Winners in the BlackBerry Haiku Contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Mar 2009 04:55 pm EDT

BlackBerry Haiku Contest Winners!

I meant to get this up yesterday but, umm.. gotta little distracted. My bad. It gives me GREAT PLEASURE to announce the winners in the BlackBerry Haiku Contest.

Demps2009 clinched the win in the inititial BlackBerry Haiku contest, where Where narrowed it down to ten finalists and we opened it up the community to vote, while Maven454 (graphic missing missing the first 4 - sorry!) won the People's Choice contest with his little diddy above. Haha.

Congrats to the winners! will be contacting you this week to set up getting you your prize, which is a new BlackBerry of your choosing! To everyone else, thanks for participating. This was a fun one for sure!! HUGE thanks go out to the Where team for making this all happen. If you still haven't checked out Where for your BlackBerry, click the link below or visit on your Berry's browser.

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Winners in the BlackBerry Haiku Contest!


congrats to the winners :) im not a sore loser and i knew right from the start before all my friends (not me if u guys are still thinking about it) voted for it that it wasnt going to win. lol blackberry is 3 syllables but that dam site got it wrong while everyone else was right. lol o well i guess ill just get money and go buy my bold :)

Ripped off by the censors who couldn't handle my Haiku:

Between my girl's legs
On vibrate she sets it now
Call me. Call me. Please.

Did you see if you could wait, until the next new BB came out on Sprint? If I had won the original contest, that is what I was planning on asking for, or taking the money and waiting for the new one (Niagra) to come out on Sprint and then purchasing.

I don't know how anyone can consider the "poo" haiku funny... it is repulsive.

Very juvenille humour, something I would expect from my teenaged son.

It was one of the only haikus in the People's Choice contest that was in the correct format and had more than just the author voting for it. The contest was dominated by people voting for themselves (so there were many with only 1 vote) and a few that were very popular but either used too many syllables (berryaddict1022) or rivaled Paradise Lost in length (RichardAM). Of course, Milton never made a youtube video ;)