Windows 7 Ultimate Theme for All Devices

By Jared DiPane on 30 Oct 2009 10:10 am EDT

Windows 7 Ultimate

With the recent official release of Windows 7 for your home PC, we have now been offered a Windows 7 Ultimate theme for our BlackBerry devices. The Windows 7 Ultimate theme is available for all BlackBerry models from the 81xx series and above. If you are looking for a feature loaded theme that offers a very easy to use interface and runs about as smooth as Windows 7 for a PC, the look is over. This theme offers a fully functional Start Menu, which allows you quick access to your media center, music, settings, connection manager, sound profiles, your application screen, and finally a shut down button to power down the device. Along with the Start Menu icon, the theme offers four slots which are user defined that allow for quick access to any other application that you use on a regular basis. Some of the devices support a hidden today feature from the home screen icons, which is very easy to read since all the icons line the left side of the screen. If you are looking for a clean theme which is easy to use and offers quick access to many features of your device, check out Windows 7 Ultimate by VSMThemes while its on sale for the low price of $2.49 through November 1st.

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Windows 7 Ultimate Theme for All Devices


I wish I had known and i would not have wasted my time purchasing this theme. the white bars on the sides in landscape mode are there and they blur the icons if you move them.
i have the storm 2.

Sounds like with the way it interacted with the Storm 2, that it isn't built for the 5.0 OS. Please confirm, whomever knows for sure.


it will work for OS5.0 but I can not confirm if it will work on the storm2, because I dont know if plazmic handles this at the current time.

the theme will have the white bars on the side when in landscape..

I am trying to find out if the 5.0 will be available for the Curve 8330 which I got 6 months ago. Thank you for your help

All themes right now are displaying the White Bars issue on Storm running 5.0. That is because of the currect Theme Development Program is not fully 5.0 fixed. I am sure the creators of the themes will update this once they have this fixed. Just so long as I know personally that the theme works smoothly I may download this myself.

@rpmgsxr: Don't despair. Get a refund! It is your right.

On a different note, I love Windows 7, and have been running it for 3 months. That said, I don't need to see an ambiguous "theme" for my Bold.

I care to experience nothing but beautiful OS 5.0 goodness. :D

Hey theme creator! I just have a small suggestion. On the storm version you have it along the left of the screen rather then the bottom so there is more room. If I may suggest putting it on the right and reversing the direction? So the windows icon is on the top and the time and whatnot is on the bottom? Then it will match Windows 7 in the same way.

And not for the creator, blacktoothberry, a lil mean dont you think? I am sure Microsoft doesnt mind a theme based on their awesome OS as to increase popularity and people going out and buying Win7 to match their BBs. But AT the same time I guess I do agree that if Microsoft does find out you're charging and making money off their brand, they may get upset. Just be ready to back yourself up if it does go south.

But KUDOS bud on an awesomely made and very clean theme! Runs extremely fast on my storm running 5.0. I downloaded the non .151 version, I assume that was the right one that will be getting updates to 5.0.

Peace out!

Install it yesterday, but it does not show up in the theme list under the Options menu. I wrote the developer and here is his response.

The theme is for OS 4.5. There is no guarantee for functionality on OS 5, and I really can't help you because OS 5 is still beta. I recommend downgrading to OS 4.5 so your theme can work. I will fix my theme to work with OS 5 as soon as Plazmic 5.0 is official. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Vassil S. Mladenov

I agree if you are going to make something new and expecially if you are going to charge for it, it should work with the latest OS.

UPDATE: The customer had purchased the theme for the wrong device.

You specifically told me that you have an 8330, of which OS 5.0 is NOT official. Therefore, it is not the latest OS and it is unfair to criticize me for not supporting it. Just posting my response without its full context makes people think that it does not work with any OS 5.0, when it does work with the Storm (excluding the landscape wallpaper issue). Plazmic 5.0 is not official (or even leaked), and neither is OS 5.0 for the 8330, so how am I supposed to guarantee its functionality, when it might even be illegal by RIM's policy to leak/use these OS's. Why do you think that people don't publicize their names when they leak an OS?

Is there a way to make the font smaller on this? Trying on a bold and the font is huge...tried the screen/keyboard option and no luck.

If you own an 8330 device do not download or pay for this theme! It is a total rip off, the start menu as pictured does not work, there is no pop up menus for the 8330m version of this theme. False advertising butt fuckers! I want my money back!