contest because I've never wanted to potentially take an app that I didn't really need or want. But, this looks awesome and would improve my life greatly! Thanks for the consideration.

This app sounds so cool. It will save me the time of jamming in the micro-usb wire to sync my music on my bold 9700. Amazingly, it uses wifi. Price is high but I WISH i can get one free copy. :)

Just came back to Blackberry after giving back my iPhone. I love itunes, but I love blackberry more...would love to win this software package...PLEASE.

This would be a great app for me to use. I have thousands (literally) of songs stored in my iTunes library.

My Fiancees B-Day in July 24th and this would be the best present since she is an itunes freak and wont own any other phone than a blackberry. Come on Crackberry

This will be a much easier way to download my music and my ringtones I make in Itunes. I hate the hooking up the phone to the computer to download a couple of songs and ringtones when I can do this an easier way. Hook a chick up!!! :)

Oh man, this sounds like an awesome app! Perfect for someone like me who uses thier Blackberry as thier primary MP3 player!

I'm not exactly sold on syncing with iTunes. I've used the Media Sync before and if you don't have everything checked off you'll lose some songs on the berry. I hope this works better than that. Besides, I'm not really fond of iTunes anymore. Its really becoming a bloated program. Is there a trial period for this app?

I'd love to have that!! It would be awesome. I'm never home (on the go with my kids) and always have my blackberry and Ipod with me!

This app would be awesome to have! I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out an easy way to get my itunes music onto my BB!

finally this app would be reat instead of using media sync, i hope i can grab one..Good luck to everyone

This looks pretty cool. I gave up on the Roxio garbage that RIM ships with the phones. It just doesn't work! I'm certainly willing to give this a try!

I'd love to get this so I can easily sync my workout playlist to my 9700. Hard Hip-Hop makes me work out harder!!

I'd love to get this so I can easily sync my workout playlist to my 9700. Hard Hip-Hop makes me work out harder!!

Just this morning, after copying my music and my kids' music over to my media card (and discovering I still had to create my own playlists on the device, and couldn't do it by just selecting a folder) I decided I needed to go find a program that would sync my iTunes playlist with my Storm 2. I'm not exactly a fan on iTunes, but it is where I store all my music and have it organized into my two main playlists. It's easy enough to work with, so now I gotta get my BB to work with it somehow. Sounds like Music WithMe might be the right choice!

Enter me please! I've never found another music organizer/player app I like as much as Itunes. I would love to be able to sync my music with my BB easier.

With 30 gigs of music, it would be great to be able to create blackberry playlist and have my bberry sync just that playlist from Itunes for me and then I wouldn't be worried about space on my SD card.

Thanks in advance for thinking of me for a winner!


I have replaced my iPod with my BB Storm 2 to listen to music, and love it!! Now I sync my music with BB Media Sync, but this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for! I am also getting an 8530 for work!

I rarely synch my BB with my iTunes playlist because it is just too much of a hassle over the wire (I already have to do that with my iPod).

This app will make it easy for lazy people like me to keep our BB playlists up-to-date!

I have tried to sync my itunes as well as the stuff in Media Player without a lot of luck. This would be sweet to have.

I would LOVE to have this program on my BB! I have an iPod that I never use, mostly because I find the hardware annoying to operate. I've never used my BB as a MP3 player but would LOVE to try! The more I use my BB, the more I realize just how much it can handle! BRING IT ON!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!