WIND Mobile releases OS v7.0.0.439 for the BlackBerry Torch 9810

BlackBerry Torch 9810 OS
By Michelle Haag on 20 Oct 2011 06:04 pm EDT

WIND Mobile is on a roll, first releasing OS v7.0.0.439 for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, and today releasing it for the BlackBerry Torch 9810. We know how some of you prefer to use official OS, so if you're running an older one on your Torch, you can go ahead and get this loaded up. Be sure you delete that vendor.xml file if WIND Mobile isn't your carrier and as always use caution when installing a new OS. Make sure you do a backup before starting. Drop a comment below once you have it installed if you notice any changes or improvements.Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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WIND Mobile releases OS v7.0.0.439 for the BlackBerry Torch 9810


Just got it installed, only thing I've noticed so far is that its says 4G now instead of H+, which is cool. Bank of America app has an upgrade that includes 9810 device officially after logging into app world also.

oh come on!! I just upgraded to the last OS yesterday!! Just my luck....let me how this OS is please.

No joke it's really good so fa. Browser, apps, and downloading speed seem increased very quick. Definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion. Obviously don't know about battery life yet but app storage is showing about 12mb more then I had prevoiusly.

No, the frequency band is not handled directly by the java OS.
Meaning, you can install any OS you want.

How did you get it to install?? I finally got the file but when I check the version it's .261 :(

I'm dumb, vendor.xml file, however, I can't find it...

No, at least not yet. WIND is releasing the 9900 today, though, which probably accounts for the mix up in putting up the 9810 OS last night (as opposed to a 9900 OS). Thank jeebus there were a bunch of us able to grab it in time and post it up independently.

Am I stupid, or what.. how do I download from the Mirror listed above? Everything links to download software that I do not want to install.

Anyone else have a mirror I can use, please?