Contest: Win CrackBerry Kevins BlackBerry Bold 9700!

CBK's BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 May 2010 05:33 pm EDT

As I type this I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my shiny new WHITE BlackBerry Bold 9700. Summer is here and I'm excited as all heck to rock a white device while the weather is hot. But with the arrival of my new baby that means my original BLACK Bold 9700 is going to be in need of a new owner who will treat her with the same love and respect I've shown her over the past months we've spent together. Knowing our loyal readers, I know there's nobody better than a CrackBerry member to win my BlackBerry Bold 9700!!!

How to Enter: Since we have lots of cool BIG contests planned for the next few months, we're going to keep this one simple. All you need to do is login to and leave a nice comment here to this blog post. Just be sure to put some effort into the comment - I'm not sure somebody who leaves a comment saying "contest entry" or "pick me" is cracky enough to own my BlackBerry Bold 9700. Give it some love. Please just one comment per member. Contest ends this Sunday, May 23rd at midnight PST. Winner will be picked at random, but I'm definitely going to read through every comment!

And that's it. As easy as that you can win my BlackBerry Bold 9700. Don't worry... I'll be sure to give a good handheld wipe before I ship it off and let my BBM contacts know to wipe that pin off their contact lists. There's a few photos below too you can check out. Best of Luck!!! 

Some Photos of My BlackBerry Bold 9700

Just got a new DSLR and this video and four photos were the first I took with it (haven't even glanced at the manual yet to learn how to actually use it... lol). Click on an image for a bigger view.

CBK's BlackBerry Bold 9700
CBK's BlackBerry Bold 9700
CBK's BlackBerry Bold 9700

Good Luck!!!!


Reader comments

Contest: Win CrackBerry Kevins BlackBerry Bold 9700!



I am interested in this device since I'm stuck in a 2y contract, and can't be afford to buy another device at retail. I had to buy my tour at retail price,I can't get any blackberry until next year. Please pick me!

I would really like to win this BB 9700… not for myself but for my son. I have a 9700 already and love it to death. I am entering this contest in order to try and win it for him. He has a Samsung Impression at this time, and since I am a single dad and do all the house work sometimes I forget to check the pockets of the cloths that I wash. One night in a hurry to do the wash I tossed everything into the washer and his phone was in there. Long story short he has the cleanest phone around, although he can barely hear me when I call to wake him up for school. His Birthday is May 30th and I would love to be able to give this to him as a present since I am unable to get him a new phone until spring 2011 because of the contract. Thank you, and good luck to everyone!!! edit: oops, wrong place to post, sorry!!

Howdy, I'm interested in a little piece of BB history on many levels. One, it's a Crackberry phone so come on... that's pretty ground breaking. The other is that I hear nothing but rave reviews on the 9700 and how it is the end all be all blackberry device. Having never had one in my hands, I can't say for sure, but I would love the opportunity to see for myself! It does look like a fantastic device. Hopefully one of these days I'll see it in action first hand!

Thanks for your consideration. Always great stuff going on round these CB parts. ;)

This phone has a unique history, and it would be nice for someone south of the Canadian border to own a piece of CB history (complete with the CB labeling. I would be honored if i was the one to be chosen for this.

Kevin! you ALWAYS have the best giveaway and this one DOES NOT disappoint!
i would love to have CB branded 9700!

The blackberry bold i am using right now is the best device i probally have ever used. Unfortunately the bold im using isnt mine and i had to borrow it because i cant afford to replace my iphone that was stolen from me. It would be great to win this blackberry :D

I could win the tool of the God. No way that this lowly peasant could be worthy of such a prize. Please for the love of the Crackberry Gods, PICK ME!

I'd love to get my hands on a 9700. I have an 8900 at the moment, but it'd cost be £140 to upgrade to the 9700 at the moment as I'm only 8 months into a 24 months contract :( I've heard the 8900 won't be able to run OS 6.0, unfortunately, yet the 9700 will be able to. It's sad, for me.

I would love to own this piece of equipment as my first blackberry. I am a college student and would greatly benefit by owning a blackberry for my teachers to email me what is going on and such. I would love the device like I do with my non-smartphone. Thanks for the opportunity to win! GO CRACKBERRY!

always wanted a bold 9700,,,ma contract is not over will be cool if i can have this

A couple of months ago I was in a couples plan with my girlfriend and we were waiting for the contract to end to get a blackberry for each of us. I got a good deal on a blackberry plan so I had got it while she had to keep her old phone. I felt bad since she wanted the blackberry more than me. It would be cool if I could win this for her so we could bbm each other. Thanks.

I really need a new phone because I lost my Bold 9000 a few days ago and i'm not eligible for an upgrade until October. And I loved my Bold 9000 more than any other phone I've owned. It was the perfect size and keyboard for me. But now I can't afford a new one so I would really appreciate it if I was given that 9700. Help a crackberry brotha out!

It would be nice for me to win this BB for my husband. He has a really crabby Samsung Blackjack that drops calls daily. He always gives me and our daughter his upgrades and takes our cast offs, so we would like to see him with something nicer. Thanks for the contest

What a good way to give away your phone. If I got that phone I would sure stay with Blackberry. I have a Storm 1 and am can not stand not having a keyboard. Please draw my name to win.

What a great giveaway. Very generous of you. Been eying this for my Wife as she needs a desperate upgrade from her Curve 8300 which she has gotten very good use out of. I am not ready to give up my 9000 yet but for her this would be awesome. Again, a cool contest and good luck to all.


Man I love my 9000 but want to stay in the runnings for 6, and I'd love to try the 9700. Plus then I could give my 9000 to my girlfriend and finally get her addicted =>

I just want this phone because it belongs to the biggest crackberry of them all, and it would be an honor to own one of Kevin's phones :P

But sadly, as nice of a device that it is, I would never be able to make much use of it. You see, I live in an area that is ruled by CDMA (at&t/tmobile coverage is rather spotty), and my carrier of choice is Sprint. Maybe there is a 9650 in my near future?

Kevin it would be an honor to me having your Bold 9700, loving the fact this is one top of the line phone and it is a BlackBerry! love the size, keyboard, processor and camera with an OtterBox it looks extremely awesome, i would love to have this phone in my hand.

Cheers to all CrackBerry Team!

Needless to say this site is invaluable for up-to-date info on everything BB related, from issue resolution, to great tips, to excellent and accurate reviews. Lots of great contests and never forget the BB Pay-it-Forward concept was born here.
Thanks for all you guys do!

Well, I haaaaave been eying a Bold over my Storm. Sometimes, change is needed to up your level of happiness. I think a bold would be an amazing step up, even if a carrier change is in order...

i would so love this i am tired of my 9630 and i can't take the trackpad with no wi fi and i still am a year away from my upgrade i need something to keep me going GL to all...

Hello Kevin.
Your Bold 9700 will be a worthy successor to my Bold 900. SO please send it this way.. :)

thaks for the hook ups kevin first the great inso on th eblog and all the give aways and now a to able to win your phone is awesome thanks for always givignto us and hooking us up i hope i win if not its cool thanks

Can I please have some of that new Crack(berry)Bold,man? I'm really fiending, man, the 8330 just isn't hitting that HIGH note anymore.

yea I lost my phone last night in the forest, it was a Nokia N95, it's not my phone actually it's my sister's phone.. She let me borrowed it for a while because few months before that, either I lost/stole my blackberry pearl T-Mobile 8120. Went to look for it the next day in the forest.. Unfortunately, I didn't find it :\ Phone less, I'm now using our home phone, which is T-Mobile@home.

Update on my Nokia N95: I found my phone. His brother told me he hide it under my bed. Turns out he's pissed because I was ripping on him couple days ago. I never told them I went to the forest, I don't wanna look like an idiot :P

My first BB device was a Storm oddly enough. I have been wanting to try out that new (not really that new I guess) trackpad for some time now.

This is the best Blackberry resource on the net. I would love to win this phone because yesterday I cracked the screen on my 9000! This would completely solve my problem!

You Guys are the best! always the best give aways! and now you are giving away your own BB.. thats just too awesome!!! keep it going Kevin, you guys are awesome!


I wish to be the first pastor on the block who can afford a 9700. Even if affording it means I got it for free.

I would love it and hug it and pet it and squeeze it and call it George.

this would be perfect for me :)
cuz i got no insurance and my bold has been killed by our dogs mouth :( soo i need a new berry. pls i don't want to switch to other brands :X

So yeah, I got mugged 3 days back and the huge dude took my stock unlocked 8520 that I had got a month back :( - That guy took my cell phone, wallet (not a lot of money though, so AH-HA!) and my Tag Heuer. Kevin's 9700 would be a wonderful birthday gift for a person without a cell phone :) - So yeah, pick me!

That's pretty nice of you to give away your old BlackBerry Bold. It looks like you'd take great care of it, and my girlfriend would do the same. Actually, I'm not evem sure if I would give this phone to her... I'd rather give her mine so that I can have a piece of Crackberry history.

Good luck finding a new owner, and I pray that awhile goes before you drop your new Bold! The first scratch is always the worst...

This is definitely the most generous giveaway CB has ever done! Glad to hear about the CB stickers in the store too. If I win, could you so kindly sign the box (or some BB-related item you'll ship it with). Or, I guess you should do this for whoever wins...after all, you are famous in the Black/Crack Berry world! I would love to get my hands on this 'Berry!
Keep up the good work!

Crackberry nation? Rider nation! Go Saskatchewan Roughriders! The Bluebombers are cool too :D Does that win me a 9700?

I am so addicted to Blackberry that I even reply to this with my 8900 curve. I would not know what to do when I had no blackberry anymore.
Would your bold be taken care of?
Heck yes noone ever gets to touch it and it's always with me.
I will cherrish it like my wife (in a nice way thank you) and it will be used daily for twitter facebook and crackberry ofcourse.
I even update my weblog with it so it will be used and i sure love the bold 9700.
That being said I hope you'll favor me the nice device.

Keep up the good work!

I really need a new phone because I lost my Bold 9000 a few days ago and i'm not eligible for an upgrade until October. And I loved my Bold 9000 more than any other phone I've owned. It was the perfect size and keyboard for me. But now I can't afford a new one so I would really appreciate it if I was given that 9700. Help a crackberry brotha out!

i think I deserve this Blackberry Bold 9700 because I just got hooked onto Blackberry in December of last year and only have the curve 8330. i never thought i would use it to be honest and now my husband calls me the Blueberry junkie. I am always looking for new things from Crackberry and have shared the site with alot of co-workers.

thanks Jackie

My 8900 died last night. Don't worry, proper funeral arrangements have been made. I've been wondering which model to pick up next, and maybe this is a sign...


Nice words here they come:
About Crackberry:
It is just how much you search around For bb info...
You mostly get to crackberry because they are one of the few good sites with frequently updated news, info, new releases and quality stuff..
I'm not Just putting some nice words for that bb here but you guys got, next to some other blogs (and none of them is actually blackberry related XD) articles I like to read..
I don't like reading at all, so consider this a huge achievement :D

About Me:
And why me? I don't know, never won anything in my life? (But i guess there are some more people out here that have the same story) XD
Fun fact: This could be my first SMARTphone :P

Good luck and bye.

I'm on Sprint, but that Crackberry Bold may be just enough to make me buy a SIM card from a GSM carrier. Or, I could impress my niece with a great graduation present.

Hi, im Mooesmoo from Spain.

I came to the blackberry universe with the curve 8520, but sadly it is very small for my fingers so i need a bigger one. But they are very expensive over here in Spain, so if i get to win one, i would be very happy.And yes im a blackberry addict, im a crackberry. Thats my story.

Good luck

This is the only place where I find software and updates for blackberry.and this is the place where i read the review of the blackberry 9000Bold,..but ended up buying the 8900 Curve(it was waaaayyy cheaper to get in a contract).
You guys dig every possible information from the phone.
I would love to replace my crappy curve with this one.The love the keyboard.

I would love and take great pride in winning your blackberry. I would take the best care of it. Treat it with the utmost loving care. Please pick me! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!

I am so addicted to Blackberry that I even reply to this with my 8900 curve. I would not know what to do when I had no blackberry anymore.
Would your bold be taken care of?
Heck yes noone ever gets to touch it and it's always with me.
I will cherrish it like my wife (in a nice way thank you) and it will be used daily for twitter facebook and crackberry ofcourse.
I even update my weblog with it so it will be used and i sure love the bold 9700.
That being said I hope you'll favor me the nice device.

Keep up the good work!

dear generous Kev,
black ninety-seven hundred
would make my day rock!

Thanks so much for considering me as the lucky recipient :)

Go Crackberry. A great site with some great competitions. Whether it's me or someone else I expect Crackberry will make someone very very happy indeed. Of course I hope to be that person. Would make my difficult times a lot more easier to pass. :)

Well I have been a BlackBerry fan for a good amount of time! It's a smart phone and the best... To be smart is to be Bold. This phone would be the best to have and I feel like the 5.0 OS Is the best ... Why not be bold !

I would love to win this device. I love the 9700 and I want to share my love for it with my best friend who is currently without a blackberry.

Wow this would be too sweet to be true. My 9000 key paint is all wearing off and she is in need of being replaced, still holding out for my upgrade in a few months, and/or waiting for a 9*** Bold with the same keyboard to wear out as my 9000 :)
I feel I deserve this as I am on my 3rd 9000 already and I'm just in love with BlackBerry and CrackBerry.

I would love to win this crackberry! I would really like to have a personal experience with a BlackBerry bold. I'm very content with my BlackBerry Curve 8530, but would love to expand my crackiness to include this beautiful device.

Pick me. If I win, I will unlock it and send it to my brother in africa. He is rocking my old 8700c right now and is due for an upgrade.

true story: so last friday i was in gym and some one stole my phone that i had for about 5 years, so now i dont even have a cell phone and hopefully i win this blackberry and i heard that BB's are very secure and have gps so if anyone steals it i can track it

but i wouldn't let anyone steal this awesome device :)

I own a Tour on Verizon, I would love to have a 9700 on a different network so I can compare the two next to each other. So pick me! Contest entry etc. LOL.

Your 9700 is Better than All others , Why , because this one is The wolrd Famous Crackberry Kevin 9700....

I would love to have this historic BB ...

Thanks for your Website

I already have a 9700, but i wouldn't mind another! because 2 is always better than 1!.. or my gf could have it...
ill be awaiting your reply.
thanks in advance

With this being the third contest I have entered on, I'm hoping its the charm and I can claim Kevin's 9700. Thank you for the consideration!

I've been a CrackBerry addict since my days with the 7100i on Nextel and my 8330 Curve has served me well, but is getting old.

The muffed trackball is getting on my last nerve!

No one else has opted to go this route yet (so I'm first, dangit)


For Blackberry Love
Kevin's the Man.. who knows all


Great contest Kevin! I love this device, and would love to be the proud winner of a crackberry-owned phone! :)

I have a tour (for work) and a pearl (for personal use). And trackballs.. literally suck balls! So hard to use BOLD ftw!!!!!

phone Kevin. I'm stuck with an 8330, which by the way is a very stable, good phone, but come on, I don't even have OS 5.0! I dream of the things 5.0 can do and would love to find out first hand with a rocking 9700!

This is the only place I go for my BlackBerry news and I would love a BlackBerry stamped with my favourite site! Just posting in hopes I might get lucky and win :)

Just make sure you autograph it with a crackberry orange sharpie before sending it. Bold 9700, good phone. Kevin Michaluk, Crackberry/Blackberry Legend. Kevins Bold 9700, OMFG WTH BBQ AWSOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to say that I've only have my 9700 for 6 months but it has been the best move (communication) wise. I love the BBM and the device works AWESOME!
But even better than that i discovered 2 days after I got my phone and have been on the site every day since. I love all the wallpapers and ringtones and the articles are awesome!! Software updates, leaks, and fixes are invalueable!!

I LOVE CRACKBERRY.COM and recommend it to everyone I know with or without a BB. Even people on the street.

Much Love to the CB!!


I already have a 9700 as my work phone and would love to have another to replace my personal Flip running OS 4! It is such a great phone, made me realize that my Flip is a slow and cheap device when I got it a few months earlier :)

I have VZW, but I've always wanted to have a 9700 to play with. Even if I have to get a cheap plan with ATT, it'd be worth it!

Crackberry Kevin and the Jets!

Took my Dad out on the weekend to get his own BB thinking he was gonna go 8530 and he goes Bold 9700....

My Dad has a better BB than me (9630 Tour), that just won't do!

The fact that Kevin has used this blackberry bold makes it priceless. It would be like getting a game ball from Michael Jordan or having Barry Bonds throw you his homerun ball or the gameball from Drew Brees. Having this device will definitly bring good luck.

If it does, please consider me Kevin. Just got my first BB this year, 8520, and I'm really into it. But the 9700 is a big update on that.
Here's hoping, all the best from Will in Liverpool.

After upgrading to a droid from a blackberry storm2, I am stuck with my droid piece of crap and miss having a blackberry. Its funny I still come back to this site more then android ones- So obviously Id love to come back home and nothing says home like your Blackberry Bold- A real bold, not a tour rehash.

I appreciate that you have this contest and just being able to have a chance is awesome. Thanks Kevin

~Rick, former Blackberry owner and forever Crackberry member

I already have a black 9700 and love it but I was wondering... Did you have to pay full retail price for the white unit? I know that the non-contract price for one is not cheap.

We have one exec here with a white unit and it does look very nice in person...


HI! I would love to have that BB Bold 9700... That was the first BB I wanted after having the G1 but I could not get it. I have the BB 8520 and its great and all but its no 9700!! Thanks in Advance!

Thanks for the great giveaway.and very generous of you :) I would love to have this, I would surprise my hubby for Fathers day with it, he has a very old tired cell phone. tweeting @saraminda

I was on the phone with Rogers today arguing about trying to get the Bold 9700 and they refused to give it to me, I was so upset maybe it was a sign that I am supposed to ge thte 9700 from another source...

hey kevin man im very interested in this contest i have always wanted a blackberry and i was about to get one but that fell through. this would make my life better which would be the same thing that happens when i enter a room lol but even if i dont win one day ill get a blackberry and i will offically be able to join crackberry as a blackberry holding member

So, not to mention that... since this is CBK's BB... Everyone is going to post a comment and try to Win it... Question is.. where has this BB been? .....: Kevin recently started doing exercise so i hear :..... at some random gym? or at Kevin's House rockin it out P90X Style...? Im not trying to rant here, but i only wonder.. This BB 9700 Has probably been to #WES2010, different states, somewhere in canada (where its still cold might i add) and other potential useful/useless places.

So, with all of that said, im going to do the regular now, and say PICK ME!! Because i really like the phone and the battery door :)



I've never won anything and I'm not expecting to, just whishing you guys and girls luck :) its a great phone and I'm sure kevin has some cool apps in it, let's just hope someone who really needs it wins and not someone who's just gonna sell it of on ebay or the marketplace lol! Good luck to all

If I won, I would be the only Crackberry Addict in the PHX to have an unlocked 9700 that says "Rogers". This would make me the envy of everyone.

I will invite you to join me in jersey to go to a Yankee game this summer! Nothing like watching a Yankee game with a blackberry in hand!

Crackberry Kevin is the coolest and most knowledgable person around. If Kevin asked me to jump, I would say how high?

Pick me because I am a college student and I have an ancient blackberry 8900 ( really does anyone have that anymore, I think not) i would love to win this device for sure and replace my 8900.

i hope i win

I would love to have a 9700 to see what the big deal is. Pick me and you may get me to put my Storm away for good!

I will love and care for it like it was my very own! Now that Big Red has said that my Tour is at the end of it's life :( we are going to have to start planning funeral services, but what could be better than welcoming your 9700 into the family!

I would love to own a piece of cb history. I am still rocking my original Bold 9000 but have some very bad envy for my younger brothers shiney new Bold 9700. I am envious of how he can load pretty much any app he wants and still has room. I like how he can go weeks without rebooting his phone. Although the new os has helped a good bit on the rebooting on my 9000.... alas I cannot load all the apps I would like to use on a daily basis on it so I have to pick and choose what I load. Winning this 9700 would be totally AWESOME and would then allow me to do so much more.

If I were to win this 9700 I would pass my 9000 on to my middle brother that is still rocking a 8310. He does not require all the apps I do but it would be a nice gesture that would allow him to experience the greatness that is the original Bold!

I would have already gotten myself a 9700 but I am only 10 months into a 24 month contract and I don't have enough disposable income to indulge into a new 9700. So this would probably be the only way to get one any time soon. And what better one to get!

Crackberry ROCKS!

I fell in LOVE with my bf's 9700 when he got it. That sexy look, that smoothe trackpad, those come hither looks it always gives me. I wanted to get the same but couldn't afford it. I think its time I got my own 9700 and stopped stealing his and I hope you can make that happen. ;) my bf's 9700 could really use a friend that's not as old as an 8330. :) Lol

the bb 9700 is sweet and it would be awesome to win a bb9700 from crackberry the guys who bring us news on everything thats important to us ;).

Ok now for my pitch.
4 months ago I had a palm centro and had to call Verizon and beg them to let change phones to the Blackberry 7 months before my upgrade time. They let me do it and I picked the curve. The curve is great just as all Blackberry's are but now I am stuck waiting to upgrade again unless I pay full price. This is not in my budget so if I could win your 9700 I would treat it and love with all the care and dignity it deserves. Blackberry forever.

Remember when I respected you as a man on twitter? (@sbricky). I would totally feel respected back if you threw that 9700 in my direction. :)

I should win because my login name is cooler. oh, and I am still using a Storm i got last february and cant upgrade til end of October. Please help a poor pizza delivery driver out.

give it to me ... i love it as u did n i take of it like u did.... so now there is no difference u keep it or now u have the white one should be with me :P

I would love to have this 9700 because my 8900 is a disaster! I'm so sick of the trackball, blech. Enjoy your new white version :)

For sure you`ll wipe ur so-long-loved-9700...just to not have to read ur 1000s of e-mails...

As i got my own unlocked 9700 since novembre i`d just like to win ur device cause of those very cool stickers...though i can't tell u if I put them at every place in Germany that i know or i'll keep them closed at my safe like a huge worth of whatever.... ;-)

have fun with ur white one of the same device...i know what u mean ... good luck to everyone on this cont...

First off, I desperately need a Berry upgrade, love my 8310 but let's face facts, it's no 9700 & I'm not due for one for a while yet & even then I'm not totally sure I'll be able to afford it right away. 2nd, I'm always talking about Crackberry, I've turned all my Blackberry toting buddies onto this site so to say that the 9700 that I'm rocking was actually owned by "Kevin from Crackberry" would be great. 3rd, I'm, like most people posting here, am on this site daily, if not hourly, always checking the latest & greatest from, so I have to say if I were to win, man I'd be blown away. Here's to hoping for the best!

I just stumbled upon this page and was shocked to see someone giving away a phone - especially a BB! I just gave up 10 years of Palm for BB and need to get my husband one so we can communicate while he is in Afghanistan. We heard we can IM with BB Messenger, and email each other with BB phones! This is great because the lines for the computers are hours long and he is far too busy running a platoon to wait that long. This way, with the BB, he can get his emails on his phone when he can carry it on him. Yea! He just left and has a year there, so I am going to get him a BB as soon as the budget allows.
You are a generous guy! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

Telling my friends that this was owned by Kevin from Crackberry is kaboom! would be pretty cool!

Crackberry Stickers looks cool tooo :)

Wish me Luck Kev!

Wow Kevins Bold 9700, i want it so bad xD, please give it to me as wadding present ! , and because im cool ! :D

Ill take that one, could use it replace the 9530. Congrats on the white 9700 looks great cant wait to see a video once you get it

I would love to win this the bad thing is I wouldn't know what to do use it or set it on my desk and look at it knowing the King from crackberry once used it. How great is that.

Hey Kevin! I'm still rocking the 9000 and would love this new Bold. :) This was an awesome idea for a contest!



Do you know for a small country in Europe called Croatia? Yeah, that one, with beaches and most beautifull sea in the world, a country of 1244 islands...I could make few photos of that heaven on the Earth with my new Bold and send them to It would be really nice, right? Just like having a new Bold :D
Regards from Croatia :)

Well lets see i would really enjoy this Blackberry 9700. One day i was looking for a new blackberry to come out. I typed Blackberry Tour in Google and on the drop down menu i saw tour 2. I clicked on it and it eventually brought me to this site where I now check everyday for the Bold 9650 to come out. But recently I may be moving to At&t and could really use a new phone (especially this one). I always was interested in the 9700. Also I once came upon a 9700 at the bus stop. I picked it up and planned on keeping it. I tried selling it the next day (because i have Verizon) and the persons whos Bold it was saw me. They took it back and didn't even thank me for finding it. Kevin i think you should give me this Phone

Is it too creepy to say I just want a piece of Kev to myself? If it is, then I will go with I just want your bold 9700...send it this way!!!!! Please!!

As I look at all my blackberries.. Black and white, blue, curve, tour, over the last 8 years, all I've wanted is a phone that shows my personality. Or maybe kevin's personality.. With just a splash of crackberry addiction for seasoning.

Now do it again! With feeling!

Its better to burn out than fade away!

to get any kind of information about blackberry: you always have very cool news around. Love the reviews and contests (although I never win:() Your podcasts are fun to listen and the forum / community is very helpful.
Currently I'm considering to get an Android phone because one carrier here in Austria is providing a very cheap package among with it.
So if I can get Kev's bold 9700, I will dump my 9000 for sure and get my blackberry package extended!

I would welcome your blackberry to my family and treat it as if it had always been mine! Sigh you can always bbm me if you miss it!

As a caregiver by profession, I would be the perfect person to take on the care of your 9700. :-) Maybe my friends would finally believe me about Crackberry being a website/awesome appstore and not just a name that refers to an addicted blackberry user like me!
I would send a weekly photo of your phone hanging out in different places around the san Francisco bay area.

I will take this beauty off of your hands and cherish her with my heart and soul! This beauty will accompany me to bed,beach,car and other fun places!!

I remember when you mentioned about possibly doing this on a recent podcast and how cool I thought the idea was. I think I'd switch carriers if I won! you should throw your autograph on the device...LOL.

you wanted a nice comment so i will say one thing, without this site i probably wouldnt have a blackberry anymore. with that said, winning a 9700 would be the only good thing thats happened to me in a while lol PICK ME!

It's make a nice replacement for my Bold 9000, which was tragically lost during a daring paddleboat rescue. (long story. Don't ask.) I have to use my old 8820 now. :-(

I would love this phone! It would be a nice upgrade..especially cuz of that crackberry stick on the back! Thanks for the opportunity Kev!

Hey Kevin, congratz on your new white 9700, nice phone for this summer... I'd like to win your black 9700 for many reasons, come on who on this forum wouldn't like to own Kevin's 9700?... If you choose me I promise to take good care of her and treat her as nice or even better than you did... Love BB's all the way...

I would love this phone! It would be a nice upgrade..especially cuz of that crackberry stick on the back! Thanks for the opportunity Kev!

Honey, free Bold! Now I can finally have my Bold to myself and you can have your very own too. Kevin, please make this happen.

This one's for a friend. I'm entering this contest for her. She's has been dying to get a BB for close to a year now and hasn't been able to make the leap. If I win, yours is going right into her hands. Thanks for being so generous!

You've kept it in pristine condition, Kevin!

It would be awesome to sport CrackBerry Kevin's very own flagship device! I'm sure the ladies wouldn't be able to keep their hands off me... er, it... um, you know what I mean!

I got my 9700 about a month ago and my wife loves it. She still has an 8330 and wants me too trade with her. I was planning on buying her one but a Crackberry 9700 would be AWESOME!!!

I really want it!

I really need it!

I have an old BB Curve that run on EDGE!

I need 3G!

The Phone is really really sweet!

I would take really good care of it!

I would make sure it's shined up everyday!

Okay I am running out of things to say!


Currently, I have a BB 8330 Curve. I think that its a great phone because of all of the features. The only downside is the minimal amount of memory on board. Your 9700 looks cool. I would like to win it so that I could download more cool apps. Keep smilin.

I am waiting to get a 9700, I just do not got the funds to do so right now. I am using a 8900 through T-mobile which, as we all know does not have 3G, whereas the 9700 does. Winning one, and not having to buy one would be great!! Then I will actually get better downloads in the building I work in.
Thanks Kevin!

I'll adopt that beautiful phone and give it the love it deserves!
It'll get along real nice (hopefully) with my little 8330m that could use a friend.
(hopefully Rogers works with Sprint)

This is a very BOLD move on your part! If I get this phone I am going to send my old one to the military.

I would greatly appreciate winning this blackberry.
Im having to deal with a broken touch screen basic phone, and do not have enough money to buy the bold for retail,
The opportunity is greatly appreciated!
Thank You!

Kevin...I LOVE CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT A BOLD SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BLAH!!!!!BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WILL REMEMBER YOU WHEN I WIN THE LOTTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Kevin, your so awesome, if you were standing in between two mirrors it would be infinite awesomeness!!!

I think the BB Bold 9700 is one of the best phone out there, i hope i win this one.

keep doin whatch doin CrackBerry

Sure would like to get back to a 3G BB since leaving Verizon... I could always send you some older Verizon BB's (8830 and Storm) or even older Palm Treos!

yoooooo u need to give me thissss. why? c'mon kev, u already kno we've spent so many years making this site happen and i clearly helped you out kid. atleast u can do is give me a cool blackberry with the CB sticker mann. im stuck with this old 8330 and idk..feels like ur forgetting about me =/ hit me up kevin



This Bold is the best thing i've ever seen! I have been a Crackberry user for a few years now and can honestly say this one tops the list of BB's. Coming from you guys here at crackberry makes it one of a kind and a true prize to the winner!!

Help me replace my broken, scratched, and terribly slow curve! I have a year and 1 month left before I can replace it. That's a long time to go with a phone that freezes everytime I make a phone call, I have to yank the battery to end my calls 90% of the time. ;(

I am using a curve 8900 that is giving me loads of problems. I have had about 9 replacement phones sent to me over the past year. Everything from the screen going white to the trackball getting stuck. I also messed up some numbers on mine so i cant dial certain numbers and when I am responding to a BBM I have to send a voice note which is pretty annoying at times (like in class). Its an inconvenience because I use my blackberry for everything from school work, to work, to job searches, typing up essays keeping up with my schedule, shopping, literally everything I even keep my recipes in there and now I use it like another Ipod. I recently went and checked out the blackberry bold 9700 and it was amazing but lets be honest with todays economy who can just afford a 400$ phone. I would appreciate this so much if it were given to me. anywhom I appreciate the opportunity to be in this drawing and I do hope that I am lucky enough to finally win a crackberry contest because I know how unlikely it is with the millions of users :)

I just cant afford to purchase one for me and my Wife so one of us has to find a way to get this.....cant be one or the other then id be in the dog house

Help me replace my broken, scratched, and terribly slow curve! I have a year and 1 month left before I can replace it. That's a long time to go with a phone that freezes everytime I make a phone call, I have to yank the battery to end my calls 90% of the time. ;(

This phone is awesome. My friend recently got it and its such a huge step above my 9530. This phone would be great and I'd be pretty damn excited if I got it! And even if I don't its fine I've got much love for the Crackberry site!

Thanks CB Team for another chance to win something great. I have a Bold9000 still and would love to get my hands on a Bold 9700, let alone a CrackBerry device. I really need the upgrade to the phone, would be nice to get it to help me get a phone that is faster and easier to use. Thanks again CB!

I still have a pearl 8100 and this makes me sad all day. A new blackberry would complete my life <3

it seems that our company is moving to an other operator and my beloved 8900 could be simply replaced by an 8520 brick. i'd rather move to this new bold. anyway, will you ship the girl with phone? or at least the pics should be there...

Because this would be the perfect way to get my gf off her iPhone 3GS! She's been needing something better for a while! Tired of all the dropped calls...

I have my original Storm 1. Yes. From when they first came out. My first Blackberry. I've taken very good care of my Storm. It always wears a cover. While everybody else was complaining about their Storms, I was painstakingly teaching myself to update the OS. I put all my music in it. I read Crackberry everyday to teach myself how to use my new and first Blackberry. That is the same care your Bold would have with me. It would be in my patient and caring hands.

Perfect gift for my friend to get her into the BB world, as her "dumb phone" (opposite of smart phone) is ancient (one of those prepaid phones).

I love my current 9700, i wouldn't be objected to having another one. i'm starting a new job at telus soon and guess what phone i'll be getting... again. one can never have too many blackberries

Kevin I am a huge fan of yours.

I used to have a blackberry, but i let someone borrow it and they dropped it down some stairs. My poor 9000 :(.

Since then I've been blackberryless and its killing me!!!!


Crackberry fo lyfe!


Hey Kevin!

I am posting in regards to this contest. It looks to be a fabulous prize to be had indeed. I myself am using a Bold 9700 but, my wife is wanting one a 9700 for herself. She currently uses a 9000 that she has had since it came out(lol).

So, Probably won't win but it sure is worth a shot. If I do win, hell, I might have to switch with her anyway cause I will have a celebrities handheld! That would be sweet!

Make it a good day,

Jerry AKA Stormchaser77





Hook me up with that 9700 and I'll do things to it that won't let me look it in the eye in the morning...

This would be awesome. The BB Bold 9000 is the very first BB I have every owned and I absolutely love it. It has never been more than arms reach away from me in the almost 2 years that I have had it and I don't know how I existed before I got it. I use it for everything, finding places, remembering appointments, keeping in touch with those important people in my life, maps, music, you name it. The only problem is it doesn't have enough device memory for EVERYTHING I want to add to it and the trackball constantly stops working. The 9700 would solve these issues and I also have heard from you that the battery life is much better as well. I would treasure your 9700 and take extremely good care of it for you if you pick me. Thanks for the opportunity.

Way to be so kind and give away your Bold 9700. I hope your selfless act is repaid to you 10 times over in the near future and may your first child be a masculine child.

Not only am I such a crackhead that I wrote three podcast intros (you know who i am! lol) but my girlfriend broke up with me because I'm such a crackhead, now her pearl broke that I gave her and since we're still friends I'd love to help her out by getting her an awesome 9700!

I have a 8900 and would like to have some 3G fun. I would love to have that Blackberry Bold. I hope the 3G works on T mobile.

Hey Kevin,
After many years, I'm switching over from the Palm OS platform. If I get the 9700, I promise to put it to good use!

The 9700 is so dreamy :D

I'd like one badly since my mom's phone is such garbage, and she needs a new phone. I'm sure my current berry would be the best birthday gift ever :D

You are so nice for doing this :). I can't believe you kept the phone so nice and well-kept, and if I win the phone, thats exactly what I'm going to do :D.


Rest assured that your soon to be ex-baby will be well take care of by me. Since my Bold 9000 was stolen from me I went back between my Curve 8310 and 8800 and it was not quite the same experience. I mean once you go BOLD you never go back to OLD!!! It just doesn't feel the same. So gimme that sweet looking phone with the awesome background so I can love her just as you did!

Thanks Kev!


Kevin -- My electronics become like relatives of mine and I can't let them go! I'd hate to see my old 8830 get in the wrong hands and get destroyed! I still have 2 old laptops, 2 razrs, and an 8830 on top of the laptop I currently use, and the 9530/8830/Pre Plus I have activated.

I promise to treat your 9700 with respect and dignity, and I will definitely activate it as I've been wanting to give T-Mobile a go (even if I can't get the 3G love). She'd have a good home here :)

I had over 12 replacements for the STORM and BELL wouldn't give me a different phone so instead they downgraded me to the Curve 8330 and its falling apart. In order to get a new phone I would have to pay 699 for a new one. And Im in college so thats EXPENSIVE.
So this phone would be so perfect for me!!! I NEED A NEW PHONE!!!!!!!

I would love the Bold 9700. I got the Tour 9630 when it first came out but I was upset that it lacked wifi. Also that the 9700 has more memory, trackpad and is just a better phone in general would be amazing. Hopefully you choose me as the winner. Keep up the good work Crackberry.

It'd be pretty freakin sick to win that one... I'm on sprint, so I wouldn't be able to use it.
But, my wife is on TMobile; it'd be nice to get her off the crappy old flip phone she's got. I'd probably be too jealous though, I'm still on my 8330m (I offered to not eat for a month so I could afford the 9650, but that idea got shot down :( )

Now, everybody will be trying their seaters off to make one good and unique comment to be noticed out of the crowd..

There should be no doubt, no pretending and most definitely no bs!

I want a 9700! Right now, I cannot afford an upgrade and any piece I find second-hand is not even worth to turn my head towards it..

This one looks pretty damn solid! And it would be special one.. Especially when somebody would ask me how I got it..

So hear out my honest try! :)

Considering I have been using my trusty Bold 9000 for well over a year, it might be time to try out something a bit newer but still just as Bold!

Enjoy your new Bold and DSLR! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be enjoying your old one.
Btw, which camera did you get? I'm looking to get a DSLR, so maybe you could recommend some for me.

I would love to own the BB9700! And the fact it was used by the man himself would be amazing!It would be the equivalent as a hockey fan receiving a game used stick from their favorite player.

how about u send that 9700 over this way? being a fellow canadian has got to be worth something! =P

i'm in need of a new bb. my storm 9530 feels kinda outdated....especially with the lack of OS leaks available for it.

thanks kev! =D

from when i was lost 6 hours from home,
to when i got the first pictures of my new born nephew,
from the e-mail i received while traveling informing me of a job offer needing attention within 24 hours,
to the time when its pictures showed the truth in traffic court.
My blackberry has been there to show me the map, the restaurant, the review and the prices. It has guided me through the middle of nowhere and it has provided me with communication during the darkest of times. My blackberry has given me music on the go and news in a flash. I have podcasts and books and movies to watch. Unfortunately it is indeed getting pretty old, which is why i deserve a pretty new bold.

Thanks Kevin for being so generous over the years, I have enrtered other contests before with no luck. An unlocked 9700 would be great for my wife I just got one, and now my wife sees what the big deal is, a nice piece of hardware. I'm not financially able to buy a second device right now and my wifes 8310 is looking older each day I can already see the look on her face when I suprise her with this device, and thank you for the extra Crackberry stickers, I will put them on my other device too.

keep up the dreat work kevin i was saving up to get the bold 9700 and crackberry's review was the best witten review i read. I hope i win so i dont have to pay $450.

your fan

Never give up what ya love (my bb) and love what u can never give up!I had to get a 8520 but I'd looooooove to have ur phone!! :) and crackberry has been a savior for this 1st time bb owner! Thanks to everyone! RULES :)

Every day, I think about how much my 9000 makes me mad. From the crappy trackball to its erratic app memory management, I feel like shutting it down for good...and make it seem like an accident. The Crackberry 9000 forum provides me with just enough information to keep the phone working right, but even then, I constantly envisage myself dropping it out of my multi-storey window.

I implore you, protect my Bold from a horrible fate, choose me and I will pay it forward by passing on my Bold 9000 to someone else who will show my phone the passion I once had for it. Additionally, you'd save on postage by shipping to Vancouver to say...across the border!

***Disclaimer*** I am not psycho, I just want a new phone :D