Wireless Power Consortium listing pegs BlackBerry Z30 as supporting Qi wireless charging

By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2013 01:09 am EDT

For a while now there has always been a small group of individuals asking about BlackBerry products, wireless charging and whether or not BlackBerry would step it up and include it in their smartphones. Many other smartphone vendors such as, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and others have helped push adoption forward but BlackBerry has always notably absent. 

If you're not familiar with Qi wireless charging, it's pretty much the standard for wireless charging and charging stations can be found in many places such as offices, hotels, airports, railway stations and coffee shops. You place your device on or within 4cm of the charging pad and your device will charge through inductive electrical power transfer. No wires, no cables, just sit your device down and let it charge.

The absence of BlackBerry from the supported manufacturers list may be changing with the BlackBerry Z30 though according to a new listing posted on August 8th to the Wireless Power Consortium, which is a public database that shows all products that are authorized to carry the Qi logo. The information posted clearly identifies the BlackBerry Z30 as being one the first devices to make use of the Medium Power Receiver designation, capable of up to 120 Watts.

I find it a bit hard to believe the Wireless Power Consortium would list this erroneously but I suppose it's possible after all, all the leaks surrounding the BlackBerry Z30 have seemingly never mentioned it either but with that in mind, it's also not the first time we heard that it would be included. It's just that until now, there was a heavy lack of its existence in the files or leaked documentation. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks, xyhchina!

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Wireless Power Consortium listing pegs BlackBerry Z30 as supporting Qi wireless charging


That would be really cool if the Z30 would have this feature. If somehow BlackBerry could make it so the unique feature of the BlackBerry Z30 would be LONGER battery life...I bet it would sell strong if it could be marketed as THE smartphone that will allow you to work and/or play longer than any other mobile available out there.


The phone would have to be heavy. I would be ok with a heavier phone with best in class battery life.

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Why would it have to be heavier? Qi uses a small coil embedded in the back cover of the phone. It may make the phone slightly thicker (1.5mm), but certainly not much heavier.

Why are you people so ignorant? Motorola droid ULTRA/MAXX already has this as a selling point and still doesn't achieve stellar sales. Do you folks not follow any tech news outside Blackberry?

That's because the Android user base is full of retards and moreover bc not all of those said users want to pay the price if DROID razor mx hd. The new one will be the longest battery life of any phone on market it's a beast


+1 the Z10 should have been the flagship phone. Always lead with your best foot forward!

I fear the Z30 will be too late and get over shadowed by everything else happening with BlackBerry.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

*Z10 there, fixed it for you. ;-)

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Nice to see some forward thinking, giving users some of the goodies they have been asking for. What's next? Black/white theme choice across all BB10 devices?

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BlackBerry listening to more than one customer?
Stranger things have happened... QI charging is a step in the right direction though I'm surprised it's not PMA.

I love my Z10 and was really trying hard not to get excited about the Z30, but every time I see/read something new it's getting really difficult to not care.

I was still waiting to see if I could somehow get a Q10, but this phone... hmm. I'm really starting to like this phone.

You read my mind ! Q10 For power user in you and Z30 as your new found Playbook !

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So this is why we lost the charging contacts, makes sense now.

Now we just need a contact charging "dock" for our sexy Z30 to lean on

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Not really. We lost the charging contacts on the Q10 and Z10 and don't have wireless charging for either... I don't really care though, I've always just plugged mine in...

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This is one of the key feature that BlackBerry was missing so far.

My Z10 is jealous now...

I hope it is true anyway as for a super wireless connected platform, having to plug it at least once a day for power was a bit strange.

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Are we going to see a wireless charging HDMI docking station accesssory for the Z30? I really hope so.

Yea me too. That's the only hardware feature I'm missing on my Q10. Without the charging pods plugging it in every night is a bit annoying......oh & it sometimes gets a bit warm

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About time. All of the BB10 phones should have had wireless charging. Though I'm a bit surprised it's Qi & not PMA. I thought that was the direction BlackBerry was going....

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Great feature.

I am so glad that this is an option now!!!!

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

They should just make a battery bundle case for the z10 that you can insert extra battery in back and also make it Qi compatible. Double battery life and wireless charging 2 batteries. Somebody use this idea and make the magic happrn! I will not pay you!

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Defo should have been in the Z10 - looking forward to getting my hands on one of these!

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That would be awesome. Even if it doesn't have wireless charging, I'll still be buying the Z30.

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That's what I'm talking about! I like the option. We live in a wireless world, everything will be wireless. When was the last time you saw a rotary phone that had a cord? Although I would love to own one.

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HAh your spec sheet didnt cover that now did it.You don't know anything until it gets official data appears.Still not hopping on Lcd>amoled all day,all night,all year,when the weathers is or not fair, and Im out of here.

Yeah, we don't want to get all excited, like before the last ER. Let's hope that this happens.

Oh,I like the LCD of the Z10 over the LED due to better night vision due to lower color temperature.
Good for circadian rhythm.

Bla1ze, would you consider being a source for my channel? I.e just emailing me whenever you hear something new particularly about BlackBerry but in general too?

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

As much as I don't want a larger phone if this mobile computing device gets this I will have to upgrade.

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I'm one of the small group that's been advocating this for a while. BlackBerry should include wireless charging in every device from here on out. Instead of just being known as "the phone with the keyboard" they can become THE phone with wireless charging.

Wireless charging is ok, but the better solution would be if they had a solar glass panel built in the screen like Casio have done on their G-Shock watches - the glass cover is the solar panel, so the phone keeps changing wherever there's light and no need for a charging mat. Just my opinion

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maybe that could explain why the Z30 has no removable battery. im not fond about it, but with this cool feature surely appeals to me more. makes some sense right?

Finally! This is huge and another feature for me to build my report on purchasing this phone! Keep it up BB. Let's see what else you have hidden!

Great feature - if true!

I really hope this phone releases within a month. You've got the Moto x, sept 10 announcements of the iphone and the CHEAP plasticky iphone, and who knows what other phone dropping - the Z is going to have to wade the waters with all those beasts trying to drown it.

I really hope BlackBerry price this thing reasonable. I don't want this to fail...

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I hope it will have USB charging as well. I sometimes use the phone while it's being charged.

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Never really been happy with the z10, but I gotta say, the z30 and 10.2 gets me believing BlackBerry will be usable soon. Now, can someone please bring us a good call blocking app?

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Why can't the Z10 have this? Geeze I'm not waiting for BlackBerry I will just hack my touchstone to work with my Z10

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That's awesome, and I called it in the forums last week.
See A10 forum "speculation-a30-has-wireless-charging-accessory"

"Many other smartphone vendors such as, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and others..."

Palm was the first.

As an owner of a Z10, I didn't plan on upgrading to Z30 due to lack of significant change. Wireless charging is pretty much my golden feature, so sounds like I'll be looking to upgrade on the first good promotion from Koodo.

I currently use this standard to charge my Lumia 920 as well charge it while playing music on my JBL wireless speaker. It's incredible and glad Blackberry is jumping onto the Qi standard.

Will make making a leather holster with a little battery in it a great addition to the accessories.

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I've always thought that the traditional Blackberry sleeper magnet feature, which automatically puts the device into or takes it out of sleep mode when inserted into a holster or case, precluded inductive charging because I would have thought it would have interfered with the magnetic detection necessary for that feature to work.

But with a device like this which would be kind of ridiculous to try to use a holster with, I could see why they might have finally given up on that particular feature in order to add inductive charging.

Personally I think if blackberry really means business with the Z30 it shld come with a 13mp camera or higher, wireless charging, higher/longer battery life, official android app direct downloads and better marketing showing d key features and coolness of d phone. Am sure this could make dem number in the market.

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Wireless charging has always been like a fad to me... The more important tech that has not been talked about in a while is "Wireless Power". Being able to just enter a room and your device starts charging. Old Nikola Tesla tech...

Great information there, Thank you for the share. I thought of also sharing about my new CHOE Qi Wireless Charger for Galaxy S4 I9500 (Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Receiver Included) which I bought at Amazon for $32.99
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It works well with Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

I have a Z30. I bought a Qi Induction charger. When I apply the power to the charger pad the blue light flashes. The Z30 does not respond. I am wondering if I have to turn something on in the phone, or install a software for this to work???