10 questions with the beautiful and BlackBerry-addicted Sons of Anarchy star, Winter Ave Zoli

The beautiful and BlackBerry-addicted Winter Ave Zoli!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2012 10:12 am EDT

We already had a thing for Winter Ave Zoli before we discovered she was a BlackBerry user and #TEAMBLACKBERRY supporter.

Michelle and Bla1ze got the rest of the CrackBerry team hooked on the tv drama Sons of Anarchy seasons ago, where we've been watching Winter play the role of Lyla, a pornstar with a wild streak (our kind of girl!). And in March 2011, when Winter hit the cover of Playboy, well... let's just say we became even more enthralled with her.

Recently, we found out that Winter loves her BlackBerry. GAME OVER. We had to talk to her and get the details. 

BlackBerry People Do, and Winter certainly does a lot, but she was happy to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat with CrackBerry. Keep reading to learn more about her love for keyboards, her anxiety over Twitter and which BlackBerry 10 phone -- full touchscreen or physical keyboard -- she's going to buy come 2013! 

Sitting down on the set of Sons of Anarchy with Winter Ave Zoli

Thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with CrackBerry today.

1. Kevin: How long have you been a BlackBerry user? Which model was your first?

Winter Ave Zoli: I got my first BlackBerry in 2010. I was always pretty stubborn about upgrading phones, and preferred not caring about what kind of phone I had. It was a Bold 9700. I wondered where it had been all my life...

2. Kevin: What is it about BlackBerry that you love?

Winter Ave Zoli: I love how user friendly it is. It has a great camera, it keeps me organized, and MOST importantly: I love my keyboard. I am a typer, not a tapper... :)

3. Kevin: Are you hooked on BBM like the rest of us?

Winter Ave Zoli: BBM took me a while to discover. I was stuck on texting! A friend of mine had to encourage me to use it, and now I love it. It's amazing to be able to make sure that your message went through. So many texts get lost. I especially love that I can stay in touch with family and friends when I'm traveling abroad, free!!

4. Kevin: So... I think the next question here our readers would want me to ask is... can we have your BBM PIN? 

Winter Ave Zoli: Ha! I'm sorry, I can't divulge that information...:)

5. Kevin: What other apps do you use most on your BlackBerry?

Winter Ave Zoli: Mostly my Calendar, Memo pad and Facebook app...

6. Kevin: So you're on Facebook, but we've noticed many of your SoA co-stars are on twitter but we can't follow you there yet. Planning on joining soon?

Winter Ave Zoli: Yeah, Twitter gives me anxiety at the moment. Too much pressure to come up with funny, witty, intelligent quips all day long...But, I think the day is coming soon that I will have to join.

7. Kevin: How hard is it to be separated from your BlackBerry while filming Sons of Anarchy or doing photo shoots?

Winter Ave Zoli: It's so painful... I wonder what messages are coming through, what cute little sounds it's making... I get major separation anxiety so I try to keep it near at all times ;) And I like documenting with my camera!

8. Kevin: BlackBerry has for a long time been a favorite among celebrities, though lately we're seeing a lot more iPhones show up in the celeb sightings. Have you tried out the competition? Do your iPhone-using colleagues ever bug you to switch? 

Winter Ave Zoli: The invasion of the iPhone has been insane. My BBM contact list has dwindled, I must admit. I haven't tried it out myself. No one has tried to coax me into it either. I'm happy with my BlackBerry, thank you.

9. Kevin: What other gadgets do you own or use? Any tablets in your home?

Winter Ave Zoli: No, just my Mac computer. I'm not a gadgety girl. There are so many gadgets out there, it's crazy. I'm all about keeping it simple!

10. Kevin: When BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market next year, are you going to go for the full touchscreen model or the version with the physical keyboard?

Winter Ave Zoli: Keyboard!! Most definitely. Remember: Type over tap!

Kevin: Good choice. You're my kind of gal - you like to push buttons. :) Ok... one last bonus question.

Bonus Question. Kevin: So... I recently got engaged, but me and my fiancé each have a list of famous people we're allowed to....

Winter: Stop, stop right there. Not a chance until you get a haircut!

Kevin: So you're saying there's a chance! I'd better end this right now then... thanks for talking to us, Winter!

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10 questions with the beautiful and BlackBerry-addicted Sons of Anarchy star, Winter Ave Zoli


"I especially love that I can stay in touch with family and friends when I'm traveling abroad, free!!"

How did so many people get the impression that BBM or PIN messaging is free when travelling?

People, there are roaming charges for everything. PIN and BBM use your data plan and use roaming travel rates.

Cellular carriers represent everything that is evil and unholy in this world, why do people think they let you BBM and PIN for free?

As long as you get a BB cell phone plan, be it pre-paid or contract, while travelling abroad that has BB services then BBM is unlimited since it's included. Technically not free, but you're not paying any extra charges for BBM no matter how much you use it.

My GF did that in Berlin for 6 weeks. Was able to stay connect ed with her via BBM.

Okay, it's not technically 'free', but dude it's cents compared with upwards of $2 per message with SMS. You would have to be BBMing pictures like a mo-fo to get a major bill overseas, whereas just a decent handfull of SMS messages will get you there.

If you look at the reply hierarchy it was actually the third post right off . . Just got pushed down by replies to the first two posts

Lol, what a refreshing blog post! Kevin, keep your hair and wait for BB10, or cut it and get your chance at Winter? :P


yea kevin you need to get moreof these interveiws for the site.....that lady from the huffington post she is an addict too. get all the celebrity addicts and make it a regular thing since you stop doing celebrity pics thing.

Kevin, what about getting Usain Bolt for an interview ?

That would be good for Crackberry and RIM !

Keep up the good work.

BB Fan - South Africa

lol quite the post i actually started watching this show this month kinda cool and ironic it now gets brought up for a BlackBerry reason.

Nice post and decision kevin, our fearless leader getting a haircut for this hot lady w/o BB10 will break our hearts even your fiance might end up broken hearted.lol

I like to type on my keyboard too, buy I'd tap that!

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Kevin, send her an message about how to add text contacts to her BBM platform. She won't be so anxious about a dwindling bbm contact list.

I think you can remember me telling you to get a haircut Kev!

If only you listened to me a few months ago you would of nailed her and i would of been the reason why!!!!!!!!!

I am a typer not a tapper is way better than "lets rock n roll this" or , "we need tools. Not toys"
May be she can give us more slogans for ads

Kevin won't get a haircut, he doesn't care what conclusions people will draw from his appearance. What's important to him is that they don't think he took a long time to write an email!

her: "I'm a typer, not a tapper..."
me: "I could type and tap at the same time..."

*insert mr-bean-if-you-know-what-i-mean-meme-face-here*

there's a gorgeous blond with the same as me??? (my real name is Winter) How dare she!! And she's spelling her own name wrong. the female version of Winter in Wynter. Blonds i tell you...smh. haha... just kiddin. Sort of.

And she's from the Czech republic and I'm from Slovakia that's hilarious. We used to be one country. she's still spelling her name wrong though. lol! ;)