Windows Live Search For BlackBerry Updated!

By Bla1ze on 7 Apr 2009 09:27 am EDT
Windows Live Search For BlackBerry Updated!

Seems it was forever ago now that Windows Live Search for BlackBerry was announced, and seemingly even longer for any updates to come to the application. But the wait has ended for all you Live Search fans out there. 

Windows Live Search for BlackBerry has been updated to support all the new devices, with support for 4.6, 4.6.1 and even 4.7 so Bold, Curve 8900 and yes, even Storm users can now get in on the action. Personally it's not my favorite application, but I know plenty of you out there do use it and love it.

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Windows Live Search For BlackBerry Updated!


I loved this app back in my WiMo days because it included GPS and had better turn-by-turn that some of the other free ones. However, I couldnt find a GPS option now that I had it in my Storm so I ditched it.



I was thrilled when I installed this last week remembering how awesome this app was on my old WinMo device. Then shocked when I could find no GPS settings on the Storm version. I deleted it the day after I installed it. I hope they fix this egregious error soon. I loved this program.

Hopefully it works! i missed this app

EDIT: App does work using Bold .247 In addition, most of the "category" features are working for me here in Toronto. (wasn't working well before for Canadians) seems like they've updated the list so i'm impressed!....Still waiting for official Canadian support though!..

I could not install it fast enough! Installed the 4.7 version on my Storm and I could not be happier! They definitely spent some time on the Storm version as everything is slightly larger and more finger friendly.
I am just now waiting to see if the GPS is working with it...

Doesnt look like the GPS is working... bummer...

I had Live Search on my old WinMo phone and loved being able to speak what I wanted. It worked well and nearly always got exactly what I wanted. Useful while driving. I downloaded the updated version and it doesn't seem to have voice commands. Am I missing something?

this app is not worth the download, i loved it on my WM phone, but it doesnt have GPS nor voice commands. Its horrible!

I've been running this on my 8330 for over a year. Personally, I love it - it's one of my most used apps. Just a heads up, the version for 4.2-4.5 does not appear to have changed; it's still 2.0.3048.13898. I guess I'll skip the download...

Although I do share the disappointment that others have due to the lack of GPS support on the Storm, I do think you would be hard pressed for a better search function app. I have used this app with every BB I have owned and nothing has come close to how accurate it is.

So there is 1 of 2 things that should happen! WLS should build in GPS support, or WHERE & POYNT should use the same search functions as WLS. Either way, if you could combine the two we would have a great app!

Cant even get the stupid thing to connect. You'd think it would autodetect your network settings and just work. Thanks for nothing MS. Delete.

Works fine on my Bold. It gives you directions,maps, movies, traffic,weather, restaurants, nightlife, government, healt, shopping,hotel...... information. It's very useful.

Is it just me or is the version for BB Storm gimped? Where's the GPS implementation and voice search? Without those 2 functions it becomes another worthless BB maps, Google maps and Where app.

Count me as one who's been anticipating WLS for BB Storm. And now that's it's here, who cares because it's been handicapped. It reminds me of all the worthless apps in the BB app store, what a waste of internet space. All hype no action.

Is it Verizon, BB or MS that's gimping live search? Truth be told my Sprint HTC Touch had more functionality (better touch screen implementation, Live Search that worked, predictive text, etc.)

Every time you start WLS it adds another "Map in Live Search" menu item to the contacts app without ever deleting them. The only way to remove them is to do a full device reboot, at which time WLS adds the menu item as the device reboots.

I am experiencing the same problem as MalPraktiz.
Keeps adding "Map in Live Search" to view contacts menu.
Also the application does not start up and display the map when the "Map in Live Search" option is actually selected.
The "Show on Google Maps" option actually works and Google can use the GPS. Just got my Bold last week and disappointed because I considered Live Search to be a pretty good app. Using from AT&T if that makes a difference. Anyone with other OS's getting it to work?

The application downloads just fine but when I run the app I get hung at accepting the terms. I can't seem to get past that screen I select accept and it goes no where. Has anyone been able to get past that screen? I downloaded the 4.7 version.

"but we currently only offer support for United States, United Kingdom, France, and Italy."

so much for rogers

Makes me wonder just how long I will have to wait to get the version that supports BB OS 5.0? None of the current versions up through 4.7 will work...

I loved the original and all they had to do was get the GPS portion working all the time and it would have been the greatest app I have. Even without the GPS working at times when I travel I still use the original ver.

The Bing ver is very slow and not as well managed as the original. Looking for a movie I could find a movie but not easily the closest thearter.

Go back to the original and just fix GPS.