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Windows 7 Ultimate Theme - 15% of Sales Donated to Help Haiti

By ObiGeorge on 3 Mar 2010 12:14 pm EST
Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate theme by VSMThemes was recently updated to support OS 5. They have decided to join in the Haiti relief effort and donate a portion of all proceeds brought in with this theme. 15% of all sales from now until May 14th will go directly to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake via The American Red Cross. The theme itself is a windows replica, from its icons and wallpaper to the familiar Windows start menu. Purchasing this theme would be a great way to dress up your BlackBerry while contributing to help the victims of the terrible disaster. It is available for most devices running OS 4.5 and up, on sale for $3.49 until March 14th. 

Reader comments

Windows 7 Ultimate Theme - 15% of Sales Donated to Help Haiti


why would anyone actually put a windows theme on there Blackberry?!?! It seems sacrilegious to me. it is bad enough that we are forced - on the verizon end - to see "bing" as our default search engine!! It is a horrid search engine!!!!! Why would anyone want to make their Blackberry look like something which is inferior???!!!???

I love the windows theme I have. It's extremely minimal. It's just a theme. I mean, if I hated Windows I'd have a MAC.

However, I will never Bing. I have Verizon and I'm not forced to use Bing. I deleted every reference to it (enabling disk use and going directly to the files) and I dont even have it as an option on my browser.

they should give 100% like everybody else does if they really wish to help. 15% of 3 dollars is like a slap in the face. If 15% is such a deserving donation how about they keep 15% for themselves and donate 85%

How about let them do what they want. If they want to help by enticing people to buy their crappy bill gates special. I just wish they would care more about helping people in this country but whatever?

Wow, I agree... How distasteful. An entire .45 cents? C'mon man, are you kidding me? I'd rather donate the $3 directly! Makes me NOT want to even consider the theme... Bad marketing bit.