Windows Phone 8 gets Skype (preview)... reminds me just how much I want to see Skype on BlackBerry 10

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Nov 2012 09:27 pm EST

Literally just minutes ago, Microsoft put live a preview version of Skype for Windows Phone 8 into their app store. Just to rub some salt on the wounds while we wait for BlackBerry 10, Daniel Rubino (the Editor in Chief of our sister site Windows Phone Central), called me up to test out his shiny new Skype app on his equally shiny and new Nokia Lumia 920. Watch the video above and you can see it in action. Microsoft owns Skype of course, so it's no surprise that they're putting effort into seamlessly integrating Skype into the Windows Phone 8 experience. I'm not going to deny it... the Skype experience in this preview looks real good.

Skype is one of those apps I find people are either 100% down with or just don't care about at all. Personally, I rely on Skype. I'm logged into Skype whenever I'm at the computer and make literally dozens of Skype calls every day. Outside the web browser, Skype is without a doubt my most-used app. It's definitely an app I want to see on my BlackBerry 10 phone come 2013.

Will we see Skype come to BlackBerry 10? Officially, we still don't know. Personally, I'd love to see it. To me it's worth RIM giving Microsoft whatever ransom payment it takes to make it happen, though for competitive reasons even with a lot of money on the table it's possibly something Microsoft doesn't want to do, or even if they are willing it's low on the priority list. Although, with recent word that Skype is becoming the new Microsoft Messenger -- and Microsoft Messenger being something that historically is available on all platforms, including BlackBerry -- maybe we'll see it happen sooner than later. My fingers are crossed.

All I know is that if there's anything I can do to help speed up the process of bringing Skype to BlackBerry 10, I'm down for it. I'll eat more onions. I'll go on a hunger strike for Skype. We can organize more mass email campaigns

Check out the video above.... and be sure to let me know in the comments just where you fall on the need for Skype meter. 

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Windows Phone 8 gets Skype (preview)... reminds me just how much I want to see Skype on BlackBerry 10


Grrr! From Microsoft's perspective, leaving out BB10 makes sense, but heck, RIM should grow some nuts and talk with money or go and bring Tango and ooVoo, and offer free memberships to the new adopters of only those two apps.


In my opinion, Microsoft *will* allow Skype on BB10. They're not going to limit where the service goes, like Google or Apple. For one, they would come under a lot of pressure and number two, it's just not their strategy--they've said as much publicly.

The problem is the Skype network is a mess. Apps are all built differently and MS is spending a lot of resources fixing it so they can roll out similar clients on all platforms.

You guys want Skype on BB10? Heck, we all want it on Xbox 360 and it's not there yet either, lol. But it will come and if BB10 does well, Microsoft won't prevent Skype from going there too. All in due time.

Hello Daniel, I really think it is absolutely possible that Microsoft won't support Skype for BB10. The thing is that RIM is their first target to overtake in the smartphone market, whereas iOS and Android with their hundreds of millions of users are candidates they can't ignore. Microsoft has to support Android and iOS in order to keep things up with skype. That's the only way they can make Skype on the go a must-have feature. Once they gain a strong base of mobile users along with a relatively strong marketshare of Windows Phone, they'll let the contracts run out, cut off Skype support for iOS and Android. Would make totally sense to me. And as BlackBerry 10 is Windows Phone 8's first competitor with no userbase out of the gate, RIM doesn't fit into this plan. Microsoft could try to keep BlackBerry 10 down through this.

I have a wait and see attitude, I'm not gonna speculate. For me skype cant wait much longer though, if it's not there I wont be buying bb10 and probably I'll switch to windows phone as I dont feel android nor ios offer me the experience I want from a mobile device.

I'd love to stay with bb and their keyboard experience but I have run out of trust so a skype announcement wont work for me, I will have to see it listed in the App World

I was an early adopter of Playbook bought it within days of its release in europe. They even announced skype for playbook on stage and we never go it.

I dont care if bb10 is delayed a few months because I'm not a brat and I know that I can leave with that but the phone is not a religion and rim is not a charity organization. I'll give my business to whoever is going to offer me the best mobile experience for my needs. Looks like microsoft is heading my way.

I will be very happy to see skype on bb10 and I will purchase a keyboard device straight away if it will carry skype. Of all the other apps I do not care, because I dont use them for my business so I could live even without FB

Yeah Microsoft doesn't really hold back on where it releases its stuff!

They love dominating systems so its only obvious that they'd want to be seen as something that HELPED BlackBerry 10 launch in to something great!

Hmm, where is QuickSilver when we need him? He was claiming over and over for months that a Skype solution was in the works...

In any case, I'm down for an alternative cross platform solution if M$ plays games with skype... Monopolies are just evil.

What about
I signed up for an account because I heard it will have HTML5 version of Skype soon. Any word/knowledge on a release date?

And Skype is still not available on the Playbook...opps...I forgot, the Playbook is a bad word as RIM has now turned their attention to yet another "coming soon" product while conveniently ignoring the fact that their current product is half-baked and unfinished. I wonder if this time around, we will get anything further than a picture of a Skype App being in BB10 App World as it was when the Playbook was first announced/launched? At least we dont have to worry about being showed an MSN app seeing how MSN is history. LOL

Oh well, I guess we just wait for BB10 to come to the Playbook and then wait some more (rolling eyes).

When left with no ability or will to pose a counter arguement early man choose to insult one another.


Speak for yourself "we" (rolling eyes too) "I" have 2.1 on my PlayBook and I enjoy it very much. I can BBM, text, and make phone calls along with video calls. Skype is nice but not the only chat with video out.

As I said I'm not waiting on anything because what I have now works very well for me. When BlackBerry10 does come it will be exciting to have it on tablet and phone but as for now my devices serve me wonderfully.

Anyone ever tried Faceflow? It's a nice Web based video chat client that works well with PlayBook's browser and it's picking up steam as far as popularity...see for yourself.

"Skype is nice but not the only chat with video out" but it's the only one defacto standard in business.

You seriously think the PlayBook is a half baked product right now at this point? I'm not tryin to be biased in anyway but I think the PlayBook is obe of the best tablets out there.. & since when did RIM turn their backs on the PlayBook? We jus got a update not to long ago & the PlayBook will get BB10 also so how did they turn their backs on it?

While harshly put, it does present what many feel.

Ask yourself. With all that the PB is missing and the bugs it still has, how do you expect BB10 to be much better?

Is not the PB the "test bed" for QNX/BB10?

Has it not been out longer and is a more mature OS than BB10?

Then again. If BB10 comes out all polished and cool, what the hell have they been doing with the PB OS all this time?!?!?


Actually PlayBook's are running off qnx 6 while BlackBerry10 is on Qnx 8 which one do you think will be more advanced?

I appreciate the randomness of your Comments. Who says they have to make sense. Keep going, your breaking new ground for the English language.

What is PlayBook 'missing' as a product at this point? I miss BBM, but other than that, I can't think of anything. It has bugs, yes - the browser ticks me off. By I encounter more bugs on my iOS devices honestly ... and I use my PlayBook every day.

I miss it..but I don't use skype that much yet. I hate the fact they don't let you delete your account or usernames..It's like the wan't to keep your personal information. For some reason i have three usernames on one email and it's annoying me.

I honestly could not care less about Skype BUT, I hope it comes.

I will buy a BB10 phone regardless, I think more people will buy if BB10 has it though.

I have no use for Skype. I do want to see it released because I can see how useful it can be for many people. Windows phone 8 integration is looking good. It's not BB10 but still not bad.

Definitely would like to see Skype on BB10 but still buying a BB10 phone rguardless.. I've never even used skype before but my family does so it would def be cool to have

Bb10 must have skype i'm tired of caring 2 devices and my playbook. If bb10 has skype... And it works well goodbye htc. Skype is a huge business tool and i use it a lot so please blackberry get this resolved.

Not having Skype will stomp out any hope of this plateform taking off.
Once MS gets Skype into its OS and IM products this becomes a major "dont have" item.


Well, hate to break the news but there was a brief video a few months ago of the new BBM. One can video chat, text and screen share simultaneously. Interestingly, RIM's lawyers forced the website to take it down. At a minimum, MS has to match this capability or the SKYPE thing will die a slow death. MS doesn't own the video chat market. Plenty of other options.

The point you are making isn't valid.
MS DOES own the videochat market.

While I agree with you that BBM will have video chat capabilities (as seen on leaked pictures) and might kick Skype's ass in terms of capabilities, it doesn't dissolve the fact that while there are approx. 80 million BBM users (of which how much percent will upgrade within the first year of BB10 release?) So in effect BB10 will have xx% of 80 million BBM users. Skype has (according to 663 million users as of EOY 2010 and it continues to grow not too mention it has become the defacto industry standard for VOIP calls. Combine this with the financial power MS can throw behind it, it's game over.

Given the fact that skype allows webcalls (skypecalls without the need for specific skype hardware), has hardware in the form of simple household telephones, has simple payment plans and allows for a personal telephone number it does have a significant advantage over BBM.

My grandparents can buy a $50 skype phone in almost every hardware store and hook it up with ease. They're not buying a $300 cellphone they can't work with to only chat to people having a RIM branded phone and why should they? Skype (before aquisition) has made it as simple as possible for everyone to use their VOIP client, they banked on the hardware side and prevailed. If i'm not mistaken Skype is the only commercially VOIP service available for individuals (not just business owners) worldwide that provides it's own hardware. They also license their IP so other companies can create hardware. Skype is everywhere, it's easy, effective and does the job.

Not too mention, lots of smal businesses use skype to cut down on their bill. (granted, this is usually without the video part but it still ties people into the program and allows for deeper integration in their private lives)

Let's not forget BBM is restricted to the BB10 platform, while Skype is available on almost every imaginable platform but BB10. It's not a fair fight and it never will. Tying a piece of software to a single isolated platform is like shooting your top runner in the foot before a race.

In my humble opinion, if RIM is adamant to provide a worthy substitute for Skype they'll need to release BBM on multiple platforms, somehow allow people to make webcalls (calls without needing to own the hardware) and market it (which wasn't RIM's strong suit before and let's be frank, still isn't).

That said, I'm pretty sure providing a substitute is not their goal, they're just enhancing their popular chat client to market standards in order to given an incentive to people to upgrade to the latest hardware.

I use it for business and skype does cut my phone bills as I have to call people in half europe on a daily base. I can click on contact in outlook and I'm speaking with the client. Simple as that.

I travel a lot and having skype on my mobile would help to cut my mobile expenses not to mention that several clients have skype as well.

I dont think RIM want to open up bbm and try to compete with skype. I dont have the infrastructure not the resources to put it in place.

Well since MS just ditched their live messenger as their primary messaging platform and adopted Skype as their primary messaging platform, wouldn't the make what Skype is to MS equivalent to what BBM is to RIM? What will be the difference between Skype and BBM? Maybe instead of MS launching Skype on one of their competitors platform, why doesn't RIM launch BBM on W8/WP8, IOS or Android.

If BB10 doesn't get Skype, it won't be from lack of RIM trying. In any event, I don't use Skype and would much prefer BBM.

I'm afraid we may not get to see Skype any time soon. This is just my assumption from kevin's words because he is unofficially a RIM insider, so he knows many of the things going on there.
I really want Skype in BB... I want it real bad.... :(

Here is the deal. OK right in the middle when we crossed our fingers and were waiting for Skype app for our PB, Microsoft bought it (most likely it was a backdoor deal offered by us government. As you know Microsoft gave them an access and now they can easily check your account listen and watch your video calls).
We end up with nothing, BUT it is RIMs fault that we don't have OOVOO, Tango IMovicha and so on on our Playbooks. I am sure you are all agree that it is a great opportunity for those companies to gain some momentum and compete with Skype, and very beneficial for RIM and us as an end user.
RIM probably would sell as twice as many Playbook if they had OOVOO and Tango in app world
I am an optimist by nature but i don't see the light in the end of the tunnel.

i used to use skype long time ago, when i spent most of my time on anime forums and playing online games lol. now i don't know anyone that use skype anymore :p but i like the idea to video chat when playing game. there a console game that can do video chat? i'm not playing console games anymore so i don't know :p

i think i still have my playstation somewhere..but now i want an xbox and a surface tablet XD

I've been on this for a while. My take is MS is unifying "live" under the Skype banner. Basicaly, it means that what we know now as "Live Messenger" will die sooner (it's already on WP8) or later in profit of "Skype".
Having the "Live Messenger" app already in the BB10 appWorld is more than a hint.
IMHO, MS wouldn't have released anything on BB10 if they didn't plan to make it unified.
Being it late and/or under HTML5 (web shortcut or packaged app) we will enjoy Skype on BB10.

That's my take, yet I have no particular info to prove it.

"To me it's worth RIM giving Microsoft whatever ransom payment it takes to make it happen,"

Yeah! To you I'm sure it is! But yes, Skype would be awesome. It's the only reason I got the Nexus 7 over a Playbook. I needed either my phone or my tablet to run Skype, and as there was no way I was giving up my curve.

Unfortunately I think we will be very lucky if it happens. I think we would have heard rumours already. Hope I'm wrong.

Am I the only one that likes the WPCentral intro more then the Crackberry one? Much more zen in stead of the hyper active one Crackberry uses.
But nothing beats our Kevin! :D

I hope Skype will be there at launch of BB10, but I doubt it a little bit.

I've been using Skype a bit for the last month as one of my mates is abroad and I must say I'm not impressed. It starts all nice with very clear quality but after 20-30 minutes it sounds like you're driving trough a tunnel on a cell phone and that's without using video.

It gest so frustrating I end up using the Vopium app on my BB to call his local number, much better.

RIM should GET SKYPE on BB10!!


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

RIM doesn't own the app, Microsoft does. End of story.

If it were up to RIM and RIM alone, Skype would have been available on the BB platform an eternity ago.

I think that Skype on BB10 would pummel that great looking experience on WP8. Notice how the video died when he minimized, I'm pretty sure that BB10 would have left that up and had no issues. Hopefully M$ doesn't pull the DBag move of not putting this out for BB10.

these comments make no sense whatsoever (1) the video closing when minimized is likely a programmed feature (2) if the video did stay streaming with bb10 it would mean the app is wholly inefficient (3) bb10 skype will not be a better experience than a native wp8 microsoft app (4) microsoft ponied up the cash to buy skype, they can do what they please with it, they are not obliged to provide charity to rim

Don't be a daft child. Disabling video had nothing to do with multitasking issues and more to do with the SENSIBLE decision to save battery life.

Unless you're telling me that QNX automagically prevents battery drain from a locked phone, best you THINK things through before typing inane stuff.

I tried Skype(beta) for Playbook and it is discharging my battery at double speed now. I will not use it any more, I like having double battery life.

It's like the charging port. Android and BB use a standardized plugin which is really quite handy. HANDY is the key word here.

Skype not being on BB5,6,7,10 isn't handy at all. For a company to tout its product as a business device, BB needs Skype.

It doesn't matter if YOU don't use it. Skype is a standard, and while alternatives are nice, they are not ideal. Are you going to install an app only I use, or do you want an app that everyone already uses?

Well, it's microsoft that has the final decision to develope the application for blackberry 10. If they don't, blackberry 10 will STILL SELL.

Because either microsoft won't submit it into Appworld, or they will.

It's up to microsoft to make the final call and if they don't, so what? You can always carry around a deactivated 'droid, iOS or windows phone device and utilize Mobile Hotspot to use skype on it.

Don't blame RIM if they don't get the application. It's NEVER their fault in the first place. Remember, microsoft OWNS skype.