Wireless Wipes for Mobile Devices

Wireless Wipes for Mobile Devices
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jan 2009 05:06 pm EST

As a certified CrackBerry Addict I'm always trying to get my hands on the latest and greatest BlackBerry things - devices, accessories, software apps, etc.. Sometimes this presents a real challenge (I'm still sad that I never managed to get a Storm pre-release!) and sometimes I get lucky and the mail man unexpectedly delivers something new to check out, as was the case with Wireless Wipes.

To be totally honest, until I received the info and sample package from Wireless Wipes I had never really given any thought of my BlackBerry(s) as being a breeding ground for bacteria. I guess I tend to subscribe to the whole out of sight out of mind and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger schools of thought. And I'm guessing the founder of Wireless Wipes thought the same thing until his little incident - read the text on the package above. Here's the details on Wireless Wipes:

Our unique Wireless Wipes are the only known sanitizer designed specifically to clean mobile phones, PDA's (personal digital assistants) and laptop computer screens. They are fast drying to prevent moisture damage, non-streaking and non-corrosive with a pleasant green tea-cucumber scent. Wireless Wipescomes in 10-count re-sealable pouches which can fit neatly in a shirt or jacket pocket.

A pouch of 10 wipes sells for $2.95. You can buy them online right now at their website, and I'm sure you'll start seeing these pop up in retail locations in the months ahead.

So what do you think... is this a product you would buy? Would you use it? Have you been using Wireless Wipes or something else to keep your BlackBerry germ-free already? Do you think there's the need? I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts in the comments!!

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Wireless Wipes for Mobile Devices


I would love to be on mailing lists that are always sending cool stuff.

Anyways these look real nice. Right now I use the a little glass cleaner on a paper towel.

Please send me an E-mail and I will put you on the mailing list for special offers and newletters!

Scott Silverman
President, Wireless Wipes

That's Spendy!!! I go to Wal Mart and buy a pack of 100 Zeiss eyeglass cleaning cloths for like $5 works like a charm!!!

The same here! I bought a pack of 100 Zeiss eyeglass cleaning cloths for exactly $4.97 at Walmart!

Uhm... Why spend $2.95 on a pack of 10?

I use Lysol disinfecting wipes. It kills flu virus and they are cheap at Costco. They also work well for the iPod touch and remote controls.

and here i thought i could use clorox wipes like i do for my laptop and house phone, lol

but yes, i would definitely buy it...if they ship to hawaii for free.

omg, there's another crackberry addict in Hawaii?
(you know, other than myself and Obama...)

I would definitely by those things, my Bold screen looks like crap all the time any feeble attempts to clean it make it look worse, if I had a credit card I'd buy some right now!!!

That was not what I was thinking about at all when I read the title :p
I thought it was going to be about remotely wiping devices, the software, not the screen :p

Gonna give it a shot. why not.. I'd be more likely to re-buy them if they have them in retail stores where i can go pick up a pack.

Here's a tip I learned a few years ago that works like a charm and is dirt cheap.

1 mini-spray bottle
25% Isopropyl Alcohol
75% Water
Microfiber cleaning cloth

literally close to a gallon of cleaning solution for less than 5 bucks!

I've used it for years and still do on my Storm and my wife's iPhone. Dries totally streak free and cuts through screen grime like a champ. Kills everything too!

As a health professional, sterilization of instruments and disinfection of work surface contaminants are critical to prevent cross contamination and provide safe care. I am concerned whether these wipes truly provide benefit by effectively killing certain bacteria, spores, and virus's. In my professional experience certified disinfectants need to have contact with the surface for 10-20 minutes. A product that evaporates quickly may not provide enough time to disinfect properly. Ideally the manufacturer should submit this product to the appropriate government agency for testing and to seek certification as to its disinfecting effectiveness. As to what is effective, thats a good question. I never really thought about it much with personal electronics. At work we would use barrier technique to cover items that may be adversely by chemical disinfectants like electronics. Barrier technique is using physical covers like plastic bags and such, that after use can be removed and disposed of. I will have to do some research in this area.

These things, like so many hand sanitizer products out there these days, are probably just accelerating the evolutionary process and breeding super-bacteria on your mobile device by killing off the ones that are too weak to survive whatever chemicals it uses, but leaving the stronger ones to go forth and multiply. They mostly just provide the user with a false sense of security.

I think that, given how many people speak of wiping their berries, it might be something that people could use. The price is not bad.....but I accomplish the same thing with a lysol disinfectant cloth--I wrap it in another paper towel and use it to wipe my keyboard. As for my screen, so far a mild wash of baby shampoo seems to work for now

I too am from the 'if I don't know, it hasn't happened' school, so I only freak out if I see something horrific. You'd never eat again for a start.
For when I do need to clean the phone, I use cheap fragrance free wipes, good for cleaning discs too. Here in the UK you can get 100 wipes for 41 pence, and they do a fine job.

...or does that screen look all smeary and greasy?

I use the same LensCrafters cleaner and towels I use to clean my (much) more expensive eyeglasses...works every time!


(don't trash LensCrafters...they pay for my BlackBerry!)

I actually have been using the alcohol wipes that are meant for our hands. Them seem to do the trick as well. I havent had a problem. I tend to wipe my phone once a week.

$2.95 for 10 wipes is a little bit pricey for me thats about 30cents per wipe. how often are you suppose to clean your phone with these? if youre a germaphobe and clean your phone everytime you get off of it, you could be spending like $6 a day, $42 a week on these for 20 phone calls daily... ridiculous.

i'll stick to my clorox disinfecting wipes that work fine. they're cheaper, im sure $2.95 will buy you a whole can full which is 75 wipes. they dry fast, it doesnt leave any streaks for me, but if it does just wipe it off with a lint free cloth.

Look for antimicrobial wipes that are MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) certified effective from most any pharmacy department. They are much cheaper and designed to kill staph and anything else that could be contagious.

I was always more concerned about keeping my device clean but never thought of the sanitary side of it. Whether you use this product or not I think the posting will get some of us thinking. Nice job!

to clean my phone so it doesnt look dirty. Im not too concerned about germs, cause im the only one that uses it. On the other hand, I dont use other peoples phones. Think about how much time you spend playing with your phone in the bathroom. Im sure theyre doing it just as much. Kinda gross if you think about it. Just a little.

My personal BlackBerry is not going to be like a house or office phone that is handled by a number of people with all different ideas of what "clean" means, so the anti-germ aspect has been much less important to me than the smudge-free aspect.

An idea? How bout ya quit lettin dirty sick people use your phone? I've had a cell since inception, and have never had a staph infection on my face. WTF? While you're at it, get some disinfectant spary for every US dollar you touch. Or disinfectant wipes to use to open doors. Wear a friggin SARS mask......OCD much?

LOL! That's a good one. A person with BBOCD (A new abbreviation for BlackBerry OCD) should simply go to Walmart to buy a pack of 100 eyeglass wipes for merely half price more than what you'd spend on a 10-pack of Wireless Wipes.

OK, since no one else wants to say it, THIS IS A STUPID FUCKIN MONEY MAKING SCAM !!!! How many people do any of you know that have had health problems from cell phone use ? Use s lysol wipe once in a while and wash your hands after taking a dump.

I think a plain simple alcohol prep pad would be just as effective.... good idea though after so many people have talked about not being able to poop without their blackberry.

I try and use my UV light wand I bought for $20. I have used baby wipes in the past but thought it could start to remove paint off keys so have switched to UV light, the only down side to uv light it does not remove finger grease. i will look into this product.

Here's a tip if you use a case, after sanitizing BB put case in freezer over night to kill any germs or bacteria

If you read the print on the pic at the top, some Dr. supposedly told this guy that cell phones are "more infectious than a New York subway seat"...I'd like to see the official research conducted on this. I'm not buying it.

I can't recall the last time my own a$$ was on my cell phone, much less the a$$ of a complete stranger...well, maybe prom night...anyway, just sounds like someone trying to make a buck off of scaring people.

There are much cheaper, and I'm sure just as effective products out there.

I didn't realize crackberry was such an advertisement whore. This is disappointing, have some dignity! Give honest reviews and don't wast my time with post advertising worthless products like this.


Let's see, all the years I have been wearing glasses, watches and rings, using cells phones, home phones and even pay phones, and only NOW I need to worry about making sure my phone is germ free? Won't even think about all the money I have had my hands on and then without thinking about it touched my face. GASP Horrors! Please.

Well I'll say it's a neat way to make money. Take any product and put the words electronic or medical in it's usage, and it becomes more spendy than it would be off the shelf at your local drug/hardware store.

Wash your hands a few times a day, wipe your phone down when it's dirty, and cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough, even if you have to use your PHONE.

I clean my 'old' curve (still waiting on the new) once a week with cleaner that I use for my laptop. I never thought about the staph issue or any other bacteria, but I can definitely see where the maker of these wipes is coming from. As someone who uses antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, etc. this is a great invention. I am purchasing some today.

did anyone actually go to the website?? there are numerous links there to stories from various news organizations on the issue of cell phones. Several document which university, hospital did the research - even one about which is dirtier - cell phone or toilet seat.

I have a Blackberry phone and I think i need something to clean it up,too. This products looks great. Thanks for the tip!

These appear to me little more than an alcohol wipe. We use them all day long in our optical medicine practice. I would AVOID these on your phone for two reasons: First, alcohol will dry and crack any plastic, rubber or leather parts over time - and I would expect, void your warranty.

Secondly, if these are indeed a re-package of the industry standard type wipes, they are paper based. Dealing with lenses, and optical plastics all day, I will say from experience that paper products are one of the fasted ways to scratch a screen, or lens, or any plastic/glass surface over time. It's just not a great base material for the purpose.

Unfortunately, it won't be something you'd see in either case (cracking or scratching) until a bit of time has passed. And by the time you notice damage, it is probably too late to do anything about it. I would suggest cautious optimism - but wouldn't expect much from this product in reality.

In reading through the above comments I would like to offer an additional caution: To anyone using windex (ammonia) or clorox (bleach) based products, these are far more aggressive and harsh on optical surfaces. I would advise keeping all as far from your berry's as possible. As to the suggestion of using a UV light, this can be quite dangerous as well and should likely be avoided at all costs. Apart from the known risks of UV exposure, particularly concentrated UV, it also will accelerate the breakdown of plastic and rubber parts. Not what I would suggest for anyone's expensive smartphone. Just an added caution.

I am a germ "freak" anyway, but since I have a 10 month old daughter, I just use baby wipes (hypoallergenic) to clean my blackberry.

I don't know if its something I would buy, because I use the clorox disinfetcing wipes after squeezed of excess mositure and I lightly wipe the keys and things off, I also use alcohol wipes if I'm at work. So I don't know if these would be worth it.

Alcohol swabs 100 countwill do the same thing and they are $1.14 + tax at target, thanks for the Idea but you know trying to save money anyway i can. :)

Please don't get ripped off people! Windex and a paper towel, any chepo alcohol wipe, any eyeglass cleaner...anything is just as good, if not better than these..and cheaper!

Where were they for the last 20 years that people have been using cell phones? If I can't see it, it's not there lol! Those who have gotten sick from their cell phone please chime in....nobody?

this is so gay. I just spit on my storm and wipe it off on my a**less chaps. Sometimes I take a picture off my a-hole to make sure I wiped good enough.

I think these are a great idea. The thought of my phones (including my pre-BlackBerry phones) as being a suitable environment for bacterial proliferation has crossed my mind every once in a while. But I never heard of a case of someone getting a Staphylococcus infection from a cell phone.

I work in a hospital (in the laboratory) and of course I am used to wiping down the counters and work stations with a product the hospital uses called SaniWipes which are a combination of chlorine and other ingredients to ensure that surfaces are thoroughly sanitized, but of course they are inconvenient to carry around as they are contained in a large cylinder.

These wipes will reduce cross contamination between people, but I think that RIM along with other manufacturers should invest in making a phone out of Microban (an antimicrobial surface used in materials to make items such as dog food bowls, and some shopping cards).

That tag says that my phone is infectious. Just how is that, exactly, given that I'm the only person who uses it? If anything, your home phone would be a potential carrier of germs, not your personal mobile device.

The idea of marketing these wipes as "wireless wipes" is just plain silliness.

Beyond that, the price seems high. Look at similar items (CellySmelly CleanDR wipes) and you will see that other electronics wipes sell for around 10-12 cents a piece versus the 29.5 cents per wipe here. Maybe you can justify the 3x higher cost if you buy the product's self-hype about infection possibilities, but I think it's just puffery.

I personally would not buy this item, simply because you can use Clorox wipes or something similar and an anti-static cleaning cloth. I clean my BB daily, some day I'm a little OCD with it, but I can't stand for my phone to be dirty, much less my Berry. My weapons of choice are Clorox Wipes, an anti-static cleaning cloth, and a bottle of compressed air.

Perhaps this is just this guy's way of getting away with something - 'You know that a mobile phone is more infectious than a New York subway seat?'

'No it was a seat... no wait! A get out of jail free card - why yes, it was my mobile phone! *cough*' And just to get away with it, he repackaged some wipes.

Zeiss wipes - single use - Sams Club - box of 200 for right under $10...$3bucks for 10 is spendy!!

I do get some smudges on my Bold when I answer calls. On the keyboard buttons, and also on the screen. Although I have a screen protector on it (like I do on any gadget I care about), so it's simple to wipe the smudges off. Sometimes the oil from my hands and fingers do bother me though. Hmm..wonder if I should invest in these?

Wow...finally someone caught on to the fact that cell phones are dirty things after daily use. I have been using Lysol wipes to kill the bacteria on my phone for years... I might have to invest and get some of these.

But there is nothing like using fear to sell a product.

Easiest way to kill bacteria is keeping a surface dry (which is why toilet seats are much cleaner than people assume).

Unless you keep your phone dripping wet, chances are anything speaking into it transfers to it will die a quick dry death long before it becomes "infectious"

Your wireless phone is no more infectious than your landline phone. Chances are that unless you have found the need for a Telephone Sanitizer over the past 20, 30, 40 years, you don't need this product either.

Sadly, coating your phone with chemicals actually strikes me as a great way to develop a rash. Still, fear and anxiety will probably sell this product.

To our doubters and/or potential customers,

We are the only sanitizing wipes out there designed specifically for your cell phone or other mobile device. Our Wipes are quick drying, non corrosive and non streaking. No other wipe has all of those characteristics.
I also must say that the green tea cucumber scent is really good!

Give them a try.

Scott Silverman
President, Wireless Wipes Inc.

so many people use wipes that are intended for other uses. Wireless Wipes are made exclusively for mobile devices. Other wipes can potentially harm your device. Wireless Wipes work great and are very reasonably priced. With the amount of money and time spent on a Blackberry, Wireless Wipes is the perfect product to take care of your mobile unit.

I love these wipes....I had a similar situation as the owner/creator of Wireless Wipes. I use my cell phone and Blackberry all day for approx 10 hours a day and my face was breaking out...as soon as I started to use them my face cleared up. The other wipes work just to clean your phone off but they are not antibacterial wipes like Wireless Wipes. I have my whole family hooked on these!!! Plus one wipes works o clean more than one phone, we clean 4 - 6 phones with each wipe..