Windows Phone product manager thinks they've got BlackBerry beat

BlackBerry and Windows Phone
By Simon Sage on 27 Jun 2013 06:08 pm EDT

Windows Phone product manager Larry Lieberman happily announced Windows Phone's success over BlackBerry during an interview Microsoft's Build conference recently. 

"We think we're solidly the third ecosystem right now. That's a huge announcement in some respects... I don't think [BlackBerry] can bring to the table some of the things we have. The fact like we're delivering across such a different set of price points to such a large audience."

Well, first off, have you met the BlackBerry Q5, or the wide range of affordable legacy BlackBerry devices that are still being used around the world? Sure, Nokia's slashed the price on some respectable hardware, but what's that doing to their bottom line? It's rough enough that Nokia can't seem to shake the rumors of it selling off its assets. Also, Android is becoming a hard nut to crack when it comes to competing at the entry level. Though Windows Phone technically has the lead in market share (an outlook which may change once we hear BlackBerry's quarterly results tomorrow), that lead is by a whooping 0.3%, and it took Microsoft three and a half years to get there.

Now, BlackBerry still has a fair bit of progress to make in terms of market share as legacy BlackBerry sales taper off over the next few quarters. Plus, Microsoft's right that there are some things that BlackBerry and many of the other manufacturers can't compete with - namely, tight integration with a ubiquitous gaming console (save Sony) and a PC (save Apple). Even with that angle, I don't see BlackBerry as that easy to write off, especially with such a small lead.

How do you guys feel about Windows Phone? What can BlackBerry bring to the table that Windows Phone can't? Is debating about who's in third place worth the bother anyway when Android and iOS still claim the vast majority?

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Windows Phone product manager thinks they've got BlackBerry beat


Another one that doesn't know what he's talking about. Windows phone has nothing on bb.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Agree to disagree here

BlackBerry 10 may be the superior OS, but there are some things WP has that I like as well, as I do with all operating systems. Let's not forget some things the OS does well:

- Live tiles and their features
- Interface customization
- Steamlined, minimalistic, pure experience throughout 90% of the OS and apps. Very innovative UI vs. the competition
- Nokia's native apps are pretty good, like maps
- Contacts integration with full people profiles
- Breathtaking display, camera, and solid hardware on higher end phones like the Lumia 920
- Trials for almost all paid apps in the app store, try before you buy
- An entire ecosystem to communicate amongst (xbox, windows OS)

Mhm, I have a Lumia 920 and i disagree with you here.

- live tiles (yeah they are quite cool but only for the eyes, no sense to reat something important)
- interface customization (what are you talking about ? you only can decide where do you want your tiles, thats is it even iOS offers more)
- stemlined, mini... (you are right, but i like the way how developers bring their own design, but WP did it well)

- Nokias native apps (hahahah, i had tons of problems with here maps, but it is good now)
- Cantants integration... (yeah nice, but bb has it too)
-Breathtaking diplay, camera (i agree with you but only with the camera)
- trails... (right, i like they way they handle it)
- an entire... (totally disagree, the communications with W8 is totally bad only via skydrive, thats is it. but u can use dropbox as well -> xbox never used one)

I agree with you Dzyen. I don't think it's crazy for Lieberman to say that he has BB10 beat. As long as they continue to advance the OS and as long as Microsoft's hardware partners push out flagship devices, who knows what'll happen. BB10 and WP8, my two favorite mobile OS's...battling it out for 3rd place :) haha. Both definitely have a lot of potential.

Windows phones are oversimplified. They have been out on the market for a few years and they just got Pandora a couple of months ago. Things that bother me on the windows os: the live tiles are mundane and too uniform, no wallpapers, if you have notifications for emails text missed calls etc, and you open the inbox without actually reading the messages or opening an item, the number for unread messages goes away as if you've read them!!!!!

Windows 8 needs to be redesigned from the ground up. NO LIVE TILES. Period. Needs to be more comprehensive. Looks like a Nickelodeon Phone or a child's toy.

The WP mail app schools all other mail apps I have tried. It's awesome not having to read or "mark as read" all your junk mail to reset the "new mail" count on the Live Tile. The emails aren't marked as read if you don't read them, but the point of the Live Tile is to let you know there are X number of new emails since the last time you viewed your inbox. Awesome feature that other phones are missing.

I wouldn't exactly say that Windows Phone has "nothing" over BlackBerry 10. After all, WP8 does have a native Netflix app. Just saying

Typed on my Dev Alpha C, Posted Via CB10

Seems he's never used a BlackBerry. In fact, given his comments, there's reason to question that he's ever used a Window phone.

May be he never used BB10.
I like Windows phone and I also never used BB10. But I like both to succeed and compete with android and iOS.

Success of both platforms depends majorly on apps. I think WP8 definitely have advantage in this regard.

I think BB made a mistake by pricing their Z10 and Q10 very high. Even Q5 also high which BB fans also agree.
Developers need more users for their apps. BB need to sell more phones. They should release the affordable handsets quickly.

Having Nokia on board is a big plus for WP. They are really killing it with 520, 620 and 720 in emerging markets. Their old WP7 phones were duds because of high price in markets like India. They realized it and now they are selling well.

I really do like the "intergration" with the WIndows 8 computer system. It is something I have wanted for a long time but refuse to by apple.

If Windows 8 put out a qwerty..... There could be a real struggle for me... I would likely try it.. ESPECIALLY with BBM going x platform (eventually windows I have no doubt).

I really like the hardware that Nokia is putting out.. I am disappointed with my Z10 the Bezels are too big on top and bottom.

My honest opinion is that Windows Phone is pretty awesome. If I had to buy a phone other than BlackBerry it would be Windows. I also don't think the growth of BlackBerry has anything to do with Windows because it is also a new and upcoming operating system. BlackBerry's growth will come from taking Android/Apple customers or getting first time phone buyers in emerging markets.

To summarize that, the Success of Windows Phone makes little difference to BlackBerry

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I have to agree with you here. I'm blackberry till the end but I have Microsoft and Windows everything else. I really like how every thing is being integrated among one unified platform

Posted via CB10

I am device agnostic. I'm happily a BlackBerry Z10 Fan. Best phone I have ever used. The playbook gesture interface is brilliant, and instantly showed me what BB10 was going to be like. I waited almost an extra year past my upgrade period to get the Z.(my very first BlackBerry phone) With that said, a Windows phone would have been my next choice. Not going to explain why, cause I got a better phone than what I expected. LOL!

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i have a windows 8 tablet and the inconsistency of the gestures UI drives me bonkers: I'm sure I'll get used to it, but compared to the elegance of BB10 Windows gestures are... well, inconsistent.

I do like it tho...

Totally agree with you. I was actually leaning towards the Nokia 900 after my contract for the 9550 ended, but the z10 intrigued me.
Still loving the new Windows OS.

So, what's the big deal about Netflix on a phone. Screen is small, sound sucks, and the amount of data required costs a fortune. Sure fine if using wifi but, odds are your using wifi at home so, watch it on your tv.

Posted via CB10

I used to have the same take on it, but it quickly changed. When I'm on the road (quite often) I like to be able to connect to HDMI and stream to the TV in the hotel. Well, since a lot of people apparently subscribe to Netflix, it would seem that it is still an important app, whether or not you connect to a larger screen when watching it.

Could care less about Netflix, except for one useful feature.
The feature is not a part of Netflix, but on my Z. The HDMI port. I would use Netflix :over Wifi, phone plugged in, HDMI to TV. Then and only then would I bother with Netflix. Right now I transfer all movies and TV shows to my 64 gig class 10 sd card. No wireless glitches to deal with.

Posted via CB10

So do I and it works great especially when I am out of town and in a hotel. There is nothing like connecting it to a large screen tv through the hdmi port and watching a movie.

Even though the Netflix CEO has rebuffed BlackBerry's attempts to have it on BB10, I am still hopeful that someday we can get a native version for BlackBerry.

Netflix?! This has Netflix, that has Netflix.......Netflix is only good if you live in the states. Have you seen the content for Netflix in Canada?! It sucks balls! Plus really, I'm not watching a movie off a 4.2" display and if I have to hook up my Z to HDMI then I might as well fire up the XBOX. Netflix is a novelty app at best.....the sooner you get over it the better off you'll be.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

It's a very competitive industry today. I just read today that Apple's share in India and Western Europe has dropped below 20%. The article indicated that Android devices were the big winner and had increased to around 65+%. That leaves about 15% for Windows, BlackBerry etc.

Posted via CB10

In India, apple never had 20% market share. 90% is android in Q1 according to IDC.
In Q4 apple did well with discounts but Q1 again dropped. Nokia Lumia's (WP8) has got 6% market share in India in Q1. That is before 520, 620 and 720 which are launched in April (620 launched on March 10th).

BB has 15-20% share in last year Q1 in India and they are in top 3 of smartphone OEMs. Affordable BB7 handsets helped in achieving that market share.
This year they are not even in top 10 OEMS in Q1 according to the same report. BB7 phones are not selling well for the obvious reasons and they priced Z10 very very high.

And how much longer had WP8 been out in comparison to BB10? If Microsoft is crowing over a .3% lead over BlackBerry, then someone's nervous about BlackBerry's upcoming quarterly report....

In Calgary I've only ever seen 1 Windows phone in real life, there on TV all the time here, no one is buying them! Mainly BlackBerry or iPhone round here. Like where are these phantom Windows Phones being sold? I have a feeling this is going to be another Microsoft abortion all over again feel bad for folks wasting resources to get involved in the platform! But I do like that there is options for the consumers!


That's my ten cents!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10

And windows ME and vista and Windows 8

Thanks but no thanks.

If BlackBerry made a desktop I would get that too

Posted via CB10

I realize this is a very regional thing, and they may be prevalent elsewhere, but here on the outskirts of Toronto I have never seen a single Windows phone of any generation in real life. That said, I think they are likely a very solid product and I'd certainly consider one if BlackBerry hadn't introduced the Z10

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Sorry but the people who I've discussed this with have clearly said that bb10 is superior. Dev friends have stated their clear preference for the BlackBerry platform, the openness and ease of access while with wp it's much like their os shiny and pretty but with enough quirks to turn you off of it for a good while.

For phones u don't see integration with pc or console being of any real benefit. There are a few things like office and sky drive but my phone is separate enough from those devices that the integration adds little

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They do not have more money than ME! I mean God.......
(clearing throat) ........ Bless you, my son.....

Posted via CB10

Personally, I would love it if people would wake up and see that ios and android is officially stagnant and boring now. Their 15 minutes are well in to their 19th minute. Then we could have blackberry and windows phone, the only two companies that are actually trying now, go head to head as 1 and 2 while the robot and the other fruit go off to reinvent their bloated and insecure (android) and simplified childish (apple) os's. It would be the circle of life. :)

I mean honestly, if we were all using BlackBerry and windows phones, don't you think we'd all feel a little more grown up?

Posted via CB10

L M A O. Is this a Joke ? Your living in a Vacuum.
Do you have a Z10 ? Do you or have you installed any Apps on it ?
If you have then there is no such thing as secure. All this talk about BB is secure is so much BS it is not even funny anymore. You know what, You want privacy ? You have it when your sitting on the sh!tter at home in your own house and not connected to anything. THAT is when you have privacy.
Any other time , get used to it , privacy is out the Windows. GOV's today spy on everything.
At least on Android you can remove the permissions of the APPS from snooping on things you dont want BUT HAD TO agree to on install. You can not do that with BB or WP8 or IOS .
Privacy .............. lol please.
People have woken up, that is why Android is where it is, not the other way around.

Were it not for Microsoft's total ineptness in mobile, this race would have long been over. Microsoft has a true ecosystem in what they can provide the consumer. They have, among others, Office, Skydrive, Bing, and Xbox. Also, unlike BlackBerry, they have developers that have delivered very compelling third party apps to blunt the absence of Instagram, youTube, Vine, Snapchat, etc. This race is far from over, but I feel that in the end, BlackBerry is going to have to find a deep pockets partner to distance themselves from Microsoft. Microsoft knows how important Mobile is, and they are determined to win, And they got 30+ billion dollars in the bank ready to use.
Still, oughta be an epic battle over the next 18-24 months.

I'm firmly in the 'Berry camp. However, in terms of talking "third place eco-system" it is not valid to group legacy BlackBerry devices with those of BlackBerry 10. They do not form a single app ecosystem since the apps available for each are not available for the other.

Advertising for third party apps always shows up with the "get it at" symbol referencing Apple Store and Google Play. Sometimes it shows Windows, too. It's been a long time any of us saw ANY reference to BlackBerry.

For now, let there be no question, BlackBerry is firmly in last place.

Let's hope that's a-changin'.

Posted via CB10

I never thought of it, but agreed, not one. I work with business people from all walks every day. Tons of Android, a lot of Blackberry, a few Apple..... not one WP.

I only bow of one person who had a windows phone but he's since switched to a Z10. It wasn't that he was displeased with the Windows phone, it's that he just flat out liked the Z10 better

Posted via CB10

I heard about this Windows phone in a fairy tale once. Never actually seen one on in public.

Posted via CB10

Bah the only way to turn off an app on windows phone is to bump it as only a certain number of apps can run at one time. There is no close button. Wtf. Stupid phone.

Posted via CB10

All I can say. If BlackBerry went bust. I'd give up mobile all together. Going back to a rotary home phone only. Lol. I've used an android, I fone and a Wp. They all suck in my humble opinion. Compared to my 9850. Even. Praise doG for my z10.

Posted via CB10

I have a Lumia 920, upgraded from a Samsung Focus, and know 4 other people that have windows phone. It is a good operating system, excellent touch screen keyboard and intelligent word suggestions. The integration with other services and the ability to easily aggregate all my data in the cloud makes it great. Email works flawlessly, native calendar app could use a bit more polish..I .like the BlackBerry calendar app. I also love that all the photos I take immediately upload to my SkyDrive. And the low light pictures on the 920 are unbelievably amazing.

I moved from 9900 (and 9780) to WP when I got a Lumia 710 to try it out a year and a half ago and have never looked back. Now happy owner of a Lumia 920 and a 620 too. BB died for me when I was in Germany in Oct 2011 and had to figure out how to reinstall my OS- on vacation. That was the third time I had to do that with my 9900. I loved aspects of it but that was the end for me. Having to delete apps one by one to figure out what had fried it- horrible. Now I'm on WP, amazingly stable and an AMAZINGLY usable "business phone" because of best-in-class Office integration and everything just works.

Oh, I'M IN CANADA (Calgary) and have seen more 920s than Z10s- in fact I have not once seen a Z10 or Q10 in public except at CityChase when we had to use the cheap plasticky Q10 for one of the challenges since BB is a sponsor of CityChase.

I've honestly never seen a person using a Windows phone in Toronto. I know it's his job to make them look good, but this will back fire for sure. They had a three year head start and are only up by. 03 percent. I hope he says they are in a distant forth when BlackBerry has them by. 01 percent. That would be the only fair thing to say don't you think?

Posted via CB10

WP is a nice phone I bought one for Wifey and she loves it. Me I love my BlackBerry Z10 and believe BlackBerry will be in a solid 3rd spot in a couple of quarters...

Swiped from the Links amazing Z10

I've never seen a Windows Phone in public, and would never consider buying one.

I'll take my Q10 and Z10 over whatever Microsoft has, any day.

The truth is, WP is an underdog in the mobile industry, but BlackBerry is the true underdog. Many people who wrote BlackBerry off last year, did not think they'd be around right now, or even move the Z10 or Q10. I have owned a windows phone; not impressed. I have owned multiple Android phones; got bored. I own and exclusively use a Z10; perfect. I will not say that BlackBerry will be #1 again, but I will say they will be number 3 and if they can continue to innovative, advance, and improve what they've laid down with BB10 spots 1 and 2 should watch their backs.

Posted via CB10

"...if they can continue..."
Do they have the ability to continue? Investors don't think so.

Instead of BlackBerry and Microsoft beating each other up for third place, why don't they just work together instead?

In the very early days of Windows Phone, Microsoft approached then-RIM with an offer: RIM makes the hardware, Microsoft makes the software. RIM found WP "too confusing" and declined.

To date i've seen online one Windows Phone in the wild. Since the launch of bb10 i've seen countless z10s.

Just saying

Posted via CB10

The keyword is "solidly". If Microsoft's definition of "solid" is Windows ME, Vista and 8? Then BBRY is pretty safe.

Ya I've never seen a Windows phone in the public.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

As someone who owns both a Z10 and an Ativ S (Samsung's flagship WP8 device), I vastly prefer the ecosystem that WP8 provides. Way more apps and games, a less glitchy experience (compared to BB10), better apps when compared to the BB10 equivalents, and a really gorgeous interface. BB10 does a few things better than WP8 though, namely email and multitasking. I'd imagine BB10 would better for BYOD users (due to BlackBerry Balance) but as an average consumer WP8 is much more compelling imo.

Posted via CB10

BB10 is consider very new OS. WP8 is not a revamp OS, they had it going for years.

Posted via CB10

Give BlackBerry three years to workout the bugs like wp phone and see who has the better platform. BlackBerry 10 is very solid for a new OS and how many apps wp phone have over BB10.... someone is catching up.

Posted via CB10

WP is always stable and smooth OS since launch in October 2010 though there are very few features when launched. They have improved OS substantially since then and WP8 changed the OS vastly.

Still they need to do a lot of work though.

Well to start off.. here in egypt every second person got a BlackBerry, I've never seen anyone with a BlackBerry10 other than myself... but I've also not even once like ever seen a windows phone device so BlackBerry is still winning here, but that's still in thanks to the legacy devices not BlackBerry10... not yet..

Posted via CB10

In my opinion Microsoft has nothing to cheer about. First they were once a leading force in both business as well as private consumer sector with their Windows Mobile plattform. Then they delayed Windows Phone 7 again and again, only to deliver a half-backed product, even by past standards. Meanwhile, Blackberry left the door waaaay open for MS with keeping on BBOS and delivering devices which only got mixed reviews.

Considering the sheer size, desktop computer dominance, home console share and, especially, the financial power Microsoft has to offer, it is almost pathtic where they stand now. Their Windows Phone is still struggling, even the Nokia deal didn't work wonders as some people expected. Sure, Windows Phone finally managed to set sails with Nokia backing it up, but overall they still can't get close to the top two.
Now considering Microsoft launched their new plattform three years ago while Blackberry decided to keep theirs up until early this year, it is a simple joke MS took so long to get an eyeblink ahead of BBRY.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

I never liked the way those live tiles looked on a windows phone. However, it's something I can live with if they ever make a QWERTY phone, Nokia's phone to me is like a retired boxing champ, it maybe be old but it can still open a can of ****. Nokia always had a place in my heart, I almost switched to the Lumia 900. Love BlackBerry and Nokia, and whoever makes the better qwerty phone wins.

Posted via CB10

Lumia is a piece of crap...its the worst phone...what the hell they were thinking putting windows design on the smart phones...smartphone OS and UI should be build for smart phones.

Having said that I don't think BlackBerry can beat them in market share because there entry level smartphone is now 50 $ and Lumia is around 150$ range. Same way like Apple cannot beat Android in market share....Its the profit margin where BlackBerry will beat windows.

Posted via CB10

Well, Windows is leading in one section whether any one likes to admit it or not. Apps. Some are available on BlackBerry 10 but others... not so much.

  • Soundhound
  • Shazam
  • OpenTable
  • Rdio
  • Tumblr
  • Instance (WP8 Native Instagram)
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Kaokao Talk
  • WhatsApp
  • WordPress
  • Vimeo
  • Kik
  • WeChat
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Crackle
  • TeamViewer
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Rhapsody
  • Edmondo
  • MyFitnessPal

I could go on but I'm sure you all get the point. BlackBerry World still needs a kick in the apps! Even with the Android player, those who want apps and don't want to bother with sideloading are still facing a shortage.

Over half of those are on BB10 now and most of the others can side load. So, what's the big deal. When 10.2 is released almost every android app will work on bb10. So, at the end of the day who will have more apps.

Posted via CB10

Really? You are going to tell the people to go through hoops to download a simple app? A tech person like you and I may know about 'sideloading', but your average consumer does not. Why should they even begin to know about sideloading by visiting fan sites rather than going to BB World with 2-3 simple clicks.
BB needs more than some tech savvy people to be successful.

Your list is a bit strange... a mix of apps that are and aren't on BB10! Not sure what the meaning of that list is.

Just as it says, or did you skip over the part " Some are available on BlackBerry 10 but others... not so much"

I moved from Nokia years ago to blackberry and until recently thought Nokia was dead, until someone showed me their latest phone who now can't wait till their contract ends and they are moving to blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Microsoft doesn't know Jack about mobile. It's killing them that they can't get it. In less than one year, they will be third no more.

Posted via CB10

Integration may be something to worry about, especially if they bully consumers like Microsoft did in the '90s. If you made the computer interface for the Linux platform I'd be happy. I avoid MS and Apple products any chance I can.

My thoughts exactly! It's difficult to avoid MS & apple in the professional world but whenever I can I always opt for something else.
I even ditched outlook for thunderbird. It doesn't pack the same punch as outlook but it just works!
Imo, you need to look at how the company runs & who's running it. MS=FAIL. I'm surprised more people aren't using Ubuntu, at least as a 2nd operating system for personal use. If people tried it they'd be surprised!
Anyhow, the reason wp8 isn't going to scare anyone is because of how they operate, not the phone itself.

Posted via CB10

I'm kind of confused by that statement. I mean is 0.3% lead over three years without the first earnings call with bb10 considered solid? I kind of like windows phone. It's different and they have the ecosystem of Mobile, PC, cloud, and gaming. But they're obviously not making a splash in mobile for a reason. I wish these two would work together to lift each other up more, but in my opinion BlackBerry wins this race.

Via CB10 on AT&T Z10

Debating whether BB is ahead or behind W-phone is counter-productive, and a bad waste of time/energy. When you throw a punch at the nose, you don't aim at the front tip of the nose; you aim your fist at the back of the head (though the nose). As such, debate ( and concentration ) should be on where BB stands with respect to the leaders. That is how you gain ground!

Honestly, I am a little tired of the market share conversation. Who cares if they have a bigger install base than someone else?

I think it inaccurately gets represented as an indication of company profit or health, but I'd like to see how Microsoft is going to turn a $50 phone into profit.

And, I don't think it indicates user satisfaction.

Obviously, more marketshare is good. But it's not the only thing.

As the owner of a Windows Phone and a Z10, I'll say with confidence that the Windows Phone OS is very slick, and has a lot to offer. However, it is irrelevant. No one I know cares about Windows Phones. Many still don't even know Windows Phones exist! Even if blackberry is a distant third ecosystem, it at least has brand recognition and most people have a history with it, for better or for worse. Anyone denying that the Windows phone is cool is simply being piggish. But that doesn't mean it will survive. As cool as it is, it has to take GREAT strides to even make a buzz in the public.

Posted via CB10

My wife has the Nokia 920 and I think it is a very good phone. While I prefer my Z10, it is clear to me that the Windows platform is more stable at present and the camera is tough to beat. Everything seems to work well and it is easy to use. The platform is significant competition in my view.

Posted via CB10

Microsoft is legendary for its cluelessness. "Windows 8 will be great" "The new Xbox will require Internet connectivity at all times to work" and who can forget "Vista". Not to mention their need to make everything their own. Why call it a tablet like everyone else? It's a"surface" if you're Microsoft.

60,000 people strong and they can't seem to become one with reality. So no, Windows phone shouldn't be taken seriously.

Posted via CB10

I have still to meet one more person who actually uses a Windows phone in my area, and I'm serious. I only met one, that's one single person at my workplace with a Lumia/Windows Phone. I wonder where WP phones are sold most, geographically.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

He is saying this out of fear. Windows phone has a massive head start to BB10 and they are going no where. You can sugar coat their minuscule gains all you want, but at the end of the day, the phone is pretty much a failure. It doesn't help that it looks pretty terrible (big colorful 'tiles' are not my cup of tea).

Blackberry will have more apps than Windows phone within months, and eventually surpass them in every relevant metric within a couple of years.

I have never seen nor known someone to want a Windows phone, nor do I know of any compelling reason whatsoever to get one.

May sound harsh, but it is very hard to deny the cold hard facts sometimes.

I love Microsoft products by the way, I use Visual Studio and their desktop stuff is awesome, but I don't think they get mobile.

BTW - the jury is still out, but I believe Ballmer is leading Microsoft into irrelevancy at a pretty fast pace.

In the same way that Microsoft is cocky about xbox one, they will fall flat on their faces when they notice that they've fucked up.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

I owned a Nokia Lumia 920 and my wife currently owns one. I do like Windows Phone and my wife lives her Lumia but I gave it up for BlackBerry because it lacks in basic business and general OS features which were frustrating me. No BlackBerry user would be able to use WP8. A few missing features that come to mind can't download attachments to your phone, you can't attach a pdf to an email, you can't set a 2 or 3 hour reminder in the calendar (options jump from 1 hour to 18 hours with no options in between! Also the forum community is immature compared to the BlackBerry community. It seems like a bunch of teenagers interested in gaming rather than professionals trying to get shit done. BlackBerry for business all day!

Posted via CB10

I don't have enough knowledge of windows phone to compare. All I know is, when I used my friends windows phone to make a few calls and send some photos, it was a nightmare to use.

With the release of 2 BB10 devices I think BlackBerry has some respectable ground to stand on.

Posted via CB10

Seriously windows is no competition to blackberry! They jumped ahead slightly due to BlackBerry transition to 10. BlackBerry will spank Microsoft very soon. Next comes apple, unless they put something different on the market? Grandma's same old iPhone is getting old!

Posted via CB10

That guy must be on glue BlackBerry is the best. Just because ppl break I phones so easy they sell more. Big deal. I've never seen anyone with A windows phone.

Hehehe. I actually quite like Windows Phone, though it's a Z10 I use. I think Microsoft doesn't get enough credit for it to be honest. And I think Nokia makes great hardware.

That said, I think he's spouting a bit of bravado at his "solid lead."

In his favor:
- He has a head start with Windows Phone (now in its third major incarnation) vs. BlackBerry 10, which is relatively new
- He has a head start in terms of apps, though the number (160,000 to 120,000) is not as great as you'd think. He definitely also has a head start in some of the key apps
- He's got a strong presence in some markets where Nokia is strong
- Microsoft can afford to throw lots of money at it ... and honestly, they NEED Windows Phone to succeed. Because if Windows OS starts to falter because of tablets/phones being used in lieu of computers, Microsoft is really exposed.

Not in his favour:
- He's had two bloody years to grow Windows Phone while BlackBerry was fumbling and he did a horrid job.
- Despite his bravado and a recent quarter where Nokia (shipping a full line of Lumia's) shipped more Windows Phones than BlackBerry (as the world waited for Z10 and Q10 to launch), there are a lot more BlackBerrys in use than Windows Phones. Period. On this one, I challenge any Windows Phone fan to prove to me that there are 70+ million Windows Phones in use. Please prove it below! That is a big upgrade base.
- Despite Microsoft being a strong enterprise company, Windows Phone has not had traction here really and done a horrible job.
- Microsoft is betting all their eggs on Nokia. What happens if Nokia decides to go another route? With 80% of the Windows Phone market, that would probably mortally wound the platform. A lot of investors think that Elop is not doing a good job or that Windows Phone isn't bringing the expected gains it should

So ... he has no real reason to be cocky. Even though it is his job. :-)

I think this might sadly be true, is just matter of apps windows have a slightly better app store and the android port in my opinion is hurting BlackBerry instead of helping the apps are really buggy. I ditched windows phone 3 times on the three versions. I like the z10 because is a messaging beast but they need to keep up with windows is definitely a threat

Just wanna add my 2 cents, as someone who owns the Z10, Q10 and Lumia 920, and whose brother owns a Z10 and Lumia 620. I really like both OSes. Both bring something to the table. There are things that BB10 do better than WP (intuitive gesture based OS, BlackBerry Hub, very good multimedia support, BBM) and there are things that WP does better than BB10 (attractive live tiles, great Nokia apps, solid high end AND low end hardware, deep integration with FB, Twitter, etc). I really enjoy both and as consumers we should be glad that our mobile world is not dominated by one or two mobile OSes :)

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Got to be honest.... in MB, all I've seen is either BlackBerry or iPhone. I've never seen anyone with a Windows phone. The tv is saying different but, I've not seen one being used. I've looked because, I had a lot to choose from and, what did it for me was talking to a stranger about the different phone options. Nokia / Windows phones were never around. It will be iPhone, Galaxy then BlackBerry for a while. Once BlackBerry gets the computer integration / app selection down - they are gold.

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It's not about how many phones you sell, it's about what you sell and who you are selling to. I have no doubt BlackBerry will catch up on market share pretty fast, but I rather see BlackBerry associated with Mercedes and Bentley instead of Toyota or GM.

Just this alone makes me say he'll no to w8 phone!

Take Microsoft software as an important example. As part of the NSA unravelings, it was uncovered that Microsoft gives security holes to the National Security Agency for exploiting before it sends out security repair patches to its users and customers - essentially betraying the trust of every customer worldwide, and making sure that no government, corporation, or media outlet can ever trust Microsoft products again: for Microsoft gave the master key to every customers' operations to the NSA.

Posted via CB10

I am amazed at the number of people that are still on BlackBerry legacy devices. There is still a lot of BlackBerry users to convert to bb10. However I tell them to hold off if they have a PB and use the bridge function as they will lose it. BlackBerry needs to fix this soon.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Considering how much windows sucks, overall, I highly doubt they can back up what they're saying regarding their phones. Windows sucks because they have always practiced the art of gouging everybody for lots of money, and for that - they're doomed to fail.

Posted via CB10

The 0.3% is not what you should be focusing on (realistically) Look at the Year over Year and its clear they WP8 has a lot to be happy about.

The fact that it's so close between the two is a non-factor, but the momentum shift tells it all.

I'm not saying it's over for BB, but clearly MS has stolen a huge amount of market share, and I dont really see any reason to believe the next few quarters would be any different.

EDIT: I also don't really know if bringing up legacy devices is relevant either... Even though I'm still using a legacy device, I don't feel that it is part of the 'ecosystem' which is the main point he was trying to make. Windows has 'legacy devices' as well

What have they stolen exactly? If they're lucky, they have 25 million people using it across the globe, all devices and all manufacturers combined.

If they're lucky!

Realistically, as a smartphone os, they rank (in terms of useage) behind

BlackBerry OS

Given all the effort and Microsoft's cash,that is a disaster. None of their partners except Nokia put any weight behind it.

Not what I would call a roaring success or "huge market share stealer". IOS and Android stole huge market share.

Posted via CB10

I never referenced it as a "huge market share stealer".... Something about your post makes me feel like you think I had a personal attack against you, I'm not sure why

But instead of rambling on about non-sense, I made my post simply based on the link that Simon has posted within the article:

Look at the year over year change, blackberry's is negative, WP8 has the highest growth in percentage. Regardless of whether they sold 1 million phones, 25 million phones, or 300 million phones, the point is, they sold more than twice as many 1st Q this year, than they did 1st Q last year...

So I'm talking about momentum here, WP8 has sold slightly more phones than Blackberry this year (thats Simon's reference to 0.3%) but my point is, last year windows sold way less phones than Blackberry. If this trend continues then they'll sell much more than Blackberry next year.

Anyway, I'm not sure what you are trying to call me out on? The fact that they sold way more in Q1 this year, than Q1 last year, means they stole market share from someone (unless you think all that came from first time mobile phone buyers)... But this information was given to us, I'm just reiterating this fact. The only thing I've speculated was that'd they'd continue to increase.

So to sum things up: next time have a read of the data that is given to the reader, instead of just trying to put words in my mouth, because of course I think WP8 is a ROARING SUCCESS and a "HUGE MARKET SHARE STEALER" this is evident from my post above *SMH*

Look around!?.....Frankly I don't see too many windows phones around. I think that horse died off when windows phones were cancelled with the original HTC handsets.

Posted via CB10

Border town here and no one and I mean no one has a windows phones all BlackBerry or Samsung with a few outdated losers with iPhones

Posted via Z10

I still have never ever seen a Windows phone in the wild.

I think these guys are smoking some good weed.

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I'll tell u guys where the nokia phones are, they are in f**cking Africa! And even over here in africa, they failed to capture us consumers. Blackberry has the african market nw. Pls tell these jokers to pack their load and go! We don't want dem no more!

I love my Z10, but if I didn't go BlackBerry I think I might have tried a WP, even though Microsoft has a way of just throwing in the towel. Ie : Zune and Windows Home Server (great by the way). So that would be my worry, buy WP and Microsoft quits.

Posted via CB10

I loved my Nokia Lumia but I love my Blackberry Q10 that much more. I remember how impossible they made it for me to have control of my own media:

1. You do not have a file manager and can't create folders
2. There is no true mass storage mode
3. You needed the Windows Phone app for Windows 8 and you needed some program installed on Windows 7, both which didn't do that well of a job.

Let me be clear... WTF??


You got to be fucking kidding me, Windows out playing flat out BLACKBERRY?!

From 100's of friends NOT one have or care about Windows phones... enough said and definitely muting this!!

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This is just the beginning of OS10 to put blackberry on the game again. Hope blackberry have the vision on where this OS 10 going. I personally hope the porting with android apps went well. Consider OS 10 as a new revamp OS, its doing pretty well. The level of smoothness, features here and there. I dont think other OS come to this point when it come to version 1.

Posted via CB10

Sorry but windows phones are just plain ugly and annoying to use. The interface is a mess and is unorganized. Just getting around has so many obstacles. It looks like someone punched all of the app icons and made them bigger and smaller and twitch (if you know what i mean). Sorry but BlackBerry will win. They only have 0.3 more than blackberry. That's only because no one bought bb7 phones cause they were waiting for bb10. So that's when they lucked out. But now BlackBerry is back and will take down wp.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

I don't agree with that assessment. Mind you this is coming from a long time Nokia user. I owned Nokia phones for 12 years before I switched to BlackBerry. However, though Window phones, specifically Nokia devices are good, I would have preferred if like BlackBerry they would have opted to develop their own OS.

While I can understand their decision to go with Microsoft, Nokia, I think, gave up to easily. And another thing Microsoft might want to think about, is the power equation in their relationship with Nokia. Initially Nokia was supposed to be just one of the players flocking to the Windows Phone experiment. Huawei. Samsung, HTC and Motorola were also meant to join. Motorola pretty much dropped out right away, Huawei flaunted some demo models at a few tech shows, but eventually also gave up. Only HTC and Samsung produced any Windows Phones. If anyone has paid attention, Samsung has made no effort to advertise or support their Windows Phone model as supposed to their Android models, the Galaxy and the Note. Rumours abound that Samsung will soon abandon Microsoft and the Windows OS altogether. HTC still has a few models left, but apparently sales have been lackluster and the cost of being associated with Microsoft has not paid off as originally thought. So they might also at some point jump ship and stick with Android which a lot more lucrative.

That leaves Nokia. When they came on board, they accounted for about 30% of all the Windows Phones manufactured. A few years later, now, they make up for 80% or more not accounting a majority of the sales.

When Nokia joined Microsoft, everyone assumed that Microsoft would be the heavyweight in the relationship with Nokia taking a secondary place. However as PC sales slow down and Microsoft's share of the market declines and it's power wanes, Nokia seems to all of a sudden have gotten the better end of the the deal. Microsoft is now desperately trying to get a piece of the smartphone / tablet market and carve a space in mobile computing. As far as I can see their efforts have been pretty lackluster. I'm not sure how well Microsoft will react to loosing controls in this or their willingness to cede more power to Nokia. There are clouds on the horizon.

While I like the Windows Phone interface, compared to how Nokia used to be I think Nokia compromised much of its own input and ingenuity . I grow weary of the live tiles which I see more of a gimmick than anything actually useful. On terms of design, user friendly interface, smooth intuitive OS, the best damn virtual keyboard, the Hub, Flow, Balance and all the other features, BB10 has the Windows Phone OS beat. Windows might lead in apps, but that should be sorted soon also when it comes to BB10 and BlackBerry.

I think that BlackBerry 's decision to carve out their own space within the market and stake out their own destiny will ultimately pay off in the long run and was the right decision to make. It might not look like that now but I think that we should take the long view on this, keeping in mind that BlackBerry cannot fall back into complacency or asleep at the switch.

As BlackBerry starts expanding its various products and services to other sectors of industry and business as well as their bread and butter, telecomunications, all these celebrations so full of hubris and dismissive attitudes by Microsoft and it's Windows Phone division, might have proven premature and wrong. You know who this article reminds me of ? BlackBerry when they dismissed the IPhone...and we know how that turned out...

Posted via CB10

Msft has proven itself that they had very good process for maturing a software systems (OS, apps, databases etc). While BBRY still has to prove themselves, that they are also can do that elegantly. But current situation I must say BBRY has the upper hand, their ecosystem unified, solid, nicely interconnected. While MSFT ecosystem still fragmented.

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Reading through the comments I notice a couple things. A Lot of people have never seen windows phones. And the people that have, seem to like them, but prefer BlackBerry. That's where I am also. My boss seems to be as much a wp fan as I am a BlackBerry. And seeing his two phones and tablet, I gotta say, not nearly anything close enough to pull me from bb, but if somehow blackberry got caught up in a wormhole and suddenly disappeared, I'd jump on wp without ever even considering apple or android. And here's something to consider also, wp fans aren't coming in to our forums and trolling us non stop. I have no problem supporting wp and wishing them the best while knowing I've got the best phone ever in the Z10.

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Well, WP8 can claim anything that they wants. Right know, I just happy with my Z10 and choices that I can make when wanting to buy smartphone because we have some platforms that can compete with each other.

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I had a HTC touch with w5 back when iphone first came out. I liked it a lot, rubberized back built in removable stylist. Worked great till I accidentally crushed it a work. Then I got a storm 2 ,it wasn't nearly as good.

Posted via Z10

I grew up with a Nokia Phone but I switched to BlackBerry when I started earning money. :) for me BlackBerry is more elegant and useful for professionals like me. I have Apple products but that's for music and games only. When it comes to Phone and OS. I still prefer BlackBerry. Windows for my PC :) but for mobile? I don't need it. :)

Posted by @thelastkazekage via BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

Windows8 is truly the most stupidest system ever. I don't need apps on my computer I need proper working programs!

Windows phone are more useless with unnecessary dumb animations. Phones are not intuitive at all, AT ALL!

Posted via CB10

So since I just got my Q10 after coming from almost 3 years of WP, I think I have a pretty good idea of what is what and who is better than who.

To start, I think a marriage between BB10 and WP would be my perfect smartphone OS design. I like WP's tiles as a app home screen layout over BB's icons. However, BB's active frames is far superior to any multi-tasking available at the moment.

Also, the one place that I think WP excels above the rest is with the panoramic UI. It took me a while to get used to having to hit a button to launch a new section of an app with BB10. I really missed, and, at times, still do, being able to swipe left or right to get more info from an app and not having to wait for the screen to load because it was all ready there, just out of the frame. If you haven't used WP beyond just playing with it in the store, don't even try to make a negative comment on that. You'll just make yourself sound foolish.

BBHub is a real winner in the notification centre race. Don't think anyone is going to be able to beat that one any time soon.

The WP minimalism is missed as well. But again, getting used to all the "chrome". Just seems too cluttered looking sometimes.

As for the hardware, that is left to the end user. I had a HTC Titan, my wife had a Lumia 900 then a Titan II (long story on that one). I chose a Q10. So anyone that wants to try and put down the screen size and say that you can't do anything on it and "media and games just aren't as good." You can go sit with the guys who try and argue that their OS is better because it has more apps. Now realestate is big for some people, but let's not forget how small the screen is on the single most popular smartphone ever. Only this year they went to a 4" screen. It's really what you as the end user are comfortable with using. The only other HW thing that , I believe, BB messed up on was the camera. Right now there isn't one single person out there, who knows what they are talking about, who would disagree that Nokia is the king of the hill when it comes to cameras. But BB could have still done a little better than the average they settled for. I would argue my nearly two year old Titan took as good if not better pictures at times.

One of the key features, and one that ultimately led to me choosing BB10 as my next smartphone; is the interaction that you have with the device. No more buttons! Everything is just a swipe away. I fell in love with that when I bought my playbook and that is what hooked me on BB10.

Really, they're both GREAT phones, I will miss WP, but I love my Q10. That is why I truly feel like my dream smartphone OS would be a combination of the two.

Posted via CB10

I am in the don't care camp. What I want is a phone to suit my needs. The Blackberry Q10 does just that and currently does it better for me than anything else out there. My requirement priorities are representative of a small percentage of the population. I also like the exclusivity as well. Who wants a BMW if every Tom, Dick or Harry has one. Fourth, Fifth or Sixth is fine with me.

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Ever since getting my win8 device coupled with the silence on BLACKBERRY10 for PlayBook I've been seriously leaning towards Wp8. Sorry  I like my devices to work in said it yourself 1+1=3

Rally looking forward to 8.1 :)

So I had an iPhone 4, which couldn't stop dropping calls. The interface was easy, boring but easy. Then I said what the heck, I saw the Nokia Lumia 900 for sale and thought, I'll try this phone out for a weekend. Hey I didn't drop a single call. The camera was beating out every other phone in the store and the OS UI was fluid. The apps however took a bit of "learning" and I found many of them lacking. Games were ok, but I'm not a phone gamer; I play solitaire and that's really the limit. Nokia offered me a cheap LTE phone with a great camera that not once dropped a call in the year that I owned it.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, and I'm feeling that the lack of email functionality and even messaging abilities to hit a nerve. I owned a phone that could not receive the next update. Hey even Apple let me download the latest updates minus a feature or two. Yes it wasn't Nokia's fault but I was ready to get a different phone. No I have had an awful experience with Android at work and didn't want to invest in the S4. I'd been reading about BB10 for months and thought why the heck not?!

Fast forward to now and I'm happy. The internet is unrestricted. Heck I one time got 38M down and 8M up on AT&T's LTE. Never happened again, so I must have been next to a tower or something. The browser is top notch, the email and messaging center (Hub) is brilliant and I still have a phone that most importantly doesn't seem to drop calls. The default MAPS app is super functional and well designed and the system so far seems pretty robust. I'm pleasantly surprised. I think when the wife's contract is up later this year I shall encourage her to get the Q10 or 5 and dump her iPhone 4S, which has been nothing but problematic from day one and 3 replacements later.

I have tried all the Windows Phones models, including the Nokia ones, but it just did not appeal to me. Dud not like the live tiles the whole set up of the home screen, the UI, etc . It has too much Microsoft and too little Nokia in them. I missed the simplicity and user friendly nature of the old Nokia phones. As I said previously, I used Nokia phones for 12 years or more. That might not make me an expert, but it gives me a pretty good idea as a user as to what I would like to see in a Windows Phone. And this is NOT a Nokia phone per se...and anyone who believes that is naive. The Nokia Windows Phone is a hybrid that so far has failed to impress me enough to take a chance on it. There is no freaking way at this point that I would give up my Z10 for a Lumia or whatever. I have tried to show other friends and family members the Window Phones bit most opted for BlackBerry or Samsung.

A note of caution, maybe this guy shouldn't drink soo much of his own koolaid...

Posted via CB10

Microsoft's has a posative relationship with literally every OEM. Microsoft also makes tons of cash off of patents from competitors... I forsee them as top 2 within 10 years regardless of the current status of their phones. What will be of curiousity is to see how BlackBerry adapts to the market as well, their newer leaner O.S. with a crazy fast update cycle seems to have BB the silent nimble giant waiting in the wings.

As far as I'm concerned, life is really too short to be worrying about platform wars. Just use the phones you like to use.

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I don't personally know how good or bad a windows phone is, but I wouldn't expect him to say anything different. He's the product manager after all. To say anything different would be asking to be fired.

Posted via CB10

I still don't know anybody who actually owns one of these WP devices, whether its in private or corporate space. But still lots of BlackBerry legacy devices. And when you compare the reaction when somebody first put his hands on a WP and a BB10 device, I don't see anybody being amazed by WP.

What I do have to say is that WP is a lot lot lot more active in terms of marketing, either on the provider side and in terms of commercials, brand embassadors etc. Thats something BlackBerry is missing still, although Mr Heins was born just roughly 30km from my place here in Germany.

Posted via CB10

Love BlackBerry bit still as it stands they need some MAJOR work to this Os. Needs to be more fluid. I find myself wanting to use words like clunky to describe the Os. Apps need more than a ton of work ui isn't even that great looking the apps icons are a sight for sore eyes and I hate like when you tube takes you to a website instead of an actual app let's face it any YouTube app on Android or ios works 100 times better than on BlackBerry even with improved Web kits. They need to just hire my ass to tell them how to become #1n Mr . Hines I'm but a phone call away

Posted via CB10

I came from 2 different Windows phones before getting the Z10. I like parts about both.

-Mail / messaging is way better, I couldn't keep up with my mail before but noticed after switching to BlackBerry that I was now, very cool
-Much more customizable settings
-I like the gestures

Windows Phone
-I love the live tiles, puts everything you want where you can get it glance at it quickly
- For some reason I typed more accurately on their keyboard from day 1.
- Nice clean UI, but maybe a little overly simplified

Microsoft's advantage is that they are lining up the building blocks with Win8, sky drive, Xbox etc that might drive more devs to their platform. But they are losing HW platforms so they may have to start their own Surface phones?

I am a consultant so I meet and work with a lot of people in the greater Philadelphia area, haven't seen any other Z10s yet. But I only saw a handful of WP phones the last few years. Good news is a major health care provider got BB10S in and the feedback has been very positive, when I first got there last year the chief basically felt BlackBerry was dead,now he's a fan. BlackBerry needs biz users to adopt and hopefully stem the tide of dual phone wielding people.

If BlackBerry would just give us hang-able active frames it would be just about the perfect OS for me.

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Windows (like Apple) need to, no, MUST stop making cell phone devices and stick to computer manufacturing...!

Posted via CB10

I tested all 4 phones before 10 came out & My Colleagues and I agreed seriously the Windows phone friggin SUCKS!

It's a Great idea on paper but keyboard & camera Garbage & scrolling all those panels with no quick short especially in the menus just trying to go to "settings" such a long and boring tedious task

It does 1 thing ok responsive is it

But I can Honestly say BB10 has taken ALL the Mistakes of all os's and fixed them it just needs to tweak it's innovations which will come with time or with 10.2 regardless for REAL Browsing, REAL keyboard & Touch perfection keyboard TRUE badass multi tasking along with security & unparalleled email service I don't mind waiting to smooth out sone wrinkles but Windows get out of here nice try Microsoft stick with PC & XboX 1

As I own a Windows Phone (7.8 though) right now, I can say that I disagree with MS: The OS has potential, but it has potential since it was released, and they just don't make any progress. There are like 1 billion feature requests, and all they did is making the tiles' size adjustable and adding some infos on the lock screen!? If BB keeps up the update-circle, they will do it.
Plus: It's a complete mess to develop for Win 8. Win 8 phone and Win 8 RT and Win 8 do not share the (complete) code base. On BB you have Java, AIR, Android-Layer, ... (correct me if I'm wrong)
Plus: There is no contributing fan base for WP as it is for BB. There's no Crackberry, e.g. ;-)

I agree that WP8 progress is moving too slowly, but I disagree that there is no "contributing" fan base. WPCentral is right next door and so many awesome 3rd party applications are created by talented developers.

Windows phone doesn't play with with outlook desktop. Deal breaker for me after a two week trial. Glad I went with the z10

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I will wait for the end of the year and wich place BlackBerry will have then. Bb10 was not start last year or January r this Year. Windows Phone had more time to become the number three but im sure BlackBerry will take the number.

Best Greetings


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If I would be 12 or younger, I might have liked Windows Phone. But I'm 25 and too old for toys.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry just got released February 2013...
How about windows phone? Lol

Like what i have said, blackberry is just starting.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to see blackberry super phones in this coming next year powered by intel micro processors. Not samsungs snap dragon... and also with supreme hardware design and contents and with improved os. Lets see how it goes.

Posted via CB10

I am so tired of my Storm 2 and my Torch (9850) freezing up, but still, I know I will be less satisfied with any of the other platforms. If I didn't like BB so much, Windows would be my next choice, followed by Android (Ack!), then iOS (double Ack!).

"Though Windows Phone technically has the lead in market share (an outlook which may change once we hear BlackBerry's quarterly results tomorrow), that lead is by a whooping 0.3%, and it took Microsoft three and a half years to get there."

Maybe BlackBerry will get lucky and MS will have an XBONE moment in their mobile.

Microsoft has tablets and consoles and mobile phones that all plug together. What does BB have? A freaking nice new phone that is pretty damned isolated in terms of interoperability with other products. Even with my PlayBook the bridge is completely gimped and near useless. BlackBerry had stronger interoperability with BB7 and PlayBook.

I am a big BlackBerry fan who is livid about the PlayBook news and you guys thinking MS doesn't have distinct advantages (one of which is a mobile brand that appears to be on the rise) you guys are drinking the koolaid.

If all else fails BlackBerry can license out their physical keyboard. LOL

Windows Phone is too limited, but has a great UI and Microsoft owns Exchange, so if they can finally release a major upgrade and find a way to secure PIM like BB does, they could take off.

Do you still need an expensive add on for that security? I remember something called Goodlink back in the day when blackberry was the leader.

I am kind of a phone addicted, get most phones that is worth have. And did try the Nokia 920 but could not stand the Os, it had few nice things ofcourse but overall Not for me. And android i do like, new HTC One and S4 works nice. S4 camera is very nice. But still i use my Q10 as my daily device and love it, camera maybe not on par with the latest android devices but overall and for my use it wins hands down.

Posted via CB10

You know what.... windows phone is great easy to use.. very good maps bad for BlackBerry...but BlackBerry have the unique OS no one can beat and with time every one must have BlackBerry next to his old phone

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 pin 266EABBF

I have had both. Windows is good but it gets boring after awhile. Apps aren't the greatest either. I have the z10 and it is far better, apps are improving weekly I am disappointed in the q1 results but give it time blackberry is going through some major changes improvement is coming.once the roll out hit worldwide for all there products results will be much different.

Posted via CB10

I tried windoz 920 lumina. But it wouldn't sync blue tooth with my Mac. I have used nokia phones for years I have 6of them but when they went windoz I went blackberry and have been loving it ever since easy to learn and a tough build dropped twice still going strong just wish they cod get us Os updates in a more uniform manner, looks like I will be going steady with blackberry for the foreseeable future

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I bought a nokia last week for viber. The 5 series for 150 dollars. First i was like oh cool it's a windows phone I can try it out. Then i did and I wanted to chuck it at a wall. I came from iphone 5 to z10 and the learning curve was not even close to as frustrating as the Windows phone. And the os is garbage and slow. Sure i have viber but i have to open it to receive calls so not that much further ahead than blackberry.
Windows Phone will die before blackberry. That's my prediction.

Oil sands Fueled

That is a bold statement. The windows phone is gaining marketshare and the BBRY is losing marketshare. WIndows phone is fast to so I don't know what you are talking about. I love searching against an iPhone as it is way faster. Espcially for music its just click search then click note. The iPhone users are still loading up their stupid shazam app.

I want blackberry z10.. But the fastness,quickness,metro,livetiles,groups and im only using wp7.8
My next upgrade is definitely a WP 8.1 I wish WP and berry the best..

I have tried windows phone and liked it. BB10 is just bettet, that is all. I like iOS and WP, Andriod is the only mobile OS I don't like.

Posted via CB10

Good insite I think I agree. I think the problem is no one thinks that BBRY can stay viable so no one is going to invest in the ecosystem.

"I don't think [BlackBerry] can bring to the table some of the things we have."

Well BB doesn't have NSA survelliance, that's for sure. What else he could have in mind.

Personally I wouldn't bother arguing who is third place, I hear much more talk about BlackBerry than I hear about Windows phones, it's just a matter of now getting that talk about BlackBerry positive again.

Posted via CB10

Wow, just stumbled on this article when searching for information on Windows Phone. I'm a proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 920, and all I can say

First of all, the author is trying to push the Q5 as the affordable Blackberry. I'm sorry, that was the one selling for $500 off contract? This is absolutely ridiculous, considering you can buy the Lumia 520 for $150. Oh, but it's okay, because if Blackberry's new budget phone is too expensive for you, you can be just as happy with one of the legacy devices that are now the butt of jokes around the office (hey, as an old Windows Mobile user, I was glad to see BBY take its place in the realm of water cooler humor). That last part was when I literally lol'd - nobody should ever have to recommend that users looking for an affordable device go back to the phones that don't support any of the apps or features of the current OS.

By the way, how did the Q1 sales results go? Oh, that's's like if earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it had sold more Windows Mobile 6 devices than Windows Phone 8 ones...that would be awfully embarrassing.

Blackberry reinvented the smartphone UI for solely the sake of reinventing the smartphone UI, there is no multi-device or cloud ecosystem to tap into, and its phones are ridiculously overpriced. Yes, BBM is coming to iOS and Android, but it was beat to the punch by 100 other messaging apps. Game over...

More bad news for BBRY

BlackBerry (BBRY) Valuation Questionable as BB10 App Store Quality Isn't There
10:09 AM ET, 08/21/2013 - Street Insider

While BlackBerry (Nasdaq: BBRY) ran a promotion to boost apps available to its users earlier this year, offering as much as $100 per app, how do most of them shape up?

BlackBerry has over 120,000 BlackBerry 10 (BB10) apps at last count, versus 170,000 apps in Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows Phone Store. But, a startling 47,000+ apps have been made by one developer: S4BB. BerryReview noted that the first 20 to 30 apps by the developer are decent, while the rest are basically useless. Many are audiobooks or city guides, things many users might not deem as an actual app.

Another developer -- Mippin -- has submitted over 17,000 BB10 apps.

Spamming probably is evident in other app stores, though its not likely a similar amount by one or two developers would pass muster with Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) or even Microsoft.

As BlackBerry approaches a potential sale of its software unit, things like this are likely to come into play. For an operating system to be successful, it has to have a solid ecosystem surrounding it, something BB10 doesn't appear to have at this point.

Shares of BlackBerry are down 2.8 percent Wednesday.